Robin the Sexual Wonder

Robin and the Cat (Story #3)

By DerekGuy

This series of stories will feature Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and other superheroes from the DC Universe. They are fully the property of the DC Comics and are merely being used in a fictional parody. As the official histories and origins have been written and re-imagined numerous times, these draw upon a variety of origins and team line-ups.

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Robin and the Cat (Story #3)

Part I


Robin (Dick Grayson), Age 15

SEXUALLY FEATURING (in alphabetical order)

Catwoman (Selina Kyle)

Henchgirls Persia & Sphynx


Dick Grayson was glad to have turned 15. He couldn’t say why, but it made him feel more like an adult. He had officially hit 5’4”, had become an expert self-sucker, and was ready to start fucking.

Not long ago, he had almost gotten his first blowjob from Emily, the hottest girl in his class after he rescued her for three attackers. While that was foiled, he found himself getting that blowjob as Robin from another classmate, Justin, who had been trying a short-lived adventure as a gay cruiser.

Dick’s life had developed dramatically since then. At school, he had shunned Justin, fearful that the boy might recognize him and discover his secret identity. But he had begun to create a friendship with Emily and had just asked her out for his first real date for this Saturday. She fit the Dick Grayson, “son” of billionaire Bruce Wayne, image, which was a bonus.

Sexually, Robin, the Boy Wonder, had visited Justin Hawthorne’s home and been on the receiving on the teen’s expert sucking. While he didn’t have anyone to compare it to (other than his own lips), Justin made Robin’s legs shake and loins explode. It was only with great self-discipline that he didn’t drop in on Justin every single night. Justin’s lips were always waiting and he never seemed to pressure Robin to reciprocate. Sometimes Justin had other company and Robin had found himself watching Justin and some older teen fuck while skulking in the shadows. Robin was ready to fuck the 15-year-old himself, but decided he’d try and get somewhere with Emily first as Dick Grayson before committing Robin to a gay relationship.

Justin’s blowjobs had another benefit. Having this incredible regular outlet for his physical pleasure left Dick clear-headed and he was fighting his best crime ever. Robin had been the savior in stopping Mr. Freeze’s long-planned attack on Gotham, another nefarious Joker plan, and had even single-handedly knocked out Killer Croc. That was pretty awesome. The press was accepting him as a superhero in his own right and he had begun to be featured in teen magazines as a super-hot teen superhero alongside Speedy and Wonder Girl.

Saturday afternoon, Dick had just finished a much needed workout and was laying out his clothing for his date With Emily that night when the Batcommunicator went off. Bruce was terse.

“Catwoman is free and has kidnapped the Mayor’s wife. Suit up and meet me in the Cave.”

Shit. Shit Shit Shit. What was Dick going to say to that? “Hey, Bruce, I have a date with a hot girl who is kind of easy and I think I can fuck her by date #2.” The mask always came first. He hadn’t asked for this life, but he had accepted it.

The call with Emily was awkward. He claimed a family emergency with his adopted dad and let his anger at the situation morph into anger at Bruce in his conversation. She was sympathetic, but he felt she didn’t believe him. He could just hear her saying to her sister, “Dick called off the date. He didn’t really like me.” Dick promised to call her tomorrow and then raced down to the Batcave.

Catwoman was holed up in the old Sardine factory, naturally. She had made some vague ransom demands, but seemed satisfied to have the Mayor’s wife under her control.

Batman directed Robin to information posted on a computer screen. Gotham’s mayor, Gregory Flynn III, had caused a minor scandal when he divorced his second wife to marry Azura Hernandez, a beautiful Hispanic television reporter 35 years his junior. Azura, now 27 and on an extended leave of absence from the news game, had been a flashy face around town wearing revealing outfits to citywide affairs.

“She’s the one you said was hot, right?” Robin asked his crimefighting partner.

“Focus on the mission,” Batman grumpily answered, which Robin knew was a yes.

The plan was to sneak into the sardine plant through two separate entrances. Batman would enter through an air vent, while Robin would approach from the sewer lines. Robin knew better than to complain. He always got the sewer lines.

Robin made it onto the factory floor without incident – and had even avoided the muck in the sewer pipes through careful work. He was ready to take on Catwoman. In fact, he was eager. She had screwed up his evening and his shot with Emily. He’d make her pay.

Redhot with attitude, Robin ascended two flights to the probable location of Azura Hernandez Flynn. He rushed in and immediately came to a screeching halt. The Mayor’s wife was strapped to a large wooden board with her ankles and wrists tied spread-eagled. She was completely naked and she was a total looker. This was one beautiful woman and the first naked woman he had ever seen in person. Kneeling on the floor in-between her legs was a teenage girl dressed in cat ears who licking her captive’s vagina with great passion.

