The following story is a work of fiction. Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, and any celebrities mentioned here are real people, but they are treated as characters in this story. The text in no way implies any knowledge of the celebrities' true sexuality or actions, and it is not intended to suggest that the celebrities are straight, bisexual, or homosexual. This is from my imagination only; the events depicted here contain depictions of sexual acts with a minor or minors and are fictional and should not be construed as fact. If you are underage in your location, please do not read.



The Sweet Sex of Dylan & Cole


Unexpected Pleasures

by hottcarter1987


Dylan Sprouse got out of bed. Unable to sleep, he'd gotten antsy after he and his twin brother got back to their hotel room from Vincent Kartheiser's kiddie brothel earlier. He was still charged up to have more sex, but Cole had been exhausted and passed out practically the moment he hit the bed. The siblings had been having sex with each other since they were 9, but tonight, as much as the older of the two wanted to fuck, it wasn't going to happen. Dylan put on his clothes--a pair of tight jeans and a black hoodie--grabbed a few of his favorite cigars, and left. He figured a good walk and a couple of smokes would make his dick soften. It was either that or beat off, and he didn't think masturbating would do much to help him, at least in the long run.

A check of his watch told him it was 2 o'clock in the morning, Tokyo time. There were few people out and about in the section of the city they were in as he emerged from the hotel lobby onto the street. Dylan lit a cigar and smoked as he walked, carefully avoiding the drug dealers that were out that time of the night. Keeping his bearings so that he could find his way back, the 18-year-old Disney star turned a few corners and came upon a seedy little sex club that he and Cole had seen from the cab when they arrived the morning before. Garish neon lights promised forbidden pleasures inside, and Dylan smirked. Maybe he'd get laid again tonight after all. Drawing deeply on his cigar, he entered, the grey smoke trailing his blond head.

It turned out to be a strip club, techno music thumping from everywhere and gorgeous Asian woman taking everything off on stage. Dylan sat down at a table in front, ordered a beer, and sat back. In front of him, a black-haired Japanese girl had already removed all vestiges of clothing and was masturbating. Her gyrations matched the flow of the music, and her middle finger darted in and out of her smooth pussy to the heavy beat of the bass. Her mouth was open and gave lustful screams as she manipulated her dripping cunt, and Dylan caught sight of more than one patron in the club who was discreetly jacking off under their tables. Dylan's cock got harder than before as he watched the slut on the stage do her thing.

A waiter brought his beer, and Dylan asked him, "Is it allowed to have one of the dancers?"

The waiter spoke decent English and answered him. "No, sir. Dancers off limits. But odder stuff go on in back."

Intrigued, Dylan asked, "Other stuff?"

The waiter nodded and pointed to a door on the far side of the room to Dylan's left. "Back dere. Is open to public."

Dylan slipped the man money for the beer and gave him extra for the information. He sat and finished his cigar and drank the beer as the girl onstage whipped herself up to a frenzied orgasm and left. A smaller, younger-looking girl came out and continued the show, immediately starting to strip. Dylan polished off his beer, lit a fresh cigar, and made his way to the door the waiter showed him. The door had this written on it: 性部屋. There was a translation under it which read "Sex Rooms." Dylan smirked and puffed his cigar. "Now we're talkin'," he muttered softly as he entered.

He found a small hallway with another door at the opposite end. There were some chairs and racks of porn magazines along one wall, making it appear to be a waiting room of some kind. There was no one there to ask about it, so Dylan walked to the other door and went through it. On either side were large glass walls. All were dark on the other side, but one was lit. Dylan went to this one and found a girl of about 15 or so lying on a large bed on the other side. She was naked and lying down. She had nice tits for a girl of her age, a smooth cunt, and long blond hair. Her facial features were vaguely Oriental, leading Dylan to surmise that she was mixed ancestry. As he watched, a Japanese man, about 25 or so, came into the room naked, his hard cock pointing in front of him. He went to the girl and said something to her. She slid off the bed and knelt in front of him. He grabbed a handful of her hair and shoved his prick deep into her open mouth and proceeded to face-fuck her. Hot damn! though Dylan as his penis pressed urgently against his jeans. He'd wished he'd worn underwear or something.

