Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide - Episode 4 "Jansen in Canada"

Written by: TVM (mrtvm@mrtvm.com)

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** Disclaimer: This story is purely fantasy and is based on the fictional life of real celebrities. The events portrayed in this series (although I wish) are not an accurate depiction of the star and or stars real lives. Any reposting or archiving without written permission is an infringement on the copyright of this series. So in other words You damn well better ask before you steal it.**

Starring: Jansen Panettiere, Savannah Gipson

Guest Starring: Ashley Leggat, Jordan Todosey


The final credits for 'Michell, Michelle: A Young Girls Erotic Journey' had just faded to black when we saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' splash onto the screen. Rolling away a moment later as the opening montage began. Jansen smiling as he ran away from the camera for a moment and then turning to point with both hands. His name appearing below his face as that scene faded to one of the logo once again and the words 'w/ Savannah Gipson' appearing below it. The shot fading into another 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' logo and then to a live shot of Jansen adjusting his, no doubt, already hard cock inside of his jeans.

"AHEM, Jansy" Savannah said from off-camera as Jansen looked up and gave the camera a cute smile. "Say something shit head."

"I was attending to important matters" Jansen said as Savannah giggled. "Anyway, welcome ladies and gentleman back to my never ending search for butt...a worldwide search at that too, cause today we are in the nation of Canada in search of what else?"

"A hot girl to butt fuck?" Savannah asked in a sultry voice.

"Right you are...Shelby Parker" Jansen said with a smirk. "And ohmigod I can't wait to get to it this week, cause we got not one but two guests, I hope."

"Ashley Leggat, star of the Canadian and Disney Channel series, Life with Derek" Savannah commented.

"She's 22 you know" Jansen said. "I loves me some older girls."

"After what you did to Sarah Laine I see why" Savannah said. "Good stuff my horny boy."

"And what horny bi-girl got her tongue wet after wards?" Jansen asked as Savannah giggled. "Uh huh exactly."

"She tasted like honey too" Savannah said. "Speaking of honey, how about that Jordan girl you like?"

"Ahh ha, my other guest today" Jansen said. "Jordan Todosey to be exact, she has a crush on me, or so I heard."

"Get real, you wish" Savannah giggled from behind the camera. Jansen giving her a seriously dirty look and flipping her the bird.

"Anyway...we're in the city of Vancouver, it's like the Hollywood of Canada and on the set of Life with Derek" Jansen said, "Which is where I hope to find Jordan and Ashley and..."

"Get your rocks off?" Savannah asked.

"Two times" Jansen said with a horny smile as Savannah giggled and followed as Jansen turned walked inside the door reading "Authorized Personal Only". The camera losing focus for a moment as the scene changed from daylight to dark light back to the studio lighting. A large black security guard, name tag reading Maggard, stopped the two and checked their i.d.

"The set is closed today kids, we're taping in about two hours" Maggard said. "Sorry."

"But Ashley Leggat and Jordan Todosey are here right?" Jansen asked as he pointed to a door off in the distance that read Ashley's name. "I'm actually here to do...an..."

"Interview dumb fuck" Savannah said with a sarcastic tone as Jansen smiled as if he was gonna say that all along.

"Ashley mentioned nothing of the sort to me" Maggard said.

"Look tall black and gruesome we are doing a TV show..."

"Oh shit, you are?" Maggard asked as he covered his face as best he could and Jansen realized he'd struck a nerve. "You're not like live are you?"

"Uhhhh...you know we are, and would you want everyone down in the states to know what kinda big bully you are?" Jansen asked pointedly.

"No, no of course, I'm a real nice guy" Maggard offered. "Please go on back, Ashley and Jordan are in the dressing room."

"One of the dumbest people in the history of planet earth" Jansen said a few moments later as they stood in front of a door reading, "Ashley Leggat".

"That whole live on TV think was good Jans" Savannah said. "Think you'll be able to talk your way into Jordan and Ashley's pants too?"

"Have I failed yet?" Jansen asked confidently.

"Yeh with me" Savannah said as Jansen blushed.

