Bad Girl - Episode 1 "Blow"

Written by: CJ Ames (



Jody came in from school about 2 O'clock and met her Mom (Barbara) at the back door. Her mother had
a very serious look on her face. She stood in front of the screen door so her daughter couldn't get
through. Forcing her to stop and glare at her mother.

"What?" Jody asked and trying hard to control her anger.

"I know what you did at school" Barbara said with a slight smirk coming across face.

"So fucking what?" Jody asked and pushing her way past her mom and into the house and preparing
to run up the stairs before she noticed someone standing in front of the stairs. It was a
police officer.

"Hold it right there young lady" The tall black officer said.

"Who the hell are you?" Jody asked glaring at him too.

"I'm here to make sure you keep your appointment with the therapist" He replied, "Jody you know you have to be there."

"Look I told you once coon I'm not going to see no fuckin head shrinker" She screamed at
the officer. Then turning to her mother who was standing at the door looking apologetic and
very annoyed to the point of snapping.

"And if you think you're gonna make me go your fucking crazy too old women" She said to
her mother, "Cause we both know you can't make me."

"No but I can" The officer said, "and if you wanna fight me on this there's a nice bed
waiting for you at juvenile hall."

"So what I'll get to see my friends again, better than staying here" Jody told the officer.

"Ok fine then right after you're done with the therapist I'll take you uptown to the Juvenile
detention center" The Officer said.

"Fine just take her now I'm tired of the constant abuse, don't bring her back" Jody's mother said turning and
walking out the back door.

"Come on let's go Jody" The Officer said.

"Fine, what the fuck ever" She replied giving in and deciding it may be best for her to soften her approach
before she did end up in Juvey, "just one second."

"Jody" The Officer said warning her with his eyes not to try anything stupid.

Jody walked to the back door and looked back at the officer making sure he was watching
her. She leaned out and saw her mother taking down the clothes from the line and gossiping
with old Ms. Hadaway from the next house over.

"Bye Mommy I Love You" Jody putting on her best smile and waving to Ms. Hadaway, "I'm
off to see the nut doctor now. I'll bring you some walnuts home."

Her mother shot her an evil look before muttering a goodbye and turning back to
her gossiping with the neighbor. Ms. Hadaway waved at Jody as she ducked back in the house
and followed the Officer out the front door.

"You gotta a nice ass" She told him as they walked down the front lawn and got into the
patrol car, "What's your name?"

"It's Officer Muldoon" He replied, "and it's not proper for someone so young to be making
such sexually suggestive comments."

"Huh?" Jody asked somewhat confused.

"I said your to fucking young to be making cracks like that OK?" Officer Muldoon said in a loud very angry voice.

"Yeh and I've never smoked pot either" Jody said and beginning to laugh.

"Jody I really don't wanna have to take you to Juvenile Hall tonight so please shut up OK?" Muldoon replied as Jody noticed he was trying to reason with her. Which was more than her mother had ever tried to do in her entire life.

It was "always do this" and "do that" and "do it my way right now".

Jody couldn't stand to be told what to do. But is what no one knew is that she would
gladly do almost anything her mother asked, if she would do just that, ask. But because
her Mom could never treat her as an equal, Jody had decided to become what she was today.

"Here we are" Officer Muldoon announced pulling into the Hospital Plaza and finding a
parking space near the building, "now Jody I am asking you not to cause me any grieve. Can
you do that much for me?"

"Yeh no problems" Jody said, "as long as I get to stare at your ass for a while."

"Jody stifle it" Muldoon told her with a very serious look on his face.

They got out of the car as Jody made sure to whack the BMW next to the car with her
door a few times after slamming the door she fell in step behind Officer Muldoon.
Watching his ass was making her horny. What she wouldn't give to be fucked by a stud
like that, she thought.

"So you gotta a girl friend?" Jody asked taking his hand and walking beside of him.

"No in my line of work it's best not to" He said

"Well since we're both single whatta you say we hook up?" Jody asked playfully.

"Jody your only 14" Officer Muldoon said even though she was quite well
developed there was no way he would ever do that, "Your way to young for me."

"Why a lot of guys like younger girls" She said as he held the door open for her
to the building.

"Jody drop it" He said, "We're not in the car and you better not embarrass me, you
said you wouldn't, remember."

"Yeh I know" She replied, "and I won't."

"Good thank you" He said smiling at her.

"Just let me know what time your picking me up tonight" She said giggling.

They took the elevator to the second floor and found Doctor Hill's office. He
opened the door and everyone looked at them as if they were from outer space. Except one
girl in the far corner about Jody's age who smiled sweetly and looked away after
a second.

