The following story is a work of fiction. Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor or minors and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



The Sweet Sex of Dylan & Cole


Hookin' a Bro Up

by hottcarter1987


When Cole Sprouse awoke the next morning, he found his brother was already up and had ordered breakfast by room service and was sitting in bed chowing down wearing only his black boxers. "Hey, li'l bro," he said with a mouthful of eggs. "Better ear `fore this gets cold, man." Cole smacked his lips. Drinking Ryan Merriman's cum the night before had been awesome, but his mouth always tasted gamey if he didn't wash his mouth out afterwards and slept like that. He went to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and brushed hit teeth. When done, he laid beside his twin on the bed, still naked, and started eating. He was hungry, like he always had been after a night of sex. Dylan finished his meal and laid back on the bed. Lighting a cigar, he puffed smoke into the air and asked, "So what were you doin' out on the balcony in your birthday suit, bro? Not that I'm complainin'. Loved the view this mornin'." He grinned.

Cole explained what happened the night before with Ryan. "I tell ya, man, that stud is always horny. He fucked me but good."

"Made ya drink his shit, didn't he?"

"Yeah," Cole answered as he put his empty plate on the nightstand. He lit a cigarette. "It was fuckin' hot."

Taking a long drag of his stogie, Dylan related to Cole what his nocturnal activities had been. In great detail, he described finding the sex club nearby their hotel, watching hot strippers, and getting it on with a perverted dad and his preteen daughter while watching his older daughter getting bred. "I tell ya, dude," he finished, "that little girl could suck a mean dick. I dumped a shitload of cum in her fuckin' mouth." He reached down and fondled his prick through his boxers. It had hardened as he told his story.

Cole finished his cigarette and reached over to his brother. He took over massaging Dylan's cock and said, "Wish I'd have been there. That little girl you fucked at Vinnie's yesterday turned me on more than the boy I laid."

"You wanna do a little girl, huh?" Dylan picked up the phone on the stand beside his side of the bed and dialed a number. "I can hook ya up, bro. Just give me a minute." He dialed the hotel of the dad he met the previous night and told him what he wanted. Cole watched his brother as he pulled out Dylan's dick and stroked it in earnest. "See ya tonight, then," Dylan said before hanging up. He puffed the cigar and said, "It's a done deal. The perv is bringin' the girl tonight, and she's all yours." He glanced down at his cock, which had Cole's hand wrapped tightly around it. "I like that, bro. Up for another blowjob before we hit the town this mornin'?"

Cole smiled and lowered his head to his brother's crotch. "Always, baby," he said before his mouth engulfed the hard dick. Dylan held his cigar in his teeth and leaned his head back against the headboard as his little brother began sucking.


Since the Sprouse twins' excuse for coming to Tokyo was a vacation, they went shopping and touring that whole day. They didn't want their parents to know they had really come to Vincent Kartheiser's kiddie brothel to have sex with underage boys and girls, so they made sure to buy lots of things to bring back home and to take pictures of all the sights. They finished late in the afternoon, and both of them took a quick nap before it was time to meet the dad and his daughter for their night of hot pedo sex. An hour before their arrival, the boys watched a straight porn on the hotel's cable and did shots of tequila. By the time there was a knock on the door, both Sprouses were feeling no pain.

Dylan answered the door while Cole laid on the bed. The man Dylan had met the night before entered the room wearing a black business suit and tie, his hair perfectly coiffed. Behind him was the treasure for which Cole had been waiting: a little girl of no more than 8. Her black hair was long, and she wore a little frilly pink dress. Her Oriental face pointed down to the carpet. Cole felt his cock stir in his tight blue briefs as he looked at her. The man stepped to Cole and held out his hand. "Good to meet you, son," he said cordially. "We don't have a lot of time. It's not far from Suzy's bedtime, and she has school tomorrow."

Cole was surprised at the calmness and normality of the man. He was here to watch him fuck his little girl, yet the guy was totally professional about it. "Well, I'm ready if she is," he said rubbing the bulge in his briefs.

The man grinned. "Whether she's ready or not is of no consequence. She knows what she's good for." He reached out and drew the girl to the bed. "Don't you, my sweet little whore?"

"Yes, Poppa," Suzy said in a tiny voice.

"Then get on the bed and do what the boy wants."

Suzy seemed to hesitate. Dylan lit a cigar and stepped to the girl. "Lemme help ya," he said as he lifted her and put her in the middle of the bed beside his brother.

A lecherous grin crossed Cole's handsome face as he reached over and put his hand underneath Suzy's dress. His eyes widened, and he muttered, "Hot damn." He had discovered that Suzy wore no panties, and his fingers rubbed against her bald cunt. He leaned over and began licking her neck as he pushed his middle finger into her pussy. She whined a bit but made no move to stop him.

