The following story is a work of fiction. Vincent Kartheiser and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Takin' Leo Howard's Cherry

by hottcarter1987


A couple of days after Mitchell Musso and I raped and impregnated that Asian girl at The Groove, I had to attend one of those damn "meet-and-greet" functions. I fuckin' hate those things. I never doll-up for `em. I just go lookin' as bohemian as possible. I rarely shave for the damn things, almost never even brush my teeth, and I dress as frumpy and messy as possible. No kiddin', I look like I just rolled outta bed. Meet-and-greets, I guess should be good things `cause you meet your fans and talk about your work with those who really give a good fuck `bout what you're doin', but they take so much time and shit that it's a two-edged sword. Plus, I'm usually fuckin' exhausted at the end of `em.

Anyway, this particular day, I was at a cable-TV convention. All the major cable channels were there--Showtime, Disney, A&E, etc.--and `cause my show, Mad Men, was on HBO and somewhat of a hit, the producers told me I had to go. What I wanted to do was stay in my whorehouse and continue my work breakin' in the little bitch David Gallagher and I had kidnapped a couple of weeks prior. She was finally getting submissive, but one or both of us had to rape her pretty much every fuckin' night to get her that way. She stayed tied up and gagged in her cell all the time `cept when we fed her, but a couple more sessions, and she'd be ready to pimp. Instead of doin' that, though, I went to the meet-and-greet to please the fuckers who gimme a paycheck. The things I do for my job.

An auditorium had been rented out for the whole shebang, and I got through most of the day. I signed autographs and spoke to a lotta people of all ages. I really didn't mind meetin' fans. Some of `em were quite hot, and I spent some of the day fantasizing what they'd look like with my king-sized dick stuffed in `em. As the day wore on, however, even that couldn't keep my attention. Several times during the day, there was a little boy, maybe 12 or so, from the Disney Channel section that kept lookin' at me. I couldn't place him for some reason, but he seemed vaguely familiar. He probably came to my chest in height and had this long-cut hairstyle that looked good on him. He wore a Yankees baseball cap and a black hoodie over a plain white shirt. He had on a pair of regular blue jeans and black Reeboks. Although I couldn't see what color his eyes were, his face was pretty--not gorgeous or ultra-hot--just pretty, with a nice mouth with full lips and white teeth when he smiled. I caught him lickin' his lips a couple of times when he looked in my direction (we could see each other from a couple of yards away), and he'd jerk his head to look at somethin' else when he saw me gaze at him. I definitely got the feelin' that the little fucker was checkin' me out, and he was a sexy little thing.

As the day ended, a staff from HBO started to break down the Mad Men section, so I got up and went out back where my Harley was. I had parked it in the alley behind the auditorium, and I sat on it and lit up a cigar. I was lookin' extra scruffy that day as I hadn't shaved in about two days and sported an almost full beard. I wore this wrinkled grey shirt, tight black jeans, and sneakers, and I sported my black leather motorcycle jacket and gloves. I looked like a fuckin' drug dealer. I sat on my bike and smoked my cigar, relaxin' a bit `fore goin' home, when the door to the alley opened, and the little kid who'd been scopin' me out all day came through. He walked up to me and asked, "Are you Vincent Kartheiser?"

"Why do you ask, little man," I replied back.

He shuffled his feet a little and said, "I thought that was you. I watch your show, and you look a lot different in person."

"Hey, we can't all be perfect in public," I said puffin' a big cloud of smoke. "Now, who the fuck are you?"

"I'm Leo Howard."

"Should I know you at all?"

"I star on Disney in the Leo Little's Big Show segments between shows."

It finally dawned on me. I watched very little TV, but I try to keep up `cause of things like this meet-and-greet so I don't look like a total asshole. I had caught Disney, though, `cause the Sprouse Twins (Dylan and Cole) had recently become clients of mine, and I liked to check out their show, The Suite Life on Deck, once in a while. This kid appeared in-between shows showcasing Disney DVD releases, and I remember jackin' off to one of `em. Now here he was shuffling his feet with his hands jammed in his pockets alternately lookin' at me and lookin' at the pavement. My dick started getting hard, and I realized I was lookin' at my next fuck. Bein' the stud I am, I put my cigar in my mouth, hung one gloved hand on the handlebar of my bike, and hooked the gloved thumb of my other hand in the pocket of my jeans, tryin' to look my studly best. "So what do ya want, kid? Daylight's burnin'."

