Bad Girl - Episode 16 "Stud"

Written by: CJ Ames (



A week or so later...

"Jody sweety, phone call" Maria said from the bottom of the steps. Jody and Linsey being greeted by a happy Haylie as she bounced out of Linsey's room and into Jody's arms for the trip down the steps. Jody handing the girl to Kira as Maria handed the phone to Jody and went back to preparing breakfast. A goofy giggling and pushing match between Maria and Kira being noticable to Jody and Linsey as they watched. Jody putting the cell phone to her ear and saying, "Hello?"

"Jody?" A Kind voice asked. A chill running down Jody's body as she listened.


"Sweetheart this is Helen Callahan from the Saint James of Christ Ministries" She said. "Do you remember me?"

"Unfortunately" Jody said as Linsey hugged her from behind and found her girlfriend was tense. "What do you want?"

"UMMMMMMMM...well sweety..." Helen said and being taken aback by Jody's reaction. "I am calling on behalf of your father. James is going into surgery..."

"HA why?" Jody asked.

"Well, it seems he was injured in an assault at the bus stop" Helen said. "A very sensitive area was damaged."

"You mean his balls?" Jody asked bluntly and laughed when she heard Helen gasp. "If you do, that assualt was by me."

"Oh my lord, Jody Watkins you should be ashamed of yourself" Helen said. "You injured your father in such a way..."

"He deserved it, you bigot" Jody said as her anger flared. Maria and Kira listening with concern as Linsey hugged her girlfriend tighter. "He raped my mother 15 years ago and that's how I was born. I was a result of a rape."

"Oh dear god" Helen said in shock. "You are lying."

"He raped her" Jody repeated. "She never forgave him for it. My Mom hated me my whole life because of that."

"It's not possible for that to be true" Helen said.

"And you are a stuck up bitch who only goes to church to gossip about people" Jody said in anger.

"What? What does that have to do with anything?" Helen asked. "Where did you ever get such an idea?"

"You talked about my sister Cassie" Jody said. "You called her stuck-up and said she'd end up with kids before she was seventeen."

"Cassie? I did not" Helen said. "You are one hell bound little hethern."

"I'll bet you'll be holding the gate for me cause your SATAN'S FUCKING SISTER...hello?"

"Jody?" A Soft voice said into the phone a moment later. Jody knowing it was no longer Helen.

"Who is this?" Jody asked.

"This is Cassie, I was listening and heard your screaming at Miss Callahan all the way down the hall" Cassie said. "I heard my name."

"You heard your name cause she talked about you like a dog" Jody said. Cassie not believing her at first. "She said you'd end up with a kid before you were seventeen. Basically said you were a whore."


"Last time I went to church with you" Jody said. "And let's be honest it'd take the jaws of life to spread your legs. No way you're gonna get some!"

"Jody that is not funny" Cassie said and stifling a giggle. "You were always mean to me."

"She still talked about you" Jody said solemnly. "That Callahan woman."

"She's good for that" Cassie admitted as Linsey kissed Jody's cheek and whispered, "I love you."

"Who's that?" Cassie asked.


"The girl you love so much, isn't it?" Cassie asked. Jody being shocked at her tone. Sounding so welcoming.

"Linsey Panettiere" Jody said. "She's the one I love."

"I don't understand this Jody, you're a girl and so is she..." Cassie said. "UMMMMMM...can I call back sometime and you maybe explain it to me?"

"Why do you even care?"

"Because even though you hate me, I love you" Cassie said simply. "Maybe you'll tell me something I don't know."


"I gotta go...bye?"

"Bye!" Jody said as she hung up and felt a bizarre mix of emotions flooding her body. Anger, regret, love and some others too. "That was my sister!"

A concerned look on Maria's face as she hugged Jody warmly and asking, "What was that about rape?"

"My biological father raped my Mom and that's how I got here."

"Yeah right" Maria said to lighten the mood after Jody had told the entire story of her fathers rape of her mother. "You and Linsey were the spawn of Satan himself!"

"BITE ME!" Linsey and Jody said in unison as the room filled with laughter.

"Bite me! Bite me! Bite me! Bite me!" Haylie sang as she went bouncing around the kitchen. Jody smiled and was so happy to be home in those few moments of early morning that she just could not stop smiling to save her life. Hugging Maria and holding on for a long moment as Linsey made both giggle as she joined the hug a moment later. Jody knew then without a doubt that she was now home.

"I like this house already" Kira said as she picked up her daughter and hugged her. Haylie hugging her Mom back and smiling. Then turning and reaching for Jody but getting Linsey instead as she giggled and swept Haylie away into the living room. "Well, at least Haylie's happy."

