Bad Girl - Episode 2 "Go Home Little Girl"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"Kayla hey" Jody said turning around and looking for the first time at where she was.

"What are you doing here in?" She asked.

"Somehow I got locked in Doc Bryant's office and this was the only way out" She replied
trying to sound half-way truthful.

"Sure" Kayla said, "I know what you did."

"Huh?" Jody asked in confusion, "How could you?"

"I was listening at the door, duh" Kayla said and smiling sweetly at her.

"No shit?" Jody replied with a big grin.

"Yeh, Doc Hill spends more time with his assistant than he does with his patients" She informed Jody.

"So where do you think he went?" Jody asked.

"I dunno" She said, "But you might wanna walk on out and let them know your leaving just in case
they come looking for you."

"Good idea" Jody thought.

"Hold on I'm done here I'll come with you" Kayla said putting her arm around Jody's shoulder. They walked to the desk, where Doc Bryant was standing. He nearly fainted when he saw Jody. Checking out and heading down to the parking lot laughing and giggling the whole time. Jody had to wait on Officer Muldoon and Kayla had to wait on her "always fashionably late Aunt Bertha".

"So are we friends?" Kayla asked looking nervous.

"Sure as hell seems that way" Jody replied.

"Great" She said looking relaxed and sitting down on the bench by the entrance.

"Why you ask that for?" Jody asked.

"Well OK I'll tell you" She said sorta beating around the bush about it. Looking down at her feet and doing a lot of the ole "um" and "you know" stuff that Jody hated.

"Look if your gonna ask me a question then fucking do it already" Jody said sounding much more blunt that she intended. But it seemed to do the trick though.

"OK, I'm having a party friday night at my house with some boys from my school and Mom said I  
could invite anyone I wanted and I wanted to know if you would come?" She asked all in one long
breath. As Jody looked on amazed at how fast she had blurted that out.

"You don't have to if you don't wanna, really it's OK" Kayla went on after not receiving a reply for
a few seconds. Jody thought about the invitation and about how hard it was for her to make
friends and here was a girl she had only known about 2 hours asking her to a party. It was
honestly a little to good to believe.

"Yeh I would love to" Jody replied to Kayla who immediately perked up at the news, "of course
I'll have to ask my bitch of a mother if I can go, but if I make a big enough stink about it
she'll let me."

"I don't want you fighting with your mom over me" Kayla said looking intently into Jody's eyes.

"No need to worry old friend" Jody said sitting down and putting her arm around Kayla, "if we
didn't fight about this it would be something else, believe me."

"Well anyway here's my number" Kayla said as she handed Jody a piece of notebook paper, "call me and
we'll work everything out OK?"

"You got it" Jody replied.

Just then Officer Muldoon pulled in and honked his horn.

"There's my boyfriend" Jody said through a giggle.

"Boyfriend huh?" Kayla asked as they both stood, "are you fucking him?"

"No not yet" Jody said, "not that I haven't tried though."

"Really?" Kayla asked looking shocked.

"Guess you'll have to wait to till the party to find out" Jody said waving bye as she headed to
the car.

The ride home was boring as Officer Muldoon was busy talking on the radio about some case he
was working on and hardly even looked Jody's way more than a few times. They slowly worked there
through the streets of her neighborhood and Jody began to realize how horny the ride was
making her. All the bumps and everything was making her pussy began to burn again.

She began to think of ways to relieve herself as soon as possible. They pulled up in front of
her house a minute or two later while she was still deep in thoughts of her horniness.

"Bye" She said jumping out of the car and running towards the house. Officer Muldoon watched
her go around the side and slowly pulled away. Jody went to the back door, only to find it locked
and all the clothes from the line gone.

"That fucking bitch" She said slamming her hand into the door, "Where in the hell could she
fucking be?"

Thinking then that she might be next door at Ms. Hadaway's, she jumped up and ran to the
fence. Opening the fence and stopping in her tracks before she could take another step. There was some
hot guy playing basketball in the backyard.

"Hey" Jody confidently.

"Hey" He said barely noticing she was there.

"You kin to Ms. Hadaway?" Jody asked trying to get his attention. He dribbled between his legs and
dropped a jumper from 15 feet.

"Yeh her Grandson" He said repeating the same drill again and hitting it just like before.

"Is she home?" Jody asked beginning to get annoyed.

"Nope gone for the day" He said finally laying the basketball down and taking a drink of
water, "her and some lady took off bout two hours ago."

Jody's eyes began roaming up and down his body. He was only wearing a pair of shorts and was sweaty.

"So you wanna fuck?" Jody heard herself say. Barely believing she had let that slip.

"What?" The boy asked spitting water all the way across the yard.

"Ummmm" Jody stumbled trying to find something to say but coming up completely empty. Just as
her mind cleared enough to think. She began to feel that same old feeling of needing to get off.
Maybe she should just go ahead and fuck him.

"Are you serious little girl?" He asked smiling as he took his ball and turned towards the house.

"Maybe" She said following after him, "and I'm not a little girl."

