Cerebral Bisexual (No Longer)
by Billy Burrew (billy_burrew@yahoo.com)

He lay stock still, muscular arms and thick athletic legs pulled up to the top of the bed and secured with nearly unbreakable extra duty nylon ties. His shallow breathing devolved into a faint, barely audible muttering of what seemed to have become his new personal mantra. "Please! Please! Please!" His cock, 8 inches or so of thick warm flesh, stood fully, almost painfully erect; its base secured snugly with a 6 snap cockring that caused the veins to stand out in marvelous relief against his white flesh. It throbbed, lightly, bobbing in time with each "please" like a vein-filled conductor's wand.

His name is Chris Niktie. He's not an uncommon type of guy in today's world. You probably know a guy just like him. He's a local college student. He's about six feet tall, with a fairly muscled chest and arms, a tapered waist and thick, muscular legs brought about through many years of running, rowing, biking, and lifting among other exercises. He's outgoing, gregarious and charming. He enjoys art films, dancing, coffee shops, and bookstores. He's fairly popular at his college, pursuing any and all females that show interest in him, and oftentimes some that don't.

The first time I met him, he was dancing shirtless at the local gay bar with a group of his friends, grinding his khaki-covered pelvis up against the ass of one of the many shirtless twinks that were dancing close to him. I was afraid he might wear a hole in the crotch of his khakis before the song ended.

What?!? I hear you say? Why would a good-looking guy that aggressively dates females left and right be doing shirtless, sweaty and grinding against another man in a gay bar? Simple. He's there for the ego stroke. You see, he's the ultimate prize/tease to the gay men that frequent the club. He's unattainable, and being unattainable just serves to increase his popularity.

I admit that I myself am guilty of feeding that ego that very first night at the club. I was standing outside the door, shivering in the cold when he stepped out, still shirtless and sweaty, carrying a water bottle and shaking his head to cool down. I was transfixed as I watched the cold January air begin to evaporate the sweat off his body, the steam rising up in barely visible whitish plumes.

Noticing that I was watching him, he approached me and introduced himself. He began chatting amicably as I tried in vain not to stare too hard or too obviously at his rapidly hardening nipples, his tight abs or the neat treasure trail of hair that led from below his belly button and disappeared inside his well packed khakis. Apparently, I wasn't doing a good job of discreetly cruising him because he smiled a knowing smile at me and took a long sip of his water, pulling the bottle away from his lips at the last second and letting the water cascade around down his chin, neck, chest and stomach.

Sounds like a scene from a soft core porno movie, right? Well, as I stared, enthralled at this rather well-orchestrated accidental water spillage, the realization hit me that I had unwittingly bought into the act. What's worse, is that I couldn't have looked away, even if my life depended on it. Keep in mind that I've been an avowed gay man for nearly a decade now and I'm still astonished that getting up close to a hot looking male body is all it takes to turn most gay men into single-minded sex-addled goobs. It's like magic, only much more predictable.

Thus began my acquaintance with Chris. I learned more and more about him as the weeks passed and I saw him out and about at the gay clubs. (He tended to go dancing at gay clubs more often than most of the gay men in the area. Go figure, huh?)

One night, he explained to me that he was a "cerebral bisexual." He went on to say that he could wrap his mind around the concept of hooking up with another guy, but couldn't get much cooperation from his body when trying to turn the "having sex with a guy" concept into reality. Apparently, he had once tried to hook up with a guy and found that his body wouldn't get excited enough to perform. Of course, keeping with the mindset of a lot of other curious guys his age, he thought of himself as a top only, intoning that it's experimenting to fuck a guy, but queer to get fucked by one. Yeah. There's enough denile (sic) in that mindset to drown a caravan of camels, but if that's the material by which his particular glass house is constructed, who am I to throw stones?

Our friendship jumped up yet another level when he landed himself a job working with me at the club as a bouncer. Every Friday, we'd close up after last call and go grab a late night bite at a local diner, or stop at the Waffle House and talk about the club-goers, the night, the music, or whatever incidents occurred at the club.

Eventually, the club shut down its gay night (yeah, some lame excuse about their not being enough people coming out weekly to support the night.) My friendship with Chris remained, though we saw each other not nearly as frequently as we had when we'd work together each Friday night. When we did manage to get together, we'd watch movies at my place or go out to the theater to see something, then talk a bit about what was happening in our lives, then he'd head back to his dorm.

Our visits became less and less frequent through the latter part of the year, til Christmas came and his classes were over, his classmates gone home for the break. We spent a nice few days hanging out over the break and he excitedly told me all about a new girl he was seeing, he seemed rather sure of this one, talking like a lovestruck teenage, which, now that I think of it, was exactly what he was at the time.

When the holidays ended, my visits with Chris went back to being few and infrequent, and I had begun to suspect that I had become what I had termed a "backup friend" for him. I was the one he called when everyone else had bailed on him. I kind of understood it though, being nearly a decade older than he was, hanging out with me, a 30-something gay guy was probably not nearly as much fun for him as it was for me, hanging out with a hunky 20 year old straight guy.

One warm Saturday night in March, I decided, against all good reason and sense, to go out to the local gay club. I had thought, at the time that it would be something fun to do. I used to enjoy going out to clubs in DC when I was living there and thought I might go out and have as good a time as I used to. When I got to the bar, however, I realized that going out alone to a gay club when one doesn't really like to dance; then having to stay sober enough to drive back home is not fun at all, in fact, it's positively the most boring thing one can do short of watching paint dry. As I stood there at the bar, nursing a bourbon and ginger ale, I heard a familiar voice call my name and turned to see a shirtless, sweaty Chris running up to me.

"Hey! I thought I saw you standing over here. I'm glad you're here, I want you to come meet my girlfriend."

Inwardly I winced, not entirely unshocked that he would have the balls to bring a straight girl in which he seemed to be seriously romantically interested into a gay bar to watch him dance shirtless with a group of amorous gay men. Now I thought to myself that this would probably go one of two ways, she'd either be shocked, jealous and pissed off, or she'd be too completely gobsmacked that he would actually bring her out to a gay club to get jealous and pissed off right away. In all likelihood, she was probably going to end up being jealous and pissed off, it was just a matter of divining the time and place for it to happen.

