Bad Girl - Episode 15 "Home Again"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"I was the end result of a rape" Jody said in a low voice as Kira listened intently. "He raped her and got her pregnant and she hated him for the rest of her life."

"I can't imagine being so consumed with hate that I'd never forgive someone" Kira commented.

"And she hated me for being born, now that I know what I know I can honestly say I don't really blame her!"

"You are wrong, you were not responsible for what your father did, she had no reason to hate you" Kira said as Jody smiled.

"I've done plenty and she did have reason" Jody replied, "Bricks threw glass windows, stolen cars..."

"You stoled a car?"

"Only one" Jody said as Kira laughed and gave Jody a look that said "be serious". "Was a junker parked on High Street that no one owned and I just took it one night and rode around until it ran out of gas. No harm done. That is until the cops showed up."

"What possessed you to take a car?"

"I was mad at my Mom and wanted to piss her off even more" Jody said. "Bitch was on me about everything so..."

"Do you not notice the never ending cycle?" Kira asked. Jody looking confused. "It's like you throw a brick through a window, Mom grounds you, which she should. Then to pay her back you steal a car and she grounds you for longer. Before long it's a battle to see who's more dominant. No one wins."

"I did, I'm still alive aren't I?" Jody asked.

"Barely" Kira said. "What kinda life is it you want?"

"I only want someone who loves me" Jody said as Kira touched her hand. "Linsey loves me. That's why I wanted to go home to her."

"HMMMMMM, so you're gay?"

"Not even close" Jody said as Kira laughed and wondered about the girls sexual history for a long moment as the bus rolled into the night and took the woman another mile farther away from her bastard of a husband. Her daughter laying peacefully sleeping in her arms and an interesting new friend to pass away the time. She thought about her past, her teen years spent in the east, a 'cum covered' youth if there ever was one. "Hey bus stop coming up!"

"They got a Denny's, you want breakfast my new friend? It's on me this time?" Kira asked as Jody eagerly nodded that she did. Getting out with Haylie now clinging to both of the girls hands happily as she skipped along between them and seemed to be so happy she could float on air. "What's got you so happy this morning Haylie?"

"I love Jody, her good to me" Haylie announced as Jody felt her heart ship a beat at that announcement.

"She can be really clingy" Kira commented as her and Jody took a seat at one of the booth's a few moments later. Haylie skipping up and down the aisle to the amusement of the older couple sitting down a few places from Jody and Kira. "You can tell me if she gets to bad."

"Not even, I like her" Jody said, "Speaking of Haylie, where you guys headed now with the money you got?"

"Beats me" Kira said. "I got places to go I guess, like home, but nowhere that seems fresh and exciting, a new start."

"You know..." Jody said and thinking what she thought at the time might be crazy, "...but you could come and crash with me and Linsey for a few days and see what you wanna do. A couple of more hours and we'll be there."

"Girlfriend has a Mom?"

"Of course" Jody said and resisting the urge to go for the dumb joke. "But Maria is really nice, that's her Mom. I'm sure she'd let you crash on the couch for a few days."

"Couches don't move, be a nice change after all the traveling" Kira said. "Think you can swing it?"

"Might take some pleading and begging but I bet I can" Jody said and then going into a goofy voice as she pretended to now be talking to Maria about her plans, "I met her on the bus down here and she's a drug addict and steals like a klepto but I like her and wanted her too stay, by the way where's the good China?"

"Fuck you" Kira said as her and Jody laughed. "I'm betting she'd say no."

"For a couple of days I think it would be OK" Jody said. "Who knows what will happen once you get settled in. Might like it and wanna stay."

"Stay where Mommy?" Haylie asked as she bounced over to the table.

"Jody wants us to come visit her for a little while" Kira said as Haylie smiled and crashed into Jody as she hugged her.

"Dats good news" Haylie announced as Jody lifted the little girl into her lap and kissed her cheek.

"MMMMMMMM you're sweet" Jody said as Haylie wiped it away.

