Bad Girl - Episode 11 "Butt Fucking Practice"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"Hey sweets" Maria said with a warm smile as Jody came out of her new room just off the kitchen. "No Linsey this morning?"

"Huh? Ohhh I'm not hungry" Jody said as Maria gave her a worried look and noticed the letter Jody held in her hand.

"Something wrong?" Maria asked as she walked over and soothed Jody's hair out of her eyes. Jody smiled as she looked up.

"I've been up most of the night reading the letters from" Jody said nervously. Maria noticing Jody's struggling with what she should call this man that she had never met or heard of until less than 24 hours ago.

"Your Dad, he's your Dad sweety" Maria said. "What did you find out?"

"You really wanna know?" Jody asked with a huge smile.

"MMMMMM HMMMMM, tell me about it while I get breakfast on?" Maria asked as Jody nodded and took over the conversation.

"Well he's got four other kids, Peter, J.R., Cassie Lynn and Kelly and a really nice wife named Casey" Jody said as her and Maria exchanged a knowing smile and laughed. "And he wrote me every month for 13 years until like 5 months ago and the letters stopped. I'm afraid something happened to him, something bad."

"May be kid" Maria said softly and then taking a moment to think before asking, "Wait, he wrote you when you were like 2 months old?"

"He wrote my Mom, I mean Barabra" Jody said, "Begging her to take him back. Talking about how he was in such a better place and had a good job. He begged her to come to California, that's where he was, is I mean. But I don't think she ever read a single letter of his cause none of them were opened. Like she hated him for something. And in the letters he kept talking about something bad that he did but he never explained what it was."


"She hated him for that he said, whatever that is" Jody said with the emphasis on 'that'. "What could he do that was so bad she refused to even let me know he existed?"

"He could have raped the family dog" Maria said as Jody laughed.

"Or maybe the cat" Jody said as both laughed, "Barabra got mad cause he was getting pussy somwhere else."

"Morning" Linsey said as she came bouncing into the kitchen wearing virtually nothing, skimpy panties and bra to be exact Jody noted. The look on Jody's face as her eyes widened slightly as she gawked at the girl was not lost on Linsey who had in fact done it on purpose. Stopping in front of her friend and letting her take in the full picture. Jody grinned sheepishly and let her mind wander to the fact that she could no longer deny how much she was turned on by the girl in front of her. She knew she wasn't gay but she also knew she wasn't straight, thanks to Kayla and well...Linsey too. "Not gonna say good morning to me?"

"M-M-morning" Jody mumbled as Linsey grinned. Knowing full well her lack of clothes on this morning was having the exact effect it was supposed to.

"Go put some clothes on" Maria said to her daughter. The phone ringing as Linsey gave her Mom a dirty look and turned her back to Jody and watched her Mom leave the room to answer the phone. Jody spying that Maria was now out of sight reached forward and jerked Linsey's panties down to her mid-thighs and giggled when Linsey covered her pussy and turned to look at her friend in shock.

"What the fuck? You gonna get me killed?" Linsey said as she jerked her panties back up and glared at Jody.

"You tease me you get what you deserve" Jody said smugly.

"Well wait till we get five minutes alone and I'll do more than that to you, girlfriend of mine" Linsey said. Jody giving her a weird look. "What? Not a good offer?"

"I'm not your girlfriend, you never asked me" Jody said simply as Linsey blushed and realized that Jody was exactly right. "Not saying I'd say no though."

"Sooo..." Linsey said and pausing as she took Jody's hand and guided the girl to stand and stepped closer so her body was now touching Jody's. About to go on when Maria came back into the kitchen with a worried look in her eyes. Linsey and Jody jumping apart on reflex it seemed. "What's wrong Mom?"

"I have to go in early today and take care of some paper work and then appear in court" Maria said as she dashed around the kitchen and collected one thing after another. "I may be home late and you two are to stay near the house and no bothering that nice Bill Armstrong next door or his son. I mean it girls."