Chris led me through the crowd of dancing half naked twinks to a corner, where stood a petite girl, with mid-length brown hair and a fairly athletic looking body. She smiled as she saw Chris, then smiled even wider as she saw me following behind him. The big smile made me nervous. Most chicks don't look at a gay man who technically might be considered competition for the affection of her boyfriend and smile widely. Most of the time, they tend to morph into contestants from the Jerry Springer show and begin screaming at the encroaching gay man, telling him to "Get your hands off my man!"

Chris, ahead of me by a few feet, leaned over and pecked his girlfriend on the lips, turned quickly and began introducing us. My first impression of Gloria was that she was nice, as far as girls went. She was pretty, nay beautiful, which is probably what attracted Chris in the first place. Chris seemed to like women who made good arm decorations for him in public. They weren't always the sharpest tool in the shed, but as long as they looked good and weren't too high maintenance, he kept them around for a while.

After talking for a while, Chris grabbed my drink and Gloria's and headed off to the bar to get refills for us both. As he left, an odd, tense silence descended and we stood side by side, swaying lightly to the music as the stream of twinks walking to and from the dancefloor flowed around us like water around stones.

Chris returned, handing us our fresh drinks and then quickly heading off onto the dancefloor alone, wading through the crowd to get up onto to the dance blocks in the middle of the dancefloor. As we watched him grab the pelvis of the twink in front of him and grind himself into it, Gloria leaned over to me and giggled. "Like...sometimes I think he's really gay and I'm just his cover story. What do you think? Like am I his beard?"

I leaned down, bringing my mouth to her ear level and smiled. "He's told me he was unable to get into male on male sex physically, but I think he just needs the right guy to lay him down and fuck him til he screams. I think, somewhere, deep down, he really wants to be the bitch. Pardon the expression."

Gloria threw her head back and laughed heartily. "Yes! Yes! I think you're right! Like, I think that's exactly what he needs. Like he's a nice guy, but I think he's a bit..."

"Confused?" I finished for her, and she shook her head a bit.

"Self-deluded" she said, finding what she thought was a better term for her boyfriend. "Like...I think he needs someone he knows, say a friend like you, to give him what he really needs."

I snorted. "No. He needs someone like one of those guys he's dancing with to give him that. I don't quite fit his standards."

Gloria shook her head, "Like...what is this, the low self-esteem corner? I knew all about you before we even met. He talks about you more than he talks about anyone else he knows. It's always something you said, or something the two of you talked about or did. He thinks very highly of you."

I nodded. "So why would I want to possibly ruin a good friendship like that? I like Chris, and yeah, I think he's beautiful and fuckable. But why risk trying to take it a step further and messing it all up?"

Gloria smiled. "If you cared for him as a friend, you'd do this. Why let him continue to delude himself?"

"Maybe he doesn't want to be enlightened? Ever think of that?"

She snorted, "Like, if he didn't want enlightenment, he wouldn't hang out with gay men and dance half naked in gay bars. Like...I know you're not that naive."

I shrugged as she shook her head and continued. "Like...How about if he thought it was all my idea. That it was me who convinced you to do this? That I told him that if you didn't do it, I'd go find someone else to do it to him. Maybe someone who isn't such a good friend, someone who wouldn't be as....careful with him as you would. Would you do it then? What would you have to lose then?"

I stopped to think about it, sorting it out in my head. What did I have to lose? Friendship with a guy who viewed me as a back-up friend? Even if she made him believe it was her idea, would I be forgiven for playing along? Did I want to risk it?

I looked up and saw Chris in a deep liplock with some young, muscular blond twink that was pressed against him dancing and felt a wave jealousy pass through me.

'Yeah!' I thought jealously, 'I'd risk it. Why shouldn't it be me? Better it be me than have her really go after some guy he doesn't know to do this sort of thing to him.'

"Allright. I'm game" I said, turning my gaze back to Gloria and smiling sardonically, "I'll do it." I exaggerated a martyr-like pose and placed the back of my hand to my forehead, sighing deeply, "I'll just have to take one for the team."

Gloria snorted in her drink. "Tonight then? Like...I've got something in my bag that will make him...um...a little more malleable."

My eyebrows shot up. "Oh? You've got a rubber mallet in there that you're going poleax him with?"

Gloria shook her head made a disgusted sound. "No smartass. I have a little pill that I'm going to, like, put into his water bottle. It'll knock him out long enough for us to get him back to your place. Like, I assume you have something we can restrain him with once we get there?"

I nodded. "I'm sure I can come up with something."

She nodded and started off toward the bar. "Good. Like...I'll go get the water bottle ready. Be back in a second."

As I watched her walk, I realized how much I hated people that always said the word "like" in nearly every damn sentence! I pondered that for a few seconds, shaking my head at her massacre of the english language, until I felt a meaty arm drape around my shoulders.

"Well? What do you think?" Chris said into my ear.

"I'm not a good judge of female character." I said noncommittally, then thought to myself, 'But if I were you, I'd run the fuck away from her as fast as possible.'

"C'mon! Tell me what you really think of her. I told her all about you. She seemed really anxious to meet you."

I looked at him for a second and smiled. "You could do worse, I suppose." As I said this, some images of the women he could have done worse with passed through my mind, Medusa, Typhoid Mary, Lizzie Borden, Laura Bush. Yeah. In truth, he could have done much, much worse.

Chris smiled as Gloria joined us once again, handing Chris a water bottle and me a drink. I smiled sweetly and decided it was probably in my best interest to not drink anything she gave me. If she was willing to spike her boyfriend's drink, heaven only knows what the fuck she would put in mine. Chris, on the other hand, shotgunned his water bottle and, minutes later, was leaning so heavily on me that my knees began to give out.

"I think it's working." I groaned to Gloria as she helped me to half-carry, half-drag the body of her now somewhat comatose boyfriend out to the car. I popped the back gate of the station wagon open, thanking the powers-that-be that I had driven the wagon tonight, and we lowered Chris's semiconscious body down into the back deck and covered him up with the small blanket I kept there.

"Follow my car back to town." I said to Gloria as I dropped her off where Chris had parked the car they had taken to the bar.