"That's because you can control your hormones" Jansen said. The studio door opening and the stunning Ashley Leggat appearing on camera and smiling as she fiddled quickly with her hair and gave the camera a very confident, ear to ear, beaming smile. "Hi, Ashley right?"

"Yes, yes I am" Ashley said as she fluffed her hair and Savannah began to laugh. "What?"

"She's a dork, pay her no attention" Jansen said as he extended his hand and Ashley shook it nervously. Jordan Todosey appearing on camera a moment later, in the background, and squealing as she saw Jansen and running to meet him by the door.

"Jansen fucking Panettiere" Jordan said breathlessly. "Hi Savannah. You look hot in that dress."

"Hi back at you, and so do you girl, in anything you wear" Savannah said from off-camera as Jordan gave her a knowing smile. Ashley looking really confused at this moment.

"Thanks" Jordan said with a huge grin.

"Who the hell are you people?" Ashley asked.

"That's Jansen" Jordan said. "And that is Savannah. I talked to Jansen on the internet and invited him up here but I never thought you'd come."

"MMMMMMMMM cum" Jansen said as Jordan gave him the horniest smile I'd ever seen.

"Still confused here" Ashley said as Jordan pulled Jansen into the room, Savannah following and Ashley closing the door to the room off-camera. "Hello? Is someone gonna explain?"

"We do a TV show where we travel around and find celebs in different countries and well..." Jansen said.

"He fucks them" Jordan said as Ashley appeared back on camera and looked suspiciously at the twosome.

"You fuck girls?" Ashley asked. "Little boy I bet you haven't gotten your first hard-on yet."

"You have to excuse her she's not the smartest member of the cast" Jordan said as Ashley gave her a seriously dirty look and Savannah offered no reply as she simply moved away a bit and got the forming events on camera. "He's got a big one and I know. I saw."

"You have a big one?" Ashley asked.

"Yeh, you don't believe me?" Jansen asked Ashley as she shook her head no. "If I prove it will you suck it for me?"

"Go Jansen" Savannah said in a whisper from off-camera.

"OK, so you can get a hard-on, you've got what five inches?" Ashley asked as Jordan moved next to Jansen and kissed his cheek suggestively.

"Fuck her" Jordan said, "Let me suck it instead. Remember what I said online?"

"But I was thinking both of you could" Jansen said, "I'm not really satisfied with just one girl, I'm really in the mood to try two."

"Me and her?" Jordan asked as she pointed to a disbelieving Ashley. Jansen nodding as he and Jordan softly kissed for a long moment, trading tongues back and forth and then grinning at the other. "What do you say Ash?"

"Fuck both of you" Ashley said.

"OK, I'm game" Jansen said as she gave him a dirty look. "What do you say we all get naked?"

"Very fuckin funny, little dick" Ashley said.

"God she is so uptight and hard headed" Jordan said as she groaned and dropped to her knees on the carpet and looked up at Jansen as she asked, "Can I show her please?"

"You know it" Jansen said as he moved both of his arms to his sides and Jordan unbuttoned and then unzipped the young boys jeans and moved them down and grinned as Jansen's fuck stick popped free. Ashley's bottom lip dropping open as she saw his cock for the first time. Jordan looking at his cock like a hungry girl as she placed her hand gently on it and began to stroke it up and down as Jansen moaned and his pants fell down to his ankles. Jansen sliding his hand into Jordan's long brown hair and guiding her head to his cock. Jordan eagerly taking Jansen's cock into her mouth and beginning to suck it softly as he moaned. "MMMMMMMMM yeh Jordan, just like you said you wanted to do so bad."

"Holy fuck" Ashley said as she watched the lewd display in front of her. Jansen looking down at Jordan and moaning as the girl's jaws drew in and she focused her sucking on his cock head. Her soft warm lips gliding over and over it effortlessly. Ashley moving closer and watching still in shock as Jansen looked up her with a smile. "That feel good?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes it does baby" Jansen said as he pulled the girl closer and his hand slid down to her ass. Jordan's head bobbing up and down as she looked up at them and watched Ashley fall under Jansen's spell too. A soft kiss was all Ashley needed to change her mind completely as she now stepped away from Jansen a moment later and slipped her t-shirt up and over her head and tossed it aside as Jansen smiled. Turning back to Jordan a moment later as Jordan deep throated his cock now over and over as Jansen groaned and finally pulled her off his cock as Ashley slipped out of her bra. Jordan holding Jansen steady as he stepped out his pants and she tossed them aside and rose back to her feet and helped him out of his shirt next. Leaving him naked.

