Nearly Real Cock and a First-Time Suck

What happens when a hot-blooded, primarily-hetero, handsome, middle-aged guy with increasingly hardcore cock fantasies finally gets the opportunity to suck a dick? What would it be like, inside his head? And how about the fellow who gives him the experience he craves, fulfills the cum-dreams he's been jacking off to for so long?

I wrote the story below in two styles. Every few paragraphs the perspective changes, easy to follow through the use of italics. I wrote the story because I'm the sexy man who jacks off while thinking about sucking an enthusiastic dick, and watching videos of cum shots. But it was fun getting inside the head of the fine fellow who, in this story, enjoys showing me exactly what it means to be the object of someone else's lust, and the specific, personal target of his orgasm. So this is two stories in one. Here we go:


I've been looking for the right likeable, clean, intelligent, trustworthy guy for a long time, and today I'm finally with another man, with the doors closed on the real world outside. My fantasy is finally coming true. We met on a chat list, and then in person for coffee, and we hit it off immediately. I confess, the whole time we were getting to know each other a little and talking over coffee, I kept wondering what his cock would look like. Big? I hoped so. But more important, I hope it would be hard. Enthusiastic.

We understood each other quickly, and I'm glad we didn't waste any time getting back here. A couple of shots of good whisky...okay, more like four, but it helped me relax... a couple of tokes on a brass pipe, glad he had some... and now I find myself so excited I am actually shaking. Nervous. God, this is really happening.

In the bedroom at his house he just said "Trust me" as he hugged me, and I did, I felt safe. I have a feeling for good hearted, trustworthy people, and I know this man is one, and I know I am, too, so I relax and hope that we are both naked soon.

He takes his shirt off but leaves his pants on, then he undresses me. Wow, I am naked. Feels vulnerable, being naked in the company of a man who is not, but I realize that I like it.

He sits me in a large, overstuffed chair facing the bed, and then stands before me. I am as horny as I can ever remember being. Now here he stands dressed only in jeans while I am completely exposed, and as I watch him looking at all of me, I want him to like what he sees. It's nice to be appreciated. I spread my naked legs apart and feel my cock swell slightly, and yeah, I want him to watch, for that makes me hot. Guess I'm something of an exhibitionist, and I know I'm not hard on the eyes, so I show him my secrets and my dick gets harder.

He has a nice roundish belly, not in perfect shape, but then, neither am I, but neither of us is sloppy, either. Anyway, his cock is what's important to me, and I can't wait to see it. I like that he is a bit on the hairy side, but not to the extreme. The soft, dark hair climbs upwards on his belly and to his chest. Mmm, how different. Very masculine. I have very little body hair. Oh my God. He is looking at me, up and down, and unzipping his pants. Oh, man, I am going to see his dick. So exciting, and I can't take my eyes off, watching his jeans open up on top and then he pulls them slowly downward, and shows me. He likes me watching. Mmm.


So I met this guy on the list, and I liked his cock pictures and his profile description, seemed open and honest and real horny. Said he wants to know what spurting cum feels and tastes like. He is obviously clean, good looking and intelligent, and it occurred to me that yeah, I'd like to meet him, guess I could relate to where he's coming from, I remember when I was first getting into sex with other men. In fact, it'd be fun to show him exactly what he's been jacking off and thinking about. We met, connected, and I brought him to my house. We had a couple of drinks to loosen up, and now I have him naked and sitting in my favorite chair. Look at that, very hot.

I stand in front of his chair and watch his face as I open my pants. I love the look on his face. Fascination? Yeah, but more intense. Desire? Yes, that's more like it. Man, this guy is horny, I'd call him more than "bi-curious." His dick is growing in short, swelling throbs, and my pants aren't even off yet.

We picked a good day for this, for sure, because I've been on a business trip with associates, and I haven't had any privacy for almost two weeks. I've got an intense need myself, as well as a huge load built up, and David here has no idea what he's in for. It's making me hard just thinking about it. I gotta get out of these pants.


I can't take my eyes off his body, this big man pulling his pants off right here in front of me while I sit naked and vulnerable and willing. As he pulls them down, his cock pops out, and damn, it's just what I've been dying to see. Oh my god, it's not even half hard yet, but look how thick it is, and heavy. I love the soft fur going up his round belly. Beautiful balls, they look kinda tight. And wow, that amazing dick, the kind I always think about when I'm jacking off.

