Bad Girl - Episode 4 "Call Me"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"This your first time licking pussy?" Mo asked Jody as Jody grinned sheepishly and nodded her head yes. "Any chance I could have a turn with you?"

"I guess so" Jody said as Mo smiled brightly and took Jody's hand, pulling her from between Kalya's legs to between her own.

"Show me what you got babe" Mo said as Jody laughed and Mo spread her legs wide. Jody lowered her head and began licking away fast, Mo moaned in surprise as Linsey kissed Kayla playfully and slipped to the floor.

"Might as well make it a duo of pussy licking" Linsey said grinning and following Jody's lead as she began licking Kayla's pussy for her. It was soon a race to see who could cum first. Jody working on Mo and Linsey licking Kayla fast and then faster. Mo took Kayla's hand and they both moaned in unison as their pussy slits got licked. Kayla marveled at the amount of improvement this girl who she only taught to lick pussy a few weeks ago was showing in her technique. Her tongue was gliding perfectly over Kayla's bald pussy slit and she applied just the right amount of pressure to the center to make it feel incredible. Kayla laid her head back as Mo squeezed her hand and moaned. Proud of what she had created and in bad need of another cum. MO too was amazed at the way Jody had taken to pussy licking. She was a natural no doubt. Her head bobbing in perfect time as Mo put her free hand on it and cleared away the young girls hair from her face, so she could watch more closely.

"OH MY GOD FUCK GIRL" Kayla and Mo moaned in unison as both of their pussies seemingly exploded as one. A long slow oozing of cum began from both girls honey pots after they had settled down. Jody rose right as Linsey did and she watched her new friend come closer, and then kiss her tentatively. At first it was just soft lips on soft lips, then Jody began kissing Linsey with a passion as she tasted Kayla's cum on her lips, Linsey at almost the same moment tasted Mo's cum on Jody's lips. After a few long moments it turned to a french kiss, both girls sucking at the others tongue. Mo leaned forward and before either knew what was happening had separated them and pressed her lips to Linsey's and soon they were off. Linsey slipped her arm around Jody's waist to keep her from moving away. Jody began to enjoy having such a close view of this erotic encounter, admiring Linsey's beautiful body and soft skin, as her hand stroked it. Across her flat tanned stomach and then to the baby smooth pussy between her thighs. Almost by accident Jody's finger slipped inside and she could hear an involuntary moan escape Linsey's lips as it moved between her pussy lips. Linsey wrapped her other arm around Mo's neck, kissing her with increasing passion as Jody began finger fucking her slowly and then faster. Jody lowered her hand down Linsey's back and massaged her plump heart shaped ass cheeks as she quickened her pace inside her pussy. While Mo moved her hand to one of Linsey's small breasts and massaged it, carefully rolling the nipple in the way she knew would send twinges of pleasure down to her friends pussy. Jody began kissing Linsey's neck softly and fucked her finger harder, spanking the girls pussy lips with her hand. Linsey's moaning increased in it's sound, getting louder and louder as she grew near her first orgasm on the day. Jody smiled as she felt her thighs close tightly around her fingers and knew Linsey was about to cum.

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMM FUCKING YESSSSS" Linsey moaned as she broke her kiss with MO and began to cum. A little shaking, jerking and moaning and it was over. Followed by a torrent of girl flowing out onto Jody's fingers as she slowed. "WOW that was a nice surprise."

Jody smiled as Linsey kissed her softly. Followed by a short tongue kiss from Mo thanking her for the great orgasm she'd just had. The three-way kissing party may have never stopped if it hadn't been for Tommy wanting some of Linsey's hot little ass. He moved in behind her and rubbed her ass cheeks as Jody moved her hand away. Linsey got the idea instantly as she turned and smiled at Tommy.

"You want some of my ass huh?"

"Of course he does" Mo said stroking her ass cheeks as everyone giggled.

"Yeh I wanna do it like we did last time" Tommy said as Linsey smiled and looked over her shoulder at the two girls behind her. "So which one of you wants to lick my pussy while he butt fucks my ass?"

