Air Shaft

Air Shaft

It wasn't much, just a single room efficiency apartment with a small bath, but it was enough.

Until Keri could get back on her feet, it would do. Of course, she'd never really get back on her feet, not her real feet at least. They were both gone now along with the rest of both legs just below her knees....

.She didn't remember all that much after arriving in the city at the end of the long ride from their home in southern Ohio for her freshman year on a volleyball scholarship...just some random foggy flashes...the scream of crumpling metal...the fire...the brightly lit operating room. It wasn't until later, almost five days later, that she learned even the sketchiest of details.

The room was dimly lit when she initially blinked awake, the soft beep of an unseen machine ringing in her ears. At first it was all she could do to keep her eyes open. When she tried to move her head, the beeping machine picked up in volume and blared incessantly. A moment later, a figure bent over her, the face blurred and unrecognized.

There, there, take it easy...don't try to move....”

What...where...what happened...?” Keri managed to croak, her tongue seemingly swollen, her throat extremely dry.

Here, take a small sip,” a woman said placing the tip of a straw between Keri's lips, “just a little for now.”

The first drops of water reaching her mouth told Keri how truly parched she was. She thirstily sucked at the straw, with some of the water dribbling on to her cheek and down over her chin.

That's enough for now,” the woman said softly, taking the straw away from Keri's dry lips and wiping away the excess with a tissue, “just rest some now.”

Keri wanted to ask for more but the room darkened around her as she drifted back to unconsciousness.

She next awakened to a glimmer of sunlight streaming in from a window off to one side. She tried to sit up but found she couldn't move any part of her body except her eyes.

Amy...Amy...she's waking up again,” a distantly familiar voice called out anxiously as a woman hovered over her.

As her eyes focused, Keri recognized her mother's younger sister peering down at her. A nurse, Amy presumably, rushed into the room and fiddled with something off to the side before placing her hand on Keri's forehead.

Aunt Katie?” Keri mumbled. “What...why are you...where is...?”

Her aunt hesitated a moment before saying anything, struggling to retain her composure.

There was an accident...a terrible accident,” Katie said softly, tears clearly welling up in her eyes, “you were badly hurt will recover...but....”

Katie's voiced trailed off as a tear rolled down her cheek to splash on Keri's hand. A terrible feeling of apprehension crept over Keri.


I'm so sorry,” Katie responded, her lips quivering as the tears streamed down her face, “they both died in the crash.”

Between bouts of crying, Katie explained their car was t-boned by a semi that ran a red light when an overworked, sleep deprived driver apparently nodded off. Keri's parents were killed instantly and she was only saved by two nearby pedestrians who dragged her from the crushed, burning car. As she finished that part of the story, Katie stopped for a moment and just looked sadly at Keri.

There's more,” she sighed taking Keri's hand in hers, “about your injuries....”

How bad?” Keri interrupted. “When can I get out of here?”

I'm...I'm so sorry,” Katie murmured again, “the doctors did everything they could...but there was just too much damage....”

What are you talking about?” Keri demanded frantically.

Your legs, Keri...they had to cut off both of your legs!” Katie blurted out and burst into tears again.

But I can feel my feet...they itch,” Keri cried out, stunned by what her aunt just said.

Her arms were restrained, with needles and tubes implanted in both, so she couldn't remove the sheet to see for herself. Keri's eyes pleaded with her aunt and after a moments hesitation, Katie pulled the sheet aside.

Keri stared in horror at the bandaged stumps that ended just below both of her knees. Then she just cried and cried and cried....

.So there she stood, resting her weight on the crutches under her arms, still not comfortable enough to walk or stand solely on the prosthesis with which she had been recently fitted. Marcella, the grandmotherly aide from the rehab hospital, fumbled with the lock for a few seconds before opening the door and stepping aside. Keri shuffled into the apartment that would be her home for the foreseeable future.

The hundred year old building two doors down the street from the rehab hospital had been recently totally renovated. In return for some incentives from the city, the owners included one handicap and wheelchair accessible unit on each floor, directly across from the elevator. With the help of the social worker at the rehab facility, Keri managed to get the one on the third floor of the five story building. A single large window in the main room, as well as a much smaller one with frosted glass in the bath, opened to a fifteen foot wide air shaft.