The ride back to town was uneventful, punctuated by odd noises from Chris as he was tossed around the back deck of the wagon. We pulled into the parking spaces in front of my condo and I popped the back deck of the wagon open. I had begun to try to lift Chris out when Gloria appeared and gave me a hand. Once safely ensconced in the downstairs bedroom, I left Gloria to undress Chris while I searched for the nylon ties that I had gotten when I had gone through an s/m sex stage back in the mid-90's. I also grabbed a large bottle of lube and a few other toys that would make for some fun. By the time I got back to the bedroom, Chris was laying on the bed, naked, his one hand resting between his pecs and the other lightly cupping himself. I stopped and looked at him, letting my eyes memorize each curve and detail. Have you ever noticed that some people are just too fucking beautiful...they're even sexy when they're semi-unconscious. I know for a fact that I'd look like shit if the situation were reversed, and I was the one laying semi-unconscious and naked on the bed. .

I heard water running in the bathroom and assumed Gloria was freshening up after the club. I sat down on the bed beside Chris, lightly taking each of his arms and fastening the fleece-lined cuffs to them, then pulling them up to the top of the bed and fastening them securely to the frame of the bed with nylon restraints. I did the same to his legs, then left an additional pair of restraints up by his head for later use to support his legs during the actual intercourse. Chris moaned lightly as I ran my hand down his neck and over his pecs, pausing to lightly rub and pinch each nipple. I saw that his dick also began to respond, filling up incrementally with blood the more I played with his chest. Gloria opened the door and came out to the bedroom. I stood up and began to put the toys and lube on the nightstand next to the bed within easy reach.

After I was finished with that, I took some shorts and a T-shirt into the bathroom to change out of the clothes I had worn to the club. I figured that if I was going to possibly have a long session of somewhat coercive sex with one of my friends tonight, I should probably at least get into some comfortable attire. As I partially closed the door, I watched Gloria begin to lightly and repeatedly slap Chris's face until he grunted in protest and opened his eyes. It was then that he realized that he was immobilized and, after a few seconds of what I considered to be futile struggling, Gloria grabbed him by the balls and he immediately went still. After a few seconds of terse silence, Gloria informed Chris of what he had to look forward to tonight, namely that she had long thought he was gay and tonight she had found a guy who was willing to well and truly fuck him, and that it was for his own good.

Chris, not surprisingly, freaked. Whatever struggling he had attempted before was nothing compared to what he was doing now, and I had begun to wonder if the bedframe that I had tied him down to would be able to sustain much more of his struggling. He then decided that he should start yelling, though Gloria had thought ahead on that one and shoved his underwear into his mouth and secured it behind his head with one of the extra nylon ties I had laid on the nightstand.

Chris, now only able to grunt loudly and pull at his restraints, did so for the next few minutes, until finally, his body, muscles tense and overtaxed, gave out and he lay breathing loudly through his nose. Gloria got up into his face and cooed at him. As I opened the bathroom door, Gloria smiled sinsterly and asked him if he could guess who she had gotten to fuck him tonight. His eyes went small and he looked angry as he shook his head. She turned to me and motioned me forward, into his line of sight. When Chris saw me, his face brightened momentarily until he shook his head and closed his eyes. Gloria undid his gag and pulled out his underwear.

"I can't believe you're doing this Gloria!" he said as he opened his eyes. "What did you have to do to get him to help you? I don't think he'd have helped you do this on his own."

Gloria laughed, and her laughter began to grate on my nerves like fingernails down a chalkboard. "I told him that if he didn't help, that I'd just make sure I said something to you about him, something that would insure that you and he didn't see each other anymore. I told him that if he didn't do it, I'd get someone else, someone maybe less trustful, less caring about your safety tonight. You should be proud of him, he's doing this because he actually cares for you."

"You're a bitch, Gloria, you know that?" Chris snapped.

Gloria smirked, "Yeah. I know. But then, you're going to be the bitch tonight, baby. So we'll be even then, won't we?"

Chris growled and pulled on his restraints with all his might, causing the muscles in his arms, legs, chest and abs to contract and stand out magnificently against his skin. I watched as Gloria grabbed him roughly by the nuts again and began to squeeze them in her hand. Chris gasped and his body went instantly limp. As he squeezed his nuts, he began to breathe quickly and shallowly, almost hyperventilating from the pain.

"No more of that, or I'll make it so you'll be singing alto for the rest of your life?"

Chris moaned lightly and nodded as she released his testicles from her grip.

Gloria turned to me and nodded, sneering slightly. "OK. He's all yours, go to work."

I walked over to the bedside table and picked up the bottle of lube, then leaned over Chris's face, placing my lips next to his ear.

"I won't mind if you need to close your eyes to try to make a virtue of necessity, Chris." I whispered, then placed a light kiss on his neck below the ear. That feather light kiss brought forth a gasp from his lips and caused his whole body to shudder involuntarily. Apparently, Chris had an erogenous zone there. I tried not to smile as I filed that fact away for future reference.

Gloria's eyes widened at Chris' reaction and she laughed lightly, filling the relative silence of the room. "Wow! You are good!"

I looked at her and felt my eyes begin to lose their warmth, turning cold and unfriendly. "Sit down and shut it, Gloria. If I wanted color commentary, I'd have hired Howard Cosell."

Gloria sank slowly into the chair by the foot of the bed and she spread her legs wide, exposing the absence of underwear beneath her skirt. She watched, entranced, and began to finger herself as the action on the bed progressed. She was out of sight for me, and that's what was important. The last thing I'd need to see now is her fingering herself and getting off to me fucking her boyfriend. He and I would both wind up in therapy after this was all over, albeit for differing reasons.

I bent back down to Chris and began to lick a trail from his neck to his nipples, stopping there a while to nibble each one, until both were hard as pointy as pencil erasers. Chris began to groan and I was pleased to notice that he was enjoying the sensations without having to close his eyes and pretend it was someone else. I then began to move slowly down, trailing my tongue down his stomach and across the dip in his abs. Chris's breath caught and hissed slowly out as I ran my tongue around his bellybutton and down the trail of hair that led to his pubes. I pulled back and noticed that Chris was really responding to my stimulus. I reached over and grabbed a small bottle off the nightstand and popped the top off it. I squeezed a few drops of the liquid onto my index finger and spread the cream over Chris's nipples, rubbing it in well. He tensed up as I finished with both nipples and I placed the bottle back on the nightstand. I smiled down at him and then leaned over his chest, taking a deep breath and blowing a cool breath of air over each nipple.

