Bad Girl - Episode 13 "This California!"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"Jody it doesn't matter what happened 14 years ago" James said firmly. Turning his back to his daughter and refusing to look at her. Jody knew something was up and now she was determined to find out. The 'what' she wanted to know so desperately was why her deceased mother would not even read the hundreds of letters James had wrote her over the years. The same 'what' that James had repeatedly apologized for in the letters that Jody had read until Kelly, James' youngest daughter, had found them in Jody's room and stolen them several weeks ago.

"Tell me god damn it" Jody said as she slammed her fists on the desk and made him look back at her. "You heard me I took the lord's name in vein because you won't answer me. What did you do?"

"You're grounded for 2 months and one more word and you won't have phone privileges for those two months either" James said. Driving Jody to the breaking point in her anger. She flipped him off and picked up a heavy crystal paper weight and fired it at James' head. Barely missing, him giving her a disbelieving look. One that grew to an unsettling anger as he glared at the daughter he knew he couldn't bring under his control. Jody challenging him to come after her as she said, "Come on old man, fuck you I am so not aFRAID OF YOU. Tell me what you did to her and tell me now or I'll...I'll call the cops and tell them you raped me."

"Be the same thing I did to your mother" He spat back. Jody's hole body going numb at the simple words that had just left her father's lips. His expression changing as he lowered his head and began to pray. "Heavenly father please forgive me and help me with this child of mine in every way you can..."

"You got her pregnant didn't you? You raped her and I was..." Jody said as her throat closed up and she barely managed to go on, "...the end result?"

"Yes Jody" James said simply. "I apologized to her numerous times and she insisted that I never call her again. She threatened to have me arrested if I ever came back near you or her."

"I hope you fry in hell..."

~~ 2 weeks or so later ~~

"Why don't you go back to that hillbilly town you came from and don't ever come back" Kelly spat from the doorway to Jody's bedroom. Jody looking back as she stuffed everything she could into her top dresser drawer and wanted the girl to simply walk away. But it was apparent that Kelly wanted one last fight with her so-called sister tonight before they parted ways for what Jody wished would be forever. Jody's thong falling out onto the floor and catching Kelly's eye before Jody could grab it and stuff it back inside of her bag. "Only whores wear those you know."

"That why you got one?" Jody asked and finally having heard enough of Kelly's mouth and turned to face her. Knowing if she got any closer than 10 feet Kelly would scream and go running for her father.

"I don't have one" Kelly said with hands on hips. "I respect my body and I love the lord so I don't show everyone how big a whore I am."

"No you advertise your stupidity every day just by letting people see your hair" Jody said with a smug smile.

"Well at least I'm not..." Kelly said and lowering her voice to a hiss as she went on, "...a faggot."

"Maybe I should take the counseling at church" Jody said as she looked down. Wanting Kelly to think that she'd finally broken through and Jody was reconsidering her 'lifestyle' and was now ready to expect what she viewed as an out and out attempt at brainwashing by the church. "You think?"

"Yeah I do" Kelly said. "They can help Jody but you won't let them. Daddy says Brother Milligan has asked about you a lot lately."

"You think dad will let me stay if I do this?" Jody asked as Kelly smiled as if she had won and ran across the room and hugged Jody impulsively.

That was the scene just before Jody was to board the bus bound for her old hometown and leave this place forever. This California that she thought would be pure heaven with it's sunny beaches, great weather and the father and family (4 brothers and sisters) she had never known. What it turned out to be was a pure living hell filled with lies, preaching and endless nights of Jody crying into her pillow.

"The family" she had wanted when she moved here turned out to be: Kelly "The pest", the youngest of the two girls and was truly Daddy's little nark/angel. While the others were mostly different variations of the same mold. The oldest girl, Cassie Lynn, now 16 and dating a dork of a boy at the family's church and already planning to be a "baby factory" as Jody called her on several occasions. Then there was Peter, the youngest son and the image of his father in every way possible. Jody hated him only slightly less than Kelly. The oldest son was the only exception to Jody's out and out hatred for her new family, J.R. was a charming, handsome man of 21 who had both an open heart and mind and had won Jody's trust and love rather easily.

Her new father and mother (James and Casey) were the ones that Jody had come to loath. It all started with the mind blowing revelation that James had raped her mother 14 years ago and Jody was the end result. Since then Jody had been uncontrollable by either of her NEW parents.

This being just a few months into her fateful decision to leave Linsey and Maria and move to California with her Father. It was now clear that Jody had stepped into a world she neither understood or wanted to be apart of. Her father was a Pastor at the Saint James of Christ Ministries church and was the most straight laced person Jody had ever met in her life. Fringe right wing nutcase if there ever was one Jody thought often. He detested gay and lesbians based on his 'morals' but loved hunting and practically anything to do with guns, along with 'strong national defense' and his beloved death penalty. The things that he and Jody vehemently disagreed about.

