The following story is a work of fiction. Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor or minors and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.


The Sweet Sex of Dylan & Cole


One Perverted Birthday

by hottcarter1987


It was excessively humid in the seedy Japanese hotel that Dylan and Cole Sprouse found themselves a few days after their birthday. They had gotten off the plane in Tokyo just a couple of hours before and now sat in the lobby in an old part of the city. Dylan lit a cigar and leaned back on the dirty couch and smoked while his twin brother, Cole, discreetly masturbated through his jeans, using the long leather coat he was wearing to conceal his activities. Both blond boys were decked out in black leather, with Dylan in a motorcycle jacket, and sunglasses to somewhat hide their famous faces from anyone who might happen to recognize them as the stars of Disney's The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. The pair had turned 18, and they wanted to do something really perverted for their birthday before it was off to college in New York. Dylan had contacted their friend Vincent Kartheiser, who had ran a brothel filled with underage sex slaves, but he'd been forced to shut his business after his partner, David Gallagher, left to make porn videos with other celebs and very young kids. He couldn't handle all of his kiddie prostitutes himself, and the police had been sniffing around as well. Vinnie moved his business to Japan a few months before and had made tons of money pimping his clientele to anyone looking to buy. Both the Sprouses, though they'd made a movie or two with David, wanted something exotic, and Vinnie told them he'd be in Tokyo for a few days and that they should come along. Using the excuse to their father and stepmother that they wanted to experience the culture of Japan, they flew there and were now in Vinnie's place. The older actor paid off the cops in that section of town and allowed them freebies with his sluts, and they left him alone to ply his pedo trade. That's the kind of action the twins wanted.

The wait, however, was killing them. "When do ya think we'll get in?" Cole asked his brother.

"Patience, dude," Dylan answered with a long drag of his stogie. "You know Vin. He's probably takin' his sweet time choosin' some hot little bitches for us. Just relax." He handed Cole a cigar and told him to have a smoke. Cole fired it up and tried to calm down, but his cock was throbbing between his legs and refused to deflate. While his brother calmly puffed away and interested himself in the few other men in the room, all looking like Japanese businessmen, Cole smoked half of his cigar and put it out. He began pacing the room. "Yo, man, chill," Dylan said in a low voice. "You're attractin' attention."

Cole sat down again. "I know," he said, "but I'm so fuckin' horny, bro."

Dylan reached under his twin's overcoat and squeezed the lump in his crotch. "You're damn right, baby. That's a hell of a hard-on." He pleasured his brother until the person they were waiting for finally entered the room.

Vincent Kartheiser didn't necessarily look like a pimp. His long hair draped lazily over his head and looked like it could use a good wash. His bearded face gave him an ultra-scruffy look when combined with his piercing blue eyes. He wore a skin-tight black tank top that looked molded to his skinny frame, and he wore dirty blue jeans that were ripped in several places along both legs. His hands were clad in black leather gloves with the fingers cut off them, and in one hand he held a big black cigar that he occasionally puffed on. He grinned at the twin boys and said in a somewhat gravelly voice, "Happy bitchin' birthday, motherfuckers." He blew smoke in Cole's direction and smirked. "Fuck, man, you look tense."

"Just anxious is all," Cole replied.

"Well, a good hard screw'll take care of that," Vinnie said. "Follow me. I got just the thing for ya." He turned and walked out the door with the Sprouse twins following him.

Vinnie led the way up a staircase outside the waiting room and down a long hallway with many doors to their right. Most of the doors were shut, but screams and babbling in Japanese and other languages could be heard coming from them. They passed one door that was open partway, and Dylan couldn't help sneaking a peek inside. Sitting up on a bed with his legs spread open was a Oriental man in a suit and tie. Kneeling between his legs with his arms handcuffed behind him was a little boy of no more than 5 or 6 years of age. The man gripped the child's head with both hands and was making him give a blowjob. The boy wasn't struggling, though choking sounds could be heard. The man was looking down at his preteen whore with a wicked smile on his face and uttering a steady stream of talk while he made the tiny head bob up and down on his dick. Dylan took a long drag of his cigar and muttered, "Shit." His cock throbbed in his jeans, and he reached down to squeeze it. He tore himself away from the door and caught up with Vinnie and his brother.

The boys arrived at a room located at the turn of the hall. "Here we are, fuckers," Vinnie said. "I've saved two of my best bitches for you. One's a girl, and one's a boy. Sister and brother, too. They were born in California, so they speak English pretty good. The boy's named Nikkon, 8 years old. One of my finest. He'll do anything you say, and he likes it. The girl's named Hiri, and she doesn't really like bein' used, but she won't fight back much. She's 7, and Nikkon does her to get her used to it."

"How'd ya get `em?" Dylan asked.