Chris moaned and his chest bucked up off the bed. "Unnnngh! What the fuck is that?"

I smiled at him. "Trade secret."

I blew a few more times on his nipples and watched him writhe around on the bed, his chest bucking up and his breathing becoming ragged.

I moved back down to his lower regions, smiling lightly as I watched his dick throb, the tip slapping lightly against his abs. I ran a finger lightly down the length of it and was rewarded with a long, low moan as Chris's hips thrust upwards off the bed, as if trying to press his cock into my hand.

I grabbed Chris's ankle and unclipped the tie that held his ankle bound to the foot of the bed. I moved the fleece-lined restraint up from his ankle to the bend of his knee and then reattached it I pulled his leg up, bending it at the knee until the top of his thigh nearly touched his stomach. I reattached the restraint the to one of the two extra nylon ties at the top of the bed. I repeated that with the other leg. I saw Chris swallow loudly and nervously as I finished with the second leg, totally leaving his ass bare and open for me. Chris's eyes were wide as he turned his head, watching me as I reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of lubricant and one of the smaller toys.

I knelt between his legs and grabbed hold of his cock. He moaned as I dripped a long line of lubricant down the length of the shaft, then pulled it away from his stomach and began to slowly stroke it. As I stroked his cock with one hand, I used the other lightly run my fingers over his now-exposed rosebud. Chris tensed, then shuddered and began to moan louder with each touch.

I looked up into his eyes and was surprised to see the fear nearly gone from his face, replaced by a look of pure lust and need. I lowered my head over his cock and breathed on it, looking up to see his eyes widen.

"Do you want me to do this?"

Chris moaned and thrust his hips up, but I pulled my head back and asked again.

"Is this what you want, Chris?"

Chris nodded vigorously.

"I need to hear you say it, Chris." I said, running a finger over the head of his cock and watching him inhale sharply.

"I....I....I want you to." Chris stuttered quietly.

"Want me to what, Chris? Say it!" I smirked, running my thumb back and forth over the slit on his cock.

"I want you to...want you to suck me."

I smiled and trailed my tongue from the base of his cock to its head, then swirled it around the head a few times.

"Is that what you wanted Chris?" I said, teasing him.

Chris bit his lower lip, holding back a moan. "More." he whispered.

"More, Chris?" I said, making a mockery of the question.

"I want you to suck my dick! Don't lick it, suck it!" he said loudly.

I smiled, and then opened my mouth and took him in, bobbing rapidly up and down on his length and smiling as much as I could with his dick in my mouth when Chris cried out as the sensations overwhelmed him.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK YEAH! SUCK IT! OH FUCK!" Chris yelled, and I contemplated putting the gag back into his mouth probably not for the first time that night. I should have figured him to be a real screamer in the sack.

I continued to suck his dick, running my tongue around the head, and putting a twisting motion in to contemplate the up and down motion. It seemed to work. Chris was oozing pre-cum like a faucet and screaming and moaning at the top of his lungs.

Having his dick in my mouth freed up both hands and so I took advantage of that to poured a generous amount of lube onto my hand and let it warm up a little. I rubbed it along his rosebud, caressing and massaging it as I sucked him until I felt his dick begin to thicken slightly as he neared orgasm. I took his balls in one hand and pulled my mouth off his dick. Chris moaned in frustration, having been so close to release.

I watched and waited until Chris's penis lost some of its hardness and I reached onto the nightstand and took the leather snap cockring and fastened it snugly around his dick. The ring immediately began to do its job and the veins in his penis began to stand out dramatically. I used a little more lube to slicken up his cock and, with just a few strokes, stood proudly back at attention, fully erect.

I looked deep into Chris's eyes as I slowly put my index finger inside of him. He gasped as he felt the intruder and I felt his sphincter snap shut around it. I smiled at him and murmured, "Well, there's no debating that you're a virgin down here, eh? I think you're trying to amputate my finger at the knuckle with your sphincter muscle."

Chris's anxiety melted away for a little bit and he struggled not to smile.

Once he had become accustomed to one finger, I began pistoning in and out of his ass and slowly stroke Chris's dick. The dual stimulus were overwhelming and he was soon writhing in pleasure on the bed. Just as cautiously, I added a second finger to his ass, and Chris groaned, then his breath caught as the longer finger in his asshole nudged his prostate. Chris's eyes bulged as I ran my fingers back and forth over his prostate, the pressure of the strokes gently stimulating it.

"Oh! Fuck! What the hell is that?" he gasped.

I smiled, "That is the reason men willingly get fucked." I added a third finger and began to ring his prostate like a bell. Chris's gasps turned into whimpers of delight and soon his whole body was twitching as he lay grinding his ass onto my fingers. .

I watched as a glob of pre-cum oozed forth from the tip of his dick and I slowly began to remove my fingers one at a time. Chris whimpered as I pulled out the last finger from his asshole.

"Why the fuck don't you finish me?" he yelled, his face turning red.

"Are you in a hurry? Do you have somewhere to be?" I teased him.

"No. NO! It's not that at all. It's just that you don't have to stop. I can cum more than once in a night." Chris said, his face more red now from embarrassment than from anger.

I smiled at him and then picked up the vibrator from the nightstand. "Allright then. Let's go for round one, your first hands free orgasm."

Chris looked puzzled at my words and I dripped some lube on the tip of the slightly bent vibrator and slowly inserted it into his hole. Chris sighed as he felt it bump into his prostate.

"Feels good, huh?" I asked, knowing that what I was about to do would make it a whole lot better.

"Yeah." Chris nodded.

I switched the vibrator onto it's lowest setting and watched bemusedly as Chris's eyes nearly popped out their sockets. His body bowed upwards as a loud moan that bordered on a scream exited his mouth.


I watched Chris's dick throb and slap noisily against his stomach, oozing out a long puddle of pre-cum onto his abs as they crunched and uncrunched, trying in vain to thrust his pelvis upwards.

