Bad Girl - Episode 12 "Dad!"

Written by: CJ Ames (



Maria was none to happy (at least that's the way she acted) about the girls butt fucking adventure with the horny ass boy next door. Grounding both Jody and Linsey for two weeks and forbidding them from seeing Josh again for at least that amount of time. But knowing now how horny her daughter was and knowing Jody seemed to be the source of Linsey's hormones, Maria knew that keeping the three apart wasn't really all that practical. So she decided to play the role of the good parent and put both of her charges on birth control.

"You two little whores wanna fuck the boy next door?" Maria said as she informed them of her plans that very night of the Josh threesome. "Then you're going on birth control and the shot."

"What's the shot?"

"It keeps you from having your period for a few months or a year" Maria informed Jody. "It makes it even harder to get pregnant."

"We couldn't exactly get preggo Mom" Linsey complained.

"That horny boy is gonna want your pussy sooner than later and I'm gonna make sure my two whoring daughters are prepared" Maria said with a smirk.

"I'm not your whoring daughter" Jody shot back. "I'm the whoring house guest."

"Good one" Maria giggled as Jody smiled proudly. "But according to the court system you are now my daughter, if you want to be."


"I decided that..." Maria said and pausing as she sat down between the two, "...I am more than willing to adopt you if you want. I'm more than qualified."

"Sure" Jody said in shock. Linsey in her excitement jumped over Maria's lap and tackled Jody onto the couch with a huge hug. Maria wasn't kidding either as she had applied to the court to adopt Jody just the morning of that very conversation. A decision that surprised not only Jody but also many within the Social services system who thought that Maria was taking on more than she could handle with the trouble making Jody Watkins, whom virtually all had had run-ins with over the last few years. But Maria was confident it was a job she could handle and she had done her homework, reviewing Jody's rather bulky file before hand. Being satisfied that she could address most of what she saw as Jody's problem points.

...a few days later...

"So two weeks grounded really sucks" Jody said as she laid on the bed in her make-shift bedroom with Linsey sitting in the chair below it. "Thank god it's already been three days, only eleven more to go."

"I dunno, it was definitely worth it after what Josh did to us, two times each" Linsey said with a horny smile. "He's the best fuck of any guy I been with yet."

"How many guys have you been with?" Jody asked out of curiosity.

"Tommy, the boy at Kayla's party?" Linsey asked as Jody nodded. "And the two with you."

"I've been with 6, I'm a whore" Jody said in shock as Linsey began to laugh and after a few moments leaned forward to hold onto the bed and missed, tumbling to the floor like a thump a moments later. Giving Jody a turn to laugh. "That feel good?"

"Ouch!" Linsey groaned as she sat up and rubbed her head. Jody crawling down the bed and laying on her stomach, her head by Linsey's. "That hurt, kiss it and make it better?"

"Of course" Jody said as she kissed Linsey's forehead. Linsey grinning as she folded her legs under her and came face to face with her girlfriend.

"Here too" Linsey said as she pointed at one cheek and smiling as Jody kissed her cheek. Linsey then whispering as she pointed to her lips, "And now here."

"MMMMMM I really do like kissing you" Jody said as Linsey smiled and caressed her cheek gently.

"Wanna kiss something else? A little bit lower?" Linsey asked in a voice barely above a whisper.

"The sugar below your waist?" Jody asked as Linsey nodded with a horny smile. Jody crawling backwards on the bed and motioning with her finger for her horny ass girlfriend to join her. Which Linsey did eagerly as Jody laid back on the pillows at the top of the bed and watched Linsey stand on the bed and began a slow strip-tease that served to make her lover even hotter than usual. Linsey's shirt slipping up and over her head first as she then spun it around a few times and flipped it to Jody who caught it with an adoring gaze. Linsey then turning her back and wiggling her ass as she slipped down her shorts (no panties) and showing Jody her cute little ass. Tossing the shorts to the floor as she turned and posed for her girlfriend and heard Jody whistle at the lewd display. Linsey dropping to her knees and helping Jody out of her shorts and shirt over the next few moments. Jody eagerly spreading her thighs as Linsey got up between them and now resting on her elbows as she began licking Jody's baby smooth pussy. Jody gently sweeping Linsey's hair out of her eyes as she watched closely and moaned. "MMMMMMMM you like the sugar below my waist?"

