Robin the Sexual Wonder

Robin and the Cat (Story #3)

By DerekGuy

This series of stories will feature Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and other superheroes from the DC Universe. They are fully the property of the DC Comics and are merely being used in a fictional parody. As the official histories and origins have been written and re-imagined numerous times, these draw upon a variety of origins and team line-ups.

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Robin and the Cat (Story #3)

Part II

RECAP: Robin was captured by Catwoman who had been holding the Mayor's wife. Catowman's two henchgirls - attractive teenagers Persia and Sphynx - raped Robin for his first-ever fuck before Batman rescured him.


Robin (Dick Grayson), Age 15

SEXUALLY FEATURING (in alphabetical order)

Emily Chase

Justin Hawthorne

Part II

The news was vague. “Police, the Caped Crusader, and the Boy Wonder were thanked by Mayor and Mrs. Flynn for her rescue last night. Details are still being withheld, but News 12 has learned that the Catwoman and her henchmen were apprehended while holding the kidnapped Mrs. Flynn. Mrs. Flynn was released from the hospital several hours ago and the Mayor reports his wife is doing well. Police Commissioner Gordon says…”

Bruce clicked the remote. The key details were not going to be made public. Dick had spent the afternoon getting a host of tests in the Cave.

“All clean,” Alfred reported as he emerged into the living room. “No STDs, No HIV. And as you surmised, Master Bruce, young Master Dick received a dose of a Viagra-like substance from Catwoman. Would you like to explore it further?”

“No.” Bruce was all business.

The official batphone rang. Bruce answered it and said barely a word.

“No one is pregnant,” he stated as he replaced the receiver. “The younger sister is going to juvenile detention. The older sister is 18 and will be in regular lock up.”

“How old was Sphynx?” Dick spoke for the first time in an hour.

“Are you going to ask her on a date?” Bruce coldly responded. Dick resisted a comeback. “She’s 14,” Bruce concluded.

For several minutes they said noting, did nothing. Alfred excused himself. Dick wanted to do the same.

Finally Bruce spoke first. “The most unprofessional behavior I’ve ever seen from a crimefighter. Sex with teenagers!”

Dick was stunned. “I was completely chained, Bruce. And Viagra was controlling my cock. What did you expect me to do?” Dick got angrier. “And I’m a teenager. I’m only 15. I know at 15 you were already a kung fu master learning sword play in Tibet or something, but we can’t all be that lucky.”

Bruce snorted in disgust. “Show a little more restraint.”

“Like you’ve done with Selina Kyle?”

Bruce paused and looked close to punching Dick. “That is not relevant.”

“Why, because you did it freely and I was raped? Is this the compassion you show for other rape victims? I was virgin, Bruce, and I was raped tonight! What did you tell Mrs. Flynn – that she should have resisted her assailants?”

“You are a crimefighter!”

“I am a guy! I am a human being! Apparently you are neither!” Dick stormed out of the living room and was in his costume and motorcycle within minutes.

Cruising through Gotham, Dick needed a crime. The last 24 hours had created so much anger – his missed date with Emily, his kidnapping, his rape. He had liked the girls, so it was hard to be too upset with his deflowering, And he knew he liked Justin too. He was Dick and he was Robin. He was Bruce’s son and he was his partner. He was a superhero and he was a 15-year-old boy.

Pulling into Justin’s neighborhood by rote, Robin was distracted by the clear sounds of an assault. He rushed into the alley where two teenage boys where pushing a younger boy back and forth.

“Which of us are gonna fuck you first, faggot?” the curly brunette was shouting.

“We’ll pay you, homo, by fucking you until you can’t breathe!” the short-haired blond responded.

Robin recognized both of them. They were seniors in the high school. Both were athlete and thugs, but Dick had thought them both cute in the past. Alex O’Kyle and Gus Chambers were popular, wealthy, and bullies. Then Robin saw whom they were bullying.

Justin was bleeding from the temple where he had hit the wall. He had been horny and needing some money and had come upon the two seniors. Seeing that they were giving each other a handjob in the alley, Justin had offered to blow them both for $40. Shocked at having their gay indiscretion revealed, they had responded with fury on the small boy.

Robin smiled. Justin looked okay despite the blood and now he had his vengeance. He cleared his throat.

The shock and terror on the seniors’ faces was surpassed by the joy and delight on Justin’s.

“Well, at least now it be a match with someone your own size,” Robin called out deadpan. The other boys each had over 6 inches of height on him. “Let him go,” Robin stated in the flat Batman-style command. Justin raced forward and ran behind the Boy Wonder.

 “Are you seriously injured?” he asked his 15-year-old sometimes cocksucker without any public statement of familiarity.

Justin shook his head. “Go home,” Robin commanded. “Get cleaned up. I’ll check on you as soon as deal with this scum.”

Justin paused, but the direct stare from Robin caused him to think better and he raced out of the alley, holding his t-shirt to his bleeding head.