In his fury, lust, and surprise, Robin didn’t notice the other teenager swing the baseball bat at his head from behind.

BLACK. It was all black. And it was cold. Dick shook his head back and forth trying to force himself awake. He assessed the situation quickly. His costume was gone. That was the most obvious. He was wearing some sort of shorts, but they were not his own. He was bound. His wrists and ankles were tightly shackled to a similar large rectangular board as Mrs. Flynn had been. His mask was still on. Catwoman surely had peaked under the mask, but Dick was confident that she knew Bruce Wayne’s identity already as much as they knew she was Selina Kyle.

Dick opened his eyes. He was in a different room. In fact, a different building. He could hear the Gotham Harbor drawbridge outside the windows, miles from the sardine factory. The room was empty, but was also somewhat small. The light told him it was morning, hours since their assault. He saw no sign of Batman.

“Look was the cat drrrraged in,” the voice danced behind him. Those rolling “R”s were unique. He felt the gloved hand of Catwoman rub along his naked shoulder. “How simply purrrrfect to have you with us Rrrrrobin. The girrrrls and I werrre getting so tired of the weeping and cat-calling of Azura.”

“Let me go, you fiend!” Why did he talk that way? It made him sound ridiculous.

“We will. We want to have some fun first. Let me intrrrroduce you to my two special helpers. Firrrst is Perrrrrsia.” Catwoman was standing in full view of the teen superhero. She was in her standard lilac costume and holding her signature cat o’nine tails. Into his view came the teenager he had seen between the Mayor’s wife’s legs. She was about 18 and stunning wearing a tight-fitting spandex outfit and cat ears. On her chest, across her ample bosom, was the word “Persia.” And it was a big chest, which always turned Robin on.

“And next is her sister, little Sphynx.” In walked the girl who had bashed Robin with the bat. She was similarly attired to her sister, but was shorter and much younger, about 14 or 15, Robin guessed. She was also hot. Robin felt his own member begin to stir despite his efforts. Catwoman noticed it too.

“I’m glad you like them. We thought we’d make your time here more pleasurrrable. Maybe we could furrrrther your education. The girrrrls make excellent teacherrrs.” Catwoman pulled a chair forward and positioned it with a good view of her captive.

Robin quickly scanned the walls to look for hidden cameras. He didn’t see anything, but it didn’t relieve his apprehension about what was going to happen. Batman had taught him about many forms of torture – including the more pleasurable ones like this. He learned how to take his mind elsewhere, to remove himself from the moment, and how never to give in. “I will come for you,” Batman promised his young ward.

Three minutes later, Dick was pretty sure he could wait a little for Batman’s arrival. The teenage sisters had licked his naked abs and chest and purred at his hard, young body. Then they sliced away his shorts with their claws and were now sharing his hard dick as they licked him with their eager tongues. He was desperate for one of them to swallow his cock, but they seemed content on their roles as cats as they lapped at his dick head, shaft, balls, legs, stomach. Sphynx was most eager to work his cock. Persia was exploring more of his body. Catwoman simply watched and whispered, “Purrrrfect.”

His mind never stopped searching, however. He was looking for a way to get a hand free, get an advantage. He found none.

“Enough!” Catwoman shouted. She moved closer to the board. Was she going to join in? She leaned close to Robin’s ear. “Now, curiosity kills the cats. My girls want to know what happens when they cat around with a little bird.” She waited for a response and gave the expected comeback. “Nothing to say, Robin-bird? Cat got your tongue?”

With that, the rectangular board pivoted from being nearly vertical to being nearly horizontal. Sphynx continued to work his dick having climbed onto the board. Robin could see Persia removing her clothing except for her cat mask and ears. She had a tremendous body with large, perfect, natural breasts and a neatly shaven pubic area. Moving onto the board, she violently shoved her sister out of the way and lay on top of the prostate superhero. She lapped at his face trying to initiate tongue kissing between them. Robin remained passive and still.

Her nips at his neck and earlobes were exhilarating and also somewhat frightening. He began to whisper, “You don’t have to do this. I can help you. Help me get free and I’ll get you a much better life.”

<SWACK> The whip had expertly hit him on upper thigh. Robin resisted crying out. It had come much too close to his dick, he noted, as he forced the pain through him and out. Three lines appeared on his thigh dripping blood and stinging. “Quiet!” Catwoman shouted waving her weapon in the air. “No talking. Just catting around.”

