Robin the Sexual Wonder

Robin On Patrol (Story #2)

By DerekGuy


This series of stories will feature Dick Grayson, the original Robin, and other superheroes from the DC Universe. They are fully the property of the DC Comics and are merely being used in a fictional parody. As the official histories and origins have been written and re-imagined numerous times, these draw upon a variety of origins and team line-ups.

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Robin On Patrol (Story #2)


Robin (Dick Grayson), Age 14

FEATURING (in alphabetical order)

Emily Chase

Justin Hawthorne

Bruce was more than slightly injured this past Tuesday night. The mugger had stabbed him in the ribs, impossibly bypassing the underarmor they wore. Dick was needed on solo patrol the rest of the week. With 5 times-a-day masturbation (at least 2 of them now being self-sucking), homework, working out, and fighting crime, he had little time for anything else, including worrying about any repercussions for his recent porn adventures. But Bruce had said nothing and he had avoided Alfred completely.

Gotham was quiet that week. It gave Dick a lot of time – too much time – to reflect on his young teenage sexual desires as he hid in shadows and on rooftops. He had looked around the kids at school and found a number of hot girls. But how could he approach them? Here was this kid, from their perspective, who got straight As and was clearly the best athlete in the class, yet joined no teams or clubs, hung out with no one, and socialized with no one. His parents were murdered and he lived with a reclusive playboy billionaire. He was a freak. Dick certainly didn’t want them just going out with him for his – Bruce’s – money.

It was Saturday night and a little cool. He had already helped dispatch a handful of drunks and muggers, but with no real trouble out there, it was getting dull as midnight came around. The usual maniacs like the Riddler, Joker, and Penguin were all locked away in Arkham Asylum. Mr. Freeze was on the loose, but hadn’t been heard from in the three months since escaping. It was simply the usual run-of-the-mill street thugs that kept him busy this week.

Observing Thomas and Martha Wayne Park, one of the many pubic areas named for his surrogate father’s parents, Dick heard the group of girls before he saw them. Seven girls of high school age were recklessly walking through the park. They had been at one of the clubs in downtown, The park was a quick, but foolish shortcut. On this spring night, they must have decided to enjoy a pleasant walk. Some of the girls were clearly plastered. Wayne Park, while lovely during the day, was a haven for muggers, rapists, homeless, and gay cruisers after dark.

The girls were vaguely familiar except for two of them whom Dick knew well. 17-year-old Becky Chase was a junior at his school and maybe the hottest girl there. Dick especially loved her big tits. Her younger sister Emily was 14 and in many classes with Dick. Emily was pretty smokin’ in her own right. They were both wearing very tight shirts and very short skits. Dick could see that Emily was braless. Dick had often fantasized about one or the other while imagining someone on their knees between his legs. The other five girls were all Becky’s age and he had seen them at school, but he didn’t know any of them personally.

“I can’t believe you did it in the bathroom!” Dick could just begin to understand the conversation of the excited girls.

“Where was I supposed to do it – the dance floor?” Becky stumbled as she shrieked her response.

“But you just met him.”

“I just wanted some fun. I already have a boyfriend.”

“A hot boyfriend. And still you are blowing some strange guy.”

“He was cute.” Emily added in.

“Why didn’t you do it then?”

“He did go to you first, Emily.”

“He’s like 25. That’s gross!” Emily protested half-heartedly.

“What would your boyfriend the billionaire say?”

“Shut up! He’s not my boyfriend.”

“Whose boyfriend is he, Em?” Becky was grateful for the change in subject.

“Has he ever dated any girl in the class?”

“That’s cause he’s gay.”

“He is not!!” Emily yelled. “He just…”

Emily looked left and right repeatedly. “Shit. I can’t find my cell phone.”

“This is why we don’t bring little sisters!” one girl yelled at Becky.

“I must have left it on the park bench back there when I fixed my shoe. I’ll be right back. Wait here.”

“No way,” Becky dismissed. “We’re only four blocks from home and I’m cold. Just meet us at the house.”

“Becky, it’s kind of dark,” one girl cautioned, but eventually the six girls left leaving Emily to return through the park. Dick followed her progress through infrared binoculars. “I wonder if I could see her get undressed in her bedroom using these,” Dick considered.

She was back to her original spot with her cell phone in hand in mere minutes. As she prepared to call her sister to say she was right behind them, three dark figures emerged from the depths of the park.

Two of them, Dick didn’t know at all. They were typical of the toughs in Wayne Park. The leader was familiar to Robin. He was a 28-year-old tall and portly mugger and rapist named Charlie who had a revolving door prison life. He always wore an out-of-season wool cap and a lot of chains. To his left was a tall, skinny Hispanic guy in his early 20s whose necklace declared him as Luis. To the right was an African-American tough in his late teens.

