The following story is a work of fiction. Vincent Kartheiser and any celebrities presented here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here are fictional and should not be construed as fact. This story depicts explicit language and sexual situations involving minors. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



Trade Off

by hottcarter1987


"Hot damn, that's makin' my dick hard," said David Gallagher as he smoked his cigar and beat his meat, which was hangin' out of his tight jeans. "Fuck her up, Kartheiser. Use that pussy."

I pumped the little 8-year-old girl up and down on my big cock as she whined and her body shuddered as it was forced to accommodate it. "Yeah, bitch," I told her in her ear on a down stroke. "You've learned your lesson. You're now just a piece of ass for perverts like us to use and abuse." I humped again. "Ain't that right, David?"

"Fuckin'-A, man," my partner said as he masturbated.

We were in my private whorehouse, rapin' the little preteen girl we had kidnapped off the streets four weeks before. After a long time of forcin' ourselves on her, a couple of good beat downs, and a lot of verbal abuse, the newest slut in my collection of kiddie whores was finally ready to be pimped to my celebrity male clientele. This was made evident when David dragged her out of her cell, asked her who owned her, and she answered that we did--all without havin' to be beaten to get it out of her. I knew at that moment she was ready to be a sex slave, and to celebrate, David and I had gotten high and was tag-teamin' her little body. At this moment, she was on my lap with my 10-inch dick stuffed into her twat as I forced her up and down on it. Her pussy was still tight despite the fact that we'd fucked her nearly every day since we swiped her. David had already busted a nut in her throat, but his dick was still hard as fuck, so he was waitin' for his turn to deposit a second load in her preteen vagina. I was workin' on my first cum, and was nearly there, when there was a knock on the door to my underground sanctum.

There were very few people who knew where this place was located. Only five guys knew how to get there, and each was told that if he came, a special knock was needed. It was Morse code for "kids." As I had my throbbin' love muscle buried deep into the girl, I clamped a hand over her mouth and ordered her to be quiet. She writhed around on my tool, her wrists tied behind her back, and whimpered into my hand as David stuffed his cock back into his pants and went to the door. He looked through the peephole and grinned. "Yo, man, it's Erik."

He opened the door and in walked Erik Griffin, former lead singer for the teen heavy metal group, Light of Doom. He and four other boys had formed the group a few years ago and had almost won a contest on TV called The Next Great American Band. After the group had lost the competition, Erik left to join another young group, Axxys, as guitarist. He had been only 13 in Light of Doom, but now he was 16 years old and lookin' more like a stud than he'd ever been. He had long, brown hair that fell to his waist, a scruffy-lookin' mustache-goatee combination on his baby face. He was wearin' a black muscle shirt with giant white lettering which read "FUCK YOU" on it. He sported tight black leather pants that laced up the front, and the legs were stuffed into black slouched cowboy boots in the Axl Rose-style. Around each wrist was a black leather wristlet, and his ears, when you could see `em through his long hair, sported diamond studs. He was smoking a cigarette and had the cocky air about him that was ever-present. As he looked at me with my bitch on my dick, he licked his lips and said, "I'd ask you how it was hangin', Vin, but I see that would be a fuckin' stupid question." Erik had been a client of mine for the past year, and was only one of the five studs that I trusted with the location of my place--the others bein' Dylan Patton, Aaron Carter, Nick Carter, and Justin Timberlake--besides David, of course.

"You need some pussy, man?" I asked still holdin' the girl's mouth with my hand.

Erik lewdly grabbed his leather-covered meat and squeezed. "You're fuckin' right, dude. I been fuckin' hard as a rock all damn day." He took a drag of his smoke and blew toward the ceilin'. "That little cunt you got there would work just fine, too. She new?"

David pulled on his cigar and said, "Yeah. Got her `bout 4 weeks ago. She's ready for her first john today. We were just celebratin' her `comin' out,' so to speak."

"Is that right?" Erik said. "Can I be the first client to tap her?"

I pushed the bitch off my dick and into the floor. Her body landed hard, she groaned. "What you got to offer?" I asked. Erik didn't make as much as most of my other clients, but he always had an exchange for me.