I looked into Chris's eyes and took hold of the vibrator, twisting it slightly inside of him a bit, just before turning it to it's next highest setting. Chris's eyes began to roll back in his head and he let loose a long invective, swearing loudly from the mind-blowing pleasure the toy was bringing to his prostate. I smiled and decided that I'd let him go long enough, so I reached down and switched it to max. Chris's entire body tensed up, every muscle pulling taut and rigid as the first wave of his orgasm fell upon him. I watched, stunned, as Chris's dick began to fire forth its first load of the night. The first two shots shooting far over his head, past the headboard and hitting the wall behind with a audible 'splat'. The next two shots hitting the headboard, and the last four covering his face and chest with thick, white pearly liquid. Chris nearly screamed as I grabbed his cock and began to slowly milk the last drops of cum out of it.

"Ughhh UGHHH! Sensitive! Ughh!"

"Quiet! Ride the wave of the pleasure. Let it wash over you, but not overwhelm you!" I kept stroking as Chris groaned and thrust upwards feebly, his eyes still rolled back in his head, showing only whites for more than a minute.

After I stopped stroking him, Chris watched as I slowly lapped up the cum off his chest, neck and cheeks. I smiled at him and then pressed my lips to his, surprised when my kiss was answered with great fervor, and I felt his tongue probing my mouth, gathering up the taste of his own seed.

I pulled back and watched Chris relax. I stood up and smiled down at him. "I have a bit of a surprise for you, Chris."

Chris groaned, "This whole thing isn't enough? What's next, an at-home vasectomy?"

I smiled, amused by his rather wry humor. Not many guys have the chutzpuh to crack a joke when they're naked and trussed up like a Thankgiving turkey. "No. Gloria's going to come over here and help you out now, for a while. I'm going to go get us all something to drink."

I turned and smiled at Gloria who looked a bit surprised at the announcement I had just made. I motioned her up and she walked to the bedside. I unhooked Chris's legs from the top of the bed, letting them fall freely to the ground. I grabbed her by the waist and told her to straddle Chris's face. I watched as Chris's cock leapt back to half erection as Gloria lowered herself down on his face. Gloria began to moan as Chris's tongue began to work in and out of her. I grabbed Gloria's wrists and secured them to the headboard, thus assuring that she wouldn't get up while I was getting us refreshments. As I got off the bed, I smiled and grabbed up a second smaller finger vibe from the nightstand, lubed it up, and then reached down and quickly inserted it into Gloria's asshole. This was about the closest I'd ever gotten to having sex with a woman, thought I doubt she appreciated the length I had just gone through in touching her naked form. Up to that point in my life, I'd have run screaming out to the sink to scrub my hand and arm with disinfectant soap and scalding hot water. Gloria began to protest the vibrator until I turned it on to its maximum setting. I made my way to the door and her complaints had vanished into a sea of whimpering and moaning as the vibrator and Chris's tongue worked their magic.

I nipped down to the kitchen and grabbed a few glasses from the cupboard, filling each with some Gatorade. I separated one glass, Chris's glass, from the others. I opened the cupboard and pulled out a prescription bottle and popped the cap. I took out one of the small blue pills and used a pill grinder to grind it up to a fine powder, then I dumped it into his glass and mixed it in. It dissolved instantly and I took all three glasses back up the stairs to the bedroom.

When I opened the bedroom door, I was met with what I believe was the last of a series of loud, orgasmic screams from Gloria. Her head was thrown back and her mouth was open wide and she was panting between yelps. I figure she was having an orgasm or she was having a heart attack. Not being a doctor, nor ever having had sex with women, I wouldn't have been able to tell either way, unless she dropped over dead.

I untied Gloria from the bed and gave her one of the unspiked glasses of Gatorade. As she toddled off to the bathroom, I took the spiked glass of Gatorade and put it on the nightstand, then grabbed a towel, wet it with some warm, soapy water and wiped Gloria's juices off Chris's face. I tried not to look as if seeing her juices on Chris's face iccked me out, but apparently something must have shown on my face because Chris was smiling and giggling as he watched me gingerly clean him up. I took the glass of Gatorade and tipped his head forward, allowing him to drink it all down. He smiled and thanked me for the drink. HA! If only he knew!

I looked at the alarm clock and noted the time, realizing that the Viagra I had just given him would take a little time to kick in, and then the night's entertainment would really start in earnest.

I slowly untied the tie of my long shorts and began to slowly pull them down, when I realized my captive audience of one was staring, showing an undeniable interest at what lay beneath my shorts. I made a show of slowly pulling my shorts down my legs and then step out of them as they puddled around my feet. Chris's eyes were locked onto to the bulge of my package so I smiled and grabbed hold of it through my jockeys. "See something you like?"

Chris blushed and looked away for a second. I smiled as I watched his eyes snap back to my crotch not a minute later.

"I think you do see something that's piqued your interest, haven't you, Chris? You want some of this?" I asked innocently, rubbing the cotton as it pressed over the long tube of my shaft.

Chris's face flushed a dark red and I smiled as I put a hand inside my underwear and wrapped my fingers around the length my semi-hard dick. Chris's breath hitched as he watched, unblinking at the outline of my fingers through the cotton as I began slowly running my fingers up and around the head of my cock. I moaned lightly and noted that Chris's erection was standing tall and throbbing full again. I got up on the bed and began to straddle his face. I came to rest just as the tip of my bulge lay just out of reach of his lips. I wasn't going to force this on him completely, I thought, if he wants this, he can stretch his neck a little to get it.

I looked down into Chris's eyes just before they closed and his head leaned forward, covering the short distance to my jockey covered cock. I gasped as Chris opened his mouth and began to slobber, lick and suck on the bulge nestled in my underwear, covering my cotton covered prick in the warm wash of his saliva.

"Oh...that's good Chris. Real good. You sure you've never done this before?" I said, smiling down at him at he noshed on my bone through the fabric. He mumbled into my crotch and shook his head slightly. I pulled up and felt his mouth pull away from the front of my now soaked underwear.

I grinned at Chris as he whimpered. "Wanna try it again, this time without the underwear?"

