Bad Girl - Episode 3 "Kayla's Latest Project"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"Jody your friend is here" Her mom hollered as Jody finished zipping her over night bag and came thundering down the stairs.

"You ready?" A smiling Kayla asked as Jody grabbed her arms and screamed "Bye bitch" to her mother and ran out the door towards the car, Kayla's Aunt drove. They both dove inside and Bertha sped away like a bat out of hell. Jody's mother walked with a purpose towards the car intending to have a word with her all to disrespectful daughter before she left, but was only met with a cloud of tire dust for her trouble as she gave an evil stare.

"Did I hear you right?" Kayla asked, "Did you call your mom a bitch?"

"Yeh" Jody said proudly, "She is one you know that by now."

"Yeh I guess" Kayla said.

"I talked to the old bag and she badgered me endlessly about who was coming to this little party of Kayla's" Aunt Bertha piped in from the front seat.

The drive to Kayla's house was rather uneventful, as Kayla and Jody mostly talked about boys and the like and Jody relayed her experience's after leaving the doctor's office in hush hush terms. Aunt Bertha seemingly was paying no attention as she bobbed her head to the music playing on the stereo. She pulled up to a modest looking house on the west side of town about 15 minutes later. Kayla took Jody's bag and motioned to follow her as they got out of the car. Kayla walked up a path across the yard and disappeared momentarily around the side of the house. Jody had to jog to catch up. Coming face to face with a trailer neatly tucked behind the Montgomery's house.

"You have your own trailer?" Jody asked in shock.

"Yeh pretty cool huh?" Kayla asked as she walked into the living room and she tossed Kayla's bag through a door, presumably the bedroom, Jody thought to herself. "We'll have the party out here tonight, so no one will bother us. Parties are always much more fun that way."

"Yeh I guess so" Jody said, thinking she wouldn't really know considering she's never actually been invited a party before. "Did you invite boys?"

"Of course I'm not just a dyke you know" Kayla said giggling, "I like boys too. Ha ha ha."

"Yeh ha ha ha" Jody replied as she sat down on the couch and wondered what her friend had meant about that comment. Was she really a lesbo or something.

"So if there's any hotties here tonight you won't get mad if I fuck a couple of them?" Jody asked as Kayla replied, "as long as you don't when I do."

"Yeh right" Jody said looking over to Kayla, who was now setting out some dishes and filling them with snacks. "Like you'd know the first thing about sex."

"I do" Kayla said, "And more than you'd think I do too."

"Wanna tell me some of it?" Jody asked with a giggle as Kayla threw a napkin at her.

"Hey!" Kayla said looking at the door as a cute blond boy came through the door, "Hey Jody this is Tommy Baker, and Tommy this is Jody."

"Hi" Tommy said waving nervously.

"Wanna fuck?" Jody asked with a gleam in her eye as Kayla covered her mouth and laughed out loud.

"HUH?" Tommy asked as Jody joined Kayla in laughing.

"You gotta look over her Tommy, she'll say anything at anytime" Kayla said through a giggle. "Your a bad girl."

"Hey Tommy we'll be right back OK?" Kayla said a few minutes later as her and Jody headed up to the house. Talking non-stop about Jody's bold invitation to Kayla's friend.

"Wanna see me really blow him?" Jody asked as they fished the bags of ice out of the deep freeze. "I mean really suck his cock?"

"Oh my god, you want too?" Kayla asked as she looked around and made sure the coast was clear.

"I dunno I'm kinda horny" Jody said, only not telling her friend that she was more than just a little horny.

"If you want to, I'll watch" Kayla said not bothering to let on that her and Tommy had fucked a few times before.

"OK let's go?" Jody said, leading the way back to the trailer. "So is his cock big?"

"Not big, but nice enough" Kayla said as she knew she'd said too much.

"I knew you weren't that innocent" Jody said, "You fucked him before didn't you?"

"Me and my big mouth" Kayla said nodding her head and walking past Jody and into the trailer.

Jody laid the bags of ice on the table and turned to head back to the living room, where Tommy was now watching some movie on tv. She sat down beside him and when he didn't look around, it annoyed her so she reached down and grabbed his balls and squeezed gently. Tommy jerked as Jody laughed and said, "Want me to suck that for you?"

"You're insane" He said as Jody grabbed his leg, when he attempted to walk away. Putting her hand on his cock and finding it hard, she carefully unzipped his pants as Kayla sat down beside her friend and watched Jody free Tommy's cock from the confines of his jeans and underwear. Jody stroked it as Tommy stood there shocked to silence of what this girl he barely knew was about to do. She pulled at it, wanting him to come closer and Tommy obeyed her wishes and then groaned as she licked the head and sucked it for a seconds. Tommy moaned now louder as Kayla took hold of his cock and began to stroke it as she watched Jody suck softly on the still hardening young member. Her lips running over the head of it time and again. Tommy moaned loudly and took Jody's hair in his hands and squeezed them into fists as she sucked.