A noise to his side made him turn. Another door, opposite from the one he came in, opened and through it stepped a man of about 40. He was American for sure, tall with brown hair and eyes and wearing a business suit. Beside him was a little girl of about 9 or 10 holding his hand. She was very cute, with long black hair and a little dress on. She looked just like the older girl on the other side of the glass, vaguely Oriental, but she also appeared to be a younger version. The man stepped up beside Dylan and started to speak casually, as if nothing unusual was going on. "Haven't seen you here before." His voice was soft but deep.

Dylan took a drag on his cigar. "New in town. Thought I'd see what goes on here." He made his voice sound casual as well, as if he did things like this all the time.

The man nodded to the scene in front of them. "That's my daughter, Lauren. She's getting impregnated tonight."

Caught in the middle of pulling on his cigar, Dylan swallowed some of the smoke and coughed. "Your daughter?"

"Yeah," the man said. "I work here in Tokyo. Have for years. Brought my wife down to get pregnant with Lauren 15 years ago and then again for Suzy here." He nodded at the little girl beside him. "I like having Japanese children. They're so hot. Now, it's Lauren's turn, and she's going to give me and equally hot grandchild." On the other side of the window, the Japanese man picked up the girl--Lauren--by her hair and threw her on the bed. "He's a little rough, that one," continued the man, "but I understand he's very virile, and Lauren is very fertile tonight. I hope he gets her good and knocked up, even if he has to get tough with her." He turned and looked at Dylan. "You like watching?"

Dylan gulped as the man on the other side shoved two fingers into Lauren's pussy. He rapidly fingered her as her mouth opened in screams. No sound could be heard as the room seemed sound-proof. Dylan took a drag of his cigar, and smoke came from his mouth as he replied. "Yeah."

The man reached down and felt up Dylan's crotch. "I can tell," he said. "Suzy, honey, would you like to help out the nice boy while we watch your sister get what she deserves?"

In a tiny little voice, Suzy replied, "Yes, Poppa."

"Then come over here, sweetie," the man said. "Show him what you can do."

Suzy let go of her father's hand and knelt in front of Dylan. The man went behind him and reached around his waist. Leaning against his back, the man rested his chin on Dylan's shoulder and undid his jeans, letting them fall around his knees. The actor's cock sprang out fully erect, and the man stroked it and held it up for his daughter, who opened her mouth and began licking it. Dylan, his cigar in his mouth, closed his eyes, and his head fell back onto the man's shoulder. He moaned as the little girl's tongue flicked around the head of his cock and up and down the shaft before she slid her lips over it. "Oh, fuck," he muttered.

"Just relax and enjoy Suzy's warm mouth," the man whispered in his ear. "She's very good at giving head." The girl began moving her mouth on and off his 8-incher while her father dropped his own pants and pressed his thick cock against Dylan's ass. "I'm not going to fuck you, but I need to get off, too," he grunted. He let his shaft nestle in the crack of Dylan's ass and rub in it. Occasionally, he'd nibble the boy's neck. "She's good, isn't she?"

"Fuck, yeah," Dylan moaned. His head came up, his eyes opened, and he saw Lauren on the other side of the window being held down on the bed by her throat, the Oriental man fucking her in the vagina deep and hard.

"My Lauren is being such a good slut," the man said. "Soon, that hot young stud is going to fill her with his sperm. It's so exciting to watch. It makes me so horny to see her getting used. He's fucking her even harder than I do when I have her in bed." The man groaned in lust. "Let me help you with Suzy." Dylan looked down and saw his hands reach around him and grab Suzy's head. He forced the little girl to take all of his cock into her preteen throat. She gagged, but she was able to take it. "I'll hold her head while you fuck her pretty mouth. Do it, son. Do it."