"Yes Mom" Linsey and Jody said in unison as Maria smiled and kissed both of their cheeks before rushing out the door.

"Soooo..." Linsey said slowly as she watched her Mom pull out of the driveway and drive off. "...this girlfriend thing."


"You're gonna make me ask huh?"

"Uh huh" Jody said with a shit eating grin as Linsey growled at her and leaned down and kissed her. One that left Jody wanting more in an instant.

"Will you be my first girlfriend?" Linsey asked as Jody put a hand on her chin and pretended to be deep in thought as Linsey groaned and said, "Well?"

"Don't rush me this is an important decision" Jody said as Linsey glared at her and with hands on hips gave the girl that would be her girlfriend a look that spoke volumes. "Yes, of course."

"Yesss!" Linsey squeaked as she bounced back to Jody's side and kissed her softly. Jody's hands slipping around the girls waist and pulled her tighter in her arms as the kiss deepened. "MMMMMMMMM such a good kisser."

"I love kissing you" Jody said and following that announcement with another kiss. "Sooo...Mom said we can't go running around or bother Bill next door, what will we ever do?"

"How about we celebrate the fact that we just became an official couple?" Linsey asked as Jody smiled. Jody thinking how her and this girl were obviously thinking very much alike at the moment. Jody kissed her and both grinned at the other for a long moment as Linsey felt Jody's hands slip down to her ass cheeks and squeeze them through the fabric of her panties. "MMMMMMM Jody getting a little frisky huh?"

"Well I already pulled them down once and you pulled them back" Jody said as Linsey laughed.

"My Mom was in the other room slut" Linsey said as Jody shrugged. "So you saying you want my panties to come off?"

"Duh" Jody said as Linsey stepped back a few feet and made a serious show out of slowly slipping her panties down to her mid-thighs. Jody's eyes opening a bit as she spotted Linsey's smoothie for the first time. Linsey smiling as she licked her fingers and reached down seductively and rubbed her pussy as Jody watched in amazement. Satisfied that she now had Jody's undivided attention Linsey stepped back in front of her now girlfriend and had her sit down in the chair. A knocking at the door bringing a loud groan of protest from both of them. "FUCK! Hold on."

"We'll get back to it baby" Linsey said as she relectantly pulled up her panties and headed into Jody's bedroom as Jody went to answer the back door. Finding a boy she'd been introduced too the previous day as Josh, Bill's youngest son, 13 too.

"UMMMMMM can I help you?" Jody asked as Josh stepped inside.

"My Dad, UMMMM Bill, said that I should come over and say hi" He said. "My names Josh. Remember?"

"Uh huh, I'm Jody"

"And I'm her girlfriend Linsey" Linsey said as she emerged from the bedroom, now wearing a pair of Jody's shorts and shirt.

"Yeh he mentioned you guys liked each other" Josh commented. "Anyway, I'm sorta new in town and if you guys wanna be friends we can like go to the movies or something, on me."

"You just wanna have two hot girls all to yourself" Jody said. "Huh?"

"Damn straight babies" Josh replied with a knowing smile.

"Uh huh, you done anything?"

"Of course" Josh said as she shoved his hands into his pockets and looked down for a moment. "Lots of girls too."

"Could be really yummy if you know what I mean" Linsey said as Jody blushed and giggled, Josh giving them a weird look.

"What's yummy?" Josh asked.

"Cum" Jody said as Josh's mouth dropped slightly open at this girls boldness.

"You mean guys or girls?" Josh asked.

"Girls taste better I think but guys sure do run a close second" Jody said in reply.

"MMMM HMMMMMM" Linsey said as she had Jody turn back to her before the two kissed. Trading tongues back and forth as Josh watched and surprised both of them when he came closer and slid his hands to their lower backs and watched closely as they parted. "You got friendly huh?"

"My dad said you two were really friendly" Josh said and making both Jody and Linsey jump a bit as his hands slid down to their tight little asses and squeezing them. "Are you?"

