The following story is a work of fiction. Vincent Kartheiser and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Leo's Lust

by hottcarter1987


"We'll be there soon," I told little Josh who sat beside me in the car. At 6 years old, he was fuckin' gorgeous with his shoulder-length black hair, his bangs fallin' over his eyes. I had him dressed-to-kill, so to speak--meanin' very tight faded blue-jean shorts (and no underwear, mind you) and a tight black plain muscle shirt. I'd picked him up off the street a couple of weeks before, and he was very unlike all the other little urchins I'd swiped. Josh actually liked to be fucked and manhandled, so very little obedience trainin' was necessary. He'd been sellin' himself quite successfully, and he took to my prostitution ring so easily that he enjoyed certain privileges that the other fucks in my employ didn't. The main one was that if he didn't care for the client I took him to, he could back out. No one else I pimped could do that. Josh was special.

"I hope so," he replied. "I've never met this guy. I only saw him in the movies, and he's hot." Josh squirmed in his seat. I could tell he was horny by the way he was suckin' his thumb, a dead giveaway. He was a very oral kid--always loved to have somethin' in his mouth.

I lit up a cigar and said to him, "Well, why don't you get over here and suck my big, fat cock, Joshie boy? Get you warmed up before we get there."

"Sure," he said. His face lit up as he undid his seat belt and leaned into my crotch. He unzipped my leather pants and pulled out my fuckin' horse cock, lickin' it immediately as it sprang into the air. I sighed and continued smoking as he went to town on my member. His warm baby mouth was used to havin' a huge tube in it, and he sucked me pretty good most of the way to our destination. I kept a gloved hand on his head and pushed him up and down.

We were headed to see my best client, Leonardo DiCaprio. He may be a movie star extraordinaire, but he's one of the kinkiest perverts I know. He took my virginity years ago, the only guy I've ever let fuck me up my ass. Until then, I was awed by him same as everyone else; after, I saw him as the ultimate turn-on. I still let him up my pussy on occasion. Leo, though, is one of my most unusual clients. You never knew what the fuck he was gonna do. Not long after I started my pimpin' business, he paid me two grand just to watch me fuck a 7-year-old girl in front of him in his limo. The perv didn't join in at all, just fuckin' drank a beer and smoked one of his ever-present stogies while I went wild on that girl. Another time, he paid me even more to watch me violate a little boy who was the son of a friend of his with a dildo while I stroked my dick and came on him, nothin' else. Two weeks ago, he asked me to knock up a 14-year-old school girl (another child of a friend of his) just so her daddy could fuck her while she was pregnant. I don't normally go for anything older than 12 unless it was David Gallagher or some other celeb who liked dick, but for six grand, my dick went up her pussy with a vengeance. I still don't know if I impregnated her or not. I've also watched him screw some pretty young stuff, but Leo always pays well, and he likes an audience, which suits me fine. I get off on watchin' my little charges getting dick, and this day I was letting him do my best whore. Wasn't `bout to let Josh outta my sight. Gotta protect my investment.

We arrived at the secluded house just outside of Los Angeles that Leo called his summer home. I pulled Josh's hot mouth off my junk and had him zip me up before we got to the security gate. We buzzed in through the security guard there and drove up to the front door. Getting out, I stomped out my cigar and approached the front door. Little Josh was suckin' his thumb again, not really pleased he couldn't finish off my dick in the car. I mentally promised to fuck his brains out soon to make it up to him.

I rang the doorbell, and after a minute or so, the voice box next to it spoke. "C'mon in," Leonardo DiCaprio's low voice said. "Second floor, last room at the end of the hall. You know the way." Josh and I went in and followed directions, mounting the staircase in the foyer and going to the room at the end of the hall. We went in. It was one of the largest rooms in the house, decked out in solid white and cream colors. A giant four-poster bed sat against giant windows on one side of the room, a sitting area on the side opposite, a wet bar against one wall, and a fireplace at the other decorated the room. In the sitting area, like he was on a fuckin' throne, sat Leo, actin' for all the world like the king of studs. He was dressed only in a white silk robe, one of his long cigars planted in his mouth. His hair was perfectly done up, and his jaw line contained a well-groomed beard which connected with his moustache. He wore it like I did mine--only the jaw line and chin had hair; the cheeks were clear. As he slowly sucked on his cigar, I noticed that his robe was pulled over to cover his erection. Leo was fuckin' hung, much bigger'n me, and the silk did almost nothin' to hide his monster of a cock. It bulged obscenely as the actor exhaled smoke through his nostrils. "This your best whore, Vinnie?" he said noddin' in Josh's direction.

