The following story is a work of fiction. Vincent Kartheiser and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Knock Her Up

by hottcarter1987


I've always liked clubs. The music, the heat, the sweaty bodies, the smell of tobacco (and/or pot) smoke and alcohol--it's my kinda place. Sometimes I go for the big ones with hundreds of guys and girls bumpin' bodies with some band shriekin' at them, and other times I go for places like the one I was in at this time--small, cozy, with just a group of twenty or thirty dancing to some slow funk. The club was a hole-in-the-wall on the west side of Los Angeles called The Groove. It made money by word-of-mouth rather than big advertisements or flashy celebrity endorsements. Sure, big stars came to it, but it was more to get away and not been seen than anything else. I'm not as well-known as, say, Brad Pitt, but I get recognized every now and then, and this night I just wanted to get away for a bit.

David Gallagher was watchin' my makeshift whorehouse outside of town for the evening, makin' sure my sluts got fed. He was in the process of trainin' (which in our case means "rapin'") the little girl we picked up off the street a couple of weeks ago. She was still not ready for us to pimp out, so he had tied her up and was throwin' her an awesome fuck when I got there, and the motherfucker didn't stop rammin' her cunt the whole time I was giving him instructions. As I was leavin', he was bustin' his nut in her while yellin' at her that he wasn't finished. He's such a perv.

Anyway, with the night to myself, I hopped on my Harley, decked out in my usual black leather jacket, pants, and gloves and came over to The Groove. I like to fuck kids, but every now and then I want somethin' a little older, and this place had all but the real underage kids. The owner, known only as Weed (`cause he smoked so much of it), was in his mid-30's and never carded. This meant guys and girls around 15 and up could be found here. There were back rooms for those that needed to do some dope or engage in each others bodies, or both, and Weed never spread around what went on in `em. I'd picked up quite a few studs and cunts by comin' here, so I was hopin' to get lucky if I could help it.

Weed himself was tendin' bar when I got there, so I got myself a beer and went to one of the back tables to scope everything out. There was no band that night, just piped in music, but that didn't stop the dudes and chicks from getting out there and rubbin' up against each other. Occasionally I saw one or two of both sexes that made my dick take notice, but no one approached me, and what I saw wasn't quite what I had in mind.

After I'd been there an hour or so, and drank close to 6 beers, I lit up a cigar and decided that this night was a dud. I intended to finish my stogie and maybe drink another beer or two before headin' back to my lair. I figured I'd screw one of my whores to relieve some of my pent-up seed--after all, I owned `em all. Right after Weed had come over to deliver another beer, a figure came out of the small crowd and strutted over to my table. The lighting was low, so I didn't see who it was until he got close. He wasn't wearin' a shirt, and his chest was lanky and covered in sweat. He wore tight black jeans with a thin belt, and he had rubber rings around each of his wrists. I caught a glimmer of his earrings, one diamond in each ear, and when he arrived at the table, I recognized him as Mitchell Musso, who currently starred in the Disney show Hannah Montana. I'd met him at a fuck party a few months before thrown by Jesse McCartney and caught him slammin' some underage pussy in the bathroom when I went to take a leak. This kid always seemed to be horny as I'd seen him twice more that night porkin' a different girl each time. We'd hung out once or twice after that, and he was cool. I'd have loved to fuck his hot ass, but he was straight as an arrow. When he came up to me in the club, I could tell he was high as a fuckin' kite. His eyes were red-ringed, and the smell of pot came off him in waves. "Musso, you stupid fuck," I said in greeting. "Whassup, m'man?"

He plopped his thin body down into the chair next to me. "Vinnie Kartheiser. Ain't seen you in a while." His words came out slightly slurred. "How's it hangin'?"

I grabbed my crotch. "Ten inches and countin', bitch."

"Fuck, yeah," he replied. He reached up and wiped his brow, and sweat dripped from his black hair, which was long enough to reach the bottom of his neck. "When'd you get here? I didn't see ya come in, or I'd've bought you a beer."

I took a drag of my stogie as he pulled out a joint and lit it. "Been here for a while, but you must've been pussy-huntin' out there and didn't see me."