"She a good cocksucker?" Kayla asked as Tommy groaned his reply and tensed up as his orgasm suddenly came rushing on and after a few seconds he began cumming in Jody's mouth.

"MMMMMMMM" Jody said as she pulled away and offered it to Kayla, who much to Jody's delight began sucking on the head and got the rest of his cum in her own mouth.

"That felt so fuckin good" Tommy said.

"And tasted" Jody said with a smile, "Really good."

"Yep, see told ya you'd have fun" Kayla said smiling at her new friend.

"So you gonna let her go down on you?" Tommy asked Jody as Kayla's eyes grew wide with shock and smacked Tommy's arm. "What?"

"Who's going down on me?" Jody asked as both clammed up and tried to act innocent. "Well?"

"I was gonna see if you wanted to try it" Kayla said, "but I wasn't gonna bring it up this soon, fuckin dumbass here runs off at the mouth a lot."

"You? and me?" Jody asked as her mind searched for a response.

"Yeh, it's not as gross as you might think" Kayla said moving to the other side of Tommy and trying her best to convince Jody, "It feels so good, I mean like really really really good."

"But were both girls, that's kinda wrong" Jody said looking at Tommy, but finding no support.

"Yeh and so is sucking cock, but ya just did that" Kayla said as Jody laughed. "Come on let me go down on you, if you don't like it I'll stop."

"I dunno" Jody said as Kayla moved between her thighs and began rubbing over her friends pussy through the fabric and said, "10 seconds? Hell I can make you cum really good in 30. Make that hot little pussy feel like a million bucks."

"That guy I fucked went down on me and it felt pretty good, but he stopped before I could cum" Jody said.

"See the difference is I won't stop" Kayla said sensing Jody was giving in, she carefully unbuttoned Jody's jean shorts and looked up at her friend for approval.

"I do need to get off" Jody said as Kayla smiled, knowing she'd won the first battle.

"Come on rise up" Kayla said as Jody did and felt her jean shorts and panties being pulled off her body. Kayla tossed them aside as Jody slipped off her shirt nervously and threw it on top of the rest of her clothes. Kayla's mouth watered when she saw the gorgeous piece of pussy before her. So not wanting to take a chance that Jody would change her mind, she quickly lowered her head and drug her tongue up Jody's pussy slit. Gently applying pressure to the center and stopping at the top and flicking Jody's engorged little clit. Which brought a moan and jerk from her friend. Repeating this several times, she looked up and saw Jody's eyes closed shut, obviously enjoying what had gone on to that point. Jody began thinking that it couldn't have felt this good the last time. "See getting your pussy licked feels good huh?"

"Oh yeah so good" Jody moaned as Kayla returned to the task at hand, only now going faster and faster. Jody's moans growing louder as Tommy started stroking his cock again. Kayla smiled as she watched the action, both Tommy's cock stroking and Jody's moaning and squirming.

"Ok Jody do you want me to stop?" Kayla asked as Jody opened her eyes in disappointment and looked at Kayla. Kayla suddenly began to worry that she might have broken the spell she had over Jody by stopping.

"God no please just do it some more" Jody said as Kayla giggled and quickly continued. With a few seconds of patient stroking she felt Jody arch her back and grind her pussy into Kayla's mouth and a loud long moan escaped her mouth as her pussy began cumming. Kayla took hold of her friends hips and held her in place for a few seconds. Finally the orgasm surging like a storm through Jody's body came to a slow end and she went limp, and Jody moaned as Kayla sucked the cum from between her pussy lips.

"Whoa god that was so intense" Jody said as Kayla smiled. Still licking the girl cum up slowly as Jody continued her soft moaning.

"Did I convert you?" Kayla asked, "I mean, are you gonna let me lick your pussy anytime I want from now on?"

"I dunno" Jody said as Kayla giggled and rose between her friends thighs and kissed her playfully. Jody could taste a noticeable flavor on Kayla lips. A honey sweetness. "Whoa this don't mean I'm a lesbian or anything though."

"I know that" Kayla said smiling, "Just wanted you to taste how sweet you are."

"That was me?" Jody asked, "My cum?"

"Yeh that sweetness was your cum" Kayla replied, "You taste pretty good you know."

"Yeh I guess I do huh" Jody asked as Kayla laughed and kissed her again, this time taking the time to let Jody taste her flavor. Which Jody had to admit was like honey. A flavor she could grow to like. This time Kayla noticed a lot less resistance when she kissed her new friend. While beside them Tommy was nearing his own summit. But before he could cum, Jody and Kayla parted and Kayla decided he should cum on there faces, so he quickly moved in front of them. Kayla rubbed his balls and Jody took control of his throbbing cock, as she stroked it fast. With their tongues now out stretched he groaned one more time and began shooting cum on their faces. The first on Kayla's and the second one on Jody's and then they took turns sucking his cock again to get the rest of the yummy cum out for him.

