Bad Girl - Episode 5 "The Cause"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"JODY GET DOWN HERE NOW!!" Her Mom bellowed as Jody jumped up and opened the door and screamed in reply, "I'M COMING, I'M COMING. GOD CHILL."

"God she's a bitch isn't she?" Linsey said stroking Jody's bare back as her friend changed shirts again. "Wonder what she'd think if she knew we were on our way to seduce your doctor?"

"Probably forbid me to go" Jody said as Linsey giggled and kissed her shoulder. "But then again it's good for me as she said earlier. Wonder if she'd think that after she found out?"

"I'm thinking there's a few other things she'd be very surprised to find out too" Linsey said.

"Like?" Jody asked as she turned.

" cumming in my mouth, over and over again" Linsey as Jody felt herself blush deeply.

"You're such a dirty minded girl" Jody said as she opened her bedroom door and waited for Linsey to follow her. Being surprised when Linsey stopped her to sneak a quick kiss a second later, only a second before Jody's mother came stomping around the corner to check on her daughter.

"How do we look Ms. Watkins?" Linsey asked posing for Jody's mom.

"Very lady like" She replied, "You are having such a great influence on my daughter Linsey it's nice to see."

"Why thank you Ms. Watkins, she's really a good friend" Linsey said taking Jody's hand and pulling her along as they headed downstairs.

"Eddie Haskell" Jody giggled as they reached the front step, prompting Linsey to start laughing.

"I am not, I just know when to suck up and when not to" She replied falling in step beside Jody as they walked to the car waiting for them on the corner. Officer Muldoon was waiting patiently as he filled out some form on a notebook. Linsey stopped Jody just shy of the car and asked in a hush voice if seducing Officer Muldoon was an option, to which Jody replied she'd already tried and didn't get any where. With that question out of the way, the ride to the medical building downtown was rather uneventful.

"Jody Watkins" The receptionist bellowed. Jody and Linsey rose and went to the door of the office and were let inside and stopped.

"Doc Hill is no longer with the clinic" The Short balding black lady informed the pair. "He's been assigned to another part of town. So you'll be seeing Doctor Law today."

"What the fuck do you people do? Flip coins to see who gets what Doctor on what day?" Jody snapped before Linsey could cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud.

"She's been under a lot of stress lately just look over her" Linsey said sweetly. The lady smiled knowingly and pointed to the door to Doctor Law's office.

"Look" Linsey said as soon as they entered the office and closed the door, "You may think running off at the mouth on a regular basis is cute, but it's annoying and embarrassing. You gotta pick your moments of when to be a smart ass."

"Since when are you my mother?" Jody asked as she sat down roughly on the over stuffed couch.

"I'm not" Linsey said sweetly as she moved Jody's hair out of her eyes and joined her on the couch. "I'm just trying to be helpful and keep you out of too much trouble."

"You just wanna control me" Jody said as Linsey's arm wrapped around her neck.

"The only person that wants to control you is in your pretty little head" Linsey said as her hand slipped up Jody's cheek and she turned her head so they were now face to face. Then without hesitation she pressed her lips to Jody's in a soft kiss. One which Jody didn't resist even though she was still a little peeved. As always Linsey made her want to kiss her back and their lips spread and soon they traded tongues in a french kiss. Neither heard the far office door open as Doc Law walked in and was quiet surprised to see what was happening before him.

"AHEM" He said as he cleared his throat and Linsey and Jody both looked up with a sheepish blush red grin.

"Hi I'm Jody Watkins and this is my friend Linsey" Jody said as Linsey tried unsuccessfully to hide a giggle.

"Well that's one way to introduce yourself" Doc Law said as Jody and Linsey both laughed and he pulled up a chair and sat down. "So I take it your involved?"

"We're fu...friends" Jody said as her mind raced hoping she hadn't let it slip out as she started to say "fuck buddies."

"I maybe a little out of touch with today's youth but I can't ever remember a friend kissing me like that" Doc Law said.

"She's just a little uncomfortable with our new relationship" Linsey said, "No one knows we're together yet."

"Oh OK" Doc Law said relaxing and crossing his legs. Which Jody noticed and thought about how hard it would be now to see if he had a hard-on. Which had been easy with Doc Hill the week before.

"So I thought we'd spend this first session getting to know each other as I've been permanently assigned to your case" Doc Law said taking out a legal pad.

"Yeh I've heard that before" Jody said. "Doc Hill was supposed to be my new therapist."

"Well I can't really comment on that, but I can tell you that I will be your therapist for the foreseeable future" He said in a reassuring voice.