“Hey, we were just joking around,” Alex, the more articulate of the two began. Robin loved the explanations. “He just tripped and that’s how he hurt his head.”

Robin began to walk towards them. The alley was a dead end.

“We didn’t touch him. We were just joking,” Gus continued. “We wouldn’t do that gay stuff. We’re not gay.” The protests just made Robin smile. The smile terrified the duo.

“You can’t do anything to us. We’re minors. You have to call the police,” Alex stammered. Then he thought about the results of that plan “No, don’t call the police. My parents will kill me. We know what we did. We’re really sorry. We’ll never bother anyone again.”

“I’m not going to call the police,” Robin said in a voice just loud enough to hear.

The relief on the boys’ faces melted when they saw him still approaching. Robin stopped listening. He was going to do this up close.

The first punch was a solid one to Alex’s stomach. The 6’ teen crumpled. A foot to the head of Gus was followed by a roundhouse kick and then a series of blows to the body. Gus was a well-built guy, but he wasn’t a fighter. He attempted a few dizzy comeback blows, but Robin offered several more body shots, another roundhouse kick to the head, and then a nasty crotch shot. No marks on the face, he noted with satisfaction as Gus collapsed into a whimpering fetal position.

Alex was cowardly racing down the alley. Robin was faster and tackled him onto some garbage cans. Alex had learned some martial arts and boxing. Robin toyed with him for a while; defending against his shots and sneaking a jab in here and there. Alex landed a lucky shot to Robin’s face. It was then Gus came from behind and slammed a garbage can on the teen superhero’s head sending him staggering back into the wall.

The bruised bullies laughed. “I didn’t kniw Robin was a fairy. Maybe we should fuck you, faggot superhero?” Alex taunted as Robin feigned injury.

“Maybe not,” he whispered. He stopped playing. The ensuing barrage was painful and memorable. Gus ended up with two black eyes, a broken nose, a torn knee membrane, and a concussion as he was knocked into complete submission as Robin bashed his head against the concrete walls.

Alex was in somewhat better physical shape when Robin was done. A broken arm along with multiple cuts and bruises as Robin picked up the older, larger, heavier boy and threw him into the piles of crates and cans repeatedly. With the half-conscious boy bent over a crate, his shirt torn open, his pants split at the rear, Robin felt an evil anger surpass his current violence. Ripping off the teen’s pants and underwear, he dropped his own shorts. His dick went to full attention immediately.

“You want someone to get fucked?” Robin whispered as he held the older boy by the hair. “You liked to get fucked? You and your friend suck each other and then pick on the gay little kids, that about right?” Robin watched Alex’s eyes go wide with admission. “Maybe you wanna get fucked by me. Huh? Should I fuck you right now?” Alex was unable to say anything. Whatever emotions or conflicts were running through his brain, he couldn’t formulate a single word.

Robin pushed his hard dick against Alex’s ass. He felt it push against the hole and wondered how hard he could jam it in.

“Robin,” the voice was calm but distressed. Justin was at the mouth of the alley staring. Robin dropped the terrified bully and immediately restored his uniform. To his surprise, Alex took one more shot at him, which now gave him a broken nose and then a hard right to his cheek sending him crashing into the boxes.

Robin walked over to Justin “You okay?” he asked his suck-buddy.

“Yes. Thank you. Are you okay? Do you want to come to my house? We could talk or do….whatever.”

Robin smiled. He shook his head. “Later. Later.” He was in the Batcycle and off.

The next day in school the stories were varied. Justin’s head injury was passed off as a skateboarding accident. Dick claimed his bruises were from a fall off his motorcycle. He was too young to legally drive, but Bruce Wayne’s boy could do whatever he wanted.

Alex and Gus didn’t come to school for almost a week, but their absence and eventual injury report claimed they were mugged by seven guys.

Dick got Emily alone after lunch. “I’m really sorry.”

“You went on a motorcycle on Sunday and didn’t call me?” She pouted, which made her more desirable.

“It’s complicated. I’m complicated.” Dick couldn’t come up with a convincing lie.

“I’m not complicated, Dick. I see something I like, I go for it and I have fun. I thought I liked you.”

“Give me another shot.”


“Ummmm….” He was hesitant to name a time and have it squashed. This would be tough. “How about after school today?”

“After school?”

It was a great Monday for Dick Grayson. That afternoon he showed Emily the public caverns behind Wayne Manor and showed off on some trapeze tricks in his outdoor set up. They made out in the back of the limo as Alfred drove them home. He knew he’d get to second base on their date. He had Alfred drop him off downtown after he changed into his costume. Making his way to Justin’s house, they comforted each other’s injuries and experience, laughed at the two bullies, and then Robin experienced fucking by choice for the first time. And he loved it.

Later that night, he kicked the crap out of Two Face. It was good to be the Boy Wonder.

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