"Now that I've shown you what's it's like to have your pussy licked, maybe you wanna try it?" Kayla asked as her and Jody licked the cum off each other's face. Jody looked at her in shock.

"Read my lips I am not a lesbian" Jody said.

"Neither am I" Kayla replied, "I just really like sex and there's almost nothing hotter than having someone cum in your mouth. Guy or girl."

"Well that's not for me" Jody said as Kayla touched her pussy slit again and began rubbing it.

"You sure about that?" Kayla asked as Jody tried not to moan but it was useless. She started to softly as Kayla sped her attack. "Your pussy is feelin good again huh?"

"Ofcourse it is" Jody said in a frustrated voice as Kayla circled her clit with her finger and began bouncing her finger on top of it. "Now do you think its fair for me, you've got to feel good already, and my poor little pussy is aching for some relieve."

"Then let Tommy fuck....oh god" Jody moaned as Kayla lowered her head and licked a long streak across her clit. "UHNNNNN it feels so good."

"Come on Jody make my pussy feel good for me" Kayla begged as Jody lost her mind to the gentle but wonderful sensations sweeping her body at the moment. She could no longer fight it, it felt to good, so she gave in and agreed.

"Good good girl" Kayla cooed as she sped her fingers up and down Jody's pussy lips and brought her friend closer to an orgasm before suddenly stopping. Jody jerked her eyes open to complain and saw that Kayla was now standing in front of her stripping. This weird feeling began coming over Jody, the one where you lust after your own body in the mirror. But problem is now she was lusting for a girls body, another girls body and she couldn't help it. She'd never been this frustrated and horny and was desperate for another cum, and at this point her hand wasn't gonna satisfy her. So she watched closely as Kayla revealed her body to her and then took Kayla's hand and stood as they started dancing slowly. She found Kayla's touch suddenly made her hot, horny would be a better word. What is going on? She thought as her body responded to Kayla's touch. She nearly fainted when Kayla started rubbing her pussy slowly. But soon enough Kayla moved back and with her eyes locked on Jody's she guided her back to the couch, sitting down and pulling Jody up between her legs. She kissed her now seduced lover softly on the lips for a second and then encouraged her to get to work.

"Now your gonna be a good girl and lick my pussy for me" Kayla said seductively into Jody's ear. "It's easy just try it."

Jody softly kissed her way down Kayla's soft flat sexy tummy and came to her pussy and stopped for a second. Kayla sensing her nervousness, scooped her hair into a ponytail and gently guided her friends head to the right spot. Kayla waited with baited breath to see if Jody was gonna do it, and nearly screamed when her friends tongue made it's first pass up her pussy slit. She bucked and squirmed as more passes followed and she began to moan uncontrollably as her wildest fantasy came true. Jody to her surprise had now groan used to the unusual flavor and more to the point was now enjoying giving so much pleasure to someone else. She went back to work licking Kayla's bald pussy with gusto.

"Oh my god, oh my god, OH MY GOD" Kayla moaned to the point of almost screaming as Jody licked her pussy like no other girl had before. She was really beginning to like this, Kayla thought. Little did she know but the more she moaned the more it turned Jody on. Kayla's legs wrapped around Jody's head and moaned loudly as her pussy exploded in rapture and took her into pure heaven. Kayla's body seemed like it was floating on a cloud as her orgasm exploded inside her time and time again and finally, as fast it began it was over. Kayla's cum started oozing out into Jody's mouth. A sweet nectar not far from the taste of her own, Jody thought as she licked it up.

"You licked my pussy so good baby" Kayla told Jody as she moaned and her mouth opened with a loud moan.

"So good so good" Jody said in a daze as Kayla pulled her up and kissed her softly on the lips. This time Jody didn't even fight the feeling, she just went with it and kissed her friend back with passion. Kayla getting to taste her own cum and reveling in the fact that she'd converted another girl into a pleasure seeking slut. Who would do anything for that wonderful feeling known as an orgasm. Little did Kayla know though, but Jody wasn't exactly under her control, but she liked the way she felt so she went with it.

"You couldn't even wait for us you slut?" A voice said from the door as Jody and Kayla broke their kiss and looked back to see a red headed girl (the one speaking) with a gorgeous dark rich tan and an oriental one with long black hair. "Hi you must be Kayla's latest project, I'm her first, Linsey Panettiere, and this was her last one."

"Hey I'm Maureen Callahan, you can call me Mo" The Oriental girl said with a smile.

"You were late" Kayla said, "so we got started and boy am I glad we did."

"Yeh that was insane" Jody said smiling up at Kayla. "Join us?"

"Hell yeah" Mo said as she dropped her purse and shut the door to the trailer.

"Been thinking about this all week" Linsey said as she joined Mo in getting naked.

"Guys this is Jody" Kayla said stroking her new lover's hair gently.

"Hi" Came the echoing answer to Kayla's introduction as Mo and Linsey, now naked, sat down on either side of Jody and Kayla. Tommy watching all of this with an interested smile.