Robin the Sexual Wonder

Robin Home Alone (Story #1)

By DerekGuy

This series of stories will feature Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and other superheroes from the DC Universe. They are fully the property of the DC Comics and are merely being used in a fictional parody. As the official histories and origins have been written and re-imagined numerous times, these draw upon a variety of origins and team line-ups.

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Robin Home Alone (Story #1)


Robin (Dick Grayson), Age 14

Dick Grayson was incredible. The boy who was sometimes called “the world’s greatest acrobat” was a physical and mental marvel. He was an extraordinary gymnast, naturally brilliant, a whiz with computers, and had learned martial arts with ease. He was charming and had a clear sense of morality and justice. His insight, intuition, and physical prowess made him an ideal sidekick to Batman, but these skills didn’t always come with enough common sense.

It was 1:31 a.m. Dick had been smart enough to keep an eye on the GPS noting the location of the Batmobile. Bruce was nowhere near home – at least 27 minutes if he raced top-speed to the BatCave and the Dark Knight rarely returned before 4 a.m. anyway. He knew Alfred was sound asleep. The faithful butler would only awaken if signaled by his master.

Dick should have been asleep hours ago. Tuesdays were a night he was supposed to focus on his schoolwork, exercises, and get a full night’s sleep. Although the cheery teen was known for following orders, the pull of a free night was too much for him. Tuesdays were the rare night Dick had free use of the Batcomputer. Owning the fastest, most powerful “home” computer with gigantic screens and every extra one could imagine was too tempting to ignore. He couldn’t show it off to anyone at school, so he had to enjoy it himself.

Despite his general good nature, it had been a lonely life for the 14-year-old. For his first 8 years, he was a circus performer. His parents were obsessed with the act and training. The others in the traveling troupe were friendly, but he lacked regular opportunities with kids his age. Orphaned at the hands of “Boss” Anthony Zucco, for six years he had been part of a very different, but equally obsessed family. Bruce Wayne was moody and distant. Cheery in public, but silent in private. The mansion was removed from the rest of town and outside of school, he was forbidden to socialize with anyone or invite anyone over to Wayne Manor. This made him appear snobby and distant despite his charm, good looks, and good nature.

With no real friends, no social outlets, and only the sheer satisfaction of kicking the crap out of adult maniacs terrorizing his city, Dick looked to the computer for some solace. Online gaming let him ‘socialize’ with others as he became a soldier, a knight, a toon, a cowboy, and more, and to chat openly under various pseudonyms. But lately, Dick had been focused more on his…well, his namesake.

Dick hated his nickname. Ricky or Rick would have been better, but his mom had called him Dick and he couldn’t change it now. Although he was mid-way through his 14th year, Dick had only begun to fully hit puberty. He had a beautiful full jet-black head of hair with a seeming blue tint to it, smooth supple hairless skin, and a perfectly formed body from head to toe. He was also still only 5’3”. He wasn’t sure he’d grow much more than that – his father had only been 5’4”. Bruce was a little concerned. At 6’2”, he hoped for a partner that was a little more physically intimidating – and one that could one day inherit the batsuit without the world knowing of the change.

Since puberty had come, Dick had found that his dick and masturbation had become a second career. He jacked off four or five times a day - minimum. He had been doing it while on patrol too although he had yet to be caught there. Back at the Manor, Alfred knew all too well about his “hobby” – stained sheets don’t lie. Master Bruce had done his share of wanking once upon a time too, Dick was sure. Dick was a little uncomfortable as he thought the old gay butler – Dick was positive he was gay – was getting his thrills cleaning up “the younger master’s” residuals.

For a few months, Dick had been using his own laptop to download porn, but with Bruce out on Tuesday, he had turned to the gigantic Batcomputers for their power, sound, faster speed, and oversized screens. With his own credit card and a healthy allowance, Dick didn’t waste time “hunting” for porn, but would sign up for just about any interesting-looking site he discovered.

He had been at it for over an hour, but was growing bored. Dick looked for sites with younger women with names like HotCollegeSluts or BarelyLegal or something like that. But they always proved disappointing. He resisted anything illegal or overseas and he hit more links as he mindlessly surfed to another site. His stroking had grown more intense. This would be he second cum of the night. He was often up for a minimum three before feeling satisfied. After approving the credit card fees, he clicked on a video called “best blowjob” and then stopped short. The young man being blown was lightly tattooed and around 21. In front of him, holding his erect member was another smooth skinned 20-year-old. The boy on his knees was working the hard cock eagerly eliciting groans of appreciation from his partner. Dick looked up and saw the URL was HotCollegeDormSex. A few clicks revealed this was exclusively a gay site.