It wasn't the church services four times a week that got to Jody (at least at first), it was the 1 hour of TV...A WEEK, that drove her crazy. Plus the other rules, no internet unsupervised, no video games, bible reading an hour a night...and on and on they went. It was enough to drive a sane person to the depths of depression. Which she thought if she stayed would be exactly what happened to her within a few weeks.

"I love you Jody, the lord loves you, he will stop hating you if you stop being gay" Kelly said in a soothing tone that made Jody's skin crawl. Kelly was now in her arms and her guard was completely let down Jody noted as her and Kelly's eyes met and Kelly's saw Jody's almost evil smile. The younger girl panicked and tried to get away and attempted to scream before Jody did something shocking...she kissed her lips. Making Kelly kiss her back, with tongue even. And for a long moment Kelly gave in and relaxed as she kissed her sister. Before pulling away and looking in disgust at her. "Ohmigod that's so wrong..."

"Now you're a fag Kel, god hates you too" Jody seethed as Kelly's eyes showed her shock. Jody releasing her and as Kelly turned to run Jody tripped her and mounted her practically and let the young girl scream for mercy. Jody listened for the footsteps she knew would come in the form of her psychotically over protective father. Once she heard them she drew back and started punching Kelly's face for all she was worth. James having to literally pull her off of Kelly with a death grip. Forcing Jody to pull several clumps of the younger girls hair out. "I HATE YOU, GOD HATES YOU."

"What in the name of Jesus Christ was that all about?" James asked as Kelly fled the room for the safety of her own.

"Me saying goodbye to that bible thumping bigot" Jody said. "I hate you and I hoped to god I never have to see you again. I WANNA GO HOME."

"God please help me in this time of trial to stay strong in your name, amen" James prayed.

"God please help me have the strength to tell my so-called father he is a crazy man with psychotic believes that involves hating someone you DON'T EVEN KNOW" Jody said as she screamed the last few words. "I HATE YOU WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING."

"Lord please help me..."

"FUCK YOU PSYCHO" Jody screamed as she lost it and smacked her father as hard as she could. James calmly turned and left the room, closing the door behind himself as Jody fell to her knees and cried in sobs as she pounded the floor in frustration. Everything had just become too much for her to handle. The stay in step or go to a firey hell speeches had driven her to the breaking point. The church services with the smiling to your face, talking about you like a dog five seconds later hypocrites was something she had had her fill of. Her Step-Mother Casey, a sweet woman who tried to help Jody fit in, but soon gave up when she realized that Jody just wasn't meant for this type of life. Jody's tears poured down her face, she wished so hard that she could just see Linsey again and hold her for five seconds and hear Linsey's voice say "I love you", just once. She laid in the floor for the next hour and cried without a moments pause. A light knocking being the only pause as Jody jumped back to her feet and wiped her tears away as she said, "Come on."

"Jody?" James asked as he came back into the room with a stack of papers in his hand.

"I know, church in forty five minutes" Jody said as James looked to see her eyes swollen and puffy from crying and wishing he could do something to help.

"No" He said as he handed her a folder with what looked to be a bus ticket on the inside. Jody took it out and looked at it in confusion.

"What's this?"

"It's what you want" James said. "I've tried every way I know to get you to love the lord but you refuse so I'm letting you go back into that sinful world..."

"This some kinda cruel joke you Benny Hinn knock-off?" Jody asked in a bitter tone and knowing the reference to that particular money-hungry bible thumping loonatic was hurtful to her father. "I wanna go home so bad and see Linsey..."

"I don't wanna hear about your homosexual lifestyle" James demanded and going on before Jody could say anything in reply. "I called Maria and she was surprised but agreed to take custody of you until you're 18th birthday. And I am out of energy to fight this battle. So I am letting you go with the hope that you will come to realize that the lord god is your savior and that I only tried to help you stay on the path to heaven."

"You should be locked up" Jody said with a finger point. "You got Kelly to scared to shit..."

"Stop using that language in my house" James demanded.

"Go to mother fucking hell shit for brains cock sucker" Jody seethed. "I can't wait to get out of this one way trip to the gates of hell. YOU BABY RAPING COCK SUCKER."

"Lord god please help me" James said as he closed his eyes and prayed.

"I wanna leave tonight" Jody said as James opened his eyes.

"Tonight?" He asked. "But I thought at least we could have one more dinner with your brothers and sisters..."

"NOW" Jody screamed. "I'm not going to one more of your fucking hypocrite meetings."

"They love you Jody" James said as his oldest son, J.R. appeared at the doorway and listened quietly. "Why do you hate them so?"

