My wife and I have been together for 5 years now and have been married for a year. We met in a small Midwestern town in Wisconsin where I was living at the time and she has followed me around ever since. Thinking back when we first me, I didn't think we would ever end up being married, but everything was so good it was hard to let go. I wouldn't say that we were a perfect couple… no body is, but we handled each other well. We fit with each other well in ever aspect of life, personality wise, what we were looking from each other and of course sexually. I can say, and she would definitely agree, we always find ways to make sex interesting and fun no matter where the place is.

I (Dan) am in my mid 30's mixed race, tall at about 6'00, athletic but not ripped. I am one of those who would rather be involved in outdoor activity or playing a good game of something rather than be pumping iron. I have been sexually active from a very young age and in college (which was not far from home) I had the chance to experiment with guys. You see, my girlfriend in college (Julie) at the time was, unknown to me a slut and a bisexual, not that I really cared. After we started to have sex, she saw how much I was into it (and according to her knew what I was doing), introduced me to her girlfriend (Sam). I didn't believe it at first, but one day she made out with Sam to "prove me wrong" and oh boy that got me excited. Later that month Julie, Sam, and I met at Julie's place while her parents were not home. Unknown to me, Sam had a boyfriend (Sid) who was invited over. I really didn't care. Unknown to me, Sid was bi as well and later that day was when I tasted cock for the first time and liked it but not as much as I like pussy. Over the years, I have enjoyed both cock and pussy and something I have done with my wife Jane as well.

Jane is in her mid 30's. She is your typical Midwesterner, Caucasian, gorgeous tall at 5'11 brown hair, cute perky titis and an awesome smooth body to die for and a face you want to see while you fuck her, be it with your cock or a strap on. She is an easy cummer, but to make her cum really hard takes some exploring and I can say that over the years I have done a lot of exploring and I just love to hear her moan with those hard orgasms regardless of who is making her cum. When I met her, she had a hairy pussy and less than a couple of weeks I asked her if she had ever shaved her pussy (which surprisingly she never had). She took the hint and has had a smooth shaved pussy ever since.

Jane is what you may call a lady in the streets but for sure a slut in bed. Sex has always been very important for me and relationships without good sex have never gone anywhere. I guess one of the reasons we were so perfect for each other is because the sex between us is great! I have never been the one to follow the rules of dating, so we talked about sex a lot right off the bat. I wanted to know what she liked, what she had done and what made her click so that I could keep her happy. She didn't open up much initially, she was afraid I would get jealous or something. It has taken me a while to get her to open up, and now we are quite open about sex, our experiences, and needless to say, when she talks about her past it turns me on a whole lot and boy does she get wet thinking of me going down on a guy or riding a guy like I ride her wearing my favorite strap-on. At the beginning of our relationship, I was not open to her about my bisexuality and initially she was threatened by it, thinking I was going to leave her for another guy. It's taken a while, but she sees that guys for me is more to have fun than a relationship and that has made her enjoy it so much that all she thinks about when she vibrates is me and another guy.

For now, I am going to go into a little more detail about my slut I love so much. You see, the first porn she ever watched by accident (or so she says) was a girl on girl action. She tried masturbation on her self and loved cumming and the pleasure it brought her and has been doing it ever since. She prefers a vibrator stimulating her clit, rather than a dildo in her pussy. She has to cum at least once a day, and at times when I am too tired from work or away, she has a nice little toy to play with, which was a Christmas gift from me.

The first time she ever tried cock was with her high school boyfriend, when she was 15. She said that she researched how to be a good cocksucker on the Internet. She would call him over while her parents were out grocery shopping and suck him in her bedroom till he came. His was the first cum she ever tasted and she loved the taste of cum. In college, she had great grades by day and a cock-sucking slut by night. She had some guys she played with regularly and some as a one-time deal. Some she would call over to her dorm, some would call her over and like a good girl, she would willingly oblige. She is yet to tell me how many cocks she sucked in college, she says she doesn't remember, but I think she does. I can't wait to hear about it when she finally feels ready to whisper that in my ear as we are fucking in bed. She has mentioned however, that she loves sucking cock and would always swallow because she loved cum so much. She would always read about how to suck cock and now she knows that she is a good cocksucker and proud of it! To be honest with you, the times that I have seen her suck cock, I have been so hard and turned on watching a guy moan and enjoy her mouth and at times even grab her head and hair and face fuck her. Jane a natural submissive enjoys that very much.

Jane didn't really fuck in college till later and has fucked a bit before she met me. The one she really enjoyed was a married guy she had an affair with while in NYC. She said that his dick was not really that big but he knew how to eat her and fuck her. It was with him that Jane experimented in anal and according to her, the first time she was ever fucked in the ass, he said, " You are not suppose to enjoy it so much".  One thing that came to me as a surprise when Jane and I were getting to know each other early in our relationship was that although she enjoyed girl on girl porn very much (oh yhea, she enjoys porn as much as I do and I love it!) she had never been with a girl, and that even since she was so open to trying new things sexually, she had never had anything more than a conventional male female sex. I am proud to say that I have managed to change that, and recently, I even got it out of her that she has enjoyed playing with a woman and eating pussy. This is big since she always claimed that she was straight and played with women for me, but I never really believed that since each time we had played with a couple we face was buried so deep between another woman's legs that I could hardly see her mouth.

Since her confession, I'm pleased to say that we are both bi and that we enjoy playing with bi sexual people, be it guys, girls and/or couples. Over the years, we have noticed that a real bi guy; be it single bi guy or a bi guy in a couple is really hard to find. Most bi guys are only "Orally Bi" and needless to say that single guys will suck anything to get their dick in a pussy. As a bi guy, I enjoy doing everything with another guy, right from kissing to sucking and fucking and those kind of bi guys are really hard to find. I know, because I use to be a single bi guy and whenever I have played with a bi male couple as a single guy, the response I have received was always "Wow, you really are bi and not looking to just fuck my wife".

So that is our introduction and look for our sexual adventures in the coming months one at a time. If you have any comments or suggestions, do write to us. For that rare and real bi couple looking for someone like us, you've found us!