Do you need anything else?” Marcella asked as she put away some groceries.

No thanks, you have already done more than enough. Get going so you don't miss your bus.”

Marcella pushed the motorize wheelchair over to Keri, patted her softly on the shoulder and left. Keri immediately sat, anxious to remove the prosthesis that chafed the stumps of her legs. She smiled to herself recalling her first fitting.... how tall, before the accident?” the kindly technician with a closely cropped graying beard asked as he gently ran his hands over the inside of her knees and examined the still tender stumps of her legs.

5-10,” Keri responded wistfully.

Want to be that again?”

What do you mean?”

Do you want to stand 5-10 again?”

Well, I always kind of wanted to be six feet even, since I was always the tallest girl around anyway,” Keri answered with a sly smile.

We can do that,” he responded with a big grin and soft pat to the inside of her thigh, “no extra charge either....”

.Two weeks later, Keri sat in the wheelchair sipping the last of her wine, the empty dinner dishes stacked in the sink. She really wasn't old enough to buy wine yet but Marcella certainly was. Her parents always considered it most civilized to enjoy a glass with dinner. She had done so since she was a little girl.

She felt tears welling up in her eyes again. Her parents had been so excited about their planned excursion to see the fall foliage and visit a few well regarded bed and breakfasts and small country restaurants after dropping her at school. She sighed and opened her laptop to see an email waiting from her aunt.

Katie was Keri's sole living adult relative. She stayed at the hospital for as long as she could but the demands of her own three children under ten required her to return home on the West Coast. Before she left, she engaged the services of an attorney to take care of the many issues, financial and otherwise, that Keri faced.

Realizing they were on the hook for a massive settlement, the trucking company assumed all the costs of Keri's hospitalization and rehabilitation. They even agreed to purchase the house back in southern Ohio at full appraised price. The lawyer assured her she would not want for money in the future.

Her aunt's email detailed how the furniture, and other possessions at the old house Keri requested be saved, were packed and in storage with a moving company, ready to be sent to her when she was ready. Keri really did appreciate what Katie and others had done for her so far but she was lonely and somewhat depressed. Tomorrow would be another long day of painful rehabilitation.


She lay in her bed in the dark listening to the muffled sounds of the city coming in through the open window in the apartment. Just before drifting off to sleep, she thought she heard something vaguely familiar, a low undulating moan that grew to a loud shriek before fading to silence.

It took Keri a moment to realize when she often had heard such sounds before... and one last time the night before they left home. Whenever her mother and father were having sex, the sounds of her mother's moans and father's grunts carrying clearly through the thin walls of their old house.

Keri didn't have much experience with sex herself. She was a virgin if you didn't count the hairbrush handle or that time in the back of Eddie Alston's car when he put his hands down between her legs and slid his fingers inside her pussy slit through her panties.

She felt a familiar tingle between her legs, the same she always felt listening to her parent's cries of pleasure every time she heard them have sex. For the first time since that last night at home, Keri slipped her hand down over her belly, lightly touching the sensitive nub of her clit.

Her finger ran through the now tangled growth of her flaming red cunt hair. The long silky hair that stretched almost to the top of her ass, that she had cultivated since a little girl, was gone, shaved off to allow the doctors to stitch closed several gashes in her scalp. Now the hair on her head was matched by the short scraggly bush growing between her legs.

While in high school, she and the other volleyball players always kept their pussies shaved smooth, except Sherrie Richards who maintained a narrow strip of cunt hair just above her the three dumb football players she claimed to fuck regularly wouldn't get lost trying to find her pussy hole she always said.

Right then Keri needed to release the tension gripping her groin. She reached under her t-shirt and pinched one of her stiff pink nipples as she increased the pressure of the finger swirling inside her cotton panties around her throbbing clit. Every moan coming through the window added to the intense warmth growing between her legs until, with a sharp yelp of her own, a quick hard orgasm coursed through her body.