"I will you know that" Mo said rubbing Linsey's pussy from behind. "But I think you'd like it better if Jody did it."

"Why is she that good?" Linsey asked.

"She's a quick learner, plus she needs lots and lots of practice" Mo said kissing Jody's lips for a second.

"Wanna be on the bottom of the sandwich?" Linsey asked Jody as she kissed her.

"Sure" Jody said, not quite sure what she was getting herself into. Mo felt Kayla take her arm and pull her onto the couch. After some initial pussy rubbing they circled around each other and got into a 69. Mo on top and began licking each others pussy slowly.

Jody followed Linsey's directions to lay down on the carpet with her head near Linsey's thighs. Linsey then crawled over her, straddling her face and lowered down. Pinning Jody's head to the floor. She then laid forward, her body on top of Jody's and looked back for Tommy to get into position.

"Oh fuck, you're an eager little pussy licker huh?" Linsey moaned as she squirmed on Jody's tongue, which was now licking up and down her slit slowly. Linsey moaned as Tommy slid inside her ass and began stroking in and out. She moaned now loudly as both of her holes got fucked. After a few more seconds she lowered her head carefully and licked at Jody's pussy slit. Not wanting to break the girls rhythm on her own. Linsey built her rhythm as did Tommy, slamming away at her hot little ass now with reckless abandon. Tommy moaned as he struggled to keep up his pace on her ass. Pumping faster and faster it seemed with every thrust. Jody moaned loudly into Linsey's pussy, which taste better to her than either Mo or Kayla's, much sweeter taste she thought. Jody jerked and squirmed as her new friend matched her lick for lick, raising her hips off the floor as she got ready to cum a minute or so later.

"Can I cum in your ass?" Tommy asked as he neared his fourth summit.

"Yeh I wanna feel you shoot that hot yummy stuff in my butt" Linsey moaned as she started to finger fuck Jody's pussy and then with her other hand spread her lips and started to suck her clit hard. Jody was nearly brought to tears by the sensations now storming her body. She tried hard to bring Linsey off as she exploded. As her body prepared for it explosion she attached her lips to Linsey's engorged little clit and sucked it hard in a long deep breath. A second later her body exploded in a wonderful moment of orgasm. She peaked and as she was coming down, Linsey sucked Jody's clit harder and to Jody's shock it set off another more wonderful orgasm, that lasted much longer. While on top, Tommy groaned one more time and emptied his small load inside Linsey's ass, which was good enough to set her orgasm off. As Linsey came down, Jody's head dropped to the floor, her orgasm peaking and making her jerk as it surged through her body and finally came to a slow end. But right as she thought it was over, Linsey brought her off yet again with another quick sucking on the tip of her clit and twisting it with her lips. This time it was a much softer, but an altogether wonderful orgasm that only lasted a few seconds and left Jody panting for more. Linsey lifted her head and waited for her reward as Jody grunted loudly, her pussy did something it had never did before, squirted her cum in the air. Splashing across Linsey's face and inside her mouth.

Jody lay there in that same spot for the next half hour recovering from the incredible orgasms she'd just experienced. She didn't even remember dropping off into a deep sleep, as she woke up later with a blanket over her and a pillow under her head. She noticed that it was dark outside and the only light in the trailer came from the glow of the TV on the other side of the living room. After letting her eyes adjust to the light she rolled onto her side and looked towards the TV in an attempt to see who was watching. Not being able to make out more than a shadow of someone. She rose, still on somewhat rubbery legs and walked towards the TV.

"Hey" Linsey said looking up from her chair with a smile, "Did I wake you?"

"No" Jody said shrugging her head and yawning.

"Join me?" Linsey asked holding up her quilt and offering Jody the spot beside her on the couch.

"I need to use the crapper first" Jody said plodding off towards the hall bathroom and after doing business, came back into the living room planning to take the seat opposite Linsey. But as she passed the couch, Linsey grabbed her arm with a giggle and dragged her down.