"MMMMMMMM I love it, Kayla sure was right" Linsey said before she returned to licking softly up and down the smooth slit, causing Jody to moan louder. Jody's thighs quivering, her stomach heaving slowly and her pussy already spasming as she watched Linsey work. Holding Linsey's hair with one hand and squeezing her own titties with the other Jody laid her head back and moaned as she felt her orgasm now building fast. But a light knocking at the backdoor made both girls groan in frustration. Thankfully a blanket hung in the entry way to block the view from outside the backdoor to inside. Linsey said a few choice words as she slid off the bed and peaked out the curtain and looked back and said, "It's horny boy."

"Josh?" Jody asked in surprise.

"MMMMMM HMMMMMMM" Linsey said. "Wanna invite him to join us again?"

"But your Mom..."

" at work" Linsey said as both girls giggled and nodded in agreement. Linsey crawled back onto the bed and to Jody's surprise got back between Jody's thighs and licked a few more times at her pussy as Jody moaned and wondered what was going on. Linsey looking up with a smile as she said, "Tell him to come on in and let's see what he does."

"COME ON IN!" Jody screamed as Linsey grinned and slid her tongue back to Jody's pussy and this time fed it inside the tight little love hole. Josh walking into the kitchen and immediately hearing the soft moans of pleasure, his cock growing stiff in a instant, like only a boy of 13 could. He looked into the living room to see if he could spot the destination of the sound when Jody said, "We're in here."

"Hey!" Josh said with a huge smile crossing his face as he stepped inside the curtain and saw Jody and Linsey were already naked with Linsey doing what Josh loved to see, licking pussy. "Ohmigod."

"MMMMMMMMM baby I love that" Jody moaned as her thighs quivered and her pussy spasmed around Linsey's probing tongue as it fucked inside of Jody time and time again. Josh's cock stiffening to the point where he was gonna squirt in his pants if he didn't give it some attention. So without regard as to whether he'd been invited he slipped his basketball shorts down and off as his cock popped free and sprung to attention. Jody laying her head back as Linsey made her pussy cum in that moment. Jody wrapping her thighs tightly around Linsey's face and shaking in orgasm as she felt her pure heaven peak and came back down and lay there smiling as Linsey licked her cum up softly. "MMMMMMM baby my pussy taste good?"

"MMMMMMMMMM so sweet" Linsey said as she wrapped her arms around the outside of Jody's thighs and bringing her hands to rest on Jody's flat sexy tummy as she went back to work on her girlfriend's pussy. Josh slipping his shirt off as Jody moaned and smiled at him and motioned with her finger for him to join them on the bed. He did eagerly, stroking his cock as he got on the bed on the other side of Jody on his knees and by her head as he offered her his suddenly throbbing cock. Jody grinned as she opened her mouth and started to suck him right on the tip of his cock head. Making Josh moan out loud. Linsey licking Jody's pussy as she watched with intense interest at the action above her. "MMMMMMM yeah suck it till it's butt fucking hard baby."

"MMMMMMMM yeah I needed my cock sucked so bad Jody" Josh moaned as he slid a hand into her hair and gently guided her head up and down and dropped the other hand to his side so Linsey could watch. Linsey sliding her tongue back into Jody's pussy and fucking it in and out on the underside of her girlfriend's clit. Causing Jody's thighs to quiver even more and her stomach to begin heaving as she moaned on Josh's throbbing cock. The room filling with moans of pleasure. Jody taking Josh's cock into her mouth fully and pressing her lips to the bare skin over his cock as she deep throated him repeatedly and made the young boy moan in pure pleasure. Linsey again pulling away from Jody's sweet pussy and smiling up at her girlfriend just as Jody pulled off Josh's cock and both watched it twitch as he smiled. "MMMMMMMMM yeh it's butt fucking hard now."

"Well come on baby, but I'm not moving this time because Jody's pussy is too sweet" Linsey said as she folded her knees under her and Josh crawled down to behind her. Linsey now resting on her knees and elbows and returning to lick Jody's pussy as Josh slid inside her asshole easily. Josh's young cock throbbing even harder now as he slid deep inside Linsey's sweet little asshole. Moaning loudly as his cock got sucked at now by the intense tightness as he began to pump in and out. Linsey moaning as she smiled and returned to Jody's pussy and began to fuck her tongue inside now softly. Jody's body responding in an instant jerk of pleasure as her ass squeezed together and she cleared Linsey's hair out the girls face so her and Josh could watch. "MMMMMMMMM so good up my asshole Joshy, so good at butt fucking baby."