"EWWWWWWW Mommy she kissed me" Haylie said as Kira smiled and laughed when Jody blew a raspberry on her daughters cheek. "EWWWWWWWW STOP THAT!"

"Haylie you know better than to scream" Kira said as Haylie pointed a finger at her Mom as a warning, Jody laughing.

~ ~ Lat8 ~ ~

"Thanks driver" Kira said as the man named, Johnstonian, loaded the luggage into the trunk of his cab as Jody held Haylie's hand and waited for Kira before all four loaded into the car for the short ride to the house that Jody now thought of as home. Maria's place. She was worried they wouldn't be home because when she called only moments before no one answered the phone. Kira's mind was occupied by worry too, only hers was of a much greater concern as she wasn't sure how this arrangement with Jody would work out and she wasn't sure she wanted it to work out. She barely knew the girl after all.

"Hey Jody" Haylie said as she tugged on Jody's shirt and got the girls attention and then pointing to the water tower off in the distance that sported Jody's name still. "Dat your name?"

"Yeah is it, how did you know?"

"I can read duh" Haylie said as Jody laughed and grew more nervous as the blocks ticked away as the driver took his sweet time. "You take me up there?"

"Can I throw you off?"

"Noooooo" Haylie said with an animated head shake. Jody again laughing. "I wanna go up high."

"Maybe" Jody said.

"That means no" Haylie said as she frowned.

"No it doesn't, OK, I promise I will" Jody said as Haylie smiled. One last turn and the driver came to the end of the route as he pulled up in front of the Panettiere place and Jody was in for several surprises. Jody got out as did Kira and Haylie and stared in shock at the remains of Bill Armstrong's house as it now lay in ruins following a fire. Still smoldering Jody noted as Haylie took her hand and gave her a concerned look. Jody picking her up as Haylie looked with her at the ruins. The driver unloading the luggage and carrying it up to the newly expanded porch which was now a full deck with a hot tub. Another new addition that looked to be where Jody's room used to be off the kitchen, it now featured what Jody would soon learn was Maria's NEW home office. "Wonder what happened to the Armstrong's place?"

"I think it burned down" Haylie said in a matter of fact style as Jody smiled. The screen door behind them cracking and a squeal could be heard as Linsey appeared on the deck and practically wet her panties as she saw Jody. She bounced down the steps and ran to meet her as Jody sat Haylie down and welcomed the girls hug. Linsey feeling as happy in that moment as she could have ever hoped for as she hugged the girl she loved.

"Please tell me you're staying" Linsey said as she looked at Jody and found herself wrapped in the girls arms. "I love you and missed you so much it hurt."

"You forgive me for leaving?" Jody asked nervously. Maria coming onto the porch and seeing the two girls and wondering who the woman and cute kid was that stood a few feet away.

"Duh, it was your Dad, I would do the same thing" Linsey said as the two smiled at each other and kissed for a long moment. Maria making her way down the steps and to the edge of the driveway as the cab drove off after being paid.

"MARIA!" Jody squealed as she hugged her. "I missed you."

"You too kid" Maria said as they smiled at each other and Linsey hugged Jody from behind. "Who's the friends?"

"My name Haylie Ishamatsu!"

"I'm Kira, the mom of Haylie Ishamatsu!"

"Friends of mine that I met on the bus ride down here and they need a place to stay for a couple of days" Jody said. "What do you think?"

"You come packing surprises eh?" Maria asked as Jody shrugged. "Let's all go inside and see what we can come up with."

Jody was relieved to see that Maria took an immediate liking to Jody's new friends. Kira and Marie chatting on and on about what was now Maria's former job as a social worker. While the girls took Haylie on a tour of the newly expanded Panettiere house. Linsey revealing that the new bedroom was for Jody and that Maria was now working from home as a freelance writer.

"I got my own bedroom now?" Jody asked as Linsey grinned happily. "OHMIGOD, but why?"

"I knew you were coming back to me" Linsey said with a bright smile as Jody felt her whole body go flush as she stepped directly in front of her lover and gently caressed her cheek as she kissed her. Haylie, who had been skipping up and down the halls happily after only a few moments, stopped and watched the two and commented, "EWWWWWWW kissing. Dat gross. You two gots cooties."