"The best fuck I own," I said back. Josh stood there suckin' his thumb. He'd never taken anyone as big as Leo, but I was eager to see him surrender to that anaconda the man possessed.

Leo sat there a minute, lookin' my boy up and down, and he pulled on the cigar. Removin' it from his mouth, he said to Josh through somewhat clenched teeth, "Get over here, boy." Josh obeyed and stood in front of his new john. "On your knees." The little tyke sank to a kneelin' position. Leo, without a trace of emotion, placed his cigar between his teeth, put his hands behind his head, and with a growl ordered, "Good bitch. Now, take out my cock and suck it into your sweet baby mouth." Josh obediently undid the robe and out popped 12-inches of pure fuck meat. It hung in the air in front of Josh's face like an elephant trunk, the head drippin' globs of precum onto the carpet. Josh reached for it, but Leo smacked his hand away and then smacked his face hard. "Did I say you could handle it? Mouth only, you dirty bitch!" Leo resumed his position, and Josh rose up enough to wrap his lips around that monster, his little face growin' red from the slap. Puttin' his arms behind his back, the boy's mouth started to slide down the thick shaft, and he only got 8 inches or so in his throat before he started to gag. Truth is, David and I could only get that much in him, but we were workin' on it. My dick still got real fuckin' hard at watchin' Josh tackle that piece of art between Leo's legs, but there was still somethin' I had to settle.

"Hey, man, before you use the merchandise, we gotta talk price," I said matter-of-factly.

Leo looked straight at me and said, "Okay, fucker. How's six-grand sound?"

I nearly swallowed my tongue but kept my expression neutral. "Deal," I replied. That'd help pay for a couple of back-up generators for my lair with spending money left over. "Do what you want with my little bitch there." I helped myself to one of Leo's king-sized cigars and enjoyed the show.

Leo, never takin' his eyes off me, said, "Pull out your rod and stroke it, man." I obeyed, freeing up my hard 10 inches and masturbatin' while Josh continued his blowjob. Leo reached down and pushed Josh hard down on his fuck muscle, forcin' him to take the entire thing into his mouth and throat. The poor bitch gagged and sputtered, but Leo simply held him down. "Suck it, motherfucker!" he shouted. After keeping it in him for a full minute, he let the boy off. Josh sucked in air as fast as he could. Leo smacked that big hose against his little face and asked him, "You ever take a cock this big in your pussy, boy?" Josh shook his head, still gaspin' for air. "Then guess what, baby bitch, you're gonna today." He hit Josh on the side of his face with an open hand and barked, "Get on the fuckin' bed. NOW!!" Josh scrambled for the bed and bent over in his usual submissive position--head down, ass up high, arms stretched out in front. I taught him that; it's my favorite position to fuck anyone in.

Leo went to the wet bar and took out a bottle of lube from behind it. Puffin' his stogie, he crossed to me and handed it to me. "Whaddya want me to do?" I asked.

Leo blew smoke in my face and said, "Grease up that rod and fuck the shit outta him. He needs some warm up before he takes my python." I went to the bed and stood behind Josh. Leo himself squirted a generous amount of lube in his hand and coated my dick for me. I started to drop my drawers, but Leo stopped me. "Fuck him with your leather on. It makes me horny as shit." The actor was payin', so I kept my pants on with my cock out of the fly. When he was done lubing me up, he got on the bed and kneeled at Josh's head, pressin' his head down with a hand. He looked at me and said, "Do it, pedo boy. Fuck the kid for me."

I pushed into Josh's puckered hole. His warm, tight pussy opened easily for me, and his sphincter closed snugly around my shaft. I began by fuckin' him gently, intendin' to increase my speed gradually, but Leo was havin' none of that. "I said to fuck him, you bastard, not play with him. Ram him!!" Immediately, I plunged into Josh and began a really hard fuck on the kid. Josh wasn't really used to that, and he let out a tiny little scream. Leo smacked his cheek and shouted, "Shut you're fuckin' mouth! I didn't tell you to talk!" Josh started mufflin' his screams by bitin' into the bed sheet. Leo kept smoking his cigar as he watched me violate the kid harder and harder. My nuts slapped into him rapidly. At no time did my client's expression change. He had a hard look in his eyes as he took in the scene, his lips occasionally closin' around the lit stogie to draw on it and his hand keeping Josh's face pressed into the mattress. I started breakin' into a sweat as I gave my child-whore the fuck of his young life. All the leather I was wearin' wasn't exactly coolin' me off. Josh was brave, though--I'll give him that. He squeezed his ass muscles like David and I had taught him, and he was givin' me as much pleasure as I assumed I was givin' him.