"Well," he started. He kicked the pavement, not lookin' up. "You see, I know Dylan and Cole Sprouse, and they said you like to--uhm--do things with--uhm--kids."

I played along. "Do things?" I asked, puffin' on my stogie. "What kinda things we talkin' `bout?"

Leo kicked the pavement again. "Y'know, sex things." He swallowed.

"And what do you know `bout `sex things?'"

He finally looked up at me with his gorgeous brown eyes. "You know, fuckin' and stuff."

"Why do you wanna know? Ain't you a bit young to know `bout things like that?"

"I've had sex," he protested. "Just not much of it. I've sucked off Dylan and Cole a couple of times when I visited the set of their show."

"Oh really," I said. I was definitely interested now. I continued puffin' my cigar as Leo talked. My dick was ragin' hard now.

"Yeah, only..." Leo's voice trailed off. I waited. "Only I haven't done the butt stuff yet."

This surprised me. Dylan and Cole loved to fuck, and they'd already used several of my whores already, though they'd only been clients for `bout a month. They almost always tag-teamed whatever slut they rented, and they didn't care whether it was a boy or a girl. The fact that they hadn't porked this kid was a major revelation. "Why didn't they fuck you, little man?"

"Not enough time on the set," he said. "But the other day when I was suckin' off Dylan, he mentioned you. Said you liked kids and said you had a nice big cock."

I took a long drag of my cigar and instinctively spread my legs wider over the seat of my Harley. My jeans were so tight you could see the length of my rod snake down the side of my leg. "See that?" I said noddin' at it. "Does that confirm what they said?"

Leo Howard's eyes grew large as he gazed at my love pole bulgin' at him. "Yeah," he breathed. He licked his lips, and his hand grabbed between his own legs.

I put my cigar back in my mouth and reached down. I rubbed my snake back and forth through the denim and in a low voice asked, "Is this what you want, little boy? Whaddya want me to do for ya?"

Not takin' his beautiful eyes off my crotch, Leo swallowed again and said, "I want you to take my cherry."

I grinned. "That can be arranged, little man. You got a ride home?"

Leo replied, "I had someone drop me off, but I called and said I found another way home."

I glanced at my watch. It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon. "You got some time?"

Leo was still mesmerized by my bulgin' cock, but he answered, "Yeah. I already told my ride that I wanted to spend some time in the city."

Cigar clenched in my teeth, I withdrew my stroking hand and revved up the Harley. I put on my helmet, handed Leo the spare I always bring with me, and told him, "Then hop on, little boy. You've been foolin' with boys. I'll show you what bein' with a real man is like." He quickly slipped on the helmet, got on behind me, and kept his little hand on my jeans-covered hard-on as we drove back to my house.


Though I spend most of my time in my whorehouse, I do actually own a little bungalow in one of Los Angeles' many suburbs. It's not much, just a four-room little thing, very non-descript, with a little picket fence around the small yard. I had a little garage on the side where I parked my bike and car. That day, the car was parked on the street `cause I had washed it earlier, so I pulled my bike into the garage and turned off the motor. "You can let go now, little dude," I told Leo. He still had his hand on my bulge.

"Sorry," he said as he dismounted.

We pulled off our helmets, and I lit up another cigar. Leo was walkin' to the connectin' door to the house. "Where ya goin', kid?" I asked him exhaling a huge cloud of smoke.

"I thought we were going to your bedroom or somethin'," he answered.

"Naw," I said around the cigar in my mouth. "Go over there and close the garage door. Lock's at the bottom." I watched his hot little ass as he obeyed. When the door was secure, he came back over to me. I was lewdly rubbin' my hard dick in those tight jeans.

He watched me for a moment. "We gonna do it out here?"