Chris nodded slowly and I pulled my underwear down and hooked it under my nuts, pulling the entire package forward and making it jut out more impressively.

Chris groaned as I slowly straddled his face once again, playfully taking my still slobbery cock and slapping him on the cheeks with it.

"Open wide, Chris." Chris opened his mouth wide, anxious for more of what he had just tasted.

"Good!" I smiled, "Now, stick out your tongue and say ahhhh!"

Chris, looking dubious, did as I asked, and groaned as I stroked my cock up and down the length of his tongue, depositing a long line of pre-cum as I did so. Chris's tongue disappeared back into his mouth and I smiled as I heard him tasting the fluid I had just deposited.

"How's that taste, dude?" I asked, reaching down and placing a hand at the back of his head, lifing it up a bit and putting a small pillow under it.

Chris smacked his lips lightly, "A little salty, a little sweet. I've tasted worse."

"Good" I said, pulling his head up so that my dick was lined up with his mouth. "Let's see how well you suck." I pushed the length of my cock into Chris's mouth, smiling as I felt him tense as it nudged the back of his throat. Chris looked up at me, his eyes wide.

"Well? Get on it, man. Suck it!" I said, more a command than a request. Chris's head began to pivot back and forth causing my cock to slide nearly out of his mouth, and then back almost the whole way in again. I closed my eyes and reached down to touch Chris's chest, running a hand across his meaty pec and slowly pinching and twisting his nipple. Chris's chest bucked up under me and he began to moan softly around my dick, the vibrations causing me to shake and moan myself. Chris's eyes twinkled then and I saw his head begin to bob on my cock faster and faster yet. I pulled out of his mouth just before he could pull me over the edge, then moved my pelvis up a bit further, placing my ballsac into his hot and waiting mouth.

For a guy who had limited experience sucking dick, Chris was doing an excellent job, rolling my balls slowly in his mouth, causing me to gasp and shiver in delight. I pulled my balls away from his mouth and he moaned.

"Cerebral bisexual, eh?" I smiled down at him as Glora giggled from her chair behind me at the foot of the bed. "I think you need to come out of the closet. Not many straight guys can suck dick like that."

Chris's face broke out into a sheepish grin. "I did tell you I tried this before, right?" I nodded at him and he continued, " Well...I didn't give up til I got it right with that guy."

That unexpected response made me laugh. "Lucky boy! Ever been fucked before tonight, though?"

Chris shook his head. "Huh-uh. Sucking is about as far as I got."

I nodded as I got up off his chest and slid off the bed and began refastening his legs to the headboard, smiling as his rock-hard dick slapped noisily off his abs. "If you've liked what we've done so far, who knows, you might really enjoy bottoming."

I reached over and grabbed the lube from the nightstand and squeezed a large dollop out onto my fingers in order to freshen Chris's hole up, fingering it slowly while he squirmed and moaned lightly at the intruding fingers. I knelt between his legs and positioned the tip of my dick at the entrance to his hole. I grabbed hold of his dick with one hand and slowly began to stroke him as I used the other hand to slowly guide my cock into his hole.

Chris groaned, grunting at the larger width of the new intruder. I slowly inched it in, a bit at a time, til finally my pubes butted up against his balls and I felt the front of my own nuts come to rest against his asscheeks. I sighed at the tightness of his hole and smiled as I heard Chris sigh in return.

"Well..you're no longer an anal virgin, eh Chris?"

I looked at him and smiled, then pulled back, til the head of my cock nearly came out of his ass, then slammed my hips forward quickly, tearing a gasp from Chris's throat."

"Oh! Oh! Oh Shit!" Chris gasped as I repeated the action and began to quicken my strokes on his cock. "Unngh! Oh, Yeah! Faster!"

I grinned and complied, ratcheting up the rhythm of my strokes, until Chris's moans and grunts turned into yips and yelps of pleasure.

"If..." Chris stuttered, momentarily left breathless from a particularly energetic stroke inwards. "If you don't slow down, I'm gonna cum again."

I smiled evilly and poured on the steam, pistoning in and out of his hole til sweat dripped down my chest and I began to feel a burning in my hips and abs from the repetitive motion. I smiled as I saw Chris's body looking nearly aglow in a sheet of perspiration, his lower abs nearly covered in a puddle of his pre-cum. Just as I thought my energy would give out, Chris's body tensed up, his arms, legs, abs and back flexing with enough power to literally lift him off the mattress as his cock, sliding wetly in my grasp, began to spew cum like a volcano. Chris screamed as his orgasm overtook him and I felt his ass clamp down on my cock like a vice. I groaned and let my load loose, coating his insides with my seed.

After Chris's asshole left loose of my now softening dick, I leaned forward and looked into Chris's eyes.

"OK?" I asked, looking to see how he had taken it. Chris nodded and leaned his head forward, pressing his lips against my own.

"Better than OK. That was un-fucking-believable!" he exclaimed, after the kiss.

I smiled and pulled back, grabbing the last toy from the nightstand and spreading a light amount of lube onto it and then opening up the controller to make sure that the batteries were present and working. I looked up to see Chris's face lined with concern.

"What the fuck is that?!?" he said, indicating the metallic anal probe. I smiled deviously at him.

"Hmmm...maybe I'll tell ya...maybe I won't." I teased, "I guarantee you'll get a charge out of it one way or the other."

Chris groaned, "But...I don't think I'll be able to...you know...get it going again."

I grinned and grabbed his still hard cock and gave it a few tugs.

"Um....how the fuck is that possible?!? This will be like....the third time...and it's not gone down yet."

I grinned and decided to mess with him a bit. "It's the gay sex thing. We can go all night and it doesn't go limp afterwards like with straight sex."

Chris looked stunned. "Really?!?"

I nodded and tried not to smile. It worked for only a few minutes before I broke up laughing.

"If you believe that, I also have some oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to sell you, too!"

Chris harrumphed and then nodded to his still hard dick. "But how?!"

I smiled at him and shook my head. "Trade secrets, buddy!"

Chris stuck out his lower lip and pouted until I pressed the metal probe into his asshole. I pushed it in the entire way and then moved him to the one side of the bed so that I could lay beside him. Chris watched intently as I took the controller and turned it on its lowest setting. Nothing happened.