"You are too" Maria said as Jody followed after her girlfriend and the two soon began chasing Haylie around the coffee table as Maria and Kira looked at each other and moved closer. "You're not thinking about leaving are you?"

"Not at all, you said you needed me" Kira said as Maria grinned. Thinking in those few moments of how she could have come to like someone so much in such a short time. Noting how much she admired Kira's cute smile and asian complexion.

"I do need you and you need me" Maria said. Kira smiled and nodded. "Cause it's us against those three. The Spawn of Satan."

"Take that back, my Haylie is...nevermind" Kira said as Maria laughed. "You're right. We're screwed."

"So you been pussy footin around it for days now, you gonna kiss me?" Kira asked after a small silence had ensued. Mostly filled with Haylie's giggles as she wrestled with Jody and Linsey from the living room.

"Not right now but maybe later" Maria said. "How about we go out to dinner tonight and see what this thing is all about?"

"OK!" Kira said and sliding closer as she kissed Maria's lips for a long moment. "I don't do dinner and a movie slow. OK?"

"Holy shit" Maria said as Kira grinned at her. "You keep doing that and you're gonna make me think you like girls."

"I like pussy as much as cock" Kira said.

"Mom, can we take Haylie to the movies?" Linsey asked as the two jumped apart.

"Sure" Maria said without ever really hearing the question. Jody and Linsey giving the two an odd look as they each took one of Haylie's hands and moments later they were gone. "Alone. Is that good or bad?"

"Bad for you, cause I just might take advantage of you in the worst way" Kira said as she kissed Maria and took her hand as the two headed up the steps and to the bedroom.

"Are Kira and Maria hooking up or something?" Jody asked as her and Jody walked along the sidewalk and swung Haylie between them as she held on to their hands.

"Probably fucking right now" Linsey said. "Kira is a bad influence."

"So are you!"

"Hey!" Linsey said in protest as Jody grinned knowingly. "You were the one who made me like pussy!"

"What's pussy?" Haylie asked as the three stopped at the crosswalk.

"Two things, one, we need to watch what we say from now on" Jody said as she pointed to Haylie. "And two, Kayla is responsible for me and you both liking it."

"What is pussy?" Haylie asked in an impatient voice as she looked up at the two.

"That is a dirty word that good little girls don't say" Jody said. Not believing those words had come out of her mouth. Haylie nodded and offered no other objections as she pulled them along to the other side of the street and soon to the Broadway Showhouse, the movie theatre on main. Haylie choosing the movie.

"That was an hour and half of mindless retardation" Jody said as they came out with Haylie now asleep in her arms.

"Yeah, I agree" Linsey said as the two made their way outside. Walking a few feet down the street and sitting down on a bench in front of another shop. "I can't believe we actually paid for the priviledge of seeing that. I also can't believe you talked me into it."

"Haylie is four years old" Jody said. "I think she's a little young to see Kill Them All and Let God Sort Them Out, part five."

"Oh god, my brain is numb" Linsey said as she laid her head against the glass behind her. "You are giving me some tonight to make up for this."

"Maybe" Jody said with a devious grin. Linsey pointing at her girlfriend as a warning. A lanky dude in a cheap looking suit waltzing up a moment later and stopping.

"How it is?" He said in his best black lingo. Jody and Linsey staring up at him with a questioning look in their eyes. "What are you two fine looking little phillies doing outside this dive."

"We were seeing a movie?" Linsey asked. "It's a movie theater! Duh!"

"OHHHH I likes me some achitude in my women's" He said as she sat down between them and draped an arm over each of their shoulders.. "Sooo...whoa you gots a baby."

"You got five seconds to get your hands off my girlfriend" Linsey said as she pushed his hand away from her.

"Well see my name is Preston L. Prescott and I am in the bidness of making girlies feel good" He said. "Well one of you cause I ain't doing no girlies who gots a baby. You gapped?"

"You are between your ears" Jody said as Preston stood again with a dirty look on his face. "Now why don't you crawl back under that rock you crawled out from under?"

"Whore got a five year old baby at what twelve years old and you talking trash to me?" Preston asked.

"This ain't my baby you shit head" Jody said. All action stopping when a large, large man with many tattoo's and a beard appeared at the door to the shop that the girls now sat in front of. "Oh Boy!"

"Look, we don't wanna any trouble" Linsey said as her and Jody stood. Linsey moving in front of Jody.

"No trouble for you three, my names Larry Gilbert, I own this place" He said. Then pointing to Preston and saying, "I told you once already sleazy E to stay away from my shop when you hitting on girls."

"Sorry man" Preston said with his hands up.

"Now you apologize to these young ladies" Larry demanded. "Now...before I beat you till you realize you're white."