Dylan puffed his cigar as he took off his clothes. The dad stood beside him and pulled out his hard 8-inch dick through the fly in his pants, and the two of them masturbated as they watched Cole molest Suzy. Dylan stroked off with an increasing rhythm, so much so that his precum dribbled heavily onto the floor. "Told ya I'd hook ya up, my brotha," he grunted.

"You did, you did," replied Cole as he shoved his index finger in with his middle finger deep into Suzy's twat. The girl's mouth opened and emitted another whine, but Cole silenced her with his free hand. "Be quiet, little baby," he said in her ear through gritted teeth. "We're gonna have way more fun than this." Suzy wiggled against his body.

"This is so hot," the dad muttered. To Cole, he said, "Why don't you eat her little cunt for me? Your brother can keep her quiet."

"Sure can," Dylan said as he stepped up to the bed and got on. Cole released the girl and slid down so that his head was between her legs. After removing his briefs, he pushed her legs apart and began penetrating her pussy with his long tongue, lapping at her cunt lips first before diving inside. Dylan pinched her nose until her mouth came open, and Suzy was soon swallowing his hard cock. "That's it, baby girl," he moaned as he pushed into her throat. "Gag on it...UHMM!!"

Suzy's dad was overwhelmed at the sight of these two virile young studs abusing his sweet little daughter and had to sit down. He continued masturbating, careful not to get to the point of ejaculation. Obscene slurping noises came from Suzy's lower region as Cole sucked her young juices from her bald vagina, and choking sounds came from her throat as Dylan face-fucked her much like he did the night before. "Oh, yes," the dad hissed. "Use my baby. Oh, fuck...I'm so hot."

Cole beat his meat as he used his tongue to fuck Suzy's young pussy, but after a few minutes, he couldn't take it anymore. "Yo, Dylan, lemme have that mouth."

Dylan finished his cigar and pulled his saliva-covered cock from between Suzy's lips. "She's all yours, dude." He put out the remainder of his stogie in the ashtray by the bed and knelt in front of the dad. Grabbing the older man's stiff pole, he said, "Lemme thank ya for Suzy, my man." He opened his mouth and began sucking the dad's cock. The older man sighed in contentment.

Cole laid down on his back with his head propped against the headboard and lit a cigarette. He grabbed a handful of Suzy's long black hair and shoved her mouth onto his dick. "Suck it, you bitch," he muttered as the head pushed past her tonsils. Once more, gagging could be heard coming from her. Cole's blue eyes never left the sight of her bobbing head as he smoked with contentment. Her throat was warm, and his prick fit into it like a glove. He glanced over at his brother and saw that the dad had both hands on Dylan's head, pushing him up and down on his cock. "Taste good, bro?"

"Mmm-mummph," Dylan replied.

To the dad, Cole said, "This whore sucks a mean dick, man."

"She ought to," the dad replied. "I've been teaching her since she was a baby."

Cole smirked and looked back down at Suzy. "Daddy's a good teacher." He started pushing her down harder. The girl's eyes leaked tears from the strain, but she didn't try to stop him.

Her dad moaned as he watched, his cock pulsing with the expert job Dylan was giving it. Cole was doing to his little daughter exactly what he, and many of his friends, had already done to her. He used her as much as possible, and he let other men use her any way they liked. She was especially good at American football games, when she'd give head to all of the guys he'd invite to his house to watch a game, with a no-holds-barred fuck session at half-time. His Japanese friends loved football, but they loved banging little Suzy senseless during the game, loading her mouth and cunt with loads and loads of mature sperm. As much as that turned him on, all the guys were his age or older. Now she was being used by two boys at the peak of their sexual powers, willing to fuck anything that moved, and they were craving it--the older boy sucking his dick now had plowed her mouth the night before, and his brother was now getting ready to pound into her smooth love box. He grunted his approval.

Cole put out his cigarette and pulled Suzy's head off his throbbing prick. Looking directly into her tear-stained face, he groaned, "I wanna fuck you now." He rolled the child over on her back and placed a hand over her mouth. He shoved two fingers of his other hand into her pussy and fingered her like before.

Her dad let Dylan off his love muscle and said, "I wanna fuck your ass while I watch them. You bottom?"

Dylan smiled at him. "My bro's usually the pussy boy, but I'll ride your dick, Mr.--well, fuck, I don't even know your name, man."

"Just call me `Daddy,'" the dad said. "It's hotter that way."