"Big cock?" Jody asked as she kissed Linsey again and both looked to Josh. He grinned and nodded his head as they smiled.

"Butt fucking?" Linsey asked as Josh gave them a seriously knowing smile as he squeezed their asses tighter in his hands. "Big cock and two tiny assholes? Sure sounds like you're Bill's son."

"Yeh Dad showed me what to do so I'm pretty good at it too" Josh said. Linsey and Jody were both surprised at that comment. "We fucked a few girls in our old neighborhood and he let me do lots of butt fucking."

"Did he teach you how to get your butt fuck cum sucked out?" Linsey asked as she kissed the younger boy. His hands squeezing tighter into both girls ass cheeks.

"MMMMMMMMM yeh he sure did and after I did it I realized it's the best way to cum" Josh said. "It feels so good and makes me moan so loud."

"They suck you right on the head?" Jody asked as her and Linsey took Josh's hands and lead him over to the steps and one by one the horny threesome climbed the steps.

"Uh huh, it feels so good to get sucked on my cock head after butt fucking" Josh said as they reached the top of the steps and headed into Maria's bedroom. "You two like that right? Dad said you did."

"MMMMMMMMMM we love it" Jody and Linsey said in unison as they sat down on the edge of the bed and motioned for Josh to step in front of them. Which he did eagerly and let them take hold of his jeans and unbutton them. His big cock popping out as his pants slid down his thighs along with his underwear with the girls help. Holding onto their shoulders as he stepped out of them and then slipped his shirt over his head and off. Leaving him now in only a pair of tennis shoes. He moaned as he stroked his cock a few times and moved closer as Linsey opened her mouth invitingly and Josh slid his cock inside and she began to suck. Josh moaned loudly as he jerked in delight and slid his cock deep inside of Linsey's welcoming mouth. Linsey relaxed her throat and started to deep throat the young boy as he moaned even louder and guided her head with a hand on the back of it. Linsey pulling off with a popping sound as she smiled up at Josh.

"You too?" Josh asked as Jody opened her mouth and started to eagerly suck his throbbing cock right on the head as he ass clinched and he moaned a little bit louder. Linsey standing and lifting her t-shirt over head and then skinning her shorts and panties down her thighs and off. Leaving her naked. Josh's eyes focusing on Linsey's sweet baby smooth pussy. Jody pulling off a moment later as Josh said to Linsey, "You don't have any hair down there."

"Neither do I" Jody said as she raised the night shirt she was wearing to show him her smoothie too. Josh looking amazed at the moment as he lifted Jody's night shirt over head and leaving all three horny teenagers naked now. "Makes licking pussy so much easier."

"MMMMMMMM does it ever, we need to thank Kayla for that" Linsey said as her and Jody kissed softly.

"Can I watch you two lick pussy?" Josh asked as they parted and he sat down between them on the bed. "I saw it in movies but never got to see two girls do it."

"MMMMMMM you sure can Joshy" Linsey moaned as she leaned in and kissed him with a good amount of tongue as Jody took that as her cue and slid to the floor, on her knees and had Linsey spread her thighs before she lowered her head and started to lick her girlfriends baby smooth slit. Linsey pulling away from Josh and looking down with pleasure in her eyes as she watched and moaned with the sensations. Jody's talented tongue, which Linsey knew felt better every time they did this, worked over her girlfriend's clit now as Josh got on his knees on the bed and moved close as Linsey moaned and opened her mouth and took Josh inside as she started to suck him.

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah lick her pussy" Josh moaned as his cock throbbed in Linsey's mouth as she sucked him. His eyes watching with wide open interest as Jody's tongue now fucked in and out of her girlfriend. Linsey's thighs quivering in pleasure as she squeezed them gently around Jody's cheeks and moaned on Josh's cock in her mouth. Jody fucking her tongue furiously up into Linsey's spasming pussy and loving the sweet honey that was dripping into her mouth. Josh slipping a hand into Linsey's hair gently and guiding her head as she sucked him with his other arm hanging at his side. Linsey's spasming pussy filling her beautiful young body with pleasure as she neared her orgasm. Clutching her fingers to fists in Jody's hair and squeezing her lips expertly around Josh's throbbing cock as she drew his cum up quickly now. "MMMMMMMMM yeah Linsey keep sucking, make me cum in your mouth."

"MMMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMM" Linsey moaned as she sucked him a bit harder, wanting his cum in her mouth as she started to cum on Jody's tongue. Josh moaned loudly as his orgasm started and he squirted his yummy cum in her mouth just as she came down from her orgasm. Jody licking softly at her girlfriend's smooth slit as the cum oozed and bubbled out of the slit. Linsey moaning as she pulled off and showed Josh his cum in her mouth as she swirled it with her tongue. "MMMMMMMMMM Joshy you've got really sweet cum."

"MMMMMMMMM here let Jody taste" Josh moaned as he once again took hold of his cock and began to stroke it to keep it rock hard. Watching in awe as Jody and Linsey kissed with his cum as the treat of the moment. Josh moaned as he knew he'd never seen two girls kiss with his cum like that, although he'd already had several threesomes in his young life. Always with his dad and him taking on another girl, usually Josh's age. This being his first threesome with two girls. "MMMMMM is that sweet Jody?"

"You and Linsey both taste good" Jody said as she leaned over and took Josh's cock head back in her mouth and made him moan as she again started to suck him hard on the tip. His ass clinching as he moaned from above her. Jody's head beginning to bob up and down as Linsey watched with a smile and stroked her hands up and down Josh's smooth almost hairless body. Jody pulling off with a popping sound as she rose and crawled between Josh and Linsey on the bed, stopping to wiggle her ass so Josh could see. " You like that Josh?"

"MMMMMMMMM yeh that does look good" Josh said as he rubbed his hand over the smooth skin of Jody's ass cheeks. "Can I see yours too Linsey?"

"MMMMMMMM you sure can baby" Linsey moaned as she crawled up and got by her girlfriend and showed Josh her own asshole as his hand moved to her ass cheeks now and rubbed them softly. Josh stroking faster at his rock hard throbbing cock as he moaned, "Ohmigod those are gonna feel so good on my cock."

"MMMMMMMMM yes they will baby" Linsey moaned as she smacked Jody's ass as her girlfriend crawled to the top of the bed and laid down. Neither girl (or boy) hearing the car pull up in front of the house or the car door closing as Maria got out and walked back into the house after finding out the emergency she'd been called away for was a false alarm. Walking back into the house and dropping her bag by the door and kicking off her shoes, she noticed that Jody and Linsey seemed to be missing. That's when she heard the first loud moan, and it sounded like more than one person was moaning. She followed the sounds and was shocked to hear it was coming from upstairs. Quietly climbing the stairs she figured she'd find her horny ass daughter and her new housemate involved in some serious girl love but what she found shocked even her. She stopped at the open bedroom door and peaked when she realized they weren't in Linsey's room but in her room. Walking down the hallway and peaking into her own room, her eyes opening as she saw a boy she had only been introduced to a day before as Bill's son Josh, he was as naked as Linsey and Jody, Maria noted.

The majority of the moaning came from the younger boy as he got his cock sucked once again by Jody. While Linsey was on her stomach between Jody's thighs and licking her pussy slowly but surely. Maria grinning as she watched her horny little daughter fuck her tongue in and out of her lover while Jody was sucking Josh's cock with the same passion. Maria's eyes glued now to Josh's ever clinching ass as he moaned louder and moments later tensed up one more time and she knew he was cumming. As was Jody below him as Linsey brought her off too. Josh's cum squirting into Jody's mouth for the first time. Maria smiling in shock as she turned away from the action for a minute and took a deep breath as the scene she'd just witnessed had made her boilng hot.