He took a long drag of the joint, held it, and then exhaled slowly. "You know me well, my friend. I been scopin' out this hot bitch all night. She's over there." He pointed to an Asian girl over to the side of the dance floor. She looked to be about 15 or so with some nice tits on her and a killer ass. Musso confirmed for me that she was only 14. "Can you imagine what she'll look like when she's older? Fuck!" He took another hit, holdin' it longer this time.

"Yeah, dude," I said. "I could tear that thing up. Why haven't you made your move on it?"

Musso grinned. "I been feedin' her booze all night, along with a couple of my joints, dude. She's nearly ready to give up that twat. I've already gotten my finger wet in that snatch." He grinned. "Wanna join me? We could tag team her." Musso knew I liked it kinky, and though he was straight and knew that I was bi, he didn't have a hang-up about bangin' a chick with another guy.

I took an extra long drag of my cigar and exhaled slowly. "What the fuck? I was hopin' to get laid, and she's the hottest thing in here."

Musso then turned to me and in a low voice said, "I'm feelin' real kinky tonight, man. I wanna make her pregnant."

I looked at him puzzled. "Won't that ruin your Disney image?"

"Naw," he replied. "We've already finished filmin' Hannah Montana, and I didn't renew my contract with Disney. Besides, she doesn't even know who I am. I just wanna do it. I got her drunk enough already that she told me she's fertile as shit. Has been for a couple of days, man. If you fuck her with me, nobody'll know who the kid'll belong to." I said nothin' and finished my cigar. As I lit up another one, he said, "C'mon, man, it'll be hot. We don't have to stick around and raise the kid. We just have to make one." He finished his joint and put the remainder out in the ashtray on the table. "Whaddya say, Vin?"

"What if she don't wanna fuck with two guys, or at all?"

Musso licked his very thin lips. "Then we rape her. I know you'll go for that."

The boy knew me enough to know that I'd rape a chick in a heartbeat. I thought another second and said, "Okay, Musso. If you can get her over here, we'll take her in the back and party hard. I ain't got no rubbers on me no way." I leaned back and continued smoking. He got up and grinned from ear to ear--not a pleasant grin but a perverted one. As he went to the little slut, my dick lengthened and hardened in my leather pants in anticipation of what we were about to do. Since I fucked mostly kids, the chances of knockin' up a little girl were slim to none, and I was always open to impregnating an underage chick. The fact that she was Asian was a definite plus. I'd never pounded Asian pussy before.

I had ordered another round of drinks, makin' sure the girl got tequila `cause I've always found it really loosened `em up in more ways than one, when Musso and the chick came back. She was obviously feelin' no pain as she staggered to the table with Musso pretty much holdin' her up. He explained that her name was Annie and that she didn`t speak English very well. Musso mouthed, "She's a perfect fuck," to me. I grinned and pushed the tequila to her. She gulped it in one shot, and I ordered another. Little Annie did the same with the second round, and before long her eyes were droopin' and giggling became her most prominent feature. I got a good look-over of her tight little body. Her tits were pretty good size for her age, and she had really long black hair down to the small of her back. Like most Asians I'd seen, it was perfectly straight with no signs of split ends, and her skin was a pleasant shaded tan. I took a drag of my cigar and nodded at Musso, who was finishin' his beer. He leaned over to the girl and said, "Wanna go in the back with us, honey? We can have some real fun there."

Annie giggled again. "Sure," she said with a thick accent. "You got condom?"

Musso grinned. "Yeah, baby," he lied. "I got everything I need."

She looked at me. "I do two of you? Same time?"

"Yeah," Musso replied. "It's somethin' Americans do all the time." He got up, and I could see his erection clearly in his crotch. "Let's go, sweetheart. You'll love it."

She struggled to stand, and Musso held her by the arms. "Okay. If you got condom. Me not wanna have baby. It my time of month."

"Don't you worry about that, baby girl," said Musso. He shot me a lecherous look, and my dick inflated to its full 10-inches.

This was gonna be hot.