Keri clamped her thighs around her hand until the trembling that engulfed her body slowly faded away. She lay breathing raggedly for a few moments until she realized the sounds that precipitated her first orgasm in a long time had also ceased. She fell asleep with her fingers still resting between the moist folds of her pussy.

The next morning, she awoke to the lingering scent of her own sex and touch of crusty cunt hair between her legs. Maybe she was finally recovering, recalling with growing arousal the self induced pleasure of the night before and how much she missed regularly cumming on her own fingers as she had for all of her teenage years.

The climax she rubbed from her cunt right then was even stronger than the night before.

Even at the most torturous moments during her rehab session that day, her thoughts kept drifting back to the anonymous sounds of the woman having sex and the pleasure she enjoyed on her own hand as she listened. By the time she got to the showers, her panties were soaked with more than the sweat from her exertions throughout the day.

After dinner that night, even lathering the stumps of her legs with lotion to alleviate the chafing from the prosthesis aroused her. She sat in her wheelchair next to the window in the darkened apartment, wearing only a thin t-shirt, hoping to get a glimpse of the woman or couple that so excited her the night before. Of course, she had no idea if she would be able to see anyone given the limited field of vision from her window or even if whoever they were would pick up where they left off.

From her window, Keri had a direct line of sight into the apartment directly across from hers, as well as the ones on either side of that. She couldn't see much in the ones to the sides of those, and practically nothing in the ones on the floors above and below her own. Not that it mattered much since drapes or blinds were drawn closed on all of them and a light indicating anyone was even home only glowed in one at the end. Right then there just wasn't anything to see.

Keri held her breath and sat as quietly as she could manage, hoping to at least hear the woman again like the night before. What was she doing? Was she alone or was someone else touching her, licking her, fucking her?

The memory of those moans reverberated in her head. Her nipple stiffened between two fingers, sending a twinge to her hairy groin. She spread the folds of her pussy lips with two fingers, pulling back on the fleshy hood encasing her throbbing clitoris. In the dark, she couldn't see the moist pink gash framed by her flaming red pubic hair, but she could feel the first drops of her wetness oozing down across her anus.

Her breathing became ragged. She forgot all about staying quiet to listen as the next touch on the hard nub of her clit sent an electric like shock throughout her body. Her back arched and her entire body tensed. She couldn't rub her clit, or pinch her nipple, hard enough as the orgasm surged through her body like a giant rogue wave crashing on a beach, washing everything away in its path.

She woke up still sitting in her wheelchair by the window, the first hints of the gray morning light peeking down the air shaft. The aroma of her own sex again wafted up from the hair topping her pussy, still sticky with her dried juices. She brought her fingers to her nose, deeply inhaling the sensuous scent as she fingered herself to yet another quick, sharp climax.

Keri didn't bother with a shower before getting dressed and going to rehab. She liked the idea of her crusty cunt hair filling her panties and brushing against her mound all day.


And so it went, day after day. She spent most of her waking hours learning to walk on her new legs. Every night she would sit by the window, hoping to see or hear the woman who once awakened her with sensual moans. She would sometimes get so aroused in anticipation, she would masturbate to a sloppy orgasm. Most times she would then put herself to bed but occasionally slept in the wheelchair.

As she edged herself to yet another not quite satisfying orgasm late one evening, a light snapped on for the first time in the apartment off to her right. She stopped with her finger splitting her wet slit, the tip of her clit throbbing against her finger.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then a man in his early thirties she recognized from occasional encounters in the elevator threw open the drapes and raised the tall window as high as it would go.

He stood for a few seconds, taking in the air. His eyes darted back and forth around the air shaft, apparently searching for any prying eyes. Obviously satisfied after a few minutes, he stripped off his shirt, let it fall to the floor and unbuckled his belt. His jeans soon followed the shirt and he stood there in just tight black briefs, made even more snug by the obvious lump between his legs.

The man was no more than twenty five feet away from her as he rubbed the palm of his right hand over the growing bulge several times. With a final look around the air shaft, he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of his underwear and pulled them down over his knees.