"Sure do," he answered. He stepped back to the door and pulled in his former Light of Doom bandmate and drummer, Mitchell Wofford. He had grown up a bit since the last time I fucked his tight little ass. He was still short and boyish lookin', but his blond hair was cut shorter than I'd last seen, only comin' down to his shoulders. His face was still freckled, and his blue eyes were covered by a black handkerchief (as Erik wanted to keep him from knowin' where he was bein' taken, of course). Around his mouth was a matchin' black handkerchief, his arms were tied behind his back, and he wore absolutely nothin' except a tight black leather thong. You could see his cock bulge in them. Mitchell, at 15, was the ultimate bottom boy, havin' endured repeated fuck sessions from Erik and every other member in Light of Doom, usually in the form of gangbangs. As far as I knew, he had never topped but was always on the receiving end of dick. I had visited the band when they were competing on TV and had watched as little Mitch submitted willingly to any and every kind of sex the boys could perform on him. The best part was, he loved bein' used. Erik was heavy into bondage, so most of the time, Mitch was bound, gagged, and used pretty much like those fuck dolls you see in porn shops. Erik almost never used his name, preferring to call him everything from "bitch" to "slut" to "cumdump." I smiled. I hadn't fucked this kid in a long time, and Erik's offerin' of him for my newest whore was a very acceptable trade. `Sides, David hadn't had a piece of Mitchell's teen pussy. "So," Erik continued, "is it a deal?"

I lit up a cigar and blew smoke toward the rocker. "Fuck, yeah." He took the blindfold off Mitchell, who blinked a bit before focusin' on my and my hard dick. The gag was tied so that his pink lips came over the top and bottom, and the little bitch smiled when he saw what he was gonna get. He glanced at David's king-sized erection as well, and I could see the bulge in his thong move as it grew harder. I kicked my girl with my foot and said, "Take her and own her `til we get done with your whore boy." I put my cigar in my mouth and put my hands behind my head. "David," I spoke, and my partner grabbed Mitchell by the back of his head and forced him to kneel between my legs. He pulled the gag out of the kid's mouth, and Mitchell licked his lips.

Erik grabbed the girl and pulled her up to her knees in front of him. He put the cigarette out, undid his fly, and pulled out his 9-inch penis. While wiping her face with it, he turned and barked at Mitchell, "Ask nicely, bitch. Ask Vinnie to suck his cock." He then turned to my girl and said, "You don't get a fuckin' choice, slut. Swallow it!" He jammed his dick into her open mouth and started choking her with it.

Mitchell turned his face up to me and asked, "Can I please put my mouth on your cock and suck it for you, sir?" I smiled and held up my tool for him, and David shoved the blond boy's head all the way down on it. I let out a loud groan, and David proceeded to piston Mitchell's head up and down on me. The kid gurgled his pleasure while my partner smoked his cigar and beat off.

As I was getting blown, Erik was face-rapin' the girl. Several times he pulled out to whack her across the face with his hand. The 16-year-old was a lot like me--very much into rough sex. Erik didn't fuck as much as rape, and underage girls were a big turn-on for him, though I knew he'd do boys in a heartbeat. I also knew, that like me, he liked to try to get older girls pregnant, and I knew that he'd become a dad about three or four times already (not that he cared about the kids; he just liked to knock up girls). It turned me on to see him rape my slut while his little buddy was deep-throatin' my pride and joy.

After a bit, I told David to take a turn. He turned Mitchell's head toward his giant prick and slammed it in. "Fuck, yeah, baby," he moaned. "Suck this bad boy!!" He started plowin' into Mitchell's young throat, but to his credit, the drummer boy never once gagged. He took David's cock like a true whore. Obviously blowin' all the members of his band, and Erik, left him with ample experience in how to take a dick.

"Fuckin' bitch!" Erik exclaimed, and I turned to see him backhand the girl. I don't know if she did anything to displease him or if he just wanted to hit her. Didn't matter. He threw her on the bed and gagged her with the discarded handkerchief that he had used to blindfold Mitchell. He held her down by her throat and asked me, "Help me out, dude. I wanna eat her cunt." I got up, my dick bouncing along, and climbed on the bed. Holdin' her shoulders down, Erik got between her legs and forced them apart. The bitch wiggled a bit, but she didn't fight back. The rocker began probin' her twat with a finger, then he proceeded to ram his tongue between her pussy lips. The girl moaned and threw her head back into the mattress. I could see Erik's upper lips pressed tightly over the top of the girl's smooth cunt as a loud noise could be heard comin' from him. He had his mouth wide open, and I imagined that his tongue was lappin' heavily at the girl's inner regions. The stud had a pretty long tongue, and he used it well to penetrate my little whore. He shook his head from side to side as he licked and sucked her pussy, and I saw one of his hands reach down to rub his ragin' hard-on.

To the side, I saw David put both hands on Mitchell's head as he began to really fuck his little mouth. The only sound that came from the boy was the slurpin' sound his throat made as David penetrated it. My partner held his cigar in his teeth, his lips pulled back in a lustful grimace as he molested Mitchell. A very hot sight that was, especially considerin' Mitchell's wrists were still tied behind his back. My own dick squirted precum onto my little girl's face while I held her down. The smell of sex permeated the room, and I was turned on as hell.