"The things I could do to that little boy" She said under her breath. Turning back to the action a moment later, the girls now had Josh on his feet as Linsey sucked Josh's cock, deep throating the young boy until his cock was butt fucking hard. Josh dropping back to his knees as the girls got into a 69 for him and he moved in behind Linsey who was on top.

"MMMMMMMMMM been a while since I butt fucked a girl I really need to do it so bad" Josh moaned and Maria watched in complete shock as he sunk his cock deep inside her daughter's asshole and started to pump in and out as Jody licked the girls pussy. Josh waisting no time as he did like his dad had taught him and began to slap his thighs at Linsey's ass cheeks and moan out loud as did Linsey. Jody crossing her legs as she relaxed under her girlfriend and licked Linsey's pussy with a loving touch that only she could. Josh's young cock was aching it was so hard at this moment as he pumped it in and out of Linsey's sweet butt fuck hole. Despite being sucked off already two times he'd never felt his cock this hard, mostly due to the fact that he was butt fucking a girl while she got her pussy licked. "MMMMMMMM damn butt fucking you feels so good like Dad said it would."

"MMMMMMMM you keep going like this and you're gonna get your butt fuck cum sucked out really good" Linsey moaned as her thighs quivered and Jody sucked her clit now while Josh pumped deep in her asshole. Josh's balls smacking away at Linsey's pussy now as his cum began to rise and Linsey's pussy began to spasm like crazy as Jody sucked her clit even harder. Linsey's orgasm subsiding as she squirted her cum into Jody's waiting mouth. Linsey shaking as Josh pulled out of her asshole and rose to his feet on the bed and waited for Linsey to turn. Maria watching in shock as her daughter turned and lowered her head and started to suck Josh's cock, he moaned and tensed up and after a few seconds he squirted his cum in Linsey's mouth. "MMMMMMMMMM your butt fuck cum is really sweet."

"MMMMMM ohmigod that's the best way to cum" Josh moaned as Linsey pulled off his still rock hard cock. Josh taking hold of his cock and stroking it to keep it hard as Linsey and Jody began to kiss deeply and trade the cum back and forth for a long moment as Josh watched in awe. Moments after parting they literally changed positions and got into another 69 for the younger boy.

"He is not gonna do both of them the same way" Maria commented to herself as she watched Josh slide in behind Jody and then slide his big cock into her asshole rather easily. Jody's toes curling up as the pleasure surged through her body with Linsey still shaking under her from her orgasm. Linsey licking softly at her now girlfriends pussy as Josh began sawing away on Jody's asshole. Pumping his cock deep inside now and smacking his thighs at Jody's ass cheeks as the room filled with moans of pleasure. Josh's young cock aching once again as it hardened more with every stroke. Loving it more and more that Linsey was now licking Jody's pussy.

"MMMMMMMMM Josh making my pussy feel so good butt fucking me" Jody moaned as Josh slammed away harder now and smacked his balls at the girls pussy as Linsey moved her lips to Jody's clit and began sucking it. Jody's thighs quivering as the pleasure became harder and harder to take. Maria not able to believe that this horny young boy had this much stamina. Focusing on his body as he began to drip sweat more and more with every pump of his cock into Jody's backdoor. "MMMMMMMM so good at butt fucking baby."

"MMMMMMMM making my cock feel so good too" Josh moaned as he felt his cum rising for the fourth time. Just as Jody squealed and let go and felt her pussy began cumming in the most wonderful way it could. She shook from head to toe and squirted her cum into her girlfriend's mouth after a few long moments before Josh pulled out. Josh doing just like he had done the first time and rising to his feet as Jody turned and got on her knees and slid the younger boy's cock into her mouth and started sucking him. "MMMMMMMMM suck my butt fuck out MMMMMMMM"

"MMMMMMMM so sweet huh baby?" Linsey asked a few moments later and after Jody had done what Josh had asked. Jody grinned as she turned a bit and kissed Linsey on the lips and they began to snowball the cum back and forth as Josh watched with a smile as he returned to stroking his cock. "MMMMMMMM."