"Now you're trapped" She said holding Jody by the shoulders. Jody's first reaction would usually have been to fight but before she could Linsey threw the blanket over both of them and scooted back to give Jody more room on the couch. "Not gonna even fight?"

"Nah you win...for now" Jody said as Linsey giggled and kissed her neck playfully.

"Want some?" Linsey asked holding up a bowl of marshmallows. Jody didn't respond right away and found one being shoved into her mouth. "They're good trust me."

"Maybe I didn't want one to begin with, you ever think of that?" Jody said sitting up and shooting Linsey the evil eye.

"Oh whatever" Linsey said laughing and pulling Jody back down to her, "You're cute when you're mad, you know that?"

"Me cute?" Jody asked as she glanced back at her friend. "You must be insane."

"You have no idea" Linsey said slipping her arms around Jody's waist. "I think you're really hot."

Jody shook her head in disbelief and turned back to the TV. Wondering then if she'd just become a lesbian. It did feel nice to have someone wanna be with her and well for the first time in her life she was experiencing "cuddling."

"Are we cuddling?" Jody's mouth blurted out to Linsey without her brains consent.

"Yeh I guess we are" Linsey said smiling and then seeing Jody return her smile she slowly leaned forward and snuck a quick kiss on the lips. "Ha ha."

"EWWWWW ick ewwwwww" Jody said wiping her lips as Lindsey laughed. "Like I said your adorable."

Jody didn't exactly know what to make out of her current situation, she liked how it felt laying close to Linsey but was still kinda scared at the thought of falling in love with a girl. After all these could be scary times to be openly gay. But then again, the orgasm's this girl had given her were far and away the best of her life. She re-adjusted her butt on the cushion and scooted forward and laid back, her head now on Linsey's shoulder. Thinking about everything that had happened tonight, she couldn't shake the feeling of nervousness of what the future might possibly bring. Before she knew it, she was once again asleep, and dreaming of all things, about Linsey.

*     *     *

The next morning, Linsey's clueless mother cheerfully offered Jody a ride home. Problem was when she arrived home the front door was locked and her mother was nowhere in sight.

"Stupid bitch, where the hell is she?" Jody asked throwing her bag down and kicking the potted plant by the door.

"There any other way you can get in?" Linsey asked calmly.

"The back door might be open, but I doubt it" Jody grumbled under her breath.

"Well then let's go and check then silly" Linsey said rolling her eyes and taking Jody's bag. "Come on."

Jody opened the side gate as Linsey followed her through. She stopped though upon feeling Linsey pulling her arm. Turning she saw Linsey looking at her with nervous eyes and then leaning forward she pressed her lips to Jody's for a moment. It ended though, nearly as quickly as it had begun. Before Jody even realized what was happening Linsey had moved past her with a giggle and disappeared around the side of the house.

"See it's unlocked" Linsey said a minute later as she opened the back door and Jody followed her inside. "Well I guess I better be going. Call me?"

"Sure" Jody said with a nervous smile. At the moment not being sure if she would or not.

"Look I know what you're probably feeling about now" Linsey said with a reassuring smile and handing her a piece of folded notebook paper, "Same thing I felt after my first time with a girl. But just know this, you're not gay and you don't have to ever see me again. It was fun though, right?"

"Oh yeah" Jody said, "I mean kinda."

"Call me. Bye" She said with a giggle as she disappeared out the back door.

Jody unfolded the paper and read the note.

"Cuddle with me?" It read simply, followed by a smiley face and Linsey's cell number. Jody couldn't help but smile as she stuffed it in her pocket and grabbed her bag to head up stairs.

"Hey can we talk?" A Voice said from the other end of the screen door. Jody looked back to see the guy from next door standing nervously on the steps outside. She dropped her bag and motioned him in. It was Ms. Hadaway's grandson, the boy whose name she had learned days after fucking him.

"Hey Troy?" She said opening it and letting him in.

