Bad Girl - Episode 10 "Say Something Stupid"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"MMMMMMMMMM Bill was fun huh?" Linsey asked as Jody smiled and agreed it had been a lot of fun. The horny twosome now lay in what was Jody's new bedroom, a small room just off the kitchen that was barely big enough to shit in let alone call a bedroom. But with the Panettiere's attic occupied by the late Mr. Panettiere's old stuff, the room would have to do for now.

Neither of the horny and not to mention naked twosome heard the footsteps coming closer as they came down the backstairs. But the sound of gasping shock sure got their attention. Both looking up in shock as Maria stood at the entrance to the make-shift bedroom, hands on hips, waiting for an explanation. Jody felt like hitting her goofy girlfriend/friend for crawling into bed with her at all, the truth was Jody had protested the move by Linsey but finally gave in when her hormones took over. But now the shit was about to hit the fan, or so the girls thought.

"Mom, Jody had a nightmare and I came down and laid with her till she..."

"Gave you some?" Maria asked as Jody laughed. "Get up and get into the kitchen now, both of you."

"Oh boy" Jody said as moments later her and Linsey (now dressed) spilled into the kitchen.

"What were you doing?" Maria asked pointedly.

"I'll pack my stuff, I know where this is going" Jody said meekly.

"Answer me Jody Watkins" Maria demanded.

"Fuck you you're not my Mom" Jody fired back as Linsey moved into her field of vision and calmed the girl down.

"Chill" Linsey said gently. "We were doing what you think Mom."

"How long has this been going on?" Maria asked as both Jody and Linsey turned back to her.

"Since before she moved in" Linsey said.

"Are you sleeping with anyone else?" Maria asked.

"The mailman, the milkman, Bill next door, my math teacher, my therapist" Jody said as she counted them off on her fingers. Linsey nearly fainting as she looked at her friend in shock. "About half the neighborhood in total and that's just me. You don't wanna know who Linsey's been bangin'."

"Shut up and move out" Linsey said as Jody laughed. "Mom that is not true, it's just my slut friend here that's all."

"Very funny Jody" Maria said as she giggled to herself. "But I'm not a big fan of you two being sexually active at all but since you are...well I'm gonna say my objection begins and this ends when I find out it's not just between you two."

"Sooooo what?" Jody asked. "You're not mad?"

"I don't see what you're hurting by experimenting with each other but no boys and I mean that" Maria said with a determined finger point. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes Mom" Linsey said as she nudged a still shocked Jody. Looking to her friend and saying, "Say something stupid."

"Thank you?" Jody asked as Maria hugged her daughter and Jody at the same time. The phone ringing just then and drawing Maria's attention as she left the room in pursuit of answering it. "Is she on drugs?"

"No why?"

"She finds out we're fucking..." Jody said in a hushed voice and looking to see Maria now lost in conversation on the phone before turning back to Linsey and saying, "...and she does nothing to us."

"What can I say, it's not the first time" Linsey said with a devilish tint to her voice. "Remember Kayla's friend Maureen?"

"Yeh, one of her like...projects?" Jody asked.

"Yeh that's her" Linsey said as she kissed Jody. "She was the one Mom caught me with in bed the first time."

"You're a slut" Jody said as Linsey laughed and pressed her lips to Jody's ear and whispered in reply, "Are you telling me you don't like the way I make your pussy spasm baby?"

"Now I didn't say that" Jody said with a sly smile as Linsey laughed and kissed her lips again.

"Girls" Maria said to get their attention as she came back through the house with the phone in her hand. "That was some man named Costice Palmer, strange man, but anyway, Jody he's insisting that you move the things out of your old house."

"What am I supposed to do? I can't even drive" Jody said as Linsey hugged her protectively. "Besides we didn't have anything worth keeping, TV was busted most of the time, oven was a piece of crap. We had a good microwave."

"Your laptop, dvd player VCR combo?" Linsey asked as Jody grinned and momentarily replayed the way they had gotten those exact items. "We really should get those."

"I don't wanna go back there, too many bad memories" Jody said softly as Maria hugged her.

"That's life kid, just go in and get what you want and torch the place after" Maria said as Jody laughed. But knowing she was serious about the fact that this was something she had to do. "Me and Lins will go with you OK?"

"If you want too" Jody said as she felt Linsey link their fingers. The long car ride that followed gave Jody plenty of time for reflection on the moments of her life that she believed had lead to this. Maybe her mother did have reasons to hate her, after all Jody did take special pleasure in  her mother at every turn. The last and most obvious example was in front of a guy Barbara (Jody's mother) was dating for a short while. Jody had grown to not like the guy and made an ass out of herself the last time he had stopped by and insulted him several times. Shortly after that night things seem to take a down turn in the relationship with her mother. Which only served to make Jody act out more. A few bricks through the windows of the old John Deere factory and Jody landed herself in court with the possibility of going to juvenile hall till she was 18. These little incidents had led, directly, to Jody's court enforced visit to the therapist.