"Don't really matter" Jody said, "I'm only here cause my Mommy says I got to be and the police sorta made me come."

"So did I" Linsey whispered in Jody's ear, not exactly meaning the same thing. Jody nearly fainted when she heard that comment and looked to Doc Law to make sure he didn't notice.

"You know anything you have to say you can say aloud" Doc Law said. "After all this is a private session to discuss the topics you feel are important."

"We wanna talk about us" Linsey said with a huge smile.

"OK" Doc Law replied, "When did you realize you were attracted to each other?"

"You don't wanna know that" Linsey said as both her and Jody laughed knowingly.

"And why is that?" Doc Law asked. "Is it some dark secret?"

"No it's no secret" Linsey said, "I realized I was attracted to her after I did it with her."

"Did it?" Doc Law asked hoping she wasn't referring to a sexual relationship, which he thought she might very well be involved in.

"We fucked" Jody blurted out as Linsey laughed and Doc Law looked dumbfounded, "We played find the bald spot and she did."

"So you are involved in a sexual relationship?" Doc Law asked.

"DUH" Jody replied.

"Do you feel you're adequately prepared to except the ramifications of a sexual relationship at your young age?" Doc Law asked as Jody seriously, for the first time, began to consider this. "Considering you have chosen to have a same sex partner, which makes it all the more complicated."

"I dunno" Jody said softly, "I did it cause it felt good and at the time that was all that mattered to me."

"You've never done anything just for pleasure Doctor?" Linsey asked as Jody thought on the last question and didn't pay much attention. "Just sex for the sake of getting off?"

"Young lady you are...."

"Too young to be talking that way" Linsey said giggling, "I know I know, I've heard it. But I bet I've had more good sex in the last two nights than you've had in months."

"Look Linsey this is a totally inappropriate subject matter..." Doctor Law said trying again to control the situation.

"I like being with Linsey is that wrong?" Jody finally asked, drawing both Linsey's and the Doctor's attention back to her.

"It's all a matter of perception" Doc Law replied, "Now take your mother..."

"Good take her" Jody said as her and Linsey laughed.

"As I was saying..." Doc Law said clearing his throat, "Take your mother for instance, what does she think about your relationship?"

"She don't know" Jody said, "She'd lose it and no doubt try and kill me."

"Yeh her mom's a real bitch" Linsey said, "You gonna answer my question now Doc?"

"What about your father?" Doc Law asked, carefully avoiding the on-going questioning from Linsey.

"Never met the asshole" Jody blurted out, "Mom's never told me his name."

"So does anyone know about your detour into the world of same-sex relationships?"

"Yes me" Linsey said, "Look Doc you're avoiding my questions, now answer me."

"Yes Linsey I have are you happy?" He said as she giggled happily.

"Yes you made me happy, wanna a reward?" She asked and turned to Jody and gave her a wicked smile, which Jody more than recognized as the sign of fun things to come. She leaned forward and her and Linsey engaged in an open mouth french kiss that made Doc Law hot even though he fought it valiantly. Before he could recover his senses and regain control of the situation, Linsey had dropped to the floor and was planting kisses all over Jody's bare stomach as she pulled her lovers jean shorts and panties down to her ankles and adjusted her body so her pussy was at the end of the couch in perfect view. "I'm gonna lick her pussy now, wanna watch?"

"Nooo....stop this right now" Doc Law ordered as Linsey began licking away slowly at Jody's bald cunny slit. Before hearing one last vocal protest by Doc Law as she began pumping her tongue in and out of the hole. Making Jody moan and stroke her titties through her shirt. The doctor desperately fought the temptation to let this go on, but he couldn't resist and gave in, watching closely as every stroke of Linsey's tongue pushed Jody closer to an orgasm and knowing all the signs as she got close. Linsey made an extra special effort to bring Jody off quickly and hard on top of that. This was not lost on Jody as she squeezed her thighs around Linsey's head and moaned as she exploded in orgasm on her friends furiously pumping tongue. A good hard orgasm was exactly what she needed at that moment and that's what she got. She shook and jerked a little as she came down and filled Linsey's mouth with cum. An amazed Doc Law sat there watching now dumbfounded as to what he had just witnessed. Linsey raised her head and wiped away the remaining cum still on her chin after licking every drop she could milk out of Jody's sweet pussy. Looking to Doc Law she asked, "You like watching?"

"Yeh...that display of oral sex between....same sex....couples" He stammered as Linsey gave him a weird look and replied, "You're not like gay are you?"

"Heavens no" Doc Law said as Jody pulled Linsey into a cum sharing french kiss.