Soon, I was ready to unload. "Man," I panted, havin' fucked Josh for at least 15 minutes, stoppin' only once to put out my cigar, "I'm fixin' to cum."

Leo, who had since lit another stogie, puffed and said, "Fire it off in the bitch. I wanna use your shit as lube for my big cock."

When he said that, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I shoved all my cock in my whore's shitter and dumped what felt like a gallon of baby batter into it. I gritted my teeth and threw my head back, holdin' all of my sex in the child as it pumped and pumped. I thought my balls would come through my dick--it was that intense of an orgasm. I don't know how fuckin' long it lasted, but when I was spent, I nearly passed out. I pulled my spermy cock out of Josh's battered ass and stood up. "Hot fuckin' shit," I murmured.

Leo jumped around to Josh's butt as my jizz began to leak out and rammed his foot-long pole inside him. "Take this, you hot bitch!" he yelled, cigar still in his mouth. Josh's head came off that bed fast, and he let out a scream you probably could've heard for miles. Leo yelled again, "Shut the fuck up!!" He clamped a hand over the kid's mouth and started fuckin' him hard. I've raped enough kids to know that Leo was rapin' Josh now. And it was fuckin' hot. How my dick stayed erect after all I'd done to the boy I have no clue, but my perverted brain loved what I saw. Leo was long-thrustin' in Josh's poor cunt with not a hint of mercy. The actor was one big fuck machine. Josh screamed into Leo's hand, and I saw he was cryin', the first time since I'd known him to do so. I was on hell of a turn-on. Still, Leo's expression didn't change. He kept his eyes lookin' down as he molested my boy, watchin' his mammoth cock rape the tiny hole at lightning speed. Leo muttered around his cigar as he raped. "Little faggot...I'll show you who's boss little wanna be a fuckin' whore, I'll treat you like one...nothin' but a damn cumdump is what you are...gonna breed this pussy...gonna knock you up...never be good for anything else...faggot cocksuckin' little bitch..." On and on the dirty talk continued as Leo smoked and fucked.

Finally, Leo plunged in a final time and ejaculated his seed so deep into Josh that I had visions of cum eruptin' from the kid's mouth. Unlike most guys (myself included), Leo made no sound whatsoever as he shot his wad into his victim. The only ways I could tell he was even cummin' was the fact that his eyes were squeezed shut, his ass cheeks were clenchin' up repeatedly, and, when I looked down between his legs to see, his balls were drawin' up and down as they pumped his baby batter.

When he was done, he pulled his monstrosity of a dick out of Josh with a loud slurpin' sound and released the kid's mouth. Poor Josh sank like a stone onto the mattress, and a flood of semen, Leo's and mine, squirted out of the boy's hole which had widened considerably. Cum flowed out freely as Josh's battered pussy couldn't clamp together. I knew it'd be a few days, maybe a week, before anybody could fuck him. It'd take at least that long before his sphincter would properly close up. Shittin' would be a problem until then. I checked Josh closely to make sure he wasn't damaged badly and found myself amazed that a 6-year-old boy twat could take that much punishment. But, though he was breathin' heavy and cryin' into the mattress, Josh seemed to be okay.

While I was examining my boy, Leo had left and brought some towels, and I cleaned up what I could of the cum from both the bed and Josh's ass. I pulled him off the bed and felt his whole body had gone limp. He whimpered against me like a little puppy, and I felt sorry for him. Leo was just too damn rough. I remember how he took me in a similar fashion, but I was 15 at the time, not 6 like Josh. Mentally, I made a note to always tell Leo that Josh would be unavailable if he ever asked for him again. I dressed the boy and laid him in a chair. I fired up another cigar, and Leo handed me a paper bag filled with the money he'd promised me. "That bitch is a good fuck," he said. "Now get out. I got company coming in an hour or so." He turned and left the room.

I took Josh in my arms and carried him back to my car, puttin' him in the back seat. As I drove back to the lair, I phoned David and told him to get some food ready and to turn back the bed. I explained what happened and said that Josh would need to sleep for a while. David sounded concerned on the phone, but I told him we'd watch the boy for a couple of days to be sure he was all right, but he looked fine at the moment. He was gonna hurt like hell, though. Before hangin' up, I also told David that we'd have to rethink Leo as a client, to which David agreed.

I signed off and drove toward home as Josh slept more or less soundly in the back, oblivious to the world.