"Hey we're here, you OK?" Linsey asked as she nudged her friend from beside her in the back seat. Jody looking up as Maria pulled up to the back gate of Jody's old house. Jody simply nodded as the threesome made their way through the backyard and into the kitchen. Finding it had been scrubbed clean of any evidence in the ensuing days that followed the tragic events. "Talk to me Jody, please?"

"I'm fine" Jody said as she looked around and felt the rush of memories flood her. The bad ones far out numbering the good ones she noted. "I guess I have to go through her stuff huh?"

"Why don't you two go and do that and I'll be nosey down here and see if I can dig up some treasures" Maria said as Linsey laughed and took a still quiet Jody's hand and lead her up the steps and to the door of Barbara's bedroom, which now stood closed.

"Bitch" Jody finally said as she glared at the door. Linsey watching in shock as Jody violently slammed her foot into the door. The rage from all of the times her mother had berated her coming back in full force as she kicked it again and again until Linsey pulled her away.

"Calm down, it's over forever now, you don't have to ever worry about that witch hurting you again" Linsey said as she moved into Jody's field of vision and saw the hurt and heartache in the eyes of the girl she loved. Hugging her and sighing contently when Jody hugged her back. A long peaceful moment passing as Jody calmed in Linsey's arms and felt the pain and anger of the last few years finally sliding away into the past. Those memories being slowly replaced by the new ones that she was making with Linsey and Maria. Both girls grinning at each other now as they touched foreheads, then nearly jumping out of their skin as Barbara's bedroom fell loudly to the wood floor. "Ohmigod that scared the shit out of me."

"I don't know why, you broke it with your big ass foot" Linsey said with a defiant smile as Jody flipped her off. The next few moments passing quickly it seemed to Jody, despite the place they were in, as the two began going through the draws of Barbara's old stuff. Jody pulling the waste basket out from behind the bed and beginning to dump stuff as she sorted through it. Old bills, greeting cards from family members that had long since lost contact with or Jody had never heard of.

"I have an Aunt Myrtle" Jody commented as she now looked at a picture of an older lady that she thought looked vaguely like her mother. "Who knew?"

"I wonder if she's from Myrtle...beach?" Linsey asked as Jody groaned at the lame joke and watched the girl flop on the bed in laughter. "I wonder if she knows about any of this?"

"I'll keep it and maybe call her and see if the old bag is still kicking in a few days" Jody said as she stuck the picture back inside the envelope it had come out of. Dropping it into the bag of things she planned to hang onto. Linsey getting her giggles under control as she dug into the closet to the side of the bed like a hurricane. Jody sorting out more of the cards and letters from the drawers and finding an endless stream of pictures and cards from people she either couldn't remember or had never heard of. Coming to the preliminary conclusion at the moment that she had been kept in the dark by her mother about a lot of things. Dumping another stack of useless papers in the waste basket and an even bigger stack into her 'keep' bag and giggling as she spotted Linsey on hands and knees at the bottom of the closet tugging away at something. "What the hell are you doing?"

"I found something but it sure is heavy" Linsey said as Jody sighed and went to help her friend drag what turned out to be a foot locker out of the closet and to the center of the room. "A lot of good that did, it's locked."

"Is it?" Jody asked as she raised her foot and violently stomped the lock once and again. The lock reeling and the hard wood of the locker not giving after the first few shots as Jody's foot started to hurt. "Fucking thing made my foot hurt."

"It didn't asked to be kicked" Linsey said as Jody glared at her and left the room, heading down the hall and into her room for a purpose. Snatching the hammer she had long ago hidden under her bed and made her way back to her mother's room. "Jody, calm down, it's OHMIGOD."

"OPEN MOTHER FUCKER" Jody screamed as she slammed the lock repeatedly now with the hammer over and over and smiled when it shattered under the pressure. Linsey flipped open the locker. "What's in there?"

"What in the hell is going on up here?" Maria asked as she arrived at the door to the bedroom after running up the steps. "Everything OK? What happened to the door."

"Jody forget her keys" Linsey said with a smirk. "The door was in the way."

"She'd never let me come in here when she was alive so I wanted to make sure I got in now" Jody said as Linsey began rummaging through the stuff stored inside the foot locker.

"Honey calm down, breaking stuff is not gonna make you feel better" Maria said as she gently took the hammer away from Jody and laid it aside. "I found some stuff downstairs you might like."


"Four hundred forty five bucks in the cookie jar" Maria said.

"The mortgage payment" Jody said. "What do we do with it?"

"Anything you want cause I found a foreclosure notice on the front door" Maria said. "Means we get it now or the bank gets it and sells it."

"Hey Jody, who's James Perkins Watkins?" Linsey asked as she held up a piece of ragged yellowing paper. "That your Dad? Looks like your birth certificate."

"I don't know" Jody said as she took it and studied the paper. "Father, James Perkins Watkins, mother, Barbara Lynn Watkins."