“Good evening,” Charlie called to startled Emily. “Maybe you could help me and my friends out. We’re a little short on cash for the night, and maybe you could fill that void.”

“I don’t have…” Emily tried to get the words out.

“Well, you do have some fine jewelry that we could exchange for cash. And Tyrone here,” Charlie identified the young black kid, “is feeling a little down tonight. Maybe you could make him happy. Maybe you could join us for some fun.”

Even under the washed out world of streetlights, Dick could see that the color had drained from the girl’s face. She was considering running, but in her heels the three men would easily catch her. Staying, though, meant losing not only her wallet and jewelry, but being raped by one or all of the men.

Robin didn’t wait to discover what Emily decided to do. The batarang was tossed with ease and knocked Charlie square in the head and into unconsciousness. As it flew, Dick shot the BatRappeler so that the notched bat imbedded into a tree. He ziplined down, leaping off in time to land a solid kick to Luis’s head. It was a blur of gold, red, and green. As he stumbled from the unexpected attack, Tyrone grabbed Emily, and placed his knife at her neck.

“Fucking Robin!” he spat, his gold teeth glinting off the lights. “What the fuck are you doing here? I’ll kill her. Get the fuck out of here or I’ll slice her up.”

At 5’3” and wearing a costume of bright colors and shorts, Robin hardly made for a scary sight. It was reputation and association that gave him most of his power to intimidate. One day he’d need to update the costume – long pants, black motif, scarier bird. But Robin didn’t need to scare them into losing. He could physically take just about anyone with a little strategy.

Suddenly, the Boy Wonder swung his arm in a pivot motion on his smashing Luis directly in the face. Luis had tried to sneak up behind Robin and now had a broken nose as a consequence.

“Drop the knife and your nose will remain intact. Do anything else, and who knows how many other bones will also break.” Dick had learned the art of the threat from Bruce.

“You’re just a kid,” Tyrone was nervous. He was maybe 17. “You are younger than me. A little kid. Fuck that!”

Luis moved in again, his nose spurting blood, stepping over the still unconscious body of Charlie. Tyrone pushed the knife tighter against Emily’s neck actually drawing a drop of blood. Robin grabbed the arm of the advancing Luis, and tripped him towards Tyrone. With his other hand, he pulled out some BatPepper Spray and landed a shot directly in the eyes of the surprised Tyrone. It had its desired effects. The Boy Wonder grabbed the hot fellow freshman as the knife dropped and pulled her to safety. At this point, the situation was easily contained, but Robin was mad. As Tyrone rubbed his eyes and staggered backwards, Robin, knowing he was above the law and partially showing off, landed a solid punch on the side of Luis’s face, dropping him to the pavement and then one right on the nose of Tyrone, breaking his nose in retaliation. He then used their disposable BatHandcuffs to restrain all three. “Told you you’d break your nose,” he muttered to the semi-conscious would-be rapist. He resisted a bonus kick. Bruce had taught him restraint.

Emily was standing paralyzed a few feet away. The blood was minimal on her neck and she had just hung up from talking with her parents. The police were on their way.

“Are you okay?” Robin said quietly to Emily as he escorted her away from the thugs.

“You saved my life,” she whispered.

“Probably not. They weren’t going to kill you, just…” Dick realized he was about to say something really dumb.

“And you are just my age. I had always watched you, but I didn’t know you were so young.” He voice faded away on the final words. She looked him up and down in a way that made him glad he wore a hard codpiece. “I…I don’t know…Thank you.”

“It’s my job, miss,” he said as his dick pressed painfully against his shorts.

“You know, you remind me of someone. And well, you are…well…if you don’t mind me saying so, you are really cute,” Emily blushed as she made a pass at him. While Dick had many girls and women hit on him as Robin, this was the first time he had ever been alone with one he knew and also his own age in superhero mode. Alone if you ignored the three criminals tied up a few feet away.

“Maybe, I could show my appreciation. Maybe I could, well…relieve some of that crimefighting pressure, maybe I could just…suck it all away.” Becky put her hand on Robin’s arm.

Dick thought he’d pass out from the pressure in his pants when her sister Becky’s voice shattered it all.

“Oh my God!” Becky and her five friends ran over to the younger team and hugged her and all started talking at once. Then one of them noticed the three bleeding and unconscious criminals and new shrieking was added to the old. By the time Emily could say anything and explain Robin’s heroism, she noticed he was gone. The police arrived moments later and Emily and Becky’s parents moments after that.

Robin had slipped off into the trees and then further into the park. Per Bat-Policy, they tried not to be there when the cops arrived. The cops had a hot-and-cold relationship with the Dynamic Duo. The girl was now cared for. But he needed to care for something. Dick started looking around. He was so hard. He had to get off RIGHT NOW. There must be some bush or something he could go to and relieve himself.

As he scanned the dark park, he was surprised by the voice. “That was cool.”