"MMMMMMMMMM very sweet"

"MMMMMMMMMM is so right" Jody said. "I wonder if it would be as good if he pulled out next time he butt fucks me and cums in your mouth?"

"MMMMMMMM I bet it would huh Josh?" Linsey asked.

"MMMMMMMMMM we can try that in a minute if you want too" Josh said as both girls smiled at him knowingly. "I love that idea and I bet it will feel even better."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM yes it sure will baby" Linsey said as Josh stroked his cock faster.

"So I can butt fuck you two again?" Josh asked as both girls eyes opened in interest.

"Again?" Jody asked as both her and Linsey got on either side of the horny young stud. "Our horny boy likes it now huh?"

"MMMMMMM yes and you said I was good at it" Josh moaned. "I'll get better every time I bet."

"MMMMMMM love that idea" Linsey cooed, "Let the butt fucking practice begin."

"I could butt fuck both of you out by our pool" Josh suggested with a horny smile.


"UH HUH, Dad just went to work and all so if you want too we could like do it now" Josh said. Maria couldn't believe what she had seen and just heard as she disappeared back downstairs.

"MMMMMMMM can we get some more of your butt fuck cum?" Linsey asked Josh stroked his cock faster and followed the two girls as they slipped off the bed and lead him to the door of the bedroom.

"MMMMMMM fuck yeah" Josh said in a daze as he followed the two naked teenies down the steps.

"What about clothes?" Jody asked Linsey about half-way down.

"MMMMMMMM makes it much more exciting my Jody" Linsey said as she kissed her girlfriend. Jody felt a rush of hormones flow through her as the two looked back to see Josh returning to stroking his fuck stick slowly as he watched. "You ready baby?"

"MMMMMMMM ohmigod yess" Josh moaned as he took the lead now and the horny girls followed him into the kitchen before Linsey had the idea of going out the houses side door. Maria ducking into Jody's bedroom to stay out of eye sight as the threesome passed by and exited the house. A large security fence now adorning the armstrong property Jody noted. Josh opened the fence as quickly as he could and followed the girls inside as they saw Bill's huge pool. Both feeling Josh's hands on their asses and squeezing the cheeks gently as he grinned knowingly. Pointing to a futon mattress that laid along the side of the pool. Both girls grinned and felt a hormone rush like either had ever known at what was happening. After all neither had any clothes on nor anything to cover up with if they got caught. "Right here in the sunshine ok?"

"MMMMMMMM yes our horny boy" Linsey said as her and Jody each kissed a cheek. Jody dropping to her knees on the futon as Josh and Linsey stood just barely off to the side and taking hold of Josh's throbbing cock and starting to suck him again. Josh moaned loudly as he slid his hand to Linsey's cute little ass and squeezed it. "MMMMMMMMM yeah suck that cock till it's butt fucking hard huh Josh?"

"MMMMMMMMM oh yeah, I never had my cock sucked this much" Josh moaned as Jody did and sucked the younger boy's cock right on the head hard for a few long moments. Maria arriving back in Jody's room and finding she had a perfect view of the threesome that were now next door. Loving the look of pleasure on the young boy's face and the way his gorgeous body jerked in delight at the pleasure. Hardly a hair on it anywhere she noted mentally. Josh moaning so loud for a moment that Maria could even hear it from the upstairs window as he reached down and pulled Jody off. "MMMMMMMM not yet Jody, I really wanna butt fuck one of you first before you suck my cum out again ok?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM you butt fuck Linsey and let me suck your yummy cum out?" Jody asked as Linsey and Josh both dropped to their knees.

"Is my butt fuck cum really that yummy?" Josh asked both girls. "You both said it was."

"MMMMMMMM yes it is, really sweet" Linsey moaned.

"MMMMMMMMM really sweet" Jody agreed as she laid back lengthwise on the futon matress. "You saw how we traded it back and forth, it has to be sweet before we do that."