"What I gotta a booger hanging?" Jody asked out loud as everyone quickly went back
to there magazines and toys or whatever they were doing at the time.

"Do I gotta stay and babysit you?" Officer Muldoon asked quitely.

"No I'll be a good girl" Jody replied with an honest smile.

"OK I'll be back in two hours" He said.

Jody strolled across the room as Muldoon left and sat down at the card table where
the girl who had smiled at her was sitting. She sat for a minute looking around before
picking up a magazine and flipping through it. Nothing intertesting as usual.

"Hey I'm Kayla" Jody heard and looked up and saw the girl standing there smiling with
her hand out stretched in Jody's direction. Jody smiled back and took her hand, shaking it
for a second.

"I'm Jody" She said as they both sat down and started chatting.

"Are you new here?" She asked, "I've never seen you before."

"Yeh I have to come here and talk to this quack once a week" She replied, "this is my
first time."

"Oh OK" Kayla said giggling at Jody's way of putting things, "I think you'll like
Doc Hill he is gorgeous."

"Kayla Montgomery" The receptionist at the front desk said aloud.

"Right here" Kalya shouted standing up, "well hope I see you again next time."

"Me too" Jody said standing too. Then Kayla moved closer and hugged Jody around
the neck before turning to walk into the office.

Jody sat back down and thought "what in the hell was that all about?"

"Jody S. Watkins" The receptionist said aloud.

"Yeh that's me" Jody said as she stood, and then walking across the room. She couldn't help notice this
short balding little man, setting beside this old hag of a woman with blue hair, staring
at her ass. Jody thought for a second and decided she'd give him something to remember
her by. She stopped at the door and bent over at the waist and looked back at him. His
eyes bugged out of his head as he stared at her ass. She straightened back up and made herself look presentable and entered the office.

"Please have a seat on the couch" The Receptionist told her, "Doctor Bryant will be
with you in a minute."

"Hey hold on I'm here to see Doc Hill not Bryant" Jody said.

"Doctor Hill is busy so you'll have to see his associate" She said leaving the room.

"Great" Jody said throwing her arms in the air and flopping down on the sofa.

Moments later a young man came into the room and introduced himself as Doctor
Bryant. He sat down in the big chair opposite the couch and smiled at Jody who
couldn't shake the feeling that he was checking her out from the second he
laid eyes on her. After a few seconds she noticed it began to turn her on.

"I'm Jody" She said smiling brightly and trying her best to follow his eyes.

"How are you today Jody?" The Doc asked.

"Fine and you?" Jody replied.

"I'm good" He said before continuing on, "now what exactly is the problem with you and
your mother?"

"She's a bitch that's what" Jody said. "And she hates me."

"Now Jody come on let's not talk that way about your mother" He said soothingly. His
eyes and smile were magnetic, she loved it. But she also hated the way he said that.

"Look Doc she's my fucking mother if I wanna talk about her I will, got it?" Jody
said turning away.

After a few more minutes of conversation he had gotten the idea of why she was
there. It was in his opinion all an attitude problem. Which he thought could be
helped if he could just get to the root of it. Problem was he was having a hard time
concentrating on that situation because his mind was checking out her body. To
be so young she was very well developed.

But Jody was thinking of something completely different. He had gotten up to adjust
his chair and she could swear she saw his cock straining against his trousers. She
was trying to get another glance but he now had his legs crossed and was concentrating
on trying to "cure her" she thought.

"Doctor can I please ask you a question?" She asked shyly trying to sound innocent.

"Sure Jody it's your hour you can ask anything you like" He said moving his legal
pad over his legs. Obviously hiding his hard-on Jody was now convinced.

"Am I pretty?" She asked.

"Why yes Jody you are very pretty" He answered.

"Really?" She asked looking at him innocently, "am I sexy?"

"Now Jody I don't think that's proper for you to ask me" He replied, much like Jody
thought he would.

"Yeh you can ask me questions" She grumbled, "but you won't answer mine."

"OK OK Jody" He said in a calming voice, "now I said you were pretty and I'm not gonna
spend all hour arguing with you."

"OK Doc, chill" Jody said standing up, "but one more question please?"


"Since you won't tell me if you think I'm sexy or not" She said moving in front of
him, "Why exactly do you have a hard on?"

The look on the Doctor's face was one of complete shock at being found out. He couldn't
figure out how in the world she could have known he had a hard on.

"Jody that's enough" He said finally able to recover enough to reply.