Before long, Erik stood and thanked me for the help. He crawled on top of the bitch, grabbed her by the throat, and mercilessly shoved his entire 9 inches of fuck meat deep into her. She let out a muffled, "MMMMPPPHH!"

The rocker stud rewarded her by hittin' her pretty face and placin' his other hand around her throat. "Yeah, bitch!" he yelled. "Gonna show you what you're good for! Gimme that tight cunt!! Wooo!" His long hair flew around his head and obscured his face as he began a fuck that nearly put mine to shame. He hadn't yet removed his leather pants, but I saw his ass hump into the girl at a rapid pace. He had turned into a vicious rapist, and my cock pulsed with lust.

Turnin' to David, I saw that he had Mitchell still down on his knees with his balls in the boy's mouth. I stroked my dick and said, "Ready to fuck, m'man?"

He pulled his nuts out of Mitchell's mouth with a pop and shook his big penis at me. "What does it look like, fucker?" Since we liked to smoke when we fucked, and since both of us had long finished our previous cigars, David lit up fresh ones for both of us. I settled back in my chair and pulled little Mitchell to my dick. He immediately swallowed it as David got behind him and lined up his cock with the drummer's asshole. I grabbed the boy's head and pushed him all the way down. David puffed his stogie a couple of times and then rammed the length of his baby maker into the boy pussy in front of him.

Mitchell let out an "Oomph!" as he felt David slide up in his twat but continued to milk my johnson with his teen throat.

I was in lust. From my sittin' position, I could was David hump into Mitchell, which also caused the little fuck to go deeper onto my cock. When I wanted, I could look on the bed to see Erik Griffin brutally rape my latest baby whore. I'm not sure which one turned me on the most. Erik was vicious. He kept his hands around her throat as the girl moaned and grunted into her gag, a helpless little victim to a boy who was usin' her for the only thing she'd ever be good for: sex. Mitchell, in the meantime, was bein' the perfect slut. He never lost his suckin' rhythm on my 10-inch tool as he was bein' screwed from his doggy position. David Gallagher kept puffin' away at his cigar and fuckin' into the boy with ever increasing speed. Occasionally, he'd hit Mitchell's ass while he screwed, mutterin' hot obscenities at the teen, but never did he slow down. The sound of his grunts, Mitchell slurpin', the little girl on the bed moanin', and Erik hittin' her and screamin' dirty things as he raped her young body--all of it took such a fuckin' toll on my perverted brain that I started to cum. "Oh, fuck!" I screamed. I bit into my cigar and grabbed Mitchell's blond head. "I'm fuckin'...SHIT!!" I lost one of the biggest loads ever in Mitchell's mouth. I shoved my hips forward and his head completely flush with my crotch as I ejaculated.

Mitchell must have clamped his ass muscles down on David's hard shaft as David started to scream, "FUCK!" His face contorted as he, too, shot his hot seed deep into the little teen between us. Mitchell had reached between his legs and was beatin' his meat, ejaculatin' his own cream all over my floor.

David and I humped into the blond bitch for several minutes until we were drained. Both of us stood and alternately fed Mitchell our dick so that he could clean them, and we turned our attention to Erik. That stud was still rockin' in and out of the girl. He possessed a very mean look on his face, bearin' his teeth, as he long-fucked the whore. She was cryin' profusely, and her little face was glowin' red from the blows he had given her durin' her forced copulation. "Yeah, bitch," Erik taunted. "Cry like the little baby you are. Like I fuckin' care! You'll never be good enough to do anything but lie on your back and take big dicks like mine! You fuckin' slut!! UGH!!" With that he shoved his meat deep into her pussy and emptied his big balls into her, still holdin' her throat to keep her down and to let her know that he was in charge. He cried out like a wild animal as he shot off in her, and with his hair whippin' around his head, he almost looked like some savage jungle creature. I looked down, and Mitchell was still servicing mine and David's cocks. The blond boy never looked up at Erik and the girl. I figured Erik did this to him a lot, so he was used to it.

After the three of us finished with our whores, David and I the girl back into her cell, and Erik lit up one of my cigars after gaggin' Mitchell with the handkerchief again. We brought out the booze and got stinkin' drunk before he left with the drummer boy. David and I got into bed naked and talked about the hot session that had happened that night, and before long, we were both sproutin' some serious wood again. David grinned at me and turned over on his stomach, liftin' his hot ass upward as the bed sheet fell off. His puckered asshole winked at me as he placed his head in the pillow and said, "Fuck me like a whore, Vinnie. Rape my ass."

"You got it, you hot bitch," I said as I shoved into him and began to fuck.