"We kiss because we like it" Linsey said as she knelt down in the hall and playfully kissed Haylie's cheek. The little girl bouncing around as she giggled and went running away. "I like her."

"Lynsey gots boogers" Haylie said from the top of the steps and giggling as both Linsey and Jody chased her down the steps.

By the end of the night Maria and Kira had become fast friends and settled into watch a chick flick (something with Mel Gibson) on the NEW big screen in the living room. Jody and Linsey volunteering to put Haylie to bed (in Lynsey's bedroom).

"But, I don't wanna go to sleep" Haylie whined as Jody and Linsey laid on either side of her.

"You are four years old and don't get to choose" Jody said. Haylie giving her a mean look. "And I wanna take you up to the water tower tomorrow but we can't go till it's light out."

"OK, I go to sleep" Haylie said as she rolled over and snuggled up to Jody and within moments she was asleep.

"Come here my Jody" Linsey cooed an hour or so later as she dragged her girlfriend down the hall and inside the new bedroom.

"What are you doing? I was going to get something to drink" Jody said as Linsey kicked the bedroom door shut.

"You are going to make love to me" Linsey said with a finger point as Jody grinned.

"Well OK then" Jody replied with a shrug as Linsey could hardly get out of her clothes fast enough. Jody then joining Linsey in the pursuit of nakedness and after a few moments she now lay over Linsey in the missionary position as the two kissed softly. Jody smiled as she scooted back and kissed the soft skin between Linsey's perky titties, Linsey moaned softly. Jody smiled and kissed her one last time before she slid back down the bed and kissed the girls stomach softly in several spots and ended up between her girlfriends thighs. Putting a hand on either of Linsey's inner thighs and squeezing her fingers into the soft skin as Linsey looked down with an urgent smile. "MMMMMMM still as pretty as ever."

"MMMMMMHMMMM you know it" Jody said, returning the smile as she lowered her head and felt Linsey tense up a bit as she experienced Jody's tongue sliding up her baby smooth pussy lips for the first time in forever. Linsey moaning as she squeezed her fingers into the sheets on the bed and curled her toes as Jody repeated it over and over again, sending pleasure to every pore in Linsey's young body in an instant. "MMMMMMM that's so sweet."

"MMMMMM I love you so much" Linsey moaned as Jody wrapped her arms around the outside of Linsey's thighs and bringing both hands to rest on the girls stomach. Linsey's sculpted thighs closing around Jody's head in the next few moments as Jody's tongue began to dip inside of the girls pussy lips on every pass. Linsey's hands moved from the mattress to her stomach and covered Jody's hands now. Jody grinning as she carefully laced their fingers and pressed her palms together with Linsey's before going back to work. "MMMMMMMM makes me feel like we're one."

"MMMMMMM I know baby" Jody moaned in return as Linsey squeezed her fingers around Jody's now as they fell back to the bed on either side of her as Jody slid her tongue inside deeply. Jody stopping for a moment and then beginning to slide her tongue in and out of the girls already spasming pussy softly. Linsey laying her head back and closing her eyes as she tried to take all of the wonderful sensations in, crossing her legs over Jody's back as she squeezed her thighs around the girls head at the same time. Jody pressed her lips to Linsey's pussy and fucked her tongue in and out just on the underside of the girls clit. Causing Linsey's pussy to spasm harder and harder it seemed with every probe of her tongue. Linsey moaned for the first time out loud and laid her head back into the pillows. Jody smiled and knew what was coming.

"MMMMMMMM, yessss, I love you so much Jody, MMMMMMM" Linsey moaned and arching her back and tensing up as her pussy spasmed out of control and into a wonderful body shaking orgasm. Jody slowing her tongue as Linsey's fingers squeezed tightly around hers the whole time and tasting the honey sweetness of the girls cum beginning to drip out. Linsey squealed in pleasure as Jody softly sucked at her pussy for the first time and got a squirt of cum. "MMMMMMMMMM so sweet."