Vinnie puffed his cigar. "Their parents couldn't afford them after moving back to Tokyo. It was their dad's idea to sell `em, and a contact of mine here in the city alerted me. The dad's a pervert, and he'd already messed with `em. Nikkon took to bein' a whore right away, but I had to get his sister acclimated to the scene. She's proved more popular than her brother." He smirked. "These pedo Nips like tiny pussies better'n a good boy hole." With another drag of his cigar, Vinnie opened the door and said, "Have fun, studs." He walked away, and the twins entered the room, with Dylan shutting the door behind them.

The room was sparsely furnished, which was to be expected. After all, sex was the only thing for which it had a use. There was a large bed, a big overstuffed chair, and a table between them. The table held an ashtray, two huge bottles of lube, and a few boxes of condoms featuring various sizes and even flavors. Lying on the bed face up was the little girl, Hiri. Her legs were open wide, and between them was her brother, Nikkon, who was busy licking at her little pussy. The girl cooed as her brother's tongue flicked against the smooth folds of her cunt. Both children were totally nude. "Fuck," breathed Cole.

Nikkon stopped and looked up at the boys and smiled a toothy grin. "Hello, misters," he said brightly. "You like?" Both Sprouses nodded, entranced at what they saw. "Imma good fuck. Do what you want. Hiri will do what you want to. She a good fuck, too."

Pulling at his crotch, Dylan asked his brother, "Which one do you want, man?"

"You're the older one," Cole replied, his gaze resting on Nikkon's bubble butt.

Dylan handed his cigar to Cole and reached down to Hiri. He placed a finger on her chin and lifted it up. He looked her over, his eyes lingering lewdly on her flat chest and hairless pussy. "I'm gonna do her. You can have the boy." He grabbed the girl from the bed and sat in the chair with her on his lap. Immediately, he started fondling her. Though she didn't make a sound, Hiri didn't like being touched by the actor, and she squirmed. Dylan wrapped one hand around her throat and began fingering her small cunt. "Settle down, sweetheart. Let's have some fun." She mewed like a kitten but said nothing else. He pulled her back to his chest as his middle finger thrust into her. He grinned as she wiggled more.

Cole removed his leather coat and climbed onto the bed on his knees. He opened his jeans and pulled them and his underwear down to expose his hard cock. Holding the cigar in his mouth, he looked at Nikkon and pointed his 8-inch tool at the boy. "You like dick, boy?"

"Yes, mister," the boy replied. "Yours is nice n' big."

"Can you take it?"

Nikkon nodded his head. "I'm very good cocksucker."

Cole puffed his cigar and grabbed the boy by the hair. "Then get to it, bitch." He shoved his hard member into the kid's wide-open mouth and was rewarded by being able to sink almost all of it inside. He felt Nikkon's little throat open and accept the head, and Cole sighed in pleasure.

"Hot damn," Dylan said as he rammed another finger into his slut. He watched his twin push in and out of the little boy's mouth and decided that's what he wanted, too. "On your knees, baby girl." Roughly, he pushed Hiri down between his knees facing him and undid his pants. Dylan wasn't wearing underwear, and his erection popped out easily. He pressed it against Hiri's young face and said, "Be a good little girl and suck my cock." Hiri opened her mouth and accepted Dylan's sex, but she could only get the head and an inch inside. That was fine with Dylan; all he needed was to get it inside her. Placing both hands on her head, he moved her on and off his tool and watched his brother face-fuck the boy. "Shit, bro, you look fuckin' fine...smoking that cigar and plowin' into that bitch's sweet mouth." The sensations around his cockhead were driving Dylan further and further into his perverted lust, and he groaned. Hiri tried desperately to please him by concentrating on working her tongue and lips on what she could get of his penis in her too-small mouth.

Cigar smoke wrapped around Cole's head as he forced all of his dick into Nikkon. The boy gagged, but he got it all down with the blond actor's nuts resting on his chin. "Damn, little boy," he grunted between puffs, "you've got one magic mouth on you."

He pulled his member out and let Nikkon take a few breaths. The boy licked the spit-soaked love muscle up and down. "Yours is most I've taken down," Nikkon said panting. "Thank you, mister. I want more."

Cole smiled and laid back on the bed. He spread his legs and held up his dick. "Then go for it, faggot. Make Daddy feel good." He kept the cigar in his mouth as he put his hands behind his head. Nikkon immediately squatted in front of his master and slipped his mouth back down on the thick erection to continue his blowjob. Cole glanced at his brother, who was still fucking Hiri's face and patted the bed beside him. "Bring your whore over here, man, and we'll do `em together." Dylan got up and dragged Hiri to the bed. Lying beside his twin, he pulled the girl up to him with her legs parted over his face. He began eating her preteen pussy, and Cole said to Nikkon, "Help my bro out, little boy. Make your sister suck his dick."

Nikkon came off of blowing Cole and pushed Hiri's head down onto Dylan's erection. "Suck it good, Hiri. Make love to cock." While he pushed her head up and down, Cole put out his cigar and knelt behind the boy and rimmed him.