Bruce had made some harsh comments about gays and the perception that Batman might be gay simply because he wore a flamboyant outfit. He had heard him mutter, “No one ever says Superman is gay,” a few times. But Dick grew up in the circus where everything goes. So without pausing for moralizing or self-analysis, he began to explore the previously ignored world of gay porn. Unlike the straight sites, where the male partner was often in his 30s, 40s, or more, one could find many exclusively all gay young men – twink – sites. He had stopped stroking himself actively, his hands busy approving card charges, bookmarking items, and exploring links. He had never looked at gay sites before and they were all new ideas to him.

At, Dick discovered something else new. The featured boy was sitting in a chair completely naked. He leaned forward and brought his lips to the head of his erect cock. It took several tries, but he eventually was engulfing his own cockhead eagerly. The scene then shifted to the boy lying on the floor and flipping his legs over to continue his self-pleasure before ejaculating in the air.

Dick watched several more of these videos fascinated. In all of his masturbation, it never occurred to him to use anything other than his hand. He had imagined getting a blowjob, but never doing it himself.

Shucking his clothing, his pants had been at his ankles ready to pull back on in case Alfred walked in, Dick noted that Bruce was now on the other side of Gotham and not likely home for at least hour. He stretched out first, doing his usual yoga routine, which he generally did in the nude. Feeling limber, Dick thought that as a world-class gymnast he should be ideal for this. While Dick was short and young, his cock was way ahead of him, already reaching over 6”. He knew it was likely to get bigger over time and that excited him.

Simply leaning forward, Dick was still several inches away from contact. He repositioned, lifting up his left leg and grabbing underneath his limb, his dick came right up to his lips. “No going back,” he thought as he stretched forward and parted his lips.

The sensation was overwhelming. The precum was salty but not unpleasant. The head of his dick was soft and smooth. But the rush of sensation was shocking. It felt much more intense than his hand and he had to stop several times to get used to the feelings as his tongue touched the head of his dick.

Dick was a quick learner. He had seen enough blowjobs online to know how they worked and soon was working himself over. He shuddered and wanted to shout out as he took in more and more of his penis. Being extraordinarily limber, Dick’s first foray into auto-fellatio soon became a deep-throat lesson as well. He had the full shaft buried in his mouth, his nose just about touching his balls . The videos online weren’t always clear on what to do with the dick in your mouth, so some tongue and friction were all he offered. That was enough.

The first wave of cum didn’t surprise him, but it did startle him in its intensity. The waves of ejaculant that flooded his mouth were the biggest he ever remembered. He accidentally lost hold of his cock with his mouth and ended up shooting all over his face, hair, chest, and then the room. He was breathing heavy and feeling amazing. That was the best orgasm of his life. He felt the cum drip off his nose, past his chin, and onto his hairless chest.

<Ahem> The soft, polite voice disrupted the post-orgasmic bliss. Alfred Pennyworth was standing in his bathrobe and pajamas at the bottom of the secret stairs connecting the BatCave and Wayne Manor.

“Master Dick,” he began as if the young ward was checking baseball scores, “I have been summoned by Master Bruce who was slightly injured in an altercation with some ruffians. He is at this moment headed back to the Cave. Might I suggest that you retire your bedroom where you might prepare yourself for bed. I don’t believe the Master will appreciate seeing you so…active…many hours after you were supposed to retire, Master…Dick.”

Dick sat there stunned. The wave of sexual energy had drained at Alfred’s first words, but now the mind was racing to problem solve. How long had Alfred been there? Longer than he needed to, Dick thought once again proving that he was a dirty old man wanting to stare at Dick’s young body.

Alfred quickly continued: “I will take care of straightening up the computer area if you would be so kind as to return upstairs immediately.”

Wordlessly, Dick left everything as it was – the computers were on with a muted gay porn movie playing, his clothes in a pile tossed on the floor, cum splashed everywhere. Dick quietly walked up the stairs, sure that the British servant was staring at his tight ass as he went.

Up in his room, Dick saw the digital clock turn to 3:21 a.m. as he headed to the bathroom and took a quick shower. From his room, he couldn’t hear the Batmobile approach, so he locked his door and crawled into bed.

What would Alfred say? Surely he’d keep his secret from Bruce. He didn’t care. Bruce couldn’t punish him for masturbation, only for breaking curfew and using the batcomputers for personal stuff. Fuck it. He listened to Bruce on every single rule and was tired of it. In fact, he was going to find someone at school to, at the least, blow him. He would be a superhero, but not a monk. And he didn’t care whether it was a girl or a boy. He’d find someone.

Shifting uncomfortably in bed, his dick was hard again at the thought of the week’s possibilities. In many of the selfsuck videos, the person was lying on his back. Flipping his legs up towards his headed, Dick licked his lips as he saw his now hard cock dangle inches from his mouth. He opened his mouth and hungrily devoured…

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