Anne and I had belonged to Alternate Lifestyles several years earlier, but hadn't been active for a long time. When we heard that their annual conference was to be held nearby, we decided to renew our membership and acquaintances.

One of the more interesting events scheduled was an erotic costume ball. Anne has always been a bit of an exhibitionist, so we decided to make an event of it. She invited a couple of friends, Teri and Leah, to join us as a slave trader and his slaves. When they heard Anne's kooky scenario for the ball, they avidly agreed.

The three women created harem outfits of batiste -- bottoms, tied at the waist and gathered at the ankles, with boleros tied over their breasts. With this very sheer material, the effect was start-lingly erotic. I was to wear a similar pair of loose pants and fashioned a penis-handled quirt to "punish" them when they were disobedient. We made reservations at the hotel so we wouldn't have to appear on the street in costume and could be creative in our outfits.

The four of shared a suite with two bedrooms and connecting sitting room and bath. Each of the bedrooms had a king-sized bed. The sitting room had its own entrance and a wet bar (which we stocked with a good selection drinks), and a queen-sized hide-a-bed. This arrangement allowed us privacy if we wanted it, while still making it easy for conviviality. The conference was on a holiday weekend and the ball wasn't until Sunday, but there was a Friday night get-together and various symposia on Saturday and Sunday.

The opening party on Friday night was fairly small, but we did meet a few old friends and a couple who became friends over the weekend. When the party ended at ten, we invited Ken and Kris--old friends from our earlier swinging days--to our suite to check out a videotape and have a nightcap. We were watching Three Daughters when Teri and Leah brought in two new friends, Jacqui and Marion. Jacqui is a stunning blond, about 35, who teaches Shakespeare at UCSC. She was raised in a village in Northern Scotland and speaks with a decided brogue. Marion is a huge black man from Jamaca who looks as if he ought to play football, but who teaches abstract math at San Jose State.

After getting drinks, Leah suggested that Teri and their new friends adjourn to their room. A shortly later, I got up to go to the bathroom. When I returned, Anne and Kris sat on either side of Ken, stroking him with one hand and themselves with the other. I suggested that we might enjoy ourselves more comfortably if we moved the VCR into the bedroom. I had left the doors to the connecting bath open and we were soon adding our joyous noises to the ones coming the other room.

During the day on Saturday we attended various symposia on sexual health and relationships. A game of "Trivial Unsuit" was scheduled for 9PM. Anne set it up with Jacqui and Marion for us to be a team of four. The game is played similar to the better known game and we ended up with five teams. The differences are that in "Unsuit" a game master asks a somewhat different set of questions and a team member loses an item of clothing if they can't answer their question. To limit the playing time, each player was limited to three items of apparel.

The game was a lot of fun and we found that Marion was even more gorgeous naked than with his clothes on. He's about 6'2" and 190#, with beautiful, almost shiny skin. Like many blonde men have red beards, Jacqui has a magnificent thatch of thick, red pubic hair. She stands about 5'8" with long legs, narrow hips, and small firm breasts with lovely large nipples. We gladly accepted an invitation to their suite after the game. Because it was only a few doors down the hall, we wore only our robes and carried the few other items we had.

Once there, we doffed our robes while Marion mixed a big batch of Margaritas. Then we all sat on the king sized bed getting better acquainted. Soon, Jacqui's long fingers were stroking my cock while Anne tasted the smoothness of Marion's skin. Anne moaned with delight as Marion took a mouthful of margarita and placed it on her nipple. Soon Anne's legs parted as Marion stroked her belly and she took his cock in her hand.

Jacqui sucked my nipples while rubbing my cock and balls, then left a trail of kisses down my belly to kiss them. She ran her tongue just behind the head and into the opening of my cock until I was almost ready to come. I moved to transfer the attention to her and to delay an eruption. Starting at her toes, I kissed and sucked my way up legs and tummy until I reached her lovely breasts. Her nipples are very sensitive and she came from having my tongue circle them. I moved back to her neglected pussy to find her swollen clitoris pushing out of her vulva. It was like a small cock about an inch long, waiting to be sucked.