"MMMMMMMMMM" Jody moaned as Linsey shook as Jody did it again and again until she had drained the girl of every drop of cum. Linsey moaning softer now as Jody pulled out and licked softly up and down Linsey's cum covered baby smooth pussy.

Linsey smiled as she watched Jody rise and slip down the bed a bit and giggling as Jody pulled her to the center of the bed. Linsey's head now laying on the mattress as Jody grinned and crawled forward until she was over Linsey's face. Lowering her pussy down so her thighs were on either side and Jody looked down with a smile and cupped her hand around the back of Linsey's head and said, "Now show me how much you love me baby!"

"MMMMMMMMM I sure will" Linsey moaned as she eagerly licked up Jody's pussy for the first time. Jody's satisfied moans filling the air as she watched from above as Linsey did it again and again. Linsey's hands coming to lay gently on the outside of Jody's thighs as she licked her pussy from top to bottom over and over again. Pressing her tongue into the folds as Jody moaned and squeezed her thighs around Linsey's head this time. Loving the taste and knowing this was one of the things she had missed most about Jody.

Linsey's hands stroking now up and down the outside of Jody's thighs as she licked her in a steady rhythm and was obviously getting more and more turned on by what she was doing. Jody moaning as Linsey paused to lick her lips suggestively before again starting to lick up and down the soft smooth pussy lips of Jody's, this time pressing her tongue a little harder into the folds as it began to dip inside of Jody. Jody's moaning coming a little louder as her ass started to clench with the squeezing of her thighs around Linsey's head. Her pussy beginning to spasm now as Linsey licked over her clit for the first time. Sending shivers of wonderful pleasure all over Jody's darkly tanned body.

"MMMMMMMM my pussy is gonna cum so good" Jody moaned as she smiled down at her girlfriend and encouraged her. Linsey eagerly agreed as she licked over Jody's clit once again softly and repeated it. Jody's moaning growing louder as Jody's hands moved to her ass cheeks and squeezing her fingers into the soft tanned skin as Linsey licked her clit over relentlessly. Jody's thighs literally quivering in pleasure as her pussy spasmed hard now and she looked down. Linsey's tongue dragging roughly over Jody's clitty one more time as Jody's stomach bowed in and she started to cum. A pleasure soaked smile on Jody's face as the orgasm surged through her body for a few long moments before it subsided. Looking down she guided Linsey's tongue away from her clit and down a bit as she moaned, "MMMMMMMM slide your tongue all the way inside me OK?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMMM yeah, now suck my cum out sweet baby" Jody moaned as Linsey sunk her tongue all the way inside and sucked softly, Jody's cum squirting into Linsey's loving mouth for her efforts as Jody moaned in pleasure from above. Jody rolling off a few moments later as Linsey had completed the task with remarkable skill.

"I love you so much" Linsey said softly as she now lay wrapped in Jody's protective arms.

"I love you too" Jody said. The next hour or so being filled with Linsey's stories of what happened in Jody's absence.

She told of the fire that ravaged the Armstrong place and put Bill into a wheel chair when he attempted to save Josh, who he mistakenly thought was still inside. The two now had a place on the other side of town and Linsey had only seen Josh a few times at school since the accident and neither knew what to say to the other. Linsey going on to explain about Kayla's new job at the video place down on the mall and how she'd called several times in the last few days and wanted Linsey and Jody to stop by as soon as possible.

It was then Jody's turn and she figured she might as well get the biggest secret out first and shocked Linsey with the story of how she found out her mother had been raped by her father. Linsey held her for a long time as Jody cried in her arms. What Linsey didn't know was that some, if not all of Jody's tears were of joy that she was finally back home and in the arms of the girl she was in love with.

"I love you Jody" Linsey said softly as she rolled on top of her girlfriend sometime later and the two began to make love once more. The sounds of pleasure filled love making remaining constant for the rest of the night as the two made love (nearly) non-stop until the sun came up on a new day. They lay sleeping in each others arms, content with the world for those few wonderful beyond words moments.