"MMMMMMMM help sissy get undressed" Jansen said and referring to the fact that the two girls played sisters on the 'Life with Derek' show. Jordan did as he asked and sat down on the couch to the side as Ashley unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them down along with her panties and soon off. Her stunning, beautiful body coming into view now fully as Jansen stroked his rock hard cock fast up and down and watched. The 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' logo appearing on the screen a moment later and taking us to the show's first commercial break.

I was again almost looking forward to the break as it meant we gotta see one particular ad and again this week it popped up right in the middle of the mindless drivel that are the commercials. It started as it had the last three weeks as the screen read simply, 'Like Sister, Like Brother' and then showed Hayden, Jansen's big sister in a sandwich with what looked to be Hilary Duff and Jamie Lynn Spears as she pulled out of Jamie Lynn's ass and Jamie Lynn turned and started to suck the cock. A flash of lightning across the screen ended that scene as we faded into a similar one with Jamie Lynn again in a 69, this time with Alexa Nikolas and Jansen pumping his cock up her asshole a few times before he too pulled out and Jamie Lynn once again turned and started to suck Jansen's cock. His cum bubbling out the sides of Jamie Lynn's mouth as she sucked his cum out, and the screen once again read as that scene faded, 'Like Sister, Like Brother'. That was followed by a few more time wa sting commercials before we saw the logo for 'Jansen Panettiere: Worldwide' once again flash on the screen and bring us back to the scene in the girls dressing room.

Jansen no doubt seeing an opening as Ashley dropped to her knees in front of Jordan now, he did the same and got in behind her. Ashley unbuttoning and pulling down Jordan's jeans now as the girl raised her butt off the couch a bit and let Ashley skin them. Jordan skinning her shirt a moment later, leaving her nude as Jansen asked Ashley, "You lick her pussy for me?"

"Huh? I don't think so, I thought you wanted to fuck us?" Ashley asked as she now sat with her knees folded under her and her asshole in perfect alignment with Jansen's rock hard and saliva covered butt fuckin cock. He held it steady as he guided it too Ashley's asshole and saw the alarm in her eyes as he pushed the head gently against her asshole. Savannah moving to the side quickly and capturing the scene in perfect detail. Ashley saying in protest as Jansen's cock head slipped into it her asshole, just past her ring. "MMMMMMM ohmigod no you don't..."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM yes I do too baby" Jansen moaned as his sunk his cock in deeper with every stroke. Making Ashley tense and now moan as she looked back at him with a fire in her eyes. Jansen moaning as his cock went in and out of the girls tight little asshole over and over and got ever deeper. "MMMMMMMMM Ash your butt fuck hole is so sweet, you just don't know, so fuckin tight."

"MMMMMMMMM oh fuck so big, I didn't say you could do that MMMMMMMMMM" Ashley moaned as she attempted to push Jansen away but had her hands blocked by Jordan's as she captured them and pinned them under hers on either side of her thighs. Ashley's eyes closing as the intense pleasure swept over her body and she moaned intensely as Jansen sunk all the way inside and pressed his thighs to her ass cheeks for the first time and stopped. "MMMMMMMMMM OHMIGOD, SO DAMN BIG."

"MMMMMMMMMMM worked so perfect Jans, just like you said" Jordan said as she laced her fingers with Ashley's to keep the girl in place and spread her thighs.

"See if you can get her to lick Jordan's baby smooth pussy" Savannah suggested as Jansen smiled and cleared Ashley hair from her eyes as she looked back.

"Noooooooo" Ashley growled. "I don't lick pussy, I'm not a dyke."

