Bad Girl - Episode 6 "Threesome of Friends"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"This sweet pussy is mine right?" Linsey asked as her head began bobbing again, her tongue working magic on Jody's pussy as the girl moaned.

"UH HUH YEH YOU MAKE IT FEEL SO GOOD" Jody nearly screamed as she jerked, squirmed and moaned her unconditional approval of Linsey's tactics. Jody cried out seconds later as Linsey sucked her clit and made her pussy literally explode in a long hard orgasm. Something she'd been needing for days, being that Linsey had been grounded for a week after her mom found out about some stuff Linsey stole from the local Wal-mart. Little did she know that Linsey didn't steal it, she fucked the manager for it. Much like what was happening now, only slightly different.

See this time the owner of "House of Electronics" was a nice guy with a serious fetish for young lesbians girls. So Linsey made him a deal, they let him watch if he gave them some credit. Like a VCR for Jody's room and next time possibly a DVD player or even better a laptop.

"OHHHH Yeah so good" Jody moaned while stroking Linsey's hair as her lover sucked the last of the cum out of her pussy. Jody sat up and pulled Linsey's mouth away from her pussy and up to her lips to kiss her. A long slow wet cum flavored french. Which had become the norm with the girls after some pussy licking.

"Wanna come over here and get your cock sucked by a couple of little girls?" Linsey asked Mr. Green the owner who was furiously stroking his rock hard cock. He grunted and shot a load all over his chest as Jody and Linsey giggled.

"Did you mean that about your pussy being all mine?"

"Yeh unless some hot guy wants me to fuck him" Jody said as Linsey frowned and replied, "No that'll stretch it all out of place. I like it tight."

"Then what do you suggest?" Jody asked.

"Letting it be exclusively mine for licking and fucking" Linsey said kissing her lover for a moment. "That way it stays so tight, it sucks at my tongue."

"Are you serious?" Linsey asked as Mr. Green, laid a package in front of the girls and said in a huffy voice, "There's your VCR, well worth it. Now just keep this on the down low, K?"

"You got it dudesy" Linsey said as she turned and knowing Mr. Green was still watching. She spread Jody's legs and stroked her pussy gently, asking, "Is that not a beautiful sight?"

"It sure is" Mr. Green said as a knock came at the door. Jody and Linsey rushed to get dressed as Mr. Green slipped out the door and chatted noisily with his clerk. Jody and Linsey listened for them to walk away and then slipped out of the office and played out the pre-planned story to cover for Jody not having to pay for the VCR she had.

"I surely hope that the VCR will meet your father's needs" Mr. Green said as Jody walked out of the store with her new purchase. "It'll be on his bill."

"This fucker is as bad as shit" Jody said pulling it out of the bag when her and Linsey reached the food court. "It has everything."

"See told you, pussy has power" Linsey said sliding the box around to take a look at it. "Next stop on our tour today is Lynn Brother's."

"The other electronics store?" Jody asked.

"Yeh gotta get my girl her own DVD player" Linsey said as Jody blushed and looked around nervously. Happy to find no one was paying attention.

"And how am I gonna explain to my mom where all this shit came from?"

"Simple" Linsey said, "Just say my mom bought some new stuff and offered you her old stuff. And you gotta work it off by doing some chores for her. That way you can spend lots of time at my house."

"Is your mom home much?" Jody asked as a girl walked by wearing her a cheerleading outfit and Jody found herself watching her skirt sway back and forth. Showing off her cute panty clad little ass and fine looking muscular legs. She snapped her head away as one of the cheerleaders at the far table caught her looking.

"Nice view huh?" Linsey asked with a smirk as Jody blushed and realized she'd just checked out her first girl. "Cheerleaders are such hot bitches."

"I know a guy we can fuck" Jody blurted out, desperate to change the subject of the current conversation. Linsey laughed and casually went along with it, making a mental note to bring it up later at a more convenient time and place.

"And who would that be?" She asked.

"My next door Ms. Hadaway has a grand son, his name is Troy" Jody said quietly as they rose from the table and headed down the first corridor in the direction of Lynn Brother's. "He's got a big cock and knows how to use it."

"Speaking member what I mentioned earlier?" Linsey asked stopping Jody a few feet from the store and pulling her inside the eye care center next door, which was currently vacant of any people in the front office. "About it being mine?"

"Yeh that's so crazy" Jody said.

"No it's not" Linsey said, "I don't want you fuckin other guys, at least not that way."

"Why?" Jody asked in a bitter tone.

"Cause when I fuck it, I want it to be so tight my tongue gets squeezed out" Linsey said in a sultry growl that made Jody's pussy wet. "Not gapped from some goober with a big prong who can't use it."

