Essalen Holiday

A group of us from the GROK FLOK took an Easter Rebirthing Seminar at the Essalen Institute one year. Our friends, Kevin and Karla shared a meeting room floor with several others, but Erika paid for the privacy of a separate room. Essalen is a New Age growth facility overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the Big Sur Mountains of California. The food is all vegetarian, and they don't allow drugs of any kind, including tobacco and alcohol. Clothing is always optional and is usually left in your room on arrival. The intent is that leave your day-to-day cares with your clothing and you get high on life and what you are doing.

Much of the weekend was spent in communications exercises that focused on the inner self and rejuvenation. Between the facilitated exercise sessions, we had breaks to spend in the hot tubs and for massage. The facility has a natural hot spring that has long been used for recreation, health, and spiritual purposes. The local Essalen Indians used them long before we came to the area. In the early 1900s, it was made into a health resort and a row of concrete tubs was built to allow soaking. Water comes from the springs at about 130F and cools a bit as it flows along an open channel to the tubs. The tubs are separated into two rooms, which at one time were to segregate men and women, but with the advent of Essalen Institute, they are designate areas for talking and silence.

The hot tubs are located on the face of a cliff 50 or so feet below the main facility and 150 or 200 feet above the ocean. While there is a roof over the tubs themselves, there is an open area with massage tables between the tubs and the outer wall. The tubs and massage tables are available to guests at any time during the day or night and non-guests may pay a tub-use fee between midnight and six AM. The weather along the Big Sur coast varies over a wide range -- from crystal clear to extremely dense fog.

On a clear, moonless night you see a sky virtually filled with stars, with intensely dark spaces in between. When it is foggy, you tub or massage in a misty cloud and know that others are with you only by their touch or the sounds they make. Combined with the roar of the surf below, the tubs, and the massage can provide a euphoria that alcohol and pot don't even approach.

Erika and I went down one evening to relax in the tubs and exchange a massage before going to bed. The area was crowded, but that is a part of the fun. With ten or more people in a 6' x 8' tub, you are all close together and naturally talk and touch. A short distance away, there will be several people massaging each person on one of the tables. Lila had struck up a friendship with one of the men in our meditation group, and he joined us in the tubs. When one of the tables became free, we offered him a massage.

Both Erika and I had taken several classes of Essalen-style massage, and we coordinated out efforts very well. While massage is always very sensuous, it is not usually intended to be overtly sexual. Still, many people, both men and women, get very turned on by the intimate touching. Out guest was no exception and soon had such a visible erection that Lila asked if he would like to return to our room. On our way through the big living room Karla and Kevin were happily entertaining the rest of the dorm sleepers with their vigorous lovemaking.

Joe was a little shy about being with a couple, so we turned the room lights off so that the moonlight streaming in the window gave only a very soft illumination. We lay on the bed with Lila in the middle and he quickly began sucking on a nipple and stroking her stomach and thighs. I held back a bit to let him get comfortable with situation before doing much beyond kissing Lila's face and her other breast.

Though in her mid-fifties, Lila always lubricated quickly and copiously and soon guided his hard cock into her warm, wet vagina while he lay along side her. I started sucking on her nipples, but she pushed my head down so I could lick and suck her clit while our friend's cock vigorously explored her vagina. He would occasionally slip out and his cock would slide up Erika's vulva for me to get a taste of it too.

Erika reached out for my cock and pulled me around so she could suck on me while I was licking her, but carefully avoided bringing me to orgasm. Our friend soon came with a gushing that oozed out around his cock, and he was a bit shocked when I eagerly licked up their combined juices.

Though he was considerably younger than either Erika or me, Joe went limp rather quickly. Erika usually likes at least two guys when she's really horny, and for once I had a really good hard-on. Joe lay along side her while l licked the rest of his come off her thighs and vulva. Then she turned around so she could suck on his cock while I fucked her from behind and reach around to rub her clitoris with a finger.

Despite his shyness, Erika's sucking while he watched me slowly fuck her from behind, Joe was soon hard again and ready for another round. I didn't want to come yet so I pulled my cock out of Erika's cunt and started fingering her anus. I knew she'd like to be the filling for a sex sandwich, and the way she opened right up assured me that I was right.

She moved up so she could straddle Joe's head and let him lick her while I got his cock ready to enter her pussy. I slowly stroked Joe's cock for a bit, and the sucked on it to get it good and moist. He soon had an impressive erection, so I lay along side them and gently stroked it till Erika was ready.

When Erika moved down and settled onto Joe's cock, I lubricated my own with a glob of K-Y jelly and got behind her. She leaned forward so her ass-hole was at the right angle for me to enter. I used my fingers and more of the K-Y jelly to make sure she was still open and ready, then rubbed the head of my cock around the outside so she'd open up even more.

Once I was in place, I could feel Joe's cock rubbing against mine as he thrust up from underneath. The constant rubbing of her clitoris and the combined pressures of our two cocks inside her soon gave Lila several orgasms. The contractions of her vagina and anus made Joe and I come almost together, and we all three lay together exhausted.

Finally, Joe mumbled that he never had an experience like that before; he'd never had anything but straight sex in the missionary position. Tonight he'd broken more conventions than he knew existed. Then he headed back to his own sleeping area, and Erika and I cuddled together and were soon asleep.

©1997 Brad Millar

The story above is essentially true; In the early 70s, I did belong to a "human potential" group and did give workshops in Essalen style massage. A group of us did visit Essalen for a weekend, and the lady I was with and I did entertain a rather shy gentleman we had met in the tubs. I have changed the names for obvious reasons. I'd appreciate your comments or reactions and can be reached at