(Dec '96 Issue)


If you take Highway 1 out of San Francisco, through Pacifica and Half Moon Bay, you'll see a large orange flag at the entrance to a parking lot, just before you reach the San Gregorio State Beach entrance. Pull in there, pay your modest parking fee, climb down the path to the ocean, and you'll find a beautiful stretch of beach that is only accessible from the state beach at very low tide. I used to stop there for an hour or so when I was driving all over the area ads a service engineer.

The place is so popular with gays from San Francisco that it's often called Cock Sucker Beach. While the sun is usually quite warm, there is often a fair breeze that blows sand around rather briskly. Over the years little walls have been built of the rubble that collects at the base of the cliffs. The little rooms that are formed looked a bit like an Anasazi ruin, but they provide both protection from being sand-blasted and a modicum of privacy. As waves knock down the walls, they are quickly rebuilt.

I kept my job for a while after I moved into the commune, and occasionally someone would ride around with me while I was working. When she wasn't busy with her classes at UCSF or dancing in the club out on North Beach, Amy liked to travel around with me. She was considerably younger, in her early twenties, we spent a lot of nights together. In our group, we weren't overly concerned with the common hang-ups about age, color, and gender. If we liked each other, we got together.

We'd stopped at a couple of the nude beaches down nearer Santa Cruz -- Ben Lomond and Red, White & Blue -- but Amy noticed the orange flag and asked about it. When I told her that it was mostly frequented by gay men, she really wanted to go. Sex had been so totally taboo in here very religious home, that she felt she had to learn everything there was to know. So far she hadn't found anything she didn't like. She liked both men and women, both singly and in groups, and wasn't averse to a little B&D or S&M.

I took a day of vacation so we could we could really enjoy ourselves and spend more than just an hour or so. Amy wore a loose top so that her breasts would be inconspicuous until we got settled on the beach. Covered up she looked a lot like a very pretty young boy I had in tow. Her short hair made it even easier. We carried along a cooler with some beer, a jug of wine and fruit and cheese to nibble on during the afternoon.

After we cruised the length of the beach once, we found one of the "rooms" and settles down. We undressed and spread tanning oil on each other, then Amy lay face down on our blanket while I popped a beer and settled down to read The Advocate and a book of sexy stories. We hadn't been there very long when guys started cruising by to see what action was available. I heard several comments about what a cute butt the "guy" on the blanket had, or wondering if "those two were available." Not too much later, a really gorgeous young man stopped to chat and I offered him a beer or some wine.

He opted for the wine and sat on the low wall near me, but kept an eye on the sexy hunk asleep on the blanket. Soon his toe was running up my leg, and when I returned the pressure, he asked what I'd think of a threesome. I said that I wasn't sure, but thought that my friend would participate if we got started in something interesting. He moved and sat on the blanket between Amy and me and leaned over to kiss me and rub my thigh with his hand.

I returned the kiss and leaned over to put an arm around him; then we eased down so we were lying along side Amy on the blanket. Amy wiggled down a bit, and still lying on her stomach, brought a hand up onto his chest to play with his nipples. Seeing this, I moved even closer in front of our new friend and lay across him to block his view of Amy.

Amy got up on her elbows and kissed her way down from his nipples to his penis and started sucking on him with her legs spread and her butt beautiful in the sunlight. I straddled his chest with my legs and rubbed the tip of my cock on his lips, and he put his hands on my butt to pull me forward so he could lick and suck my balls. He was soon very excited and eagerly took my cock in his mouth and down his throat.

When I felt him almost ready to come, I looked around to see how Amy was doing and realized that we had another player. A young dude had come in and was fucking Amy in the ass while she was sucking our first friend. The view put me over the edge, and I could hold back any longer; my cum came in spurts just as he was unloading his into Amy's mouth.

I kissed my juices from his face while Amy continued sucking an licking his cock and balls until she moaned loudly in her own orgasm, and the contractions of her anus made her other lover come too. When Amy rolled over to ask for a beer and a joint, both of the guys were astonished. One said, "Wow, a girl; I've never done it with a girl before." The other admitted that he had, but that Amy's "ass was much nicer and tighter."

We all sat around an chatting a bit and discussed our deception. In the end Amy and I admitted that it wasn't quite fair, but they also agreed that they had enjoyed themselves and that they would have missed a good time without the deception and hoped that she would come back again.