Soon enough, we'd secured a room in the back, one with only a table and a couple of chairs. Musso had gotten the girl to take off her blouse and jeans, and she rested on his lap in nothin' but her tight pink panties. I stood in front of them smoking and grabbin' at my crotch as Musso bit and licked her slender neck and fondled her hot breasts. She had this high-pitched whine that she emitted as his slender fingers roamed her tiny body. One of his hands reached down and slipped into the front of her panties, and I saw him stick two digits into her cunt. Annie jumped at that, her mouth flyin' open and her head rockin' back onto Musso's shoulder. "Nice pussy," he moaned into her neck. He started finger-fuckin' her rapidly, and I could hear the squishin' sound of a girl who produced a lot of pussy juice. My motor was really runnin' now, and I held my cigar in my mouth as I undid my leather pants. As soon as my big cock came out, I started masturbatin' with a vengeance. Annie now had red marks all over her neck where Musso had bit her. He was now pinchin' her tiny dark nipples with one hand, makin' the bitch squeal. After a couple of minutes of this, without withdrawin' his fingers from her love tunnel, he reached up and pulled her head down and told her to open her eyes. He leveled her head so that she could see my ragin' hard-on and said, "See my friend's cock there, baby? I think he wants it sucked. Would you be a good little girl and give him what he wants?" She nodded. "Would you suck mine, too?" Again, Annie nodded. "Good. We'll make a bitch of you yet."

He pulled out his fingers and lowered her to the floor. She kneeled in front of me as he sucked her pussy juices off his index and middle fingers and opened his jeans. "Open up, baby girl," I said, puffin' my stogie. She obeyed, and I jammed my thick cock deep into her mouth. She gagged at first, but Musso kept her head steady as I fucked into her. I felt her tongue on my shaft, a slippery little thing dancing underneath, and that was all she wrote. I began shovin' harder into her and replaced Musso's hand as I grabbed a handful of her soft hair.

My buddy grabbed her throat to feel my monster travel into her young esophagus. "Oh, fuck, Vin," he moaned as he started jerkin' off. "Fill up that pretty throat. Rape it with that fuck pole, man. Give it to her."

His dirty talk was turnin' me on bad. I thrust harder and deeper, and the bitch whined as best she could. Musso's hand flew up and down on his 8-inch tool as he felt me goin' in and out. "You want a turn, stud?" I asked removin' my stick.

Musso stood and roughly grabbed Annie's head. "Like you wouldn't fuckin' believe," he replied jamming his rod into her gaspin' face. The TV star held her small head with both hands as he barreled into her throat. She really choked on this as Musso was goin' faster than I had. Her eyes watered up, and he grunted savagely as he assaulted her. I just stood by and continued smoking and playin' with my dick, barely able to wait `til we really fucked her. Thinkin' about rapin' a baby into her filled my thoughts. The only time I'd ever done that was when Leonardo DiCaprio paid me to try to knock up a little girl while he watched, and I wasn't sure I did it. It'd be fun tryin' to make a baby with this hot little bitch.

Soon, Musso pulled out of Annie's mouth and slapped her with his hard dick, wettin' her face with her own spit. She gasped and sputtered from the face-fuck, and Musso quickly picked her up and ordered her on the table. He placed her upper torso on the top but left her ass and legs hung over the side. Her tiny feet barely touched the floor. He began by smackin' her ass in swift, hard contacts. It didn't take long before her cheeks glowed red. "Hey, bitch," he addressed her, "you a virgin?" When she didn't answer immediately, he hit her harder. "Answer me, you twat! Anybody fucked your cunt?"

She groaned at the pain and answered in her Asian accent. "Yes. Blother fuck me. Fadder fuck me."

"Oh, yeah?" Musso said as he hit her again. "So your brother and father fucked that hot pussy? Hell, yeah. That means you're already a slut. Hot damn!!" He jammed three fingers into her. "She's used goods, man," he said to me. "Still wanna piece of her?"

"I don't give a fuck," I replied while smearin' my precum all over the head of my cock. "A piece of pussy's still a piece of pussy."

"I knew we thought alike," Musso grunted. He rapidly finger-fucked her again, the squishin' sound of the act was louder than before. He pulled out and ate her juices from his fingers. Bummin' a cigar off me, he lit up and said, "Go `head, dude. Fuck her up."

Annie's head came off the table, and she said, "Put on condom, prease. No fuck wifout condom."

Musso hit the back of her head, and her face smacked against the table. "Shut up!" he shouted.

She started cryin' as I got into position behind her. "You said you had condom," she sobbed.