I grinned. "Why not? I've always wanted to fuck a kid on a bike." I blew smoke at him and pointed to the floor. "Why don't you get real close, boy, and kneel down. Show some respect." Leo licked his sexy lips and did as told. I grabbed his head by that long hair and pulled him to my bulge. Like a good little slut, he immediately started lickin' it, and before long, I had a wet spot that showed off my baby maker even more. "So, you've sucked the Sprouses, huh?" I asked. He moaned a yes without takin' his face outta my crotch. "They got some decent equipment." I'd watched them fuck one of my little girls, and they had identical 8-inch cut tools, which wasn't bad for their age. "You're gonna choke on mine, little baby. You ready for that?" Leo nodded. I pulled him off and undid my jeans. When my horse cock popped free, he stared at it wide-eyed, but he didn't move. "That's a good boy," I cooed at him. "No need to be scared of this bad boy." I waved it in front of his pretty face, and some precum was dribbling from the slit. I grabbed him again by his hair and pulled him toward it. "Put it in your mouth, and show me what you did to the Sprouse boys."

"Yes, sir," Leo moaned. That turned me on. His lips wrapped around my cock head, and slowly, he took me in. He moved down on my hard shaft, and I felt the head go into his throat. I grunted and pushed his head to encourage him, but he stopped 2 inches short of takin' my full 10. Obviously, the Sprouses were the biggest he'd taken up to this point.

"Go `head, baby boy," I grunted. "Just two more inches." He tried but coughed as he slid a little more down. I waited as long as I could, but Leo just couldn't seem to do it on his own. I was a horny motherfucker, so I pushed his head all the way down. Talk about a coughin' fit. Leo gagged and choked, and his eyes emitted streams of tears. I reached down and pinched his nose, holdin' him against me. That warm, wet throat of his was beginning to spasm around my hardness, and I felt precum shoot into it. After a count of 10 (one for each inch), I let him go. He backed off gaspin' and coughin', wiping' the tears off his face. I simply sat still and smoked my cigar. "Very good, little boy. How old are ya?"

Catchin' his breath, Leo said, "Thirteen."

"Then a cocksucker like you oughta like this piece of meat." I waived my dick in the air. "Get over here and suck it good, baby." To his credit, he put my member back in his little mouth and started goin' to town. I didn't make him take all of it after that, `cause he really wanted that dick. Leo Howard was a faggot in the makin'. I got off listenin' to the slurpin' sounds he made as he blew me, and his little hand wrapped around my big cock and stroked it to the rhythm of his suckin'. I tilted my head back and continued smoking as I enjoyed the pleasure he was givin' me. As good as he was, I knew he'd sucked more than just the two actors he'd mentioned. I was willin' to bet the little whore had been suckin' every male celeb that appeared on his show. I'd have asked him, but that would've meant he'd have taken his mouth off my schlong, and I was flyin' too high for him to stop.

Leo sucked my for the better part of 20 minutes, stoppin' only to swallow my precum when it built up in his mouth. He pulled off my cock and looked at me. He looked younger than his 13 years, and that made me even hornier, if that'd been possible. "When're ya gonna fuck my ass, sir?" His voice was so innocent soundin', I `bout popped my cork all over his face right then. And I liked bein' called "sir." I'd have to start trainin' my whores to call me that while I'm humpin' their brains out.

I looked at my spit-covered dick. It fuckin' dripped with his mouth juices. Not wantin' to do anything but screw this kid until the cows came home, I dismissed goin' in the house for some lube. "Now, little fucker." I got off the bike, my dong throbbin' to get inside the boy. I ordered him to strip, get on the Harley, and hunch over. He wasn't no bigger than a fart on my huge bike, and his ass was killer. I'm used to bustin' kids' cherries, but his was so pretty and tight that I felt some extra precautions were necessary. I grabbed two strands of rope from the shelf above us and tied his wrists to the handlebars. Leo asked what it was for, so I told him it would keep him from fallin' off the bike. I reached in my jacket and got a handkerchief. "This'll keep you from screamin' out when I shove my big cock in ya. Don't want the neighbors hearin' us."

"Good idea," he said before I tied the handkerchief tightly over his mouth. I stared in lust at Leo as I removed my clothes, then I put the leather jacket and gloves back on. It turns me on to wear leather when I bang a kid. I lit a fresh cigar and climbed on the back of the bike.