"MMMMMMMM so lucky to get so much butt fucking practice" Josh moaned as his hands now rested in the middle of Linsey's bare back as his cock pounded in and out. His balls slapping at Linsey's pussy as his cock pistoned in and out of her asshole. Linsey's moaning growing louder as she watched Josh for a long moment before she returned to Jody's pussy and started fucking it with a passion. Jody crying out in a pleasure filled moan as her pussy drew closer to it's reward with every stroke of her girlfriends loving tongue. Jody's stomach heaved and her pussy spasmed like crazy as her orgasm began only a second or two later. Linsey's pussy joining Jody's in orgasm just on the other side of Jody's orgasm. Linsey's asshole squeezing Josh's pumping cock even tighter and drawing his cum up his cock fast as she settled down and Josh quickly pulled out. "MMMMMMMM come here Jody."

"MMMMMMMM oh yeah" Jody moaned as she crawled forward and now laying on her stomach as she began to suck Josh's cock as he moaned and moments later squirted into the girls mouth with a loud moan and body jerk that showed how good it felt for the horny young boy. The yummy cum splattering all over Jody's loving mouth and down her throat as she sucked him for another long moment and drained his cock. Linsey rising back to her knees as Jody pulled off and showed her girlfriend the mouth full of cum she had. The two kissing deeply and trading it back and forth as Josh smiled and squeezed their asses in his hands. "My turn?"

"MMMMMMM yeah babies I'm soooo hard right now" Josh moaned as Linsey circled around and laid back on the bed. Josh stroking his cock as it hardened even more with the wonderful vision of Jody getting on top of Linsey in a 69. This exact position being the star of everyone of Josh's fantasies over the last few days since he experienced it. Holding his cock steady, as Linsey licked softly at Jody's smooth pussy, he slid inside of the older girls asshole with a loud pleasure filled moan. Beginning to moan out loud now, Jody looked back and watched the young boy's face show the pleasure he was in. Linsey licking her girlfriend's sweet pussy and feeling Jody's thighs quivering as the pleasure filled her body too. Jody moaning to Josh, "MMMMMMMM you're cock sure is getting a good workout huh?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMM oh yeah such a good workout butt fucking you Jody" Josh moaned as he plunged in and out and smacked his thighs at the girls ass cheeks, his balls slapping at Jody's pussy. Linsey moving her talented tongue to the girls clit and licking it aggressively as Jody's pussy began to spasm hard now and her orgasm neared. Josh moaned as his young cock began aching it was so hard as he fucked Jody's little asshole fast a few last times. Jody squealed as her orgasm began and a moment later squirting her cum into her girlfriend's mouth below. Josh's cum rising fast as he pulled out of Jody's asshole and waited for her to roll off. Linsey rolling over onto her stomach as Jody got over her back and scooped her hair into a ponytail. Josh moaning as Linsey began to suck hard on the head of his cock. Linsey moaning herself as she once again got a mouthful of Josh's yummy butt fuck cum...

An hour later...

"Hey Joshy" Linsey said as she bounced down the steps and met him at the bottom with a kiss. Just having gotten out of the shower. "Where's my girlfriend?"

"Xbox" Josh said with a point.

"Hey!" Jody said from the floor of the living room without even looking. "I'm kicking ass on this game."

"She lying to you, she sucks" Josh said as Linsey laughed and both laughed when Jody hung a middle finger in the air.

"I already did" Josh said with a smirk.

"MMMMMMM did you ever" Linsey said as she hugged the younger boy from behind and laid her chin on his shoulder. "Wanna be our first boyfriend?"

"Our? You mean you and Jody both?" He asked as Jody paused the game and stood as she heard Linsey's last question. "Isn't that kinda weird? Having two girlfriends?"

"No weirder than you fucking both of us" Linsey said. "What do you say girlfriend?"

"OK with me, I like Joshy lots" Jody said as she kissed him.