"Then how the hell am I supposed to do a guy?" Jody asked throwing her arms in the air.

"Butt fucking" Linsey said grabbing Jody's ass with her hand and squeezing, it's as good as the other hole and sometimes better. "Plus guys really get off on it."

"You did that with Doc Law didn't you?" Jody asked as Linsey rolled her eyes and replied, "Duh of course I did. And it makes you feel like a million bucks, it's so hot."

"But I don't think I can take something that big up know" Jody said in a whisper.

"I know that, that's why I'm gonna break you in" Linsey said opening the door to the eye care center and stepping outside. "I've got a strap-on dildo at home just perfect for the tight little job ahead. Now let's go get that DVD player."

They had very little trouble in securing a top of the line DVD player in exchange for a little "show and tell" session for the manager, a lady named Constance Alloe. Constance, much like the owner of the House of Electronics had a fetish for young lesbians and decided to watch instead of joining in. Though she made it clear she may want to in the future. Jody clutched the brand new DVD to her chest as they left the store, neither believing it could really be this easy to get what you wanted.

"A digital LED read out, 5 disc capability, this mofo has everything" Linsey commented on the way to the bus stop in front of the mall. They sat down both holding one of the boxes in their laps and looking around nervously, knowing this part of town was notorious for thugs and street gangs. Luckily Jody had thought ahead and called Kayla to ask for a ride home, to which her Aunt Bertha gladly agreed. About 10 minutes later Aunt Bertha's car came screeching around the far corner and came to a tire squealing stop right in front of them.

"Someones got some spending money" Aunt Bertha commented as Linsey and Jody piled into the back seat.

"DVD and VCR?" Kayla asked looking back at the two in envy as Linsey smiled proudly and noticed the look of hurt in Kayla's eyes. "You went all out for your new friend huh?"

"Nope didn't spend a cent on her" Linsey said leaning forward and grabbing Kayla's collar and holding her in place before kissing her lips and saying "Don't be jealous, I still love you too."

"Linsey" Kayla said in a panicked whisper as Jody and Linsey both laughed.

"I didn't see a thing" Aunt Bertha commented as she glanced out the back window and went tearing out into traffic again. "Your secrets are your secrets. Makes no never mind to me."

After an invitation from Kayla to spend the night in her trailer, the nights plans were made. Little did Jody know then but this would be a night of firsts. Her and Linsey settled into the living room as Kayla disappeared into one of the trailers bedrooms and reappeared about ten minutes later with a velvet red bag. By now Jody and Linsey were involved in a heated make out session with Jody on the floor between Linsey's thighs, prolly with something in mind.

"OK let's fuck" Kayla said as she dropped the bag and moved behind Jody. Pulling her away from Linsey and asking, "Is your ass ready?"

"Is my ass ready for what?" Jody asked as Kayla's arms slid around her waist.

"Butt fucking?" Kayla asked, "Linsey said she talked to you about it. Might as well do it now huh?"

"Yeh baby" Linsey said excitedly as she jerked Jody's shirt up and over her head. Then unsnapping her bra and letting it fall to the ground. While on the other end, Kayla stripped her pants and panties to her knees and pulled them off when Jody rolled over. Jody sat there for a long moment. Now naked herself, and marveled at the gorgeous bodies of Linsey and Kayla as they stripped and caressed each others bodies. Not quiet believing how much this now turned her on to watch two girls naked. Linsey and Kayla kissed for a while, like long lost lovers before inviting Jody into the party. One touching another's pussy gently as they all three moaned into each others mouths. After a minute or so of this, Jody had Kayla lay back on the plush carpet and went to work with her tongue on the girls pussy. Linsey smiled to Kayla as her friend moaned and squirmed under Jody's fast improving tongue work.

"Yeh baby lick my sweet pussy" Kayla moaned as Jody did just that, her tongue feeling like a million as it plowed it's way up and down her pussy slit and even dipped inside a few times. Making Kayla moan loudly and consistently as she continued squirming. What Jody didn't notice was Linsey had dumped out the contents of the red bag on the couch. A strap-on dildo and a bottle of baby oil fell out. Linsey slipped into the strap-on and covered the rubber cock in baby oil as Kayla moaned from her orgasm. She began cumming in Jody's eager little mouth a moment later. Linsey took hold of Jody's hips as the young girl rose up a bit and kissed Kayla's sweat covered stomach playfully.

"WHAT THE FUCK?" Jody cried out as Linsey slipped the thick rubber cock inside her ass whole ring. The ring catching the underside of the cock head as it passed by.