"That'll be handy" Maria said as she warmly hugged Jody, "You in shock hun? You're almost white."

"First time I ever seen this is all" Jody said as Linsey shrugged and went back to rummaging in the locker below the other two. "I found a bunch of other stuff too, I like know nothing about my family. I literally just found out I had an Aunt Myrtle."

"Seems your Mom didn't want you to know a lot of things" Maria said, "But she can't stop it now. I'll help you connect with your family all you want."

"Aunt Myrtle might be nice, ya think?" Jody asked.

"I'll bet she is" Maria said warmly.

"Holy crap I found twenty bucks" Linsey announced from the locker as both watched her hold it up. "Jody's buying the pizza tonight huh babe?"

"Hell yea" Jody said as she examined the dollar bill and wondered why her mother would have hid a single 20 dollar bill in such a out of the way. Those thoughts were soon washed away when Linsey made a life changing discovery, shifting aside a collection of envelopes and found a over stuffed zip lock bag that contained an endless assortment of what looked to be 10's, 20's and 50's. Jody's eyes bugged out as she looked at the bag as an equally shocked Linsey held it up for all to see. "Holy mother of fuck."

"The old bat was holding out on you" Linsey said as she rose and handed the zip lock bag to Jody. Turning it around and around and examining it as Maria looked in shock with a huge smile on her face. Both noticed what looked to be a large collection of canceled checks and handwritten letters. "I wonder how much is in there?"

"You wanna count it?" Jody asked as Linsey squealed in excitement and snatched the bag back and promptly dumped the contents on the still neatly made bed to the right of the three. Maria walking over to the window as the room grew quiet over the next few minutes. Jody sat down and watched Linsey count the money and wondered what possessed her mother to keep all of this a secret being that her and Jody had struggled to even pay the mortgage and bills for as long as Jody's memory went back. Feeling a sense of deep loss come over her as she randomly picked up the pile of what looked to be canceled checks and began to flip through them and found everyone of them were identical with exception of the date marking each ones arrival. The name James Perkins Watkins signed very neatly on each one with Barbara's name signed on the back. The amount was also identical, $ 247.32. "What the hell are these for?"

"What is what for hun?" Maria asked as Jody held up the canceled checks and let Maria take them. "Canceled checks, it says on this one in the note section on the bottom this is for child support."

"This Perkins guy was sending my Mom money for me?" Jody asked as she went rummaging through her keep bag to find her birth certificate to verify that the name on that document and the canceled check was the same. It was. "It's the same, look."

"Yeh it is" Maria said softly. "She never gave you any of this?"

"Maybe 5 or 10 dollars every once in a blue moon" Jody said. "But never anything like that."

"I wonder how much she spent on herself?" Maria asked as she began to count the checks.

"Not much, she never bought anything for the house or herself" Jody commented. "She was always pretending we needed every penny."

"Not that this means anything but there is one hundred and sixty three canceled checks in this pile" Maria announced as Linsey neared the end of her counting of the money and looked to be almost breathless with excitement. "All for the same amount and if my math skills are right that comes too, forty thousand three hundred and thirteen dollars. Jesus Christ that's a shit load."

"Forty thousand, three hundred and thirteen dollars" Linsey announced barely a moment later with a breathless excitement. "You're rich."

"You mean it's all there?" Jody asked as Linsey picked up the bag and dumped out the remaining contents, a thick stack of letters and three single coins, a dime, nickel and one solitary penny.

"Forty thousand three hundred and thirteen dollars and sixteen cents" Maria said in shock as Jody picked up the change and couldn't believe that her mother had really saved every single penny from the checks, literally every single penny. Linsey grinning as she absentmindedly picked up the stack of letters that had fell out also and noticed something strange, the sender was James Perkins Watkins. "What's wrong honey?"

"Your Dad, that Watkins guy? He wrote you some letters" Linsey said as she handed them to Jody. Slipping off the rubber band that held the bundle together, Jody was surprised to see that none of them appeared to have ever been opened. "There's like two hundred letters here I bet."

"I'll bet it's more like one hundred and sixty three" Maria said. "I'll bet money to donuts that each time he sent your Mom the child support check he wrote you too."

"She never told you anything about him huh?" Linsey asked as she sat back down on the bed.

"No" Jody said simply. "She said he left before I was born and I was lucky I never met him."

"Well if you wanna call him, you can sweetheart" Maria said as she put an arm warmly around Jody's shoulder. Looking down at the letters one more time she saw something odd looking sticking out from between two of the letters. Pulling it out she nearly fainted as she saw a picture of a man she had never seen before but could have swore she'd known her whole life. Linsey moved beside her and looked at the picture and back to Jody and grinned before saying, "He's hot...for an older guy, reminds me of you."

"Introduce me to him and you can call me Mom" Maria said as she looked at the picture, prompting both Jody and Linsey to fall on the bed laughing.