After several more orgasms, Jacqui pushed me back onto the bed and mounted me so I could watch my cock slide in and out of her from behind. Anne was straddling Marion, grinding his huge cock into her cunt. As we were all about to come again, Anne and Jacqui hugged each other and pressed their tits together. Afterwards, we all collapsed in exhaustion.

On Sunday there were more symposia, a vibrator demonstration, a talk about masturbation, and booths selling books, etc. The high light was the Exotic/Erotic Ball that evening. The idea was to "dress out" a sexual fantasy and have fun. Marion and Jacaui came as Othello and Desdaemona. We went as a slave trader and his slaves. Totally without prior planning on our part, Ken Kris came as a Roman Centurian and his lady. Another couple were Caligula and Agripinna and there was an Hellene Archon with his Nubian slave girl.

Because of the general similarity of our costume themes, we were asked to stage a "slave auction" while the band took an intermission. I led my group of slaves onto the podium to display their wares. With loosened boleros, they turned to show off their breasts better. Caligula wanted a closer look at Anne. He inspected her small, firm breasts and bare pubic mound and quickly "bought" her as a present for Agripinna. The Centurian took the tiny, exotic Teri. Leah captivated the Archon--she has very white skin, large breasts and thick black pubic hair that stretches down her thighs and in a line up her navel. We finally agreed on a donation to the SIG education fund and the Nubian girl for me in exchange. We won a special prize for the largest coordinated group theme.

When the ball broke up about 1:00 AM the whole group headed for our suite; two beds and a couch for twelve people, but we were all very friendly. Anne and Kris headed for one bedroom with Caligula and Agripinna; Teri took Jacqui, Marion, and Ken into the other; while the Nubian and I shared the sitting room with Leah and the Archon.

I ordered the two slaves to entertain us all while we enjoyed a rest and a drink. To the music of Scheharazade, the Nubian slowly raised her chiton to reveal her milk chocolate skin with dark chocolate aureole and thick black pubic hair. Leah had one hand rubbing her breasts under her bolero and the other rubbing through her sheer harem pants. The Nubian removed Leah's bolero, and as she kissed her breasts, pulled her pants down so that Leah could step out of them. Leah pulled the Nubian back up to kiss her lips and press their breasts together. Hands pressed between thighs to feel moist vulvas and the two dropped to the floor. Soon, faces replaced hands, and the two women quickly reached orgasms

I felt the Hellene's hand drop onto my thigh as we watched our slaves' performance. He was a tall blond with deep blue eyes and wore a short chiton with a purple border denoting royal status. My hand crept under his chiton to find a tumescent penis. He leaned over to lick my nipples and loosened the drawstring of my thin pants so he could stroke my cock. We removed our garments and called the two slaves to join us.

After moistening our now erect penises with their saliva, the Nubian stood and took my hand to close around the Archon's shaft, while Leah held the Archon's hand around my cock. They soon had us gently rubbing each other, while they fingered our nipples and rubbed their breasts against our backs. Somehow they maneuvered us onto the open hide-a-bed so that we were lying in the 69-position.

Still lying behind us, they urged us to take each other in our mouths. Soon, I felt a moist finger began gently rubbing my anus and perineum. This caused me to involuntarily tighten up, but continued gentle rubbing allowed me to relax. As the ministrations to my cock and ass increased in tempo, I relaxed even more and I suddenly felt the finger deep inside me. After a minute or two I came with a mighty orgasm and could feel my anus clamp down on the finger. Shortly after that, the Hellene also came and we all relaxed

We dozed off in each other's arms in an exhausted, but satisfied sleep. We were awakened later by the people form the bedrooms, and all went down to the hotel restaurant for a brunch replete with champagne, fresh oysters, and caviar, along with other delicious viands to refresh use for the workshops and discussions of the day.

©1995 Brad Millar

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