"People wear so much make-up there heads about to tip over" Jody said and noticed J.R. stiffling a giggle. "They called Cassie a stuck up princess last week. I heard them. That nasty Miss Callahan that you are always sucking up too."

"That's enough of your lies" James said and not knowing nor caring that the truth in this case was on Jody's side.

"I hate you" Jody said as James fought back tears. "And I am not just saying that DAD. I hate you so much I wished I was dead a hundred times already."

"Fine, well I don't hate you" James said as he tried to remain calm. "The lord and..."

"FUCK YOU" Jody screamed. "For once why can't you talk to me like my Dad instead of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell? Huh? You love them, you made me listen to them. A lot more than me."

"That's not true" James said. "Be ready in fifteen minutes if you wanna go tonight. I'm not missing church for you."

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Jody screamed as she pumped her fist in the air and ran to grab her douffle bag from the closet. James leaving the room past his still silent son. A long moment of silence passing as she stuffed her bag full of everything she owned. Suddenly she felt a pair of strong welcoming arms around her shoulders. Looking up she saw J.R. and smiled. "What was that for?"

"I love you kid, you really leaving?"

"Yeah I'm going home" Jody said. "I can't wait to get the fuck out of here."

"I see."

"What? God hates me and yadda yadda right?"

"God loves you" J.R. said. "Dad and Mom just take it to far."

"I hate him and I am not just saying that" Jody said as J.R. simply nodded.

"Tell that pretty girlfriend of yours I said hi" J.R. said softly. "You're lucky."

"I will, bye" Jody said as they shared one last warm hug. J.R. leaving the room quickly. A long silence again filled the space as Jody finished packing and walked silently down the wooden steps to the front door and outside. Sitting her bag down by the car and waiting without a word. Her oldest sister Cassie Lynn coming to the door and looking out briefly as the news of Jody's departure spread. Jody's middle finger sending her back into the house in a hurry. "VIRGIN WHORE."

Casey, James patient loving wife being the next to come to the door and being met by the same 'bird flip' as she breathed deeply and simply nodded before walking back inside without a single word. "Wife of Pat Robertson."

James youngest son, Peter, every bit the chip off the old block Jody noted, appearing at the door in his dress suit with bible in hand. Giving Jody a sour look that literally spoke volumes. This time Jody made sure the younger boy knew how she felt as she held up both middle fingers and held them there as long as he stared her down. Peter finally giving up and walking back inside as James came out. Peter hugging his dad warmly. "Nut didn't fall far from that tree now did it?"

"Excuse me?" James asked as he came closer.

"I said your looney son is nuts like you old man" Jody spat. "Now you gonna take me to the bus stop or to the brain washing doctor?"

"To the bus stop, Jody" James said simply as both climbed in. 20 minutes of murderous silence later the two pulled into the bus station and Jody snatched her ticket from her fathers hand and got out without a word and violently slammed the door to the car. Pulling her bag out of the trunk a moment later and simply walked off as James got out of the car. James saying a silent prayer as he followed after his daughter. "Jody, please say goodbye to me."

"Walk away old man" Jody said she looked at her ticket and saw the number on it matched the number on the side of the bus a few hundred feet away.

"Give me a hug, you at least owe me that" James said calmly. Jody turned and glared at him. James holding his arms open.

"I'm going home to Linsey" Jody said.

"Please stop saying that..."

"I'm gonna lick her pussy daddy, don't you want the details?" Jody asked as James realized this was futile and turned to walk away. "OH COME ON DAD, SHE'S NOT A BAD FUCK, BUT YOU SURE ARE...YOU CHILD MOLESTER."

"What did you say?" James asked as he lost his temper. Everyone in the place now looking at the two as Jody smiled smugly.

"I said you raped my Mom you piece of shit" Jody said. "I wonder what your hypocrite friends would think of that?"

"You shut up right now" He snapped as he confronted her. "That was a lifetime ago and the lord has forgiven me for that crime."

"Yeah that's fair, you rape an innocent girl of fourteen and you can just wash it away by asking for forgiveness" Jody commented. "You deserve to burn in hell like you love to threaten me with. Mom hated me because of you. YOU RAPED HER!"

"SHUT UP" James said as he covered his daughters mouth forcibly and found his hand being bitten violently. Blood breaking through the skin as he almost cried from the pain. Forcing him to quickly release Jody from his grip. But what happened next would do more damage than Jody could have ever known. She drilled him in the 'family jewels' with sheer delight. "Ohmigod Jody..."

Jody grabbed her bag as she ran for the bus. Handing her ticket to the bus driver and looking to see her father still writhing on the ground in pain and several people attempting to help him. She figured someone would stop her but no one did. Moments later, she was free as the bus pulled away from the corner and into what Jody hoped would soon be her old life with Linsey. Happy and in love. It wouldn't quite be that easy though.