"Um...I think that might be a bit too low...I don't feel anything." he said, apparently waiting for something to happen.

I nodded at him and then leaned over the side of his chest and took his nipple into my mouth and began to suck and nibble on it lightly. Chris's head dropped back and he moaned appreciatively. As I sucked and nibbled on his tit, I switched the controller over into my right hand and used my left to slowly begin to jerk him off again.

"Oh man...that feels so fuckin' good!" Chris hissed as I rubbed my fingers over the still lubricated head of his cock. "I can't believe I'm still fuckin' hard. This is so intense!"

'Not as intense as this will be.' I thought as I clicked the controller for the anal plug up a notch to its next level. Chris's eyes popped open wide and his body tensed up, arching his ass high off the bed as a deep gutteral moan exited forth from his mouth.

"UUuuuuuugghhhhh!" he groaned hoarsely, "Ohh...what.....what...is that? It's...ummmmmm....unnnnnnghhhh."

I grinned and pulled the power back down. "It's intense, huh?"

Chris nodded, his throat working hard, swallowing repeatedly. I pulled my head up, even with Chris's, still not relinquishing my grasp on his cock, and kissed him again below his ear, watching the reaction of the kiss break over him, causing his body to quiver and his dick to twitch and throb. I leaned in closely to his ear and began to whisper to him quietly as I increased the speed and intensity of the stroking of his cock. Chris's hips twitched slightly as he felt my hand corkscrew up his shaft.

"So Chris. You seem to like this, don't you? You like being the bitch, don't you? You do it like a fucking pro, man. You should give up chicks altogether the way you take getting fucked by guys, you're a born natural."

Chris began to breathe a bit harder, his cock hard, throbbing and dripping once more in my hand as I continued my dirty talk. I turned the controller back up a notch, taking note that he was currently on level 2 of 4.

Chris groaned as the machine began to do its magic inside of his guts. I leaned back down and escalated my oral ministrations on Chris's nipples, letting up only after both his nipples stood out, pinkish red; standing tall and proud like tiny little eraser caps. I smiled as Chris began to moan and thrust his hips forward once more. I leaned down and took his nipple into my mouth as I cranked up the level of the probe. Chris's hips shot forward, putting enough resistance on his restraints that the bedframe began to creak ominously.

I smiled as Chris's body convulsed, then slowly began to relax back to the prone position, "Feeling tingly, eh?

Chris's inhaled sharply, drawing in breath slowly through his teeth and creating a low hissing sound as he struggled to to regain control of himself. He took several deep breaths and felt the initial shock he had felt from the pulsating electric current that resides inside his ass begin to grow smaller and less intense.

I watched Chris pull himself back from a 3rd orgasm and smiled, leaning down and flicking my tongue across his npples, then kissing upwards to his neck and finally his lips. Chris moaned softly into my mouth and I grinned.

"You almost came again, didn't you?" I asked mischeviously, whispering the words into his ear.

He nodded. "That was so intense I thought that my nuts were gonna explode."

I grinned and licked my way down to Chris's cock, lapping at the trickle of pre-cum that dribbled down the shaft from the slit. Chris moaned as my mouth covered the head of his cock and my tongue began to swipe back and forth over his sensitive head.

I kept my mouth over his head for a while, lapping up his seemingly unending supply of pre-cum. I swabbed my tongue over the head of his dick once more before pushing the probe up to max and pulling my head up off his dick. My eyes widened in amazement as Chris's body spasmed upwards, the muscles in his chest, abs, arms clenching so hard that they looked like steel covered by skin. I saw his mouth opened in a silent scream just as his dick began to shoot a third enormous load up into the air. Four huge ribbons of cum splattered heavily on his chest and stomach. I turned off the plug and slowly popped it out of Chris's still-clenching hole, as he lay gasping, recovering from his third intense orgasm of the night. I popped the restraints off both his ankles, then licked the puddles of cum off his chest and popped the two on his wrists. As I did, I leaned over and kissed him lightly on the lips.

I heard rather than saw Gloria get up and sit down on the side of the bed. "How did it feel to be the bitch, Chris?"

Chris's eyes opened to slits and he glared at Gloria.

"Whether I enjoyed it or not doesn't excuse the fact that you drugged me and forced me to do this. I don't want to see you anymore, Gloria. Not just tonight or tomorrow, but for good.

Gloria smiled and shook her head, she leaned down and pecked Chris on the lips. "Ungrateful bastard. But watching you take it like the slutty bitch you are made losing you as a boyfriend worth it."

Chris lay quietly on the bed, angry and stunned at her duplicity. I looked down in his eyes and saw them begin to mist up, and made up my own mind.

I grabbed Gloria by the wrist and elbow, painfully pulling her up onto her tiptoes. She yelped as I toe-walked her down the hall and out to the front door.

"Hey! What the fuck is your problem!?" she yelled as I let her down to unlock the front door and open it.

"My problem? You've got to be kidding me?!? You can't possibly be that stupid!" I yelled back at her, watching her turn red in the face.

"But this is what you wanted, wasn't it. You wanted to fuck him....you got your wish!" Gloria smirked at me, her smugness making me sorely question my commitment to never hit a woman.

"No. You got your wish. What I got wasn't what I thought it would be, it wasn't really what I wanted..." I said as I opened the screen door.

"And what is that? Love?" Gloria sneered. " Oh! Forget it! He'd never love you...hell...he wouldn't have fucked you if he hadn't been tied down and desperate to try it already. You really are pathetic, you know that. The pair of you! I can't tell who is more pathetic, you for mooning after him, or him for deluding himself as long as he di---"

Her sentence was cut off as my hand, working in collusion with my arm against my brain's express wish to preserve my history of non-violence against women, slapped her hard across the face.

Gloria stood stunned, and thankfully silent. She held her hand to her face, covering up the red, multi-fingered shaped red welt that was rapidly forming.

"I think it's time you left. I'll call you a cab. Go walk to the entrance to the condo community and I'll have them pick you up there." I said, still shaking with anger and shocked that I had let it get the better of me.

I closed the door and walked back to the bedroom. Chris was pulling on his pants as I walked in.

"Um...I showed Gloria out."