Persia looked mildly annoyed by the interruption and resumed her attempt for an exchange of tongues. Sphynx, meanwhile, had mopped up any blood on his legs and begun to suck Robin’s dick and restore his hard on. Persia, getting not satisfaction, moved to Robin’s chest and especially his nipples. After a couple minutes of such foreplay, she kicked her younger sister hard and off the board. Persia began to stroke the already hard penis with a firm grip. Despite Robin’s concentration, the massive pleasure he was feeling was his dominant feeling.

“The clock is ticking,” Catwoman called out both as reprimand and comfort. Persia took the words as a threat. Spreading her legs, she lowered herself on Robin’s unsheathed member. As he remained prone, she lifted herself up and down, riding his hard cock. He had used all his mental energy to keep his dick from being this hard, but it had been in vain. Now he was losing his virginity to this gorgeous young woman who had him captive.

Dick inadvertently grunted which got a large laugh from Catwoman. “You are a tomcat, Robin, not a bird.” Persia increased her pace and Robin found his own hips began to move slightly as he had to find release. He knew much of the pleasure in fucking was in the slow, long pace of the exchange. But this was rape and it needed to end. He needed to get free.

With further grunts escaping both his and Persia’s mouths, he muttered quietly, “I want to touch you. To feel you. Free one of my hands. Please. Let me touch you.”

Persia’s look to Catwoman probably was the clue. The cat o’nine tails swung just missing full contact and only causing a small stinging on his right arm. “Silence!”

The teen girl began to moan loudly and powerfully. She was in throes of something and Robin offered his own exclamations. He felt himself ready and simply let it release. She didn’t react as he shot off his load inside this beautiful 18-year-old villainess. He collapsed completely onto the table and Persia slowed her pace and dropped on top of him, licking and kissing his face and chest. Gently, she pulled herself off the naked boy to the applause of the supervillain with a view.

“Wonderrrrful. That is the cat’s pajamas.” Robin wanted to get free just to shut up her idiotic cat phrases. “You know, Robin, it is lonely being a hellcat. The only man who can tame me, Batman, doesn’t like to play with cats. We have had our chances, but he has moved on and sent me to the lock up. I was lonely, so I found some friends to entertain me. The girls liked the Mayor’s wife. I was sorry not to have you get to meet her. That would have made quite the story. But she’s busy and I needed something to distract the Batman. My girls always said they found you appealing. So I promised them for Christmas this special robin in a pear tree.”

It was April, but Dick said nothing. He felt odd, not like himself, sexual excitement filling his blood. The younger girl, Sphynx, had moved back onto the board and was licking Robin’s cock clean removing his cum and her sister’s fluids. It was getting hard with surprising speed. Persia had put back on her tight clothing.

“Time, Sphynx. Time. If you want to have your special treat, you must do so now.” Catwoman swung her whip above her head and snapped it in the air for show.

Sphynx was clearly conflicted. Robin wondered if she was a virgin, or was she doing this from pressure from Selina or her sister, Persia. But, she still removed her clothing revealing a developing, but attractive body. She had little pubic hair and Robin hoped she was at least 13, if not older, but what did it matter now.

His dick was fully hard again. Persia moved back to the board and helped her sister lower onto the 6.25 flesh. STDs and pregnancy both fitted into Dick’s head, but there was little he could do about that.

The second time was similar to the first except Sphynx moved with some caution and tentativeness. Her sister stood by her and seemingly communicated things, but Robin heard no words exchanged. The girl was cute – just Dick’s type if her chest was a little bigger – and losing his virginity to two sisters one after the other was unexpected. If he wasn’t their prisoner, he might have really enjoyed it.

The girl’s thrusting wasn’t having its desired results. Persia moved behind her sister and Robin found her licking his balls underneath her sister’s movements. Catwoman moved closer. Dropping the cat o’nine tails, she began to lick exposed parts of Robin’s flesh, to use her claws to elicit pain, but somehow pleasure from his skin, to use her teeth to excite and repulse him. With all three females exploring his body, Dick was hopeless. The rush of ejaculation came out to the cries of joy of Catwoman and the relief of Sphynx.

It was just then Batman busted in. With all three still on top of Robin’s flesh, Batman kicked through the door and had already thrown a batarang that knocked little Sphynx unconscious. Catwoman had no chance to retrieve her whip before Batman had similarly incapacitated her. Persia made a run for it. Batman was kinder to her, only tossing batbolos to bind her feet on the run and send her crashing to the floor.

Batman spoke as little as possible. Robin was freed and his clothing recovered in moments. The police were arriving soon. Batman scanned for any evidence of the sexual interactions while Robin tried to wrap the unconscious Sphynx in a sheet. The Dynamic Duo was gone before the first police officer stepped into the room.

To Be Continued in Part II...