The following story is a work of fiction. Vincent Kartheiser and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



How to Break in a Slave

by hottcarter1987


David Gallagher locked the wooden doors behind us as I made my way inside my secret place. It was an abandoned bomb shelter on the outskirts of Los Angeles, far from pryin' eyes. It's where I take my prey to break `em in...whether they want it or not. I had the little girl slung over my shoulder (she didn't weigh much at all), and we descended the steps to the metal door recessed into the ground. This was the perfect place for my perverted activities. The wooden doors above were flush with the ground and attracted no attention, and I owned the property for at least two square miles around. Here, underneath, the metal door was the same color as the ground, and, unless you knew what to look for, you couldn't see the fuckin' thing. David went ahead of me, unlocked it, and fastened it after we passed through. The shelter was huge inside, and the main room contained a nice king-sized bed, chairs and a couple of tables, a well-stocked bar, and a 52-inch HDTV with a built-in DVD player. Several rooms adjoined the main one. David went behind the bar and poured himself a bourbon and lit up a fine Cuban cigar, one of many I kept there. I threw my victim of the night onto the bed. The little whore was still unconscious from the chloroform I'd forced her to breathe and still bound and gagged. I sat in one of the chairs next to the bed as David poured a bourbon for me. I lit a cigar and enjoyed the first drag. Handin' me my drink, David asked, "What do we do now, Vinnie?"

I took a deep pull on the bourbon and sighed as the liquid burned down my throat. I took another puff of my stogie and replied, "What the fuck do ya think we're gonna do, shithead? We're gonna tear that bitch up. She's fuckin' fine." I grabbed my bulgin' crotch. "She's gonna make us a ton of money, man. I know guys who'll pay plenty to screw that thing."

David sat next to me. "I mean, fucker, do we nail her now while she's out or what?"

I smirked at him. "Naw, Dave. She needs to be awake when we do her. How else is she gonna be taught that her pussy belongs to whoever's pumpin' it, man?" I took another puff and exhaled slowly. "Besides, I hope she fights. I fuckin' love it when they wriggle around. Makes me hornier."

David grinned and drew on his cigar. "Who'd have ever thought that Vincent Kartheiser would be such a fuckin' pedo pervert?"

"That's me, m'man," I said.

We sat in silence for a few minutes, smoking and drinking. I glanced a couple of times at David and noticed he had his hand in his crotch a few times. He looked at the innocent little girl lustfully. I felt my hard dick pressin' against my black leather pants, also feelin' the horniness as I thought about what we were gonna do to this helpless slut. She looked so hot lyin' there, her arms tied behind her back and her mouth covered with the red handkerchief I'd tied over it. My dick was chargin' to its full thick 10-inches just lookin' at the bitch. David's got a pole as big and thick as mine, and he was squirmin' around in his chair just waitin' to rip into that young twat same as me.

I put my cigar in my mouth and got up. I climbed on the bed and straddled the limp form of the girl and rubbed my crotch. I lightly tapped her dirt-smudged face to see if she'd come `round, but she didn't move. I looked at David, who was already undoin' his pants, and smiled. Reachin' down, I backhanded the bitch across her kisser much harder. Her little head snapped to the side, and she moaned in pain. "Time to get up, slut!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Her eyes fluttered and opened wide in fear. She vainly tried to protest, wigglin' and attemptin' to scream, but I'd tied her real tight, and that gag kept her from sayin' too much. I chuckled a bit and told her, "You ain't fuckin' goin' nowhere, whore, so don't even try. Me and my buddy here wanna have some fun. Why don't you be a good little girl and give it up for us?" I puffed my cigar, enjoying the look of pure fear in her face, and started undoing my tight pants.

She started sayin' something, but only a muffled, "Mmmph, Mmmph!" came out. She began shakin' her head from side to side.

David had by then freed up that monster cock of his and made his way to the bed. I looked at him and said, "How `bout that, Davey boy? This little cunt don't wanna play with us."

David drew on his cigar and stroked his dick. "That makes me sad, Vin. David, Jr. is not happy with that." He held his cock over the girl's face and started smackin' her forehead with it. Precum from its head splattered her skin and glistened in the light.

I reached down and grabbed her throat with a gloved hand. Forcing her to look at me, I said, "Now, look, you hot bitch. David and I need your little cunt. You don't get a choice in the matter. From this moment on, you're ours. You understand me? We own you--your mouth, your ass, and that sweet little pussy. You either lay there and take it like a good bitch, or you fight us and make it hurt. Either way, we're gonna get what we fuckin` want. Your choice." I smacked her face again, and she began to cry. I pulled out my baby maker and rubbed it on her face, my pre-jizz mixin' with David's.

Both of us studs wiped her mug until her cheeks were covered with our stuff. David asked, "Ya think we oughta make her suck us?"