"MMMMMMMMMM I was hoping it was cause that's my favorite way to cum" Josh said. "Dad taught me just how to do it when I do girls and having two girls to do it for me is sooo hot."

"Well you better get used it to it" Linsey moaned as she kissed his cheek. "Because I got a feeling you're gonna be doing a lot of butt fucking from now on."

"And gettin' my butt fuck cum sucked out?" Josh asked.

"MMMMMMMMM you sure you will"

"MMMMMMMMM yessss fuck I bet that's gonna feel so good" Josh moaned as Linsey nodded and turned her back to him and got over Jody in a 69. Josh moving in behind her and wasting no time as he slid deep in Linsey's sweet asshole once again. Maria watching with a smile as she could now hear Josh and her daughter moaning clearly as he began to pump his cock home in the older girls asshole. Jody sucking on her girlfriend's clit much like she had done the first time and making Linsey squeal in pleasure as Josh took hold of her shoulder and started pumping harder. His thighs smacking at Linsey's ass cheeks and his balls at her pussy. "MMMMMMMMM always wanted to butt fuck girls like this."

"MMMMMMMMMM my second butt fucking is feeling even better baby" Linsey moaned. Maria watching Josh's ass clinch each time he slid home and loving the site of the young boy dripping sweat as he fucked his cock in and out of Linsey's little asshole. The moaning getting louder and louder now as Josh poured it on with harder shots to the girls back door. Jody licking softly over Linsey's clit now in a perfect rhythm with Josh as she watched the boy's cock piston in and out above her. "MMMMMMMMMM so good at butt fucking Joshy, you're so good at it."

"MMMMMMMM it's almost like it's butt fucking practice" Josh moaned as he plunged in and out of Linsey's tight little asshole a few more times and brought the girl off in a shudderingly wonderful, mind blowing orgasm. Linsey clutching her fingers into Jody's thighs and squealing as she cum and a moment later squirted her cum in Jody's open mouth for the second time. Josh delivering one last ultra deep thrust into Linsey that made her pussy spasm insanely hard before he pulled out and slipped off the futon and got to his feet on the concrete. Linsey rolling off Jody and helping the girl set up. Jody crawling over and getting on her knees in front of Josh. "MMMMMMMM here we go Jody see if my butt fuck cum is sweet coming out of Linsey's asshole."

"MMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMMM" Jody moaned as she sucked him hard for a long moment and succeeded in sucking him off in record time and got a mouth full of yummy cum as her reward. Maria watching still and loving the sight of Josh's naked body tensing and jerking in delight as his cum squirted into Jody's mouth. Jody sucked him till his cock was drained dry and dropped it. "MMMMMMMM sweetest butt fuck cum ever Joshy."

"MMMMMMM best fuck ever too" Josh moaned as he got back on his knees and let Jody begin to stroke his cock as she rejoined the other two and kissed Linsey deeply. The horny pair trading the cum back and forth slowly but surely as Josh watched with a smile. "MMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah I love watching that."

"And we love doing it baby" Jody moaned as both girls kissed Josh's cheeks before Linsey quickly crawled away and was followed by Jody as she got over the girl in yet another 69 as Josh smiled and began stroking his own cock again as he slid in behind Jody and lined his cock with her asshole. Jody's body tensing and her moaning getting louder as Josh slid inside and started her second butt fucking. The thrill of doing it outdoors really setting in now as Linsey worked over the girls clit. "MMMMMMMMMMMM ohmigod my second butt fucking is feeling sooo good Joshy."

"MMMMMMMM fuck yess I know baby it sure does, it feels so good on my cock" Josh moaned as he pistoned his cock in and out and moaned out loud as began to slap his thighs at Jody's ass cheeks once more and held her in place by the shoulder. "MMMMMMM oh god it's so hard doing all this butt fucking."