Dick spun around, not used to having people sneak up on him, and almost blew his whole identity. “Justin…Just in night’s work.”

Justin Hawthorne was another student in Dick’s freshman class. He was 5’5” with sandy brown hair usually spiked and a single earring. Dick had always liked him and imagined in another world they’d be good friends. Dick gave him his best detective once-over to see what he could discover as he dropped down from the tree.

“Are you wondering what I’m doing here?” Justin asked.

“Not really,” Dick kept his voice flat. “You witnessed the mugging and the rescue. You didn’t step in yourself. I’m guessing you didn’t call the police because the entire event was over before you had a chance to.”

“Yeah,” Justin was impressed.

“Further, you are in the park because you…well, young man, because you’re a gay cruiser looking to score sex probably more than drugs. You appear to be just around 15 years old.” (Dick knew Justin’s 15th birthday was next Tuesday from memorizing the class files) “I would surmise you haven’t been doing the cruising thing long, but tonight isn’t your first night either.’

“It’s my second. Last night was my first. You’re a pretty good detective.”

“It is a dangerous way to spend your time. Especially someone so young…Well, let’s just say you probably don’t have a few martial arts degrees like I do. And there are all the diseases you can catch.”

“To talk to a superhero is amazing,” Justin blurted out. “And one that is my age and is so damn hot. Yeah, you are right. I like guys and this is a way I can make money. But I know that it is dangerous and I am not sure I am going to keep coming. I know that girl Emily. She’s a bit of a cruiser herself. But she doesn’t charge her classmates. You all got interrupted before she could give you your reward.”

Robin said nothing. Did he understand Justin?

Justin broke the silence. “Maybe I could do it for her?”

Dick was so horny he thought he would bust. He tried to dismiss Justin, but wasn’t convincing to anyone. “Young man, I don’t do this for rewards nor do I take advantage of…”

Justin was laughing, ignoring every word. “Young man” he kept repeating, chuckling to himself. “You are younger than me, I bet. Young man, yeah.”

Dick looked at him laughing and then found himself laughing too. They both smiled – something Dick so rarely did since his parents’ deaths – and then grew silent. He wondered what Justin could discover staring at his eyes through the thick black mask. Justin mobbed in closer, paused, and then kissed Robin the Boy Wonder on the lips. At first, Dick froze, but then he let the kiss take hold, let Justin part his lips with his tongue, let the tongue explore his mouth, and then did the same.

They broke the kiss. “Wow!” Justin said with his cheery smile.

“I have to go. I’m on duty.” Robin was letting Batman’s words come out of his mouth.

“I’ll be quick, then.” Justin dropped to his knees and began to fiddle with the utility belt. Robin pressed the hidden clasp to release it and then let his fellow freshman pull open the bottom of his jersey and work off the solid green shorts to his ankles. The wind picked up and Dick felt the cool breeze on his hairless legs.

“You are in unbelievable shape,” Justin stated the obvious as he worked off the protective cup revealing Dick’s dick.  The boy wonder’s cock was already hard and Justin cooed at its size. “You’re pretty big for a kid our age.”

Robin said nothing. He could imagine Batman signaling him any moment, asking for an update. But then he felt himself gasp. Justin had placed his lips over the head of Robin’s cock and began to suck.

It felt so different. Not like a hand, not like his own lips – it was hard to let someone else be in charge, be in control. He consciously resisted his urge to grab the teenager’s head and push it back and forth. Using breathing techniques he had learned for yoga and meditation, Robin gave himself to the moment. He blocked out the cool air, the hot girl that had gotten away, the looming signals of Batman and Alfred, the possible crimes occurring throughout Gotham, and simply took pleasure in the active lips and tongue of this almost 15-year-old cocksucker on his knees.

Robin wasn’t able to stay in control for long. With deep, cleansing breaths he warned Justin and then exploded inside his partner’s eager mouth. Justin was ready, but Robin shot a huge load, overwhelming the boy as cum pushed out his lips and onto his chin.

When Robin was completely done, Justin licked up the remains as Dick quickly restored his costume, his dick slightly softening as he shoved it into his cup and codpiece.

“Thanks,” the Boy Wonder offered as Justin stood back.

“Anytime. I mean it. Any time.” Justin was straightening himself out back to respectability. “I’m going home now, by the way. I don’t think I’ll be coming back to the park, but I live at 1433 Bloodhaven Drive. My name is Justin Hawthorne.” He paused to make sure Robin had absorbed the information. “Justin Hawthorne,” he repeated and then turned and headed out of Wayne Park.

The moment the teen’s back was turned, Robin was up in the tree and then out of the park himself. He checked into the BatCave to find Bruce was asleep and Alfred saw nothing on the police scanner of interest. Robin could come home.

The cool evening air felt good. Dick thought of Becky and he thought of Justin. School on Monday was going to be very different. But damn, it felt good to be the Boy Wonder tonight.

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