"WOW!" Josh said with a huge grin. "I never had a girlfriend before let alone two at once. I must be doing something right."

"You do it 6 or 7 times right baby" Linsey said as she took Josh's hand and slid it to her ass. "Bout right there Josh?"

"MMMMMMM oh wow I wish I could get it hard again" Josh said as Linsey smiled knowingly. "But I'm so sore right now."

"That's the second time we've done you that way" Jody said as Josh nodded. "How many times did you cum a few days ago?"

"Six" Josh said as he pulled Jody into his arms as well and now had both girls asses in his hands.

"And what about just a while ago?" Linsey asked.

"Seven" Josh commented.

"MMMMMMMMMM taste better every time I think" Linsey said as she kissed her now boyfriend.

"It does at that" Jody commented as she kissed Linsey, Josh watching with a look of awe on his face as the two kissed deeply. "MMMMMM now who's cum you like more?"

"Yours and it's no contest" Linsey said to Jody.

"MMMMMMM good answer" Jody said as a car pulled up in the front yard. Linsey and Jody running to the window to make sure it wasn't Maria as Josh moved to the side door and got ready to make a quick exit if need be. "Some guy in a really nice car. Not Mom."

The man walking up to the door and knocking softly as he looked at a folder full of papers in his arms. Jody stopping on the other side of the door and finding herself froze as she looked at him through the glass and felt she had to know him. He looked back up and their eyes met and Jody's heart nearly stopped when she saw what he looked like. She might as well have been looking in a mirror she thought. It couldn't be him, not after all this time and all these years. He motioned as if to say "Can you open the door?". To which she did...slowly.

"Hi" Jody said as he smiled. "My names Jody."

"I know who you are" He said as he swallowed hard. "God your beautiful."

"I am?" Jody asked as Linsey and Josh came back into the kitchen as the man stepped inside. Jody's eyes never leaving him. "What's your name?"

"Look whoever you are my Mom's not home and you need to leave" Linsey said firmly.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"She asked you to get to steppin old man" Josh said as he stepped in front of Linsey.

"Look little boy you need to just back it down and don't start something you're not willing to finish" The Man said with a finger point. Jody still in a daze as she listened but could do nothing seemingly. Linsey picking up a crowbar from under the shelf by the side door and placing in Josh's hand.

"Now I said, get to stepping" Josh said as he held the crowbar up. "My girl said you're not welcome."

"STOP!" Jody screamed as the man backed outside and onto the porch. Jody runnung out onto the porch and grabbing his arm as Linsey and Josh followed. "You're him...Don't go please don't go."

"He's who?" Linsey asked as Jody looked back at her.

"My Dad, I know it..."

"Shit!" Josh said in surprise as he dropped the crowbar with a loud clanging sound that made everyone jump in surprise.

"Fuck Josh scare the hell out of everyone" Linsey said as he grinned sheepishly.

"Right?" Jody asked as the man smiled and Jody's mind clicked back online and she remembered the picture from the old house and she knew it was. "I got your picture."

"James Watkins" He said as she practically knocked him down with a hug. He hugged her back and both cried as the 14 year absense had finally come to an end and they were finally reunited.

"Dad" Jody said softly as she hugged him tighter and never wanted to let go. They looked at each other and smiled simply. "What a way to meet huh?"

"Tell me about it" Jody said as she turned and smiled at Linsey. "And this Dad is my girlfriend Linsey."

"Excuse me?" James asked as he took a step back. "And who allowed this to happen?"

"No one allowed it I just really love her..." Jody said and she could see he didn't approve in the least. Linsey hugging Jody protectively.

"I see a lot of this immoral lifestyle back home in California and I simply don't condone it" He said firmly. "You're Mother might have but I don't."

"Well no one asked you what you think" Linsey said. "Get back in that fuckin car and don't come back."

"WAIT" Jody said. "I just met him and you're already running him off?"

"He's a homophobe Jody" Linsey said. Her heart breaking as she realized that this was most likely gonna come between her and Jody. "I love you Jody Watkins, like crazy."

"I know, but he's my Dad..." Jody said and trailing off as she looked from what was now her Dad to the girl she loved. Not sure what was gonna or what she wanted to happen. But one thing was clear, Jody had a major decision to make and someone was gonna end up with their heartbroke. Bad Girl indeed...