"Oh come on I saw you checking me out from the minute you came in, you pervert" She said
standing beside his chair now, "is all I want is for you to check me out with less on."

Jody's pussy was suddenly a fire with excitement. What was she doing, she could cause
both of them a lot of trouble. But at this point she really didn't care about that.

"Jody sit down right now" He said as she touched her fingers to his chest and
began to run them down to his pants, "Oh OK tell me you don't want it."

"Jody stop it" He demanded.

"Come on just let me see what I made so hard" She said whispering in his ear now.

"That's it" He said as he started to get up. But just then Jody ran her hand
over his pants and touched his cock through the fabric. She started stroking it thru his

"Feels like a big one to me" Jody cooed trying to sound sexy.

"Jody....stop that..... I mean it.....right now" The Doc stammered, trying to fight the overwhelming
urge to let her do what ever she wanted.

"Come on Doc let me suck it for you" She said pulling down his zipper, "I know your dying to feel
my warm soft young lips sucking on your big cock."

No longer able to think rationally, Doc simply motioned his head yes and laid back in the chair as
he felt the last of his resolve fade away completely. Jody unbuttoned his pants next and pull at them,
with his underwear in tow she jerked them down over his knees to his ankles.

"Oh yeah" Jody said through a slight giggle, "it looks like I was right."

Jody then took his cock and started stroking it up and down, faster with each stroke as Doc Bryant
began to mutter his approval. Finally with a little hesitation she lowered her head and licked his cock head for
the first time.

"MMMMMMMM" She cooed before sliding the entire head into her mouth and beginning to suck it
hard. She could feel Doc Bryant's hands move to her head and pull her hair out the way as she worked
over his head. It tasted better than she could have ever imagined.

"Yeh Jody suck it for me" He told her in a hushed voice, "you wanted it now make me cum."

"I'm going to" She thought to herself as she stroked his rock hard member with her fist and
sucked away at the head harder and harder. Her lips sliding slowly up and down on it and meeting
her fist with perfect timing.

She tasted his first shots of pre-cum not to long after that and it made her even hotter. Her pussy
was now burning with the force of a wild fire. So she slowly moved one of her hands away from
his cock and slid it down under her shorts and began to massage her pussy.

"Jody, Jody yeh baby suck it hard" Doc Bryant groaned as he throbbed in her mouth. "I'm gonna

"OH Fuck yes" She thought as her hand worked over her heated clit and the other pumped his cock for all
it was worth. Seconds later his legs began to shake and Jody knew it was time, as he tensed up and
let out one loud moan and then began to squirt in her mouth.

"MMMMMM yeh there it is" Jody moaned as she pumped his cum out with her fist. The first shot
landed in her mouth and the following ones went almost everywhere.

"OH yeah" Doc Hill said through a moan, "you like your little treat Jody?"

"Hell yeah I loved it" Jody smiling with the cum still on her face and in her mouth, "I'll suck it for you
again if you lick my pussy."

"Well if we had time I would" He said pushing Jody back and standing up, "maybe next week."

She could feel the fire of anger sweep over her as he made that remark. So she quickly stood up
unbuttoned her shorts and pushed them down over her hips along with her panties before
stepping out of them.

"I didn't say next week you fuckin pervert" She screamed at his back, "your gonna lick my pussy right
fuckin now."

"Jody" He said turning around to see her standing there with nothing but shoes and a shirt on, "put
your clothes back on right now."

"No" She said sitting on the couch and kicking her shorts away, "now get over here and lick my fuckin
pussy, Doc."

"Jody I told you we are out of time" He said trying to reason with her, "I have another patient in a
minute, what am I supposed to say to her?"

"Maybe she'll wanna watch or join in" Jody said giggling, "I don't mind."

Thinking now what an incredible mess he had gotten himself in, he almost had to do what she
wanted. So he walked to the door as a dumbfounded look came across Jody's face and she started
to get up from the sofa.

"What are you gonna do?" She asked moving across the couch.

"I'm gonna reschedule my next appointment" He said opening the door and disappearing down the
hall. Jody sat down for a second thinking she had won....again. But then as she sit there rubbing her pussy
slowly and beginning to moan, she began to realize something wasn't right. About 5 more minutes went by
and he wasn't back. She began to panic, putting her clothes back on at warp speed she shot to the door. It
was locked.

"What the hell is this you fuckin pervert" Jody screamed banging on the back of the door with her fist. To
no avail though as she turned after a few seconds and headed towards the other door. She twisted the knob
and quietly slipped inside closing the door behind her.

"Jody" A somewhat familiar voice said from behind.