Dylan stood and turned his back towards the man. "Well, then, `Daddy,' hold your dick up. My pussy's nice `n tight for ya." It'd been a good while since he'd been fucked, and as the man's hard pole entered his ass, Dylan bit his bottom lip and sank down on it. Waiting a moment to adjust, he began pumping himself up and down, the thick penis rubbing against his prostate. "Shit," he muttered closing his eyes. Daddy grunted in ecstasy.

On the bed, Suzy wiggled as Cole withdrew his fingers and licked her juices from them. Her legs came together, but the actor forced them apart. He pressed his hand harder over her mouth, making her head sink a bit into the mattress. Firmly, he said, "Don't. Move." Placing the head of his pulsing cock against her pussy lips, he grunted as he pierced her vagina, driving his sex deep into her preteen womb. She cried out into his hand. "AHHH! Fuck!! So damn tight...!" Almost all of his 8 inches fit into her, evidence that she'd been screwed a lot before this night. Without waiting for Suzy to adjust to him, Cole slid out then in again, building his rhythm. "That's a good little bitch," he crooned in her ear as he laid on top of her. "Take my fuckin' dick!" He thrust into Suzy, and with each push inside her, the child whined--the sound muffled by Cole's hand. He grunted as he fucked her, his mind racing with lust. Her walls gripped his sex tightly, causing ripples of pleasure to shoot up and down his engorged shaft. His libido urged him to fuck her harder and deeper, to use her, telling him she was nothing more than a hole to ravage any way he wanted. Cole Sprouse bared his teeth and growled like an animal as he tore into his prey, his balls slapping against her ass as his pedo brain took over his body.

Dylan hadn't had a dick in his ass in nearly two years, when he'd met Eminem backstage at one of the rapper's concerts. The tattooed stud put up a good front by pretending to be straight, but few outside his circle knew that he was really bisexual. Confronted by a very willing Dylan Sprouse, he threw a mighty fuck on the then 17-year-old boy by throwing him up against the wall of his dressing room and shoving his 11-inch thick fuck rod deep into him. It didn't last long; he shot his wad into Dylan's hole within 5 minutes, but it was a hard, fast fuck, and Dylan enjoyed every minute. The man he rode now wasn't nearly as big or thick, but the pleasure shooting through his anus caused his brain to nearly overload with lust. Only occasionally did he open his eyes to see his brother humping sweet little Suzy relentlessly on the hotel bed. He wanted to shout, "Go for it, bro! Hump her harder!" Unfortunately, he couldn't form the words and instead contented himself with riding his "daddy."

As for Daddy, the feeling of a young stud bouncing on his dick had caused him to even to stop watching one of his favorite things--his sweet little 8-year-old daughter getting royally fucked by a hot boy. It had been ages since a young guy had made him so horny, but the night before, as Suzy gave Dylan a blowjob, he had rubbed his hard daddy meat in the crack of the boy's ass. He wanted to fuck him right there, but he was more interested in seeing his little girl swallow a load of young cum. Now, the same boy rode his dick like a cowboy, and he gained so much pleasure that even seeing Suzy get what she deserved wasn't comparing. He decided then and there that he was going to have to get some more boy pussy in the future...even younger than what he was now fucking.

Just then, the upper part of Cole's body reared up, and the blond actor's mouth opened. "Oh fuckin' damn!!" he screamed. "I'm gonna cum in this bitch!" He flopped back down on top of Suzy, and his hips thrust once more between her outstretched legs and stayed there. His hand, still covering her mouth, turned her head to the side, and he placed his open mouth against her neck. A howl sounded from him, and his whole naked body jerked quickly. His dick spewed his abundant seen deep into her immature womb, blasting several times before subsiding. Cole stumbled to his feet, his cock pulling out of Suzy with a loud slurping sound, and he held her exposed baby twat open. Sperm ran from it like a small river. Grinning like a savage, he went to Dylan and high-fived him, shouting, "Nailed it, my brotha!" He grabbed a cigar from the nightstand and lit it.

Dylan dismounted from the girl's father and climbed onto Suzy. "My turn!" he called as he rammed his meat deep into her. His prostate had been excessively stimulated by her dad's stiff cock, so it didn't take many humps before he lost his load. Holding his penis inside her, Dylan's cum flooded little Suzy, mixing with his brother's semen. After withdrawing, he looked at his cum-covered cock. Both he and Cole went to Suzy's face and knelt on either side of it, wiping their cream onto her cheeks.

Her dad rose from the chair and got on top of her, fucking her hard and rapidly until he shot his daddy milk into her now very used vagina. Getting off the bed, he made her kneel in front of all three of them and suck their cocks clean of sperm. Each of the Sprouse boys would masturbate to memories of that night for years to come.