He seems to like showing me. He spreads his legs slightly and lets me look all I want, and he watches my face, then glances down between my legs at my growing cock. He reaches down and gently takes hold of his dick and raises it up for me to see. It makes me moan almost involuntarily -- what a beautiful, erotic, forbidden sight. I draw my knees up slightly in the chair, and allow my own dick to get hard as a rock so that he'll know that showing me his cock is what did it. I like showing him what he's doing to me, and he begins to stroke himself, long and slow, enjoying the fact that he is turning me on. My body is an all over warm blush, and my dick is standing straight up, while my eyes are taking him in.


Wow, nice to be naked and horny in front of David here. Look how fucking hot he is, man he wasn't kidding, this guy really wants to experience cock. OK, guy, here's what you wanted, take a good look.

I reach down and hold my dick up so he can see it. It is swelling more by the second, and yeah, I really like how this is going. His big, cut dick is getting hard while he sits in my chair and eats me alive with his eyes. Here, then, look at this. His eyes widen as he sees how serious my dick is. I love it.


He takes a step closer to me and begins stroking his cock in front of my eyes. I think he likes showing off, and I don't blame him, what a nice, thick dick he has. My eyes focus on the head, swollen and beautiful, wonderful curves that I can already imagine circling with my tongue. It is so engorged, it almost looks shiny. I see the slit in the end, and realize that before this is over, cum will be squirting out from right there.

Oh man, his dick is full hard now, and he lets it go from his hand. He stands with his furry legs spread on the floor and shows me, aiming his big cock right at me, and then he flexes it. I am stroking my own dick and I can tell he enjoys what he's doing to me and for me, and that's just what I've been needing and hoping for. Damn, did I find the right man or what?

Suddenly I fully realize what it feels like, the wonderful, erotic, satisfying sensation of making another man's dick hard with desire. This man's cock is hard because of what he wants to do to me, and for me, and with me, and he likes showing me just what that means. The realization is ecstasy. I watch him stroking his dick slowly, pointing the head of it to me, and my mouth falls open a bit. I hope he considers it some sort of invitation, because that's exactly what it was. I just gotta get that beautiful thing in my mouth.

Yes, of course he realizes. He stands right before me, removes his hand from his thick, curved, big-headed dick, and with his hips, presents the very tip of it to my lips. I am so hot, my teeth are vibrating. When I look at this big, swollen cock, I am dying to feel it. I open my mouth and for the first time in many years, and the very first time with overwhelming desire, I take the head of another man's dick into my mouth. The head of it seems to fill me.


Wow, this is fun. Got this beautiful naked man in my chair, letting me be the exhibitionist I have always been, and here I am making him go crazy, just standing here playing with my dick. Here, bud, take a nice, long look. I let go of it so he can appreciate just how thick and hard and serious it is, this dick of mine. When I flex it, it stands up hard between my legs. Hm, that's fun, watching him watch me. Yep, I am so going to enjoy this.

I step up closer to him, and he spreads his knees apart in the chair, pulling on his own smooth cock. He has a nice dick, thick and with a very fine shape. Probably just as hard now as it has ever been, fucker is really turned on. And he likes showing it to me. Sure, man, I like watching you, go ahead, spread your legs and show me that dick. He is staring at this big dick of mine and is actually opening his mouth a little. Think he's trying to tell me something.

OK, fine, here ya go, bud, start making your discoveries. I'm thinking, "And while you do, be very aware the whole time that there's going to be no changing your mind. Before it's over, this big cock you is going to squirt cum into your mouth." I chuckle to myself...he has no idea how much cum I am going to pour into that mouth he just opened for me. Now let me in...

I step closer and put the end of my hard, curved dick up to his mouth and touch his lips with it, just the slightest brush with the swollen tip. He moans, and suddenly I feel the warmth of his mouth wrap around the head of my dick. Fuck. Didn't have to ask him twice, that's for sure.


I want him in my mouth, and it's clear that's what he wants, too. How exciting, making him hard like this. I think I know what he's thinking. His dick is touching my lips, and the aroma of his sex is musky and masculine and erotic, even intoxicating. Thick. Masterful. Serious fucking tool. This is such a forbidden experience, I think to myself. My friends must never find out. But right now, the real world is locked outside closed doors, and in this secret room, with this fine, hairy, naked man, one of my fantasies is coming true. My dick has a mind and a life of its own. I rub it, find his cockhead with my open mouth, and suddenly it is in me. Oh my God. It feels wonderful. Alive.

Wow. This dick head is hard and swollen and tight, but soft and warm as fine silk at the same time. How can that be? Instinctively, I suppose, my tongue circles it, round and round. I feel the fine curves on the top and on the mysterious underside, and enjoy the feeling of sucking on it gently. I feel it swell slightly, and I realize that he is flexing it in my mouth, and wanting me to feel it. Thank you, man, do that some more. I suck a little harder, and find the slit with the tip of my tongue, and try to intrude it into him a little, sliding the tip of my tongue up into him. He likes it. His dickhead swells again, and now there is a wet, salty slickness on the end, just a tiny taste, but it thrills me to realize what it is. This is cum. I concentrate on the taste of it, the experience of it, for just a moment, then I want to suck more of his length into my mouth.