Keri's breath caught in her throat. She had no experience with the male member. The time Eddie Alston fingered her, she rubbed the hump in his crotch until he yelped and a wet stain seeped through the fabric of his jeans. She had watched a few porn videos during sleepovers in high school but she had no real world idea about, or experience with, a man's cock.

When the guy took his stiffening dick in his hand and stroked it slowly a couple of times, Keri pressed her fingertip into her own wet pussy hole, the well-known warm prickling growing in her groin. Then he turned around and bent over to open a laptop on the coffee table, his half hard dick and hefty ball sac dangling between his legs beneath his puckered asshole. Keri's pussy twitched against her finger and she pinched one of her erect nipples with her free hand.

Sitting on his couch a few moments later, the guy leaned forward to enter something into the laptop's keyboard then settled back, stroking his cock in one hand and pinching his own nipples with the other. While she couldn't see the screen, Keri imagined he was watching porn...maybe of a woman...a redhead like herself perhaps...riding a cock...her tits flopping wildly as she groaned one orgasm after another while a thick dick plunged deep into her cunt.

Keri pulled her hand away from her pussy, pausing the orgasm threatening to explode from her cunt at any second. She wanted to see what the guy would do clearly. After all, this was the very first time she ever watched a guy jerk off in person.

When his strokes became faster, Keri resumed gently swirling her fingers around her pulsating clit. She didn't know if he was close to cumming but she sure was and she had no intention of stopping this time.

After a couple of more minutes, his body tensed, his legs stretching out as his thighs began to tremble. His fist became a blur stroking his cock until his back arched, his face turned a bright red. Spurt after spurt of creamy white sperm shot on to his chest and belly.

As he collapsed back into the sofa with droplets of his jism dripping down over his sides, Keri massaged her own pussy furiously. When her orgasm began, she bit into the back of her hand to keep from crying out. By the time she was done, the guy got up and stepped to the window, pausing a moment with his now flaccid dick swinging between his thighs before pulling the drapes closed.

Keri sat in a puddle of her own juices on the seat of the wheelchair wondering how it would feel to have a hard cock plunge into her pussy, to experience warm sticky cum shooting inside her cunt before dripping down her inner thighs, to taste warm jism covering her tongue and oozing down her throat. She fingered herself to yet another orgasm before pulling herself into bed and letting sleep take her away.

The next morning, before leaving for her daily torture session laughingly called rehab, she went online and found a variety of sex toys. She ordered a vibrator that looked to be about the same size and shape as the cock of the guy from across the air shaft. Keri wanted that toy buried inside her pussy the next time she surreptitiously watched him jerk off.

Over the next couple of weeks, she secretly observed him from time to time although there didn't seem to be any set schedule. She learned to time her orgasms with the vibrator deep in her pussy to when his cum shot over his hand and belly. It was better than just using her fingers but still left her frustrated and wanting.


Shortly after she watched him cum on his hand again and fingered herself to another climax with the vibrator buried in here pussy, Keri heard the moans again...the sensuous groans of a woman having an orgasm. To her left, there was a dim light from the bath barely illuminating a bed where a woman was riding up and down on a man's hips.

The light was too low to make out much detail, but Keri could see the woman's head was thrown back as she thrashed her hips, her tits flopping about wildly. Keri's pussy clenched even before her finger found her pulsing clit.

Keri's orgasm flooded her body as she watched the woman eagerly impale herself on that dick. Then the woman rolled to her side and got on her knees with her face buried in the sheets. The man crawled up behind her, the outline of his rigid cock silhouetted in the dim light for just a few seconds before he plunged back into the woman's cunt.

His grunts grew louder. Keri matched the pace of his cock ramming into the woman with the speed with which she jammed her vibrator in and out of her own pussy. One orgasm after another surged through Keri's cunt, spreading out through her entire body like the ripples following a stone being thrown into a pond...more like one stone after another in a seemingly unending series of waves.