Musso took a long drag of his cigar and blew the smoke directly in her 14-year-old, tear-stained face. She coughed as he cruelly said, "I fuckin' lied. We're gonna use your tight little pussy to make a baby. Ain't ya happy, bitch?"

"No," she said in a small voice, cryin' harder. I lined my cock up with her little pink twat.

"Too fuckin' bad," Musso said as he hit her again harder. "Like you got a choice." He pressed her face down on the table and held her head down. He put the cigar in his mouth and said to me, "Now, man. Fuck the shit outta her."

I grinned and rammed all of my 10-inches into her. She screamed and tried to get up, but a hard blow from Musso kept her face down. "Keep that mouth shut, cumdump, or I'll shut it for ya!" he yelled. Damn! And I thought I was brutal.

I kept humpin' away at the bitch, horny at knowin' not only was there a good chance we'd knock her up but also at the thought that this chick, who'd been fucked by her father and brother, was bein' stretched by my pride and joy buried in her. I fucked as hard as I could until I felt my balls ready to shoot. I pulled out and told Musso, "Yo, buddy, take a turn." He grinned at me and put out his cigar before replacing me at her now wide-open cunt. Pushin' his cock in her caused her to cry out again, but I placed a gloved hand under her face and over her mouth to shut her up.

It didn't take long for Musso to work up a sweat. He long-fucked her rapidly, and his black hair whipped around his face furiously. He called her every fuckin' name he could think of, from bitch to whore to slut to even some racial slurs, as he raped her. His hands never left her hips as he drove his cock in and out of her. I heard his nuts smack against her oriental rump, and the sound ricocheted around the room. I lit another cigar and beat my meat watchin' the motherfucker go at it. Poor little Annie struggled tryin' to scream, but I held her mouth pretty good with my hand. She cried the whole time.

Finally, Musso stiffened up. "Shit!" he screamed. "Time to make us a baby, you hot fuckin' bitch!!" He rammed her one last time and fired. His head flew back, his mouth opened, and he screamed, "AAAHHHGGGHHH!" I watched his upper body convulse as sweat poured off his chest. His ass jerked in rhythm to his cum shots, and his eyes rolled back in his head before closing in pure, unadulterated lust. I didn't have a fuckin' clue how long it took the bastard to cream in that girl, but when he was finally spent, I was so fuckin' close I nearly wasted my opportunity. I felt my balls jerk rapidly, and I groaned with the urge to let my babies out. Musso realized this and quickly went to me. "Fill her up, dude. Give her a dose of that sperm!" I released her mouth and practically sprinted to her drippin' pussy. Musso grabbed the bitch's head and jammed his dick into her mouth. "Do it, Vin! Knock her up!!"

I plowed into her gapin' cunt. The moment I bottomed out, my nutsack jerked upward hard, and my 10-inch cock spewed my seed deep into her womb, mixin' with Musso's abundant load. I bit into my cigar and closed my eyes as I felt my love muscle spasm violently inside her pussy. I imagined I could hear my semen splashin' against her walls and coatin' every inch of her. I felt my piss slit erupt over and over, my babies swimming fast to and fro as they searched for any released egg so that they could accomplish their mission. Go for it, boys, I thought repeatedly until the last spurts of cum were propelled out of my cock.

When I finally finished and opened my eyes, I saw Musso blastin' another load (how much could this kid cum?) into the helpless Asian chick's mouth. His dick was buried so deep she had no choice to swallow. After finishin', he pulled out and beat her face with it to make sure that the residue of his love juice amply coated her face. She was still sobbin' as we pulled up our pants and stuffed our very satisfied baby makers back into them. I gave Musso another cigar, which he lit and smoked heartedly. Just as we were leavin' the room, he looked back at our little victim and, with smoke comin' out of his mouth, said in a mockin' tone, "Catch ya later, mommy. I'll send ya some maternity clothes when that belly starts to grow. Hope the kid looks like both of us." He puffed his cigar and high-fived me as I shut the door behind us.

Goin' back into the club, I looked at him and said, "You're more of a pervert than I am, you fuckin' stud."

Mitchell Musso took a long drag on his stogie, rubbed the sweat on his chest, blew smoke in my face, and said, "Now that's a compliment, m'man. Let's grab a beer. That was such a damn good fuck, I think I'll buy the first round."