Chris nodded and stood up, sliding into his shoes. "I heard. Um. I better...uh...I better head out too...it's late."

I nodded. "You're welcome to stay here in the guest room, if you don't feel up to driving."

Chris looked up and shook his head. "Uh...thanks...I just need to go somewhere....uh...somewhere not here."

"Yeah. OK. I understand." I said quietly, looking up at him. "Um....I guess...well...Goodbye Chris."

I turned and walked back down the hall and upstairs to the other bedroom. I sat down on the bed and scrunched my feet on the carpet. If you've ever seen the movie Die Hard, it's true that it's really quite relaxing to just sit and scrunch your toes through the fibers of a nice carpet. I stayed sitting long enough to hear the front door open and close again, then laid back on the pillows and turned off the light.

I saw Chris next, a few months later, when I foolishly decided to go out and have a few drinks. I had just picked up my second bourbon and ginger ale from the bar and taken a sip from it when I felt a press of bodies from behind me. I turned to get out of the way of the people behind me and came face to face with a shirtless Chris, deeply in liplock with a rather handsome looking guy. I stared for a second, then cleared my throat and moved around them. As I passed by, I felt Chris's hand on my crotch and I shook my head. I sighed as I stepped back away from them, and Chris opened his eyes and saw me. His face brightened for a second, then the crowd pressed in front of me and I lost sight of him. I suddenly realized that I had lost the desire to drink and I put my glass back on the bar and walked out the front exit of the bar.

Twenty minutes later, I sat down, burger and soda in hand, at the metal picnic table of a drive-up hamburger joint I often frequented when I went out to the bars. The place was a 5 minute walk from the bar and had really great, cheap food, which was the best if you were trying to eat something to sober up enough to get home, or were just in need of someplace quiet and away from the bars. I took a drink of my soda and looked at my burger, willing my appetite to come back. My stomach was still knotted from seeing Chris at the bar, and I wasn't even sure that I could keep down anything I ate.

"Ummm...if you're not gonna eat that burger, can I have it?" I heard a familiar voice say from behind me. I looked up and over my shoulder to see Chris standing there, smiling down at me. I didn't know what to say...so I pushed the hamburger down to the next seat at the table. Chris sat down and looked at me.

"Why did you leave the bar?" he asked, grabbing the burger and taking a bite out of it.

I shrugged and sighed, unsure of what to say while at the same time, trying not to get sick.

Chris smiled. "Is it the same reason you don't call me anymore?"

I just looked at him.

"Nobody told me that you had gone mute. Was it having sex with me? Was it so good that it turned you into a mute?" he said, grinning mischieviously.

I shook my head, "Nice to see that night didn't inflate your already swollen ego."

"Ahh....he does talk!" Chris said, jovially, then his face went sad and serious, "I....I really missed you. Why didn't you call?"

I just shook my head. "Because you don't need friends like me! Look where having friends like me got you!"

I got up and Chris grabbed my arm and pulled me back down. "Oh no! You just sit there! I'll tell you when you can move!" he growled. "How dare you?!? How dare you!?! Friends like you, indeed! If you hadn't agreed, she would have gone to someone else that I didn't trust as much as I trust you...someone who might have done something really bad to me, someone that might have screwed up my whole life by giving me a disease or something!"

I slammed my fist down on the table. "You are so stupid! I did it because I was jealous! JEALOUS! Not out of any noble aspirations! I did it because I looked up and saw you kissing some guy on the dancefloor and it pissed me off and made me jealous...because I've lusted after you from the start and you'd never shown me even the least little interest. If you think I did it with your best interests in mind, you're just fooling yourself. I did it because I wanted you! I wanted to make you want me, just that one time, in case I never got another chance, I wanted that one time!"

Chris looked at me as I got up and threw my drink in the trash and began walking back to where I parked the car. I had scarely gone a block before I heard rapid footsteps and felt an arm on my shoulder. "You say you want me like it's a bad thing! You didn't hear me complain, did you? Maybe what she got you to do to me is what it took to show me someone that hadn't been on my radar before then."

I looked at Chris and kept walking.

"Maybe that night, I wanted you to make me yours." he said from behind me. "Maybe I still do."

I turned and looked at Chris and he closed the distance between us and wrapped his arms around me tightly. .

"What about Gloria, or that guy at the bar you were playing tonsil hockey with...and what about your "Bi-ness?""

Chris snorted. "Gloria! You've got to be fuckin' kidding me! She's gone! The last time I saw her was that night when I drove past her, she was waiting for a taxi in by the road at the gates of your condo community.

"SHIT!" I said, giggling, "I totally forgot to call her a cab!"

Chris laughed. "I'm sure she got home OK. Thought that was a nasty handprint you left on her face."

I cringed, being reminded of my first episode of "hitting a girl" since I was a kid in grade school. "I couldn't help myself...she was saying some really hurtful things...it just happened."

Chris nodded, "I can imagine....I wanted to strangle her many times when we were together. As for that guy. He and I...were just kissing. I kiss some of the guys I dance with. I'm sure you remember."

I nodded as I realized that we had reached my car. I keyed the door unlocked and looked up at him. "Chris. I just don't know anything anymore. I just thought that when you left that night, that would be the last time I talked to you, maybe even the last time I saw you. This is a lot to digest."

Chris smiled. "Can I follow you home? I'm tired of missing you...of wanting you..and what you gave me that night. No one else has even come close since that night with you. I've never felt anything like what you gave me that night. Please?"

I looked at Chris and nodded, "Sure. I missed you too. It's like I've been mourning you since you left that night. I've really missed being around you."

Chris got into his car and followed me home that night, and has been there ever since. I sometimes ask him why he stays and each time he just smiles and tells me that he's finally gotten what he wanted and wouldn't be able to find it anywhere else. As for me, I still love to watch his eyes light up when I pull out the restraints. I thought he might cry the night that he accidentally snapped the ones we used that first night during a particularly rough session. I told him I'd get him a set of stronger ones before next time, and I smiled when I saw he had taken the broken restraints and put them in a box in his closet. He's such a sentamental softie.

Some stories end with the main characters (a couple, usually) living happily ever after. I can't promise that, but I can say that Chris and I were happy all the time we spent together, as friends and as lovers. And really, that's all that matters.