"Calm down baby" Linsey said stroking Jody's back as Kayla slid out from under her and moved down along her body and before Jody knew it Kayla was between her thighs and they were in a 69. Jody whimpered as Linsey pushed a little further inside her ass and the pain increased as her asshole stretched to fit the new member inside her. While at the same time Kayla's tongue found her little clitty. Linsey stroked the rest of the way in as Jody cried a mixture of pain and pleasure. Kayla's tongue on her clit was sending lightning bolts of pleasure through out her body. Linsey, knowing the pain of a first butt fucking, stroked all the way in for the first time and remained still for a minute or so to let Jody get used to the sensation. "OHHHHHH yeah this is gonna be a sweet butt fucking."

"MMMMMMMMMMM" Jody moaned as her clit was battered by Kayla's relentless tongue work and her moans increased measurably. Linsey pulled the rubber cock out all the way and watched it's head catch on Jody's asshole ring, smiling she pushed it back inside and started slowly pumping it in and out. The sensations startled Jody as she took her next breath and realized the pain was gone and the pleasure that had replaced it. She moaned into the air loudly and began grunting noises with every breath as Linsey increased the pace seemingly with every stroke. Her body now shaking with every shot of Linsey's rubber lover inside her asshole. Kayla's tongue felt better than it ever had before as it manipulated her clit freely now. The sensations were becoming almost too much for Jody as she raised a leg slightly off the floor, bringing her pussy just out of touch of Kayla's lips. Kayla smiled, knowing what was happening. Linsey too knew the signs of an oncoming orgasm. Linsey really began to go faster and kept a steady pace as she held onto Jody's now sweaty hips and fucked her ass. "MMMMMMMMMM OH SO GOOD."

"MMMMMMMMMMM yeh first butt fucking feeling so good huh Jody?" Linsey asked as below her Kayla waited a few long seconds for Jody to calm down before again attacking her clitty. This time by raising her head and closing her lips around it and beginning to suck it softly. Jody cried in a long moaning whimper as she laid her head back and felt things she had never felt before. "Huh Jody talk to me now baby."

"MMMMMMMMM so good in my butt yessss" Jody moaned as Linsey smiled. Jody knew now an orgasm was coming and she hoped it'd be a mother of one. Linsey was as turned on as she'd ever been as she pumped Jody's asshole full of cock faster now. Dropping one arm to her side, like in a porn movie, she smiled as Jody cried out one last time and started to cum.

"UH HUH YOUR PUSSY CUMMIN BABY?" Linsey asked as Jody clutched at her own ass and took Linsey's hand and cried out in a long hard loud moan. Linsey steadily pounded away at Jody's once virgin asshole as Kayla sucked the young girls clitty with her soft lips. Making an already incredible orgasm, all the more wonderful. Jody felt tears come out of her eyes as the orgasm raged inside her, exploding in tidal waves of pleasure unlike any she had ever known. Sensing a large amount of cum was on the way, Kayla stopped and moved her lips over Jody's pussy lips and waited. With one last thrust from Linsey, Jody collapsed and did something she'd never done before, she squirted her cum into Kayla's waiting mouth. One more hard shot and then a few long moments of bubbling and oozing out as Kayla licked it all up. Jody lay there, her head on Kayla's stomach, panting as Linsey dropped Jody's hand and watched it fall limp to the floor.

"That was fucking awesome huh baby?" Linsey asked leaning over Jody's back and driving her rubber love tool deep inside Jody's asshole as her lover moaned. But unable to move she responded with the only thing she could, moaning. Linsey smiled as she stroked deeply inside her ass again and again, only slowly. "I knew you'd love butt fucking once you tried it baby. Damn this is tight, never fucked a girl's ass like this."

"It's a sandwich with you like that" Kayla said from between Jody's thighs. "I guess Jody's the filling."

"Yeh my baby got filled up real good" Linsey said going a little faster and testing Jody's reflexes to see if she complained. But none, just a series of loud moans escaped her now open mouth. Linsey glanced down at her now sweat covered and naked slender young body and saw the dildo disappear inside her lover's asshole and found it was a huge turn-on to watch it. Every time she thrust her fake cock inside Jody, a stream of ripples flowed from Jody's plump little ass cheeks down into her back and each being followed by a light smacking sound as naked teen flesh hit naked and sweaty teen flesh. With every thrust Linsey got more turned on, not realizing she was building a faster rhythm. She moved her right hand to Jody's back, just above her ass and felt each succeeding shot to her lover's ass. While on the bottom Kayla watched in amazement at the amount of force each shot delivered to Jody's limp body. She shook, moaned and whimpered as Linsey drilled her asshole with an endless barrage of shots. Kayla found it hard to keep her lips on Jody's now ultra sensitive clit, so in a plea bargain of sorts, she raised her head slightly and placed her tongue on Jody's clit, letting it run up and down the center crevice endlessly as Jody's body swayed. The juices began flowing freely from Jody's pussy and splashed relentlessly into Kayla's face as Linsey quickened the pace yet again. Linsey moved her hand away from Jody's ass cheek and back to the floor, as she pounded harder and harder. Linsey smiled broadly as she watched Jody's face contort with pleasure and her mouth opening wider with each shot to her ass, as her moaning increased. "My baby's not complaining I think she loves it up her ass."