"Hey" He said as moved his weight from one foot to the other. "Your mom's gone huh?"

"Yeh, the dumb whore" Jody said. "What do you want?"

"Wondering if you wanted to do something?" He asked.

"Like a movie?" She asked.

"Yeh right, I'm gonna date a little girl like you" He said with a smirk.

"Well then what the fuck?" She asked.

"Look it's just were different ages and people would talk" He replied. Which to Jody did make some sense.

"If you took me out no one would know I was fourteen" Jody replied, "Except you and anyone your retarded ass tells. So that argument is bullshit."

"Yeh I guess" He said as Jody just then noticed the sizable bulge in his shorts. Putting two plus together, she quickly figured out why he'd come over.

"You wanna fuck me?" She asked moving closer and rubbing his cock. "Cause if you do it'll cost you, big boy."

"Hell yeah" He said pulling at her shirt before his hands got slapped away.

"I said deaf boy, it'll cost you" Jody said, "and not money I'm no prostitute."

"Then what?" He asked.

"A date" She replied, "Me and you, dinner and a movie this Friday night."

"But I can't, my friends..." He started before she covered his mouth with her hand and rubbed his cock with the other.

"Think about it for a minute, while I suck your cock" She said dropping to her knees and unzipping his jeans and to no surprise, his rock hard cock popped out. She licked the head and started sucking it softly with her soft warm young lips as Troy moaned. She swallowed his whole cock head with her mouth and lathered it relentlessly with her tongue as he jerked. A few seconds after she began bobbing her head fast, knowing this was the method that would produce a mouth full of cum in seconds if she did it for very long. He clutched at her hair and moaned louder as she suddenly stopped. "Are you thinking about it?"

"God yes, just keep going" He begged as she again sucking his head hard and began bobbing up and down.

"Well?" She asked stopping again after a few more seconds.

"Maybe" He replied as Jody went back to bobbing and sucking some more, knowing he was getting close.

"OK time for a decision baby" She said as he clutched at her hair and pleaded with his eyes to bring him off.

"I can't let my friends think I'm a loser" He said.

"Then I can't either baby" Jody said with an evil grin on her face.

"You can't just leave me like this" He pleaded as she smiled up at him. His cock throbbing like it never had before as it jerked up and down and begged to be drained off it's cum.

"The only way I'll suck all your yummy cum out is if you do what I want" Jody said stroking his cock again and sucking it softly as Troy moaned. "Cumming in my mouth is gonna feel so good. Like you don't know that already. Well whatta ya say?"

"OK god fuck yes whatever just do it" Troy said as Jody quickly sucked it harder and brought him to the brink before stopping again.

"FUCK WHAT IS IT NOW?" He nearly screamed.

"I wanna hear you say it" She said, "That we have a date."

"We have a date" He said pushing his cock again towards her mouth.

"On second thought" She said stroking it gently as she licked the head. "I wanna hear you asked me out. And make it sound good."

"Will you please go out with me?" He spat in frustration.

"Yeh I will" She said with a victorious smile and began sucking his head again hard. Trying, now that she was ready, to drain his cock dry of it's contents. It only took a few more seconds of sucking to bring him off. He moaned and grunted as he came down from his orgasm and began shooting cum deep in her throat like a rocket launcher. His cum coated her tongue and throat as she tried her best to swallow it all. But to no avail as it started running out the sides of her mouth and down her chin as she kept sucking hard. Finally he gave her all he had and pulled off and smiled up at him as she cleaned the run away cum off her face, before sucking him softly some more.

"Just remember" She said cupping his balls in her hand before sucking his cock, "If we go out this happens. Again and again till you can't get it up anymore."

She gently squeezed them as he moaned and nodded his approval.

"And if you fuck me over" She said twisting them as she cried his pain, "that does. And you might as well not even look at me again. Understand?"

"Yes Ma'am" He said as he pulled away and disappeared out the backdoor. At that moment, Jody realized what a powerful tool she possessed. Just now she had to figure out how to use it to the best of her advantage.