"MMMMMMM Linsey told you to get used to it" Jody moaned intensely as Linsey worked her clit over and over and made Jody's thighs quiver over and over it felt so good. Jody noticed the second time that the sensations seemed to be even more intense as her body shook each time Josh slid home in her asshole and made her wanna scream in pure pleasure. While Josh's young body was racked with sensations he'd never had with any other girl, his cock was once again achingly hard and getting sore from being hard for so long and being sucked so much but butt fucking Jody felt too good to stop. Jody would have agreed in that moment as her pussy started cumming harder than she had ever felt a moment later. Josh moaned as his cock got sucked at even harder inside Jody's little asshole, making his cum start to rise quickly. Jody squirting her cum into Linsey's mouth and on her face.

"MMMMMMMMMM fuck yeah, you gonna suck my yummy butt fuck out one more time Linsey?" Josh asked as he pulled out of Jody's tight little asshole and watched Jody roll off of Linsey and laid down on the futon shaking in pleasure still. Linsey rolling over and seeing Josh stroking his cock slowly as she opened her mouth and let Josh slide his cock inside. Josh moaning as he looked down and started his orgasm and moments later squirting his cum into Linsey's loving mouth once more. "MMMMMMMM yeah my butt fuck cum taste good baby?"

"MMMMMMMMM even sweeter Joshy, so yummy baby" Linsey moaned a long moment later as she pulled off of Josh's cock and swirled her tongue around as she rose and showed him the mouth full of cum she now had. Josh smiled as Jody got back to her knees and joined Linsey. "MMMMMMM come here baby."

"MMMMMMMMMM oh yeah love it when you trade my butt fuck cum back and forth" Josh moaned as his cock finally deflated and he moved his hands to Linsey and Jody's hot little ass cheeks and squeezed as the two horny nymphets kissed softly. The cum smearing across both of their lips and dripping down their chins as the two began to massage tongues together, kissing more deeply as the yummy cum swirled around each girls mouth. The two parting for a moment as they both swallowed some and kissed again. "MMMMMMMMM thats some messy stuff huh babies?"

"MMMMMMMM messy but very sweet and yummy" Linsey moaned as her and Jody carefully licked it off each others body.

"MMMMMM felt so good doing it to both of you twice" Josh said.

"Felt even better for us" Linsey said as she wrapped her arms around Jody from behind. "And your cum did taste better after your cock came out of Jody's asshole."

"MMMMMM told you it would, that was so hot, can we do that again?"


"Well looks like someone had a lot of fun" Bill said as he walked out to join the horny teenagers.

"MMMMMMMM we did Dad, right?"

"MMMMMMMMM so much I'm shaking" Linsey said as Josh continued to massage her cheeks with his hand while doing Jody the same way.

"You get your cock sucked good by your two new friends?" Bill asked as he took a seat in the chair across from them.

"They sucked it so much it's sore now" Josh said. "And both love butt fucking like you said."


"He took us upstairs and butt fucked us on my mom's bed" Linsey said as she kissed Josh softly. "Right baby?"

"MMMMMMM yeh, felt so good, and both of them sucked my yummy butt fuck cum out" Josh said as he then kissed Jody.

"Then how did you get out here by the pool in the sunshine?" Bill asked.

"They wanted to see what my butt fuck cum taste like when I pulled out one of their assholes and cum in the other girls mouth" Josh said. "So we came out here to try it."

"And MMMMMM keeps getting sweeter every time" Jody said.

"You're tellin me you butt fucked both of them twice?" Bill asked in surprise.

"I sure did" Josh said. "My cock got such a good workout too."

"A growing boy needs his cock worked out a lot I think" Linsey commented as Josh agreed. "And nothing better for a young boy to do with it than butt fucking girls. Preferably me and Jody."

"MMMMMMMMM every day if you want" Jody said.

"Every day?" Josh asked in surprise. "That's some serious butt fucking practice for me."

"MMMMMMMMMM uh huh" Jody and Linsey cooed at the same time as they kissed Josh one right after another.