"Then wanna prove it?" Jody asked as Linsey pawed her playfully. "You can get inside this tight little ass of hers."

"That is not gonna happen...." Doc Law said as Linsey wiggled it for him and asked, "Ever felt how tight an ass is when it's this young?"

"No" Doc Law said.

"Then come and see, it'll be great experience for your job" Linsey said and at that moment it sounded logical to Doctor Law, considering he was now thinking with his cock and not with his big head. Linsey watched closely as he unzipped his pants and laid his legal pad aside and rose from the chair. His big cock popped free and Linsey was the first to grab it, as she stroked it softly up and down. Hard as a rock, she thought before sucking it's big head into her mouth and hearing the Doctor moan. Knowing all control was now theirs. She sucked him harder and harder as he groaned and Jody asked, "Is that big cock feeling good?"

"Oh fuck yeah" Doc Law said as Linsey increased the pace of her cock sucking. Jody stroked his balls and squeezed them lightly as Doc Law grunted and began cumming in record time. Shooting his load seconds later into his young patients mouth. Linsey sucked all of his cum out and swallowed it like candy before dropping his softening cock from her lips with a audible pop.

"Big bad doctor ain't so tough after having his cock sucked by a little girl huh?" Linsey asked as Doc Law realized the magnitude of what he'd just done. "Now you're gonna do what we say or you're gonna be in trouble mister....right?"

"Yeh" He stammered as Linsey smiled and pulled off her own jeans and dropped them to the side. While Linsey got naked Jody began sucking again on Doc Law's cock as it came back to life in her eager mouth. Making the doctor jerk and moan as his cock stiffened in record time. Jody sucked it fast and hard with her head bobbing furiously as she did so. Only stopping when Linsey prompted her by cupping her chin and pulling her away, following it with a kiss. Linsey soon turned her back to Doc Law and saying in a seductive voice, "I'm ready for my anal check Doctor."

"Yeh fuck her asshole Doc Law" Jody said as his cock slid through Linsey's puckered little anus ring and she clutched at the couch. He wasted no time and began going in and out immediately as Linsey moaned and moaned louder, the smacking of flesh on flesh was a huge turn-on to Jody as Doc Law fucked Linsey's ass now fast. Linsey nearly cried at the amount of pleasure she was getting from being butt fucked by what she thought was a real man and from the fact that she was being watched. Linsey opened her mouth and moaned louder as the butt fucking came harder and harder. The ripples running through her young ass now visible even for her as she neared a wonderful reward for all of her hard work. A long hard and well deserved orgasm. Jody laid her head on her friends back and said to Doc Law, "If you pull out before you cum, I'll let you cum in my mouth."

"OH FUCK YEH" Doc Law groaned as he drilled harder into Linsey's tight little ass and got ready for his second orgasm. That very thing happened only to the other person, as Linsey started cumming suddenly and cried out as she got butt fucked yet harder. Doc Law pounded hard a few more times before she came down and he pulled out. Jody waited with an open mouth as Doc Law shoved his cock in and encouraged her to suck him off, which she did. Sucking his cum out, just like she'd promised as he groaned in disbelief that such a young girl could make him feel this incredible. Savoring the flavor of his cum as he filled her mouth with it. Jody pulled Linsey to her a second later, after dropping his cock and began frenching her friend hard and trading the doctor's cum back and forth, an event which lasted for a long moment. While Doc Law retired to his desk, spent from the events of the last few minutes. He began to redress.

"I told you baby, we'd fuck him good" Linsey said kissing her lover softly on the lips as Jody giggled, "That hot little pussy of yours is what every man dreams of, you know that right?"

"And every girl" Jody said returning her kiss, "Especially you."

"OH GOD YEAH"  Linsey said in a moan, "especially me."

After dressing and making a new appointment Doctor Law disappeared back inside as the girls made their way, proud of what they'd accomplished, out to the parking lot.

"So who's next?" Linsey asked sitting down next to Jody again after getting a pair of soda's from a near by machine. "Who can we do next to further our cause?"

"What cause?" Jody asked as she sipped the soda, washing the now drying cum flavor out of her mouth.

"World domination" Linsey said as Jody giggled.

"Well we could tag team this guy next door named Troy" Jody suggested. "He's got a few connections that might help us."

"That's a thought" Linsey said as Officer Muldoon came rolling up in the car.

"Ya think?" Linsey asked with raised eye brows as she nodded towards the officer and Jody replied, "You're not even that good."

"I loves a challenge" Linsey said sliding in the front seat beside her friend as they pulled away from the doctor's office and headed for home.