"Fool, I ain't afraid of...oh god, don't hurt me" Preston said as he started to run when Larry came after him, only to crash to the ground. Larry dragging him to his feet and getting in his face.

"Say you're sorry white negro!"

"S-sorry" Preston said as Larry shoved him away and tripped him. Laughing as Preston scrambled to his feet and ran away. Haylie stirring in Jody's arms as Larry smiled at the three girls.

"UMMMMMMM thanks?"

"You three should get going home, you live close?"

"Right down the road" Linsey said.

"You wanna use my cell phone to call your Mom and Dad?"

"No we can walk, it's not far!" Jody replied.

"We gots two Mommies now" Haylie said.

"Now there's something new" Larry said with a smirk as the girls laughed. "Two Moms and two Dads? That's gonna take some getting used to."

"My name is Haylie Ishamatsu!"

"Larry Gilbert, I owned the place behind you, Tattoo's and spurs" He said proudly. "You girls interested?"

"What is a spur?" Jody asked.

"It's a tongue stud, well it's a form of one that I kinda of pioneered" He said. "Very good for...ummmmm....oh hell you two probably already know more about sex than me, so it's for pleasure."

"I like the sound of that" Linsey said. "My girlfriend."

"Well, damn, didn't we do good."

"We did" Linsey giggled as Jody blushed. "How much is it and do you need parental permission?"

"According to state law, no" Larry said. "But according to me, yes. So talk to Mom and...Mom and get back to me."

"Can I get one if Mom says yes?" Linsey asked Jody.

"If you're getting one I want one too" Jody said as Linsey squealed and kissed her girlfriend. "You call Maria and ask?"

"Yep!" Linsey said as she took Larry's cell phone and dialed the home number. Hearing what she could swear was moaning that suddenly stopped. "Mom? Kira?"

"What is it Linsey and this better be important" Maria said in a clearly frustrated voice.

"Me and Jody are downtown and we wanna know if we can...what the hell?" Linsey asked as she heard a light moan.

"Stop it, I'm on the phone" Maria said as Linsey's confusion grew. "What were you saying sweety?"

"Jody and I wanna get a tongue stud..."

"Fine, fine, yesssss, ohmigod yesss" Maria moaned as Linsey pulled the phone away from her ear and looked at it strangely.

"She said yes" Linsey said. "It that all you need?"

"Let me make sure?" Larry asked as he took the phone. Hearing music in the background and could clearly hear what he thought was a porno. "Hello?"

"What is it, I said yess, oh wow."

"Ma'am my name is Larry Gilbert from Tattoo's and Spurs down on Main street and your daughter or daughters are enquiring about a tongue stud and I personally require that all persons under the age of eighteen get their parents permission before hand" Larry said.

"OHHHHHH god do whatever feels good" Maria said in a moan. "Yes, yesss, just do it."

"Are you sure I have your permission?" Larry asked and thought now he was talking to someone in the middle of...their own porno.

"MMMMMMM yessss you sure do baby" Maria moaned as Larry smiled.

"You have a nice day" Larry said as he hung up. "That was weird."

"She always was and always will be" Linsey said. Still being confused about what she'd heard on the phone.

"How much is the stud?" Jody asked as the three made their way inside.

"I'll give you two a special deal cause you've got such a cute little sister" Larry said as Haylie smiled and wiggled to get down. "She's ok, let her down she ain't gonna hurt nothing."

The next hour or so flashed by within a blink of an eye Jody and Linsey thought. Haylie happily playing near the front door with a studded collar Larry had given her to play with, talking to anyone who came in. While Linsey and Jody both picked out a tongue stud with Larry's help. Jody choosing one that was soft with little spiky nubbins on the end. Thinking how good that would feel for Linsey when she licked across the girls clit. Linsey on the other hand chose a metal one with a smooth surface that Larry assured her would work as she thought it would.

A few moments later they settled into the chair and one at a time got their tongue's pierced. Jody not feeling much but Linsey almost crying when she felt hers being done. Larry then giving them a lengthy chat about the requirements of what having a tongue means. How they should let it heal completely before undertaking any type of sexual activity and if the swelling didn't go down or the tongue became discolored then they should go to the doctor.

The girls, pierced tongues and all, made their way home a while later as darkness fell on the city. Both girls heads now filled with the thoughts of endless pleasure that would be to come. Although they would have to wait two weeks for the swelling to come down and that's an eternity to a horny young girl with a taste for pussy, like Jody and Linsey, but now they really had no choice. They would not be disappointed, but they would have to wait.

Maria, now recovered from what Kira had done to her, only vaguely remembered the girls call. LOL.