"Naw, man," I replied. "When you break in a fuck slave, they nearly always try to bite ya at first. You really gotta break `em real good `fore you can do that." I puffed out some smoke. "Besides, I really wanna see you tearin' her cunt up with this thing." I reached down and stroked his dick a couple of times. "Get over here and show her what a slut's good for." David puffed his cigar as he made his way around the bed. I got off the bitch and helped him strip her. Her panties must've been pink at one time, but they were as dingy as the rest of her. "Yo, Dave, let's clean this slut up before we fuck her. We don't wanna get no germs, y'know." Roughly, we grabbed her and forced her into the shower that was off to the side of the room. She struggled as we washed her, and believe me, we made sure that tiny hairless cunt was cleaned out. David took his time in cleanin' out that tight snatch, and I saw his dick squirt lots of precum when he jammed his fingers in and out. After a good 10-minute scrub down, we hauled the bitch out, dried her off, and took her back to the bed. I took a smaller handkerchief and removed the soppin' wet one from her mouth and stuffed it in while she tried to scream. Takin' a big piece of duct tape, I secured it over her now-filled mouth and slapped her a couple of times for good measure. David had gotten a big black dildo from the nightstand and was suckin' on it while I was doin' up the girl's mouth. "Got it slicked up, m'man?"

He pulled the dildo out with a pop. "Fuck, yeah, stud. Let's open this whore up." I pulled the girl's flailin' legs open, and David wasted no time in jamming that fake dick all the way in her pretty pussy.

The girl really fought back then. No sweat to me; I love it when a kid fights back. But, they need to know their place. I hit her upside the head again and screamed, "Stop it, bitch! Do it again, and I'll get my fuckin' belt! You want that?! Huh?!" She looked at me with tears in those baby blues of hers, and I knew that she knew I meant business. She still jerked about as David dildo-raped her, but she didn't fight back. "That's what I fuckin' thought, sweetheart," I spat at her. I grabbed her throat and squeezed. "Now you lay there and take it like a good little girl." I watched David ram that black tube in and out of her snatch. I was so fuckin' horny I couldn't stand it. He was just puffin' away on that stogie and enjoyin' himself as he violated the girl's love hole. This was David's first trainin' session--normally, he fucked my kids after I'd raped `em a few times--and I was as proud of him as any pervert could be. My dick only got harder as he used her.

Finally, he pulled out the plastic cock and put out his cigar. It was covered in pussy juice and a bit of blood where it broke the girl's hymen. He gave the dildo to me, and I took it to the bathroom and laid it in the sink to wash it later. When I returned, David had stripped off his clothes, leavin' his black leather gloves on, and he was masturbatin' over the girl. I took off one of my gloves and grabbed some lube and a small towel. Steppin' up behind him, I squirted a good amount of the lube in my de-gloved hand and went to work slickin' up that big cock of his. With the other hand, I rubbed his slightly hairy chest. My pulsing dick rested in the crack of his ass while I did this, but it turned David on. I'd fucked him lots of times before, and just the physical contact now made me precum more. "Oh, fuck," he muttered. "That feels good, bro." His dick was so hard in my hand that for a moment, I wanted to forget the chick and throw him an awesome fuck, but this was his show.

When I felt he was greased up enough, I licked his neck and said in his ear, "Do that little bitch hard, man. Show her who's in charge." I pulled away, wiped my hand with the towel, put my glove back on, and stood by the bed to watch the show, grippin' my dick.

David wasted no time. He laid on top of the sobbin' chick and began neckin' with her. "C'mon, you hot slut. Open up those fuckin' legs and let me in," he moaned into her ear. Reluctantly, she spread her legs. I was pleased that she was learnin' that we were in control, although she probably did it `cause she knew she didn't have a choice. I mean, this was a rape after all. David aimed his thick meat for that preteen cunt and shoved it in as hard as possible. The girl's head flew back, and David screamed, "Damn!!" I'll say this for him--he doesn't mess around when he's horny. The motherfucker bottomed out on his first thrust. I almost felt sorry for the bitch, havin' to take 10 inches all at once. My cock jumped in my hand when I saw this, and I continued beatin' off as David turned into a wild fuckin' machine. He was lickin' and bitin' her neck while his nice ass jumped up and down. He was fuckin' this whore as deep as he could go, and from the looks of it, his whole dick was penetratin' that snatch. The poor bitch was screamin' into her gag like a fuckin' animal, and her eyes were squeezed tight, tearing up badly from the assault. "Fuckin' take it, little baby," David taunted between humps. "You're fuckin' mine now!!"