Finally, the man stiffened and pulled the woman's hips against him even harder, grunting loudly. Keri could only imagine how that felt...warm sticky jism shooting into the woman's pussy...filling her pounding cunt...drizzling down the inside of her thighs. He collapsed on top of her back and rolled to his side. They cuddled together for a few minutes before the woman got up and turned off the light in the bathroom, throwing the room into total darkness. Keri sat staring at the darkened window until she began to nod off to sleep herself.


A month or so later, she returned home early from rehab in the middle of the afternoon. By then she used a wheeled walker instead of crutches for support as she moved.

When she approached the elevator, two woman already stood there talking quietly. One was about her own age, with short cropped black hair and an athletic body inside her jeans and frilly blouse. The other was somewhat older, perhaps her mid forties, with shoulder length brown hair and dressed in casual business attire.

The door opened and the younger one smiled at Keri and held it while the other woman pressed the third floor button. They let Keri exit first then walked down the hall toward the other side of the building chatting happily while she let herself into her apartment.

Keri didn't think much else about them as she sat on her bed spreading soothing lotion over her chafed stumps, wondering when her legs would finally become accustomed to the prosthesis. She didn't hold out much hope....

“….so how's the weather up there?” the kindly prosthetic tech chuckled as Keri shambled into the exam room.

Seriously?” she responded with a giggle. “Clear enough through the clouds I can see you lost even more hair from the top of your head!”

Ouch, I should have made you five feet tall...not six!” he laughed then leaned against the wall with his arms crossed before continuing. “Still having some adjustment problems? You know the drill, walk back and forth a couple of times.”

Keri did as he asked as he observed her closely.

OK, OK, that's enough, hop up on the table and take them off,” he said after she made three passes.

As Keri undid the straps, he stepped in front of her.

You're still swinging your legs around, the left more than the right, instead of striding forward. That's what's causing the chafing on the stumps. Lay back and let me take a look.”

She pulled her running shorts up as far as she could and laid back on her elbows. Ever so gently he reached up and pulled the stump sock down over her right knee, his fingertips brushing softly over her upper thigh. Keri shivered and squirmed a little, an unexpected jolt of pleasure rising up her inner thigh. He looked up questioningly.

Tickles,” she hurriedly explained.

He intently examined the stump for a moment and made an adjustment to the soft inner lining of that artificial leg then repeated the action for the left. When he was satisfied, he lathered some ointment over the sore red spots.

Now lie flat, raise and spread your legs so I can see what's going on with the straps.” he said quietly.

Keri needed straps since both legs were amputated too close to the knee to allow other attachment alternatives. Since the accident, she had been poked and prodded and examined by so many people in so many ways in so many places she didn't think anything about his request.

She felt his fingertips tenderly pressing against the sore spots on her thighs, while spreading and raising them even further. When she looked up, his eyes were locked on her crotch while he continued to knead her leg.

It took her a moment to realize how exposed her pussy was to him, her flaming red cunt hair peeking out from under her white cotton panties. As he moved her leg even more, she could feel the gusset of those panties pull to the side, giving him a clear view of pink flesh on the inside of her pussy slit.

The very idea that he was leering at her that way turned her on. She wondered if he saw the droplet of her juices that seeped down down through her cunt hair. Was his dick hard? Would he go home and jerk off thinking about her pussy? Could an old man in his late forties like him even jerk off anymore?

The moment passed. He let go of her legs and made some adjustment to the straps while she pulled the stump socks back up over her thigh. While he was turned away, she quickly ran a finger over the outside of her panties, feeling the growing damp spot.

That night, she fucked herself with her vibrator, imagining it to be the old man with his scrubs pulled down around his ankles....

.A sudden sharp yelp came through the open window from the air shaft. Through the sheer fabric of her window coverings, she saw some movement directly across the way. Keri crawled into her wheelchair, rolled close to the window and cautiously looked through the opening between the panels.

The two women from the elevator stood in a passionate embrace barely twenty feet from Keri. They either didn't notice or didn't care that their window was open and the breeze blew the curtain aside until it snagged on something off to one side, giving Keri an unobstructed view of the entire room.