Nothing could be heard in the room for several minutes except the sound of slurping and choking. Dylan licked and fingered little Hiri's cunt deeply, swallowing what juices she produced. Nikkon made his sister swallow even more of Dylan's cock than he'd been able to do. She was able to get another inch into her mouth, and Nikkon gripped her head like a vice. She sputtered around the tool, but it never came fully out of her mouth. Cole tongue-fucked Nikkon as deep as he could get, relishing the exotic taste of his young bitch with every thrust inside while fisting his throbbing cock.

After a while, Dylan smacked Hiri's ass and said, "Okay, slut. It's time to fuck." He pushed her small body off him and got off the bed. Turning her around and on her back, he spread her legs and fingered her while stroking his dick. Cole stood and positioned Nikkon over his sister's chest. Dylan reached for the lube on the table and greased up his cock. "Here, man," he said handing it to Cole.

Cole began slicking up his own prick and told Nikkon, "Suck Hiri's tits, boy. I wanna fuck you while watchin' that." The boy obeyed and began suckling the girl's hard nipples, taking turns with each one. Cole went to his brother and exchanged a deep, passionate kiss, their tongues mingling together. The kiss between the twins was obscene in its intensity, and each boy had a turn sucking on the other's tongue before breaking off. "Let's see who shoots first, dude," Cole said somewhat breathlessly.

"You got it, motherfucker," Dylan said with a smirk. He lined up his throbbing hard-on with Hiri's pussy and thrust into it. "Holy shit!!" he exclaimed as he penetrated her. Fucking her twat was easier than doing her mouth, and his prick slid easily inside her womb. Hiri cried out, but Nikkon covered her mouth with his hand as he continued to manipulate her nipples with his lips and teeth.

Dylan began banging his slut hard, and he watched as Cole rammed all 8 inches of his sex into Nikkon's upturned ass. "Ugh!!" Cole shouted. "Now that's what I'm talkin' `bout, my brotha! Fuck!!" He wasted little time in cramming his entire dick into Nikkon, who merely moaned around his sister's tit.

The boys fucked their whores deep and hard. Sweat broke out on both their brows, and both had to stop to strip completely as the heat in the room doubled. They switched kids during the fuck so that each could experience banging each child, but they ended up back with their original choices. "Fuck, man!" Dylan exclaimed as he thrust back into Hiri. "This bitch has the tightest pussy!"

"Hell, yeah, bro!" yelled Cole. "My boy here has a great twat! This is the fuckin' best birthday ever!!"

"Fuck me, mister!!" yelled Nikkon, who had abandoned his sister's tits. "I love your fuckin' cock! It's so fuckin' big in my fuckin' pussy!!" Cole rammed him deeper. "Harder, mister, harder!!"

Cole slapped the kid's ass hard. "You like that, huh?" he taunted as he slammed the boy. "You my boy now?" Slap!

"Yes!" Nikkon called out.

"You gonna let me fuck you whenever I'm in town?" Slap!

"Yes, sir!"

"Who owns you, boy? Say it!" Slap!

"You do, sir! You own my mouth and pussy! Ahh!!" Nikkon started to dry cum, his little preteen dick pulsing and throbbing. His eyes rolled back in his head, and he collapsed onto the mattress.

"Son of a bitch!!" screamed Cole as he felt Nikkon's hole clamp down on his prick. The sensation was enough to bring him off, and the blond stud shoved all of his 8 inches deep into the child. He squirted what seems like a gallon of seed into the boy, and he screamed with each pulse. When it was over, he pulled out and stroked his cock to baste Nikkon's ass cheeks with what leaked out. Lighting a fresh cigar, he parted the boy's legs to watch his cum leak out of the molested hole.

"I guess you win the race, bro," Dylan said as he pounded into Hiri. He grabbed her neck with both hands. "But I'm not far behind. Shit!!" He pushed all the way in, and his cock ejaculated his load far inside her child womb, painting her insides with his white hot baby batter. Dylan squeezed his eyes shut and bared his clenched teeth as his dick erupted in stream after stream of sperm. After his penis stopped pulsing, he roughly pulled out of her. Semen leaked freely from her now-gaping twat and flowed onto the bed. Nikkon managed to crawl to his little sister and began licking up the salty stream, swallowing every drop. Both children then promptly passed out on top of each other.

The Sprouse boys wiped themselves off with a couple of towels that they found in the tiny bathroom. They dressed, and Dylan lit up a post-fuck cigar. He embraced his brother in another lewd French kiss, and they left Nikkon and Hiri sleeping soundly on the bed. They paid the clerk downstairs for their session and asked where Vinnie was. The clerk said he was breaking in a new slut but left word that he hoped to see the boys again soon. Dylan grinned at the clerk with his black cigar held in his teeth and said, "Tell him he can fuckin' count on it."