Damn, that feels good, man. This guy told me that he is married and loves pussy, figure that's true, there's certainly nothing fem about him. He said he'd had his dick sucked by guys when he was a young fellow and could make a few bucks that way, and that he even sucked a cock before, but it was so long ago he can barely remember. He also said he didn't have a clue what it was all about back then, so the experience wasn't what it should have been, and now he wants to do it for real. So here we are, with my dick in his mouth.

Mmm, love the feel of that warm, wet, inexperienced mouth on my dick. Love that it's my dick he finally gets to suck. Kinda like being with a virgin in a way, I guess, I dunno, watching him get more and more turned on and then surrender to it. He doesn't realize yet how much I'm going to LOVE pumping that wondering, curious mouth full of cum. Hey, he's the one who said he wanted to find out what it's like. Heh. I'm gonna get off showing him.

Not yet, tho. Suck away, buddy. Have fun, I know just what it's like, been there, done that. I'm watching him nursing on my dick and I gotta say, man, it's really kinda beautiful. His eyes are closed, my cock in his mouth, that's intense, man. I flex my dick and he sucks harder. He takes it out of his mouth and puts just the very tip between his lips, and I feel his tongue exploring, trying to get into my slit. When a drop of cum escapes, he moans when he realizes what it is, and uses his tongue to swirl it all over my dickhead. Nice job, man, he's getting the hang of this quickly.

Oh yeah, that's it. Damn, look at his hard dick in his hand. Bi curious my ass, he's loving it, and so far, he's only felt the head of my big dick, what's he going to do with more? I think it's time to find out.

"Here, suck some more." I actually say it out loud, and reinforce my meaning by pushing my cock deeper into his mouth. Damned if he didn't moan when I told him to suck it, I think maybe he wants me to talk dirty. I give that theory a test.

"Open up and suck my dick." I actually feel him surrender to that concept when he hears me speak the words, makes me so fucking hard. He sucks me deeper, lips wrapped around my thick shaft, and I figure that's about as deep as he can manage without gagging. He goes up and down, sucking and moaning, but he's going to need a lot of practice before he's ready to take it all.

I push him back into his chair, straddle with my knees on the padded arms of the chair, and then fuck his mouth, long and slowly, in and out, as deeply as I think he can handle. His eyes are closed, and I want him to know he is getting fucked in the mouth by a guy who really likes doing that to him. So I tell him while I show him.


I can't believe I am sitting here naked in this chair, stroking my dick, with this beautiful man putting his dick into my mouth and obviously enjoying it. It is so fine and hard and soft and warm. I nurse on it, sucking harder, then more gently. Oh God, he did it again, he made the head swell up in my mouth. I moan to let him know I love that feeling, and then I take the head of his dick out of my mouth and put my lips around just the end of it. I suck, and see if I can get the tip of my tongue into the big slit. I manage, just a little, and suddenly I can taste cum, just a drop, slick and a tiny bit salty. With my tongue I swirl it over the head of his dick, then go back to sucking on it.

Just as I decide I want more of his dick in my mouth, he tells me, not unkindly, "Here, open up and suck my dick," and he pushes it into my mouth with his hips. Oh man, what a wonderful sensation, feeling this big cock sink itself into my mouth, and I loved hearing him spell it out, damn that turned me on. His cock goes all the way to the back of my mouth, and I wonder how some people can deep throat a big cock, for I can only seem to get about half of his in my mouth. He doesn't seem to mind, this fucking dick is hard, man. I go up and down on it slowly with my lips wrapped tightly around the shaft, taking it in as deep as I can, catching my breath when it comes out.

Suddenly, my new friend is not standing on the floor in front of the chair anymore, but straddling me, his knees on the arms and his cock and balls presented right to my face. I play with his balls and put his dick back into my mouth, but instead of me sucking him, I realize that now he is actually fucking me. As deeply as he can, but with consideration for my limited experience. I only gag once or twice. The rest is just pure, dreamy, erotic dicksucking.

I put my hands up to wrap gently around the shaft of his dick as it goes in and out of my mouth to give my jaws some relief, I suppose, and he lets me do that, but continuing to fuck me long and slow and deep. The taste of cum is all over, and I almost swoon each time I feel a little more salty warmth flowing gently out of his dick and into my mouth. Fuck, this is so unbelievably erotic. It takes me far beyond any reality I have ever known. I realize that much of why I love what he's doing to me is because he is loving what he's doing to me. How fine, to be the object of such pure, hard-dicked animal desire. Yin and yang. Wow. Fuck me, man.