They were kissing and groping each other furiously, each tearing at the others clothing until both wore only lacy panties. The older woman bent forward, sucking the others nipples into her mouth even as her hand slipped under the waistband of the younger woman's silky panties. Her knuckles stretched out the satiny material while sliding up and down in the younger woman's pussy slit.

The younger woman threw her head back and let out a loud groan. She fell backward on to the bed as the older woman pulled and tugged at those panties until they slipped down over her ankles. She looked up grinning broadly as the older woman stood over her, looking down at the girl's smooth bare pussy for a moment before pulling down her own thong and kneeling to lick the younger one's swollen pussy lips.

Keri's cunt twitched and she could feel her own wetness dripping down over her upper thigh. She leaned closer to the curtains, trying to get a better look without being seen herself. The younger woman gripped the others hair in both hands and pulled her face into her pussy as she writhed and moaned on the bed, unaware or not caring that she was being really loud.

Then it dawned on Keri...she was probably the only other person home at this time of day...and those two women knew it.

Her clit throbbed demanding attention but Keri wasn't sure if it was because she might be caught looking at them or they wanted her to watch her climax surged through her body...she didn't care.

The two women changed places, with the younger one fingering and licking the older one's hairy cunt. The older woman loudly groaned then shrieked as her orgasm flooded her body, her pussy juices splashing on the younger woman's face before her legs clamped around the younger woman's head. By then, Keri was fucking herself furiously with her vibrator while rubbing her engorged clit.

By the time Keri came down from her own orgasmic highs, the two women were cuddling together on their bed, apparently spent themselves. The older woman got up and moved out of Keri's line of sight. The younger one stood and stretched her body before walking over to the open window. She cupped her tits with both her hands, looked directly at Keri and smiled before pulling the curtains closed.

Keri turned the vibrator still inside her pussy back on high.


It was a week or so before Keri next saw the young woman. She was leaving especially early one morning to take care of a few errands before rehab. The elevator door opened and the young woman almost bumped into her as she exited, apparently just coming home.

Oh excuse me,” she said stepping to the side and holding out her hand to keep Keri from falling. “I wasn't paying attention.”

No problem, I shouldn't have been standing so close to the door,” Keri responded, the touch on her elbow sending a pleasant shiver through her body.

The young woman seemed to look Keri over intently, her eyes roaming unabashedly up and down Keri's body. For her part, Keri looked at the young woman's loose fitting blouse and tight jeans and envisioned her ample tits with the dark brown nipples and her bare smooth pussy. With a wry smile, the young woman removed her hand from Keri's elbow.

Maybe I'll see you around again sometime,” the young woman murmured.

Damn, I wish I had an ass like that,” Keri thought to herself as she watched the young woman go down the corridor until she disappeared around the corner.


About a year after the accident, Keri realized it was time for her to move on. She made a last visit to the prosthetic technician for a final fitting of several new sets of appliances, one very utilitarian for every day use, one dressier that mimicked actual legs and one for running.

She made a point of wearing a skirt with a lacy thong underneath and no bra, knowing full well that when she lay on the exam table and he pushed her thighs apart, the thong would ride up in her pussy slit and her red cunt hair would spill out around the edges of the fabric.

His eyebrow crooked upward and he smiled when she walked in wearing the skirt. After chatting briefly, she climbed on the exam table removed the prosthesis she was using and let him gently fondle her thighs. It did seem his fingers moved closer than ever to her pussy and lingered there. She didn't mind at all, relishing the rising red flush of his face as he undoubtedly saw the wet stain growing in the thin fabric pulled up tightly between the puffy folds of her pussy lips.

Even in his scrubs, she could see the bulge between his legs when she got off the table and straightened her skirt. Before leaving, she leaned over and kissed him lightly on the top of his balding head, giving him an unimpeded view down her loose blouse at her erect pink nipples capping her plump tits. When she got home, she treated herself to a long slow orgasm, picturing the old man jerking himself off thinking about her until his cum gushed over his fingers. She really wished she could see that in person.

She enrolled in the university to pick up where her life left off. To avoid a long commute, she decided to give up her apartment and find another closer to the school, one large enough to house the stuff she still had stored back with the singular most important must have amenity for her air shaft.


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