"What baby?" Jansen asked as he pulled out till his cock head caught on the girls asshole ring and plunged back inside. Making Ashley squeal in pleasure as she shook and Jansen stopped again. Jansen gently guiding her head down to Jordan's sweet pussy as Ashley resisted for a moment but then gave in as she softly licked a few times up and down Jordan's pussy slit. "MMMMMMMMMM yeh."

"MMMMMMMMMMM ohhhhhh yesssss" Jordan moaned as she looked down and watched Ashley's every move on her pussy. Her thighs quivering as the sensations began to fill her body with pleasure. "MMMMMMMM I've wanted her to do that for so long."

"MMMMMMMMM Ashley's a hot little pussy licker" Savannah moaned as she moved in and got a vivid close-up now of Ashley's tongue work on Jordan's pussy. Jansen pulling out again to the girls asshole ring and plunging back inside. Building a hard pounding rhythm now as Ashley's squeals of pleasure began to fill the air, covering up those of Jordan above her. Ashley pausing a moment to moan out loud and look directly into the camera and obviously no longer in favor of stopping. Jordan releasing Ashley's hand and sliding them into the girls hair and gently guiding her back down to her pussy. Ashley grinning as she licked a few times softly over Jordan's little clitty before saying in a moan, "MMMMMMMMM Jordy your pussy is sweet."

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM fuck Ash you want me to stop butt fucking you now?" Jansen asked as his cock pounded in and out of the tight puckered little asshole of the older girl. Making her ass cheeks jiggle each time as his thighs smacked loudly at her ass cheeks and both moaned intensely. Jordan and Ashley's pussy really beginning to spasm hard now as both moaned and got near their reward. Savannah moving down to beside of Jansen as his body was now covered in a thin film of sweat as his hands rested in the middle of Ashley's bare back as he moaned and plunged in and out. His cum rising fast now as his balls smacked at the girls pussy. "MMMMMMMMM oh god I'm gonna cum butt fuckin."

"MMMMMMMM yeh my horny boy cum up her butt fuck hole" Savannah moaned as Jansen nodded his head and tensed up as his orgasm drew close and he plunged in and out hard now. Ashley making Jordan begin to shake as she licked her clit a few last times and made the young girls pussy begin to cum just moments before her own did. Jansen moaning one last time as his own orgasm took over and he tensed up and plunged in and out of Ashley's asshole. "MMMMMMMMM yeah that's feeling good now huh?"

"MMMMMMMMM oh my god you have no idea" Jansen moaned in mid orgasm, just a moment before he grunted and began to squirt his cum deep into Ashley's backdoor as both Ashley and Jordan settled down. Jansen slowing as the cum began to ooze out of Ashley asshole a little and he quickly pulled out and stood. Moving around Ashley and getting on his knees on the sofa and offering his rock hard cock to Jordan. Who smiled and opened her mouth invitingly as Ashley watched from below with a coy smile on her face. Jansen moaning as Jordan took his cum covered cock head into her mouth and started to suck softly and drain the rest of the yummy cum out of his cock. "MMMMMMMM is that some yummy stuff Jordan?"

"MMMMMMMMM it's just like you said it would be after you butt fucked Ashley" Jordan said before sucking his cock head again for a long moment, "MMMMMMMM how about I do this every time you butt fuck a girl? That feels sooo good huh?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM yes it is does, you wanna be on my show?" Jansen asked as Jordan answered him by sliding his cock back into her mouth and sucking his cock head hard now as she bobbed her head up and down and made the young boy moan intensely. Jansen tensing a bit and keeping an arm at his side as he let Jordan work his cock over.

"What do you say Jans? New co-host?" Savannah asked from off-camera.

"MMMMMMMMMMM fuck yesss, you suck my butt fuck cum every time I need it?" Jansen asked as Jordan stopped and grinned up at him and simply nodded her head before going back to sucking even harder on his cock. The camera being spun away from the action, the moaning got louder and Jansen sounded like he was on the verge of another orgasm. Savannah's grinning face appearing on camera as she smiled and said, "MMMMMMMM my horny boy is at this moment getting his cum sucked out one more time, sooo good. Looks like we got a new travel companion too. Ya think she likes licking pussy as much as she likes getting licked? I'm gonna go find out. See ya next time."