"Look little girl, go home before I give you something you don't want" He said climbing the steps and
opening the back door. Jody stood there thinking to herself as she watched the screen door slam shut
and this boy she didn't even know disappear inside. She walked up the steps and jerked open the back
door and walked inside like she owned the place.

"What are you doing?" He asked.

"I told you I'm not a little girl and maybe I want what you're gonna give me" Jody said putting her hands
on her hips like a little girl in a fit of anger.

"I'm telling you for the last time, GO Home" He said loudly and now coming towards her.

"NOOOOOO" She screamed.

"OK little girl" He said grabbing her by the arm as a rush of adrenaline surged through her body. He
pulled her by the arm into the living room and pushed her roughly down on to the couch, "Now you gonna
get it."

Looking up at him she started to realize she might have gotten herself in over her head. He pushed his
shorts down and stepped out of them. She got her first look at his hard cock. It was almost as big as Doc
Bryant's she thought. He then grabbed her by the hair jerked her forward almost to his cock.

"Now suck it you little bitch" He said holding her by the neck. Trying to pull away she couldn't move
and she began to panic a little.

"Suck it bitch" He said again sounding more angry now.

"Fuck you" She said and then began thinking to herself, "I already sucked one cock today I'm not gonna
do it again."

"Oh yes you will" He said pushing his cock into her mouth forcefully, "I warned you little girl."

Jody began to gag as his cock stroked in and out of her mouth slowly. She hated to admit it but
she loved the taste. He went faster and she could hear him moaning and she knew he was enjoying
it. Deciding it was better to get it this way than not get it at all she moved her hand to his balls.

"OH yeh little girl is a good cock sucker" He cooed pumping his cock into her mouth while still
holding her by the head. She began to rub his balls as he reacted in surprise.

"Oh fuck yes" He said loosing his grip on her neck and moaning, "you like it huh?"

Jody began to moan to show her approval as this boy's cock pumped in and out of her mouth. She gently
squeezed his balls and moved the other hand to his cock as he moved his hand to her hair and moaned
louder. Slipping her fingers around his cock she began to pump it and started sucking at his head.

"Oh baby you sure know how to suck cock" He moaned, "I'm gonna cum."

"MMMMMM yeh fucking cum in my mouth" She said before going back to sucking his long hard yummy cock.

He moaned one last time real loud before he started to tense up. Jody sucked his head as hard as she
could. Pumping her fist up and down his cock faster and faster. She pulled away a second later as his
cum came shooting out of his cock and splattered across her lips and into her mouth. She kept pumping
it as shot after shot hit her mouth and face. He moaned and jerked with every blast.

"MMMMMMM" She cooed licking the cum off her lips and swallowing the cum already in her mouth, "you like
having a little girl jerk all your yummy cum out baby?"

"OH god yes" He moaned as he and pushed his cock into her mouth again. She sucked it all off and kept licking the
head wanting some more. It tasted like a hard earned snack Jody thought.

"MMMMMMMMMMMM OH suck it all out" He moaned as she worked his head harder. Just then letting go of it with one
last loud suck sound.

"I love your cum" Jody said smiling with some of his spunk still on her face, "Can you gimme some more?"

"Fuck yes anything you want" He said.

"OK I want you to fuck my pussy" She said raising up and unbuttoning her shorts. He smiled and helped her
push her shorts down along with her panties. She raised her feet one at a time as he pulled her shorts
away and tossed them aside.

"No leave them on" She said as he began to untie her shoes, "Just come up here and fuck me"

"You want my cock bad?" He asked Jody.

"Yes I need my pussy fucked so bad it's on fire" Jody said rubbing at her hot little love hole.

She was so hot right now she would do almost anything he asked her to do just so she could get fucked. He smiled
again and lowered himself to the floor and before she knew it, dropping his head to her pussy and he started licking
it up and down, fast. She began to moan out loud loving the feeling already of having a tongue on her
bald little pussy.

"Oh fuck boy" She moaned to him moving her hands to her hair and clenching her fists together. It felt
unlike anything she had ever felt. It wasn't gonna take much longer before she would explode.

"UH HUH baby lick my pussy" She moaned rubbing her titties through her shirt. He was licking at her so hard
and fast she barely had time to moan. Then as suddenly as it began it stopped. He rose up as Jody opened her
eyes wondering what happened.

"What the fuck?" She asked half out of breath, "why'd you stop for?"

"You wanted to be fucked so I'm gonna fuck you" He said stroking his hard cock and rubbing it up her slit.

"Oh yeah" She said smiling at the thought. He pushed his cock in about half way and it felt like it was gonna
rip her in two. But as he began to stroke it in and out she started to feel the incredible sensations. His
cock was grinding right on her clit, sending unbelievable pleasure through her body.

"UHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNN" She moaned as more of his cock disappeared in her. He was really sweating now as he worked over
her pussy. She was too, feeling the sweat pouring down her face and her shirt was soaked almost. He finally
hit bottom, and then he really began to fuck her.

"Damn baby you got a tight ass pussy" He said through a moan.

"I love your hard cock" She was able to say through ragid breathing, "please fuck me."