Dylan obeyed and began thrusting into the young girl's mouth. She seemed to easily take his thick cock, proving that she'd done this before. Her father knew what she was capable of, having done this to her already. He gazed on her older sister being used in front of him while he continued to smoke his cigar and receive head from Suzy. He felt the father's dick slide up and down his ass crack, and lust made him grunt and groan from all this sexual stimuli. His brow broke out in a sweat. His knees felt weak. It was the most perverted sexual experience he'd ever had next to fucking Cole. He began to fuck harder into Suzy's little mouth, and the man behind him moaned and began licking and sucking on his neck.

"That's it," the man told him. "Fuck my sweet little whore's mouth. Give it to her good. Harder, baby, harder." Dylan complied, his eyes not leaving the glass window. The Oriental stud was now fucking Lauren doggie-style, his hand pulling her long hair back and her face contorted in either pain, humiliation, or lust--he couldn't tell which. "See?" the man said. "That stud is getting ready. He's almost there. Watch him while he knocks up my bitch." The man humped into Dylan more rapidly, obviously turned on by having both of his daughters being used by strangers. Suzy was choking to get all of Dylan's cock in her mouth, and his prick was starting to pulse.

"I'm...I'm gonna cum," Dylan said around his cigar.

The man's lips pressed to his ear, and his voice sounded savage as he spoke. "Do it, stud. Choke my little girl with your cum." The man thrusted even harder against Dylan. In front of them, the man fucking Lauren pushed all the way in her, and his mouth opened in what looked like a shout. He held his dick in her, obviously blasting her insides with his orgasm. This set the man off, and he pressed his cock against Dylan's backside. The young actor felt the heat of the man's semen shoot against his skin as the guy grunted incoherently in his ear.

"Motherfucker!" shouted Dylan Sprouse as his cum started. The man held Suzy on his thick cock as he began flooding her throat with his white hot seed. Dylan grunted like a wild animal, and his body jerked as his penis ejaculated forcefully between Suzy's thin lips. The girl gagged on the ropes of sperm shooting into her esophagus, but her father held her tightly so that she was forced to take it all down. Not a drop spilled out.

Finally coming down from his orgasm, Dylan sighed and fell back against the man. The older gentleman ordered his little girl to swallow, and she did before standing. The man took a white handkerchief from his tailored coat and wiped up his sperm from Dylan's backside and said, "Thanks, boy. I needed that." When he was finished cleaning Dylan, he plucked the remainder of the cigar from the boy's lips and pulled his head back, jamming his tongue into Dylan's mouth for a kiss. He pulled up his slacks and fastened them and said, "Gotta go get Lauren." Dylan saw that the stud with the man's older daughter was already dressed and smiling at Lauren, who was still laying on the bed. A small bit of his cum could be seen emerging from her smooth pussy. "Thank the nice boy for using your mouth, bitch," the man told Suzy.

The little girl smiled up at Dylan and said, "Thank you, mister," in her tiny voice.

The man smiled at Dylan and said, "My name's Dave. We're staying at the Rising Sun hotel a few blocks from here, if you wanna do more with us. Room number 153. Call first." He took Suzy by the hand and went through the door out of which he originally came. Dylan pulled up his jeans and zipped up as he watched a door on the far end of the room behind the glass open. Dave and Suzy came through it. Dave paid the stud who had just fucked Lauren. The two exchanged a few words, and the stud left. Dave wrapped Lauren in a white bathrobe, and he and the two girls left. Once the door was shut, the lights went out.

Dylan left the club and walked back to his hotel. He lit a fresh cigar and now felt exhausted. Within 24 hours, he'd busted his nut into two little girls, and that was enough to tire him out. He saw a motorcycle pull away from the front of the hotel as he neared the entrance, the rider decked out in all black leather along with a helmet, and though something about him was familiar, Dylan didn't really care. Arriving at his suite, he saw that the bed was empty, but a glance out to the balcony revealed Cole sleeping nude on the recliner out there. Dylan thought nothing of this, stripped off his clothes, and got into bed. He finished smoking his cigar and put it out. Turning out the light, he rolled over and fell into a deep sleep, dreaming of the unexpected pleasures he'd had that night.