"Yeh fuck her asshole hard Linsey" Kayla said in a moan herself as she reached up to spread Jody's ass cheeks to let Linsey get in deeper. She became more and more turned on as the fucking continued and finally she gave in and with Jody's ass cheeks spread so wide they were now flat, she attached her lips to Jody's clit and sucked, and sucked and sucked harder. That seemed to bring Jody back to life as her head sprung up from it's resting place on Kayla's stomach and she raised to her elbows and grunted loudly.

"OH GOD YOU LOVE YOUR HARD BUTTFUCKING HUH?" Linsey asked with a victorious smile as sweat literally poured off her body, her hair matted to her back and neck. She pumped Jody's asshole harder. And not hearing any response she asked again in a more forceful voice. "I asked does my lover like her hard butt fucking? Answer me Jody Watkins."

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS GOD FUCK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Jody cried in pleasure as her body was ravaged by a storm of endless pleasure. Linsey was amazed to see Jody lower her head seconds later and began sucking at Kayla's engorged little clit. Kayla was shocked to feel such an incredibly wonderful sensation as she let Jody's clit pop free from her lips for a second and looked down to see the young girl above working on her now. She jerked her hips off the floor and moaned begging for more.

"UHNNNNNN GOD YES, SUCK MY CLIT JODY" Kayla cried in a moan as she returned to her work on Jody's own pleasure bud. Moaning on it, creating an incredible vibrating effect which made Jody moan even louder on Kayla's. Linsey pounded harder yet again, now driving Jody's body down into Kayla's mouth and prompting Kayla too ask. "MMMMMMMM GOD THAT'S SUCH A GOOD BUTT FUCKING, YOU GONNA MAKE HER CUM IN MY MOUTH AGAIN?"

"OH GOD YEA BABY GIRL, HERE IT COMES" Linsey moaned as Kayla moaned at the same time as she felt an orgasm building fast inside her pussy. So did Jody, only hers was coming on so hard it felt better than most orgasms she'd given herself over the last two years. She felt Linsey pound harder once more and cried out as her and Kayla began to cum together. Kayla moaned and jerked on Jody's lips as she cum and then settled down rather quickly compared to Jody. Who squeezed her thighs around Kayla's head and went through what she thought was the peak and began to come down when she licked the last of Kayla's yummy sweet cum off her pussy, she then really exploded. The orgasm seemed to explode again every time Linsey slid her dildo into Jody's ass cheeks.

"YEH CUM HARD FROM YOUR BUTTFUCKING" Linsey moaned as she drilled her lover's asshole. Jody lay limp on Kayla's thighs now, her whole body tensed up as the orgasm raged like a thunder storm inside her. Kayla stopped sucking her clit and covered Jody's whole pussy with her mouth, expecting a torrent of girl cum any second. She got exactly that about a few seconds later, as the orgasm pushed Jody further into orgasmic bliss than she'd ever been, her cum came rocketing out in oozing squirts of candy like girl cum, splashing all over the inside of Kayla's mouth. Each proceeded by a scream from Jody. Two or three moaning screams later Jody calmed down and collapsed forward again on to Kayla's body. Little did both of the other girls know but Linsey had started her own orgasm seconds before and was just coming down. She quickly pulled out of Jody's ass with a audible popping sound and let Jody collapse forward and roll off. She then unstrapped the dildo from her body and lowered herself to Kayla's waiting mouth.

"OHHHHHH GOD suck all my cum out" Linsey moaned as she squeezed her titties and her cum came bubbling out into Kayla's eager mouth. Her tongue lapped Linsey's pussy relentlessly in search of her friends girl cum. Linsey laid forward and moaned as Kayla sucked all the cum out she could get. Jody managed to get the energy to look up and she was amazed at the sight that took place before her as Linsey and Kayla started to 69 like mad.

"Who needs cock anymore?" Jody giggled as she watched the lewd display and began again to stroke her pussy slowly.