He pounded her pussy harder, now shaking her with every stroke of his cock. She was on the verge of
screaming out loud, it was so good. He leaned closer and kept fucking her.

"Fuck my pussy, Harder, harder" She moaned as she moved her legs around his waist. She could see her shoes
shake every time he slammed into her. He was really breathing hard now and looked like he was gonna cum

"OH your so sweet" He moaned, "I'm gonna shoot your pussy full."

Her pussy was on fire, and she could feel her orgasm coming on. She started to meet his thrusts with her
own. Wanting desperately to cum now.

"OH god yes fuck my pussy so hard" She said and grabbing him by the arms and looking him in the eye, "your
gonna make me cum you fucking bastard."

"Oh god yes I'm cumming" He moaned and pounded her harder and harder with every stroke. She could
barely breath and her pussy was about to explode as he groaned one last time and began to shoot his
hot yummy cum deep in her love hole. Jody had never felt anything so wonderful as he filled her up. Shot
after shot he kept pounded her, it spilled out and began to run down her legs.

"UHHHHHH yes that feels so good" She cooed to him as he began to slow down.

"Baby that was incredible" He said about to pull out.

"What in the hell" She said as he pulled out of her pussy, "NO you don't"

"What?" He asked confused.

"Your gonna make me cum you fucking prick" She demanded.

"Babe I'm sorry I'm tired" He said shaking the last of his cum on to her pussy.

"I said your gonna make me cum damn it" She repeated and grabbing his cock and guiding it back to her pussy. He
gave in after a second and she was once again filled. He started pumping and she started
moaning. She started feeling these intense shooting pains, only they felt so good.

"UH HUH yeh make me cum please" She grunted meeting his thrusts with hers. Her hole pussy began to burn
after a few more seconds of pounding from his cock. It suddenly exploded all over her body like a bomb or
something. She screamed out loud from the intensity of it.

"Yeh was that what you wanted?" He asked.

"YEH YEH YEH YEH" She screamed out. Feeling like she never wanted it to stop, he kept pounding her harder
and harder and she kept cumming seemingly forever. Finally the wonderful feelings began to fade.
But he kept pounding her as she laid there enjoying the after glow of her hardest orgasm ever.

"Baby your pussy is so hot" He said fucking her so hard now it was shaking the couch, "I'm gonna cum again."

Before she could do anything he pulled his cock out and began to shoot his load all over her. She just then
realized what was happening. She reached for his cock and rose up a second later, taking it from him. She licked
the head with her tongue, tasting a sweet flavor on top of his already tangy cum. She began to suck all the cum
out of his cock as he moaned and held her head. She loved his cum on her tongue. Sucking every last drop of it
out while continuing to jerk his cock.

"OH fuck" He moaned as she finally stopped and laid back on the couch to relax, "No girl has ever made me cum
three times before."

"Yeh really" Jody said rubbing her hand through her pussy and licking his cum of her fingers. Tasting that
sweet tang again and just then realizing it was her taste. That thought made her feel weird.

"Yeh really, anytime you wanna fuck just call me" He said still panting some what.

"Maybe I will" Jody said standing up and reaching for her shorts, "that was fucking awesome. Thanks."

"I know" He said.

Jody didn't even bother asking the boys name. She just slipped her clothes on and left through the back
door. She crossed the yard and headed for the back door of her own house. She knew right away her mother was home she could hear her talking to someone on the phone.

"Oh never mind Miriam here she is" She said.

"Hey Barb" Jody said through a smirk to her mother.

"Where in the hell have you been?" Barbara asked in a nasty voice.

"Fucking the boy next door if you must know" Jody replied honestly with a big smile.

"Why.....?" Barbara said before putting her hand over her mouth in disgust, "Where did
you ever learn such filthy and perverted language? One of these days you're gonna push me to far."

"Ok whatever Barb" Jody giggled and saw her mother giving her an almost evil look. Something flashed threw Jody's mind that made her change her attitude. She wanted to go Kayla's party this weekend, so she better stop being such an ass.

"I'm sorry Mom" She said trying to sound remorseful, "I did just what I told Dr. Bryant I wouldn't do and I'm sorry."

"You're what?" Barbara said in complete shock.

"I'm sorry for using that kind of language" Jody said walking over to her mother and hugging
her around the waist, "I really am sorry mommy."

"UHHHHHH" Her mother replied not knowing what to believe.

"Are you mad?" Jody asked still hugging her mother.

"Ummmmmm..." Barbara stammered, "No I guess not."

"OH yeh" Jody said excitedly jumping away from her mother and acting like an a typical
14 year-old, "I made a new friend today at the nut' I mean in therapy."

"Oh really?" Barbara responded feeling a major swerve coming on.

"And Doctor Bryant, he is so nice, told me I should try and make some new friends" Jody
continued, "and, Kayla that's the girl I met today, was nice enough to ask me to her house
on friday."

"That's nice" Barbara said.

"So can I go?" Jody asked pleadingly.

"Yeh like if I said no you wouldn't go anyway" Barbara responded. "I guess you can as long I get to talk to this Kayla girls mother".

"Yay!" Jody said jumping up and down again acting her age. For once.