"That's it stud," I said, puffin' my cigar and rubbin' my cock. "Rape her! Fuck her brains out, man!!" Not that David needed my encouragement; he was rapin' that chick hard and fast. I mean, I've raped kids in the past pretty brutally, but from "go" he hadn't slowed down at all. I could hear his balls slappin' against that girl, and I wasn't sure if the fuckin' bed was gonna be able to hold up. It squeaked in protest as David molested the girl violently. He stopped only once to smack her face, then doubled his efforts at violating her cunt.

This went on for I guess about 10 to fifteen minutes or so. My love muscle was throbbin' like crazy, and my fuckin' balls were vibratin'. I knew I wasn't gonna last much longer. Fortunately, David was startin' to long fuck the girl, his butt pushin' in and holdin' his cock inside her longer. I knew he was getting close, too. "I'm gonna blow, Vin!" he shouted. "Gonna make this bitch mine!"

"Do it, motherfucker!" I shouted back. "Make me proud, stud. Load her twat up with your babies! That's what she's good for!! Do it!!" I jumped over to the bed and kneeled next to our victim. I tore off the tape and pulled out the cloth. The girl screamed. Shovin' my cock deep into her throat, I yelled at her. "Shut the fuck up, bitch, and drink my load!" No sooner had I said that then rivers of baby batter squirted into her tiny little mouth. I bit down on my stogie and puffed with each pulse of my dick. I came so much that I nearly choked the bitch, and my cum leaked out from her mouth and painted her face. I pulled out and shot a few more heavy globs all over her upturned face. She didn't scream `cause she was busy tryin' to swallow my jizz. I got off the bed and knelt at her head. I grabbed her chin and forced her mouth closed, clampin' a hand over it. "That's it, bitch," I cooed at her. "Be a good little baby and drink down all of Daddy's milk."

David began gruntin' harder and with a final thrust, he jammed his entire horse cock inside the warm, wet pussy and ejaculated. He screamed and cursed as he flooded the baby vagina with his seed. "Yeah!! Take it all, baby!! Fuck!! Fuck!! Rapin' my scum in ya, bitch!! Hell, yeah!!" His ass didn't move up and down anymore, but I could see his butt cheeks squeeze and relax as he climaxed in the little girl. His blond hair, which he was wearing long at the time, was plastered around his face. I have no idea how long he pumped his essence into that little whore, but when he finally came down from his sexual high, he fell over on her and breathed heavy, and the girl passed out.


About an hour later, we had taken the girl to one of the rooms in the back and left her there. You see, I take street kids like her, both boys and other little girls, and they live in the shelter. I like to pimp `em out to my celeb friends when they need to drain their dicks. Most are bisexual like David and me, and they like havin' a girl or a boy, dependin' on what his mood is at the moment. There are a couple that are out-and-out gay and only want a little boy. Doesn't matter to me. I make a lotta money either way. At this time, I had fifteen kids locked up in that shelter, roughly half boys and half girls, all under the age of 10. When they reach puberty, I kick `em out `cause they're no good to me anymore, and since none of `em ever saw where they were brought, they can never find their way back. We put my new little whore in a room by herself, still naked with my cum on her face and David's load still deep in her twat. I kept her wrists and feet bound and put a new gag on her mouth. She showed a lot of promise, but I'd keep her like that for the next three days then rape her again to see if she showed signs of submission. I'd repeat that every three days until she gave up her body on command, which meant she was ready to be rented out to a customer.

David and I cleaned up, and we were back in the main room sharin' a bottle of Jack Daniels and smoking fresh cigars when my cell phone rang. My watch told me it was well into the morning (we'd been rapin' that girl for a couple of hours), and I answered. After talkin' for a minute, I hung up and asked David, "You mind makin' sure my whores are fed this mornin'? I'll handle their other meals later. My best client just called and needs a boy this morning."

David drew on his stogie deeply, exhaling as he spoke. "Sure, man. That was Leo on the phone?"

I nodded. Leonardo DiCaprio was one of the biggest pedos I knew, next to myself, and he liked boys as young as possible. He paid top dollar, too. "Yep. He said he was very turned on, and he wants one right away."

David grinned and puffed some more. "Which one are you gonna take?"

I thought a minute. "Well, Leo likes `em real fuckin' obedient. I think I'll take Josh." Josh was a 6-year-old I'd picked up a couple of weeks before. I didn't have to break him in at all. He was a runaway who had been sexually molested by his father and older brother since he was a baby, and he'd been sellin' himself to survive on the street. He gave up his body easily, and both David and I had fucked him several times. He was getting to be a popular little whore, havin' been rented by Aaron Carter, Ryan Sheckler, and, most recently, Jesse McCartney, who had rented him an extra day to share him with a friend.

I got up and went to his room, where he roomed with a couple other little boys, and unlocked it. I gazed down at the little tyke who was lying on his assigned bunk and smiled. "Yo, Josh, it's time for you to earn me some dough."