It's time. His jaws are going to wear out and get tired, and I need to come before that happens. Don't want to dilute the experience for him. I want him to feel it all. I take my dick out of his mouth, let him rest a moment. He seems glad and sorry at the same time. I take his hands and arms, and gently pull them up over his head to the high back of the padded chair and hold them there. I rearrange my knees on the arms of the chair, straddling him purposefully. And then I tell him how it's going to be.

"Get ready. You can't touch me with your hands, I've got your hands and not letting them go. This is just between your mouth and my dick. I'm going to cum, and I'm going to do it with purposeful intent. So you want to know what it feels like? Now you're going to find out."

Holding his hands firmly over his head, I put my throbbing dick up to his lips, and feel him open up and swallow as much of it as he can. He's getting good at this, and I push myself in and out, a little more rapidly than before. That old familiar feeling begins to boil up in my groin, but this...damn, this is going to be special.

My nuts are hard, my dick is swollen, and his mouth is purest, hungry joy. I am fixing to cum..."Oh God, here you go, guy, here's what it's like to have a man cum for you and in you." I speak aloud, letting him know what I am fixing to do, and then I do it.

There's nothing casual about this orgasm. I don't just pour cum this time. No, this time I squirt it, I spurt it, with pure, sexual, explosive intent, deep into his curious, horny mouth. I make sure he feels it all. I make sure he understands. I rejoice in seeing him feel, and taste, and completely experience what it means to be the object of someone's purest sexual intent, and the target of his spurting, shuddering climax. I cum in his mouth like I haven't cum in a long, long time, and when I'm done, I look down and see his cum-soaked chin and chest, I am satisfied that I helped him achieve his goal. Serious hard cock sex? Hey, that's what he wanted, right? My pleasure.

Obviously his pleasure, too. He holds my semi rigid cock in his mouth, almost the whole thing now, and he sucks it gently while he beats off in the chair, under me and between my spread legs. I feel him sucking harder, milking more cum from me. He thrashes in the chair and when he comes, he squirts it all the way up to my balls. I feel it running down my upper inner thighs, spurt after spurt of liquid warmth. Damn, that feels nice. What an orgasm he just had, and best of all, it was with the taste of my cum still hot in his mouth.


He holds my hands up over my head on the back of the chair, not too tightly but with authority. He arranges himself solidly in front of me, his legs spread out on the two arms of the chair, his dick hard and pointing up to my mouth. And then he tells me he's going to cum into me. Oh man, yes, do that. Show me.

And then his dick is in my mouth, and he's fucking me again and I surrender to it. His thick dick, in and out, again and again, sometimes deeper, sometimes not. The thing is tight as a drumhead, the veins on the sides are thick and heavy, and his nuts look as hard as walnuts. I fucking melt in the chair, man. I completely surrender to this fine guy fucking me in the mouth. He talks dirty to me, tells me what he is fixing to do, and then I feel it start. Oh God, he's going to do it, this is going to be...

Suddenly my mouth is filled with cum. Air escapes around the shaft of his cock where my lips are wrapped, displaced by the great amounts of cum he is shooting. I was going to simply hold it in my mouth until he finished so I could get a sense of what a load of cum was like, but no, this is too much. I keep swallowing, and his dick keeps spurting. Cum runs down my chin and onto my chest. I am almost in a swoon, the object of this beautiful dick spurting into my mouth. He is making sure I understand, making sure I take it very personally. Oh God, do I ever. Finally it is over, and he heaves a satisfied sigh, and I swallow the last spurt or two of his hot cum.

Still tasting it, I do my best to shoot all the way up to his balls, I want to soak him with it so he can feel what he's done for me. Not sure if I reach his balls with my cumshot or not, but the thought of what had just happened, and the taste of another man's cum in my mouth, gives me one of the hardest orgasms I've ever had. There is cum everywhere.


Saying goodbye, my new friend thanked me for helping him achieve this long-held fantasy. I told him sure, I had a lot of fun, too. Kidding, I asked if he had any other unfulfilled fantasies. He told me he'd played with a long, slim dildo before, and that he liked that a lot and had found himself, lately, casually wondering about the real thing.

"I couldn't manage yours," he continued, "but I can visualize the perfect cock for that. Long, curved, slim, and hard as a steel rod. "Ha," he added, pretending to be joking, "maybe I should try a threesome sometime."

I informed him that I happen toI have a friend who'd love to play with us together. I swear his eyes got a little wider, and his skin flushed. I expect I'll be seeing him soon.