"Okay, kid," I said nudging his pink pucker with the head of my dick. "Bear down like you're gonna take a big shit, and hold it like that." I put a hand on the back of his neck and readied my love muscle. "You can now kiss that fuckin' cherry goodbye."

I have to give the little bitch credit. He took all of my 10-inches like he was born to do it. When I penetrated that tight pussy, he reared up on the bike, screamed into his gag, and wiggled, but he didn't protest. In fact, he tried to back into me. I let my gigantic penis rest in his rectum a couple of minutes to get him used to it. His walls closed tightly around my shaft, and only sheer willpower kept me from dumpin' a load. After he spasmed a couple of times, he turned his head as best he could and tried to say somethin'. "Mmmphme! Mmmphme-ow!" was all that came out.

Realizin' what he was sayin', I replied back, "You mean `fuck you now?'" His head bobbed violently up and down. "You got it, bitch!" I spat at him. Grabbin' his head and pullin' it back, I began movin' in and out of that oh-so-tight little boy cunt. Leo screamed into the gag a couple of times, but his ass kept movin' back. I swear, I think the little fuck was tryin' to get more'n my 10-inches in him. I responded by not slowly fuckin' him, but poundin' away instantly. The whore wanted it, and the whore was gonna get it.

I puffed on my cigar and rode that little faggot hard. The deeper I slammed my dick in him, the more he grunted and moaned. His ass came off the seat, and I rose to meet him, holdin' his head back most of the time. My large nuts smacked against him, the sound music to my ears. I looked down and saw his baby hole stretch to accommodate me, then the ring pulled back slightly as I pulled back. I can't tell ya how erotic that was. My dick was shootin' pleasure signals to my perverted brain almost causin' an overload. At one point I reached down and pulled his gag down. "You like my cock, Leo baby? You like bein' my slut?"

"Yes, sir!" he exclaimed. "I love bein' your faggot bitch! Ugh!!"

"You're takin' me like a real cock whore, baby!" I said back. "Take Daddy's dick like a good boy! Fuck!!"

He grunted and moaned, and then he said, "Please, sir. Put the gag back on. It makes me so hot!!"

Not really expectin' this, I jammed my cock all the way in Leo and put the handkerchief back over his mouth. "Oh," I said, "you're a bondage bitch! Fuck yeah!!" I plowed into his pussy double-time after that. I loved fuckin' kids in bondage, rape or otherwise. Leo was willfully submittin' to me, so it definitely wasn't rape, but fuckin' him tied to my bike and hearin' him moan through that gag was so much of a turn-on that I didn't last as long as I wanted to. My dick felt angry at bein' denied to shoot and without warnin', I felt my balls contract. Slammin' fully into the kid, my cock vomited cum hard and strong into his love tunnel. "Motherfuckin' son of a bitch!!" I swore loudly as I kept eruptin'. Leo grunted and cooed through his gag each time my sperm hit his insides, and I felt his sphincter contract tightly and repeatedly around my pumpin' shaft. He was shootin' his own teen load on the seat of my bike at the same time as I painted his rectum.

We finally came down after emptyin' both of our nutsacks. Both of us sweated profusely, and the smell of sex and sperm filled the garage. I pulled out of Leo, hearin' a slight poppin' sound as the head emerged, and saw my seed spill out of that hot pussy hole onto the seat of the Harley. It ran a bit and mixed with Leo's cream and dripped onto the floor. I hopped off and untied the boy. He immediately tore the gag down from his mouth and knelt next to the bike. With his tiny pink tongue, he licked up every bit of cum from the seat while I took an old rag and wiped up the floor where it had dripped. Leo proved how much of a fag he was by spit-shinin' that seat. When he was finished, he turned to me and took my now semi-hard cock into his mouth and cleaned it with his tongue and throat while I finished smoking my cigar.

When he was done, he stood and smiled. His lips, chin, and teeth were glistenin' with our mixed semen. I don't think I've ever seen a hotter sight than that. I took him inside, we ate some dinner, and then I took him to my bed.

I fucked that little bitch `til the sun came up.