Bad Girl - Episode 7 "Crazy Ideas"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"I better check my email and see if Kayla wrote back" Linsey said from the bed as she opened up her email and watching out of the corner of her eye as Jody looked out the window at something with intense interest. Linsey smiling as she found a message from just the person she was hoping for. A short message asking if Linsey and Jody wanted to spend the weekend and maybe more with Kayla at her Dad's ranch in the country. She quickly started having visions of wild all-girl orgies in the sunshine and it made her pussy begin to tingle as she looked at her 'friend' and thought about how much this girl turned her on. Prolly more than any girl she'd ever been with, not that there had been that many. But suddenly her train of thought was broken by Jody's reply to her last comment, "Did she write?"

"Yeh and get this, Kayla wants to know if we wanna go to the ranch this weekend with her and her dad" Linsey said as Jody's attention was again diverted from the window. Making Linsey again wonder what she was so interested in. "Sounds like fun? Huh?"

"I guess" Jody replied before she started to turn back to the window and was caught by Linsey's reply, "Me, you and Kayla could get naked and fuck outdoors. Like till we couldn't move and no one would catch us this time."

"UMMMM...I'm in" Jody said as the thought began to really appeal to her as she watched Linsey smile and start to type a reply to Kayla.

Linsey thought about the weekend ahead and then looking at her friends new laptop and thinking about how the orgy with Kayla wasn't the only sex this past weekend and about how she had a brilliant idea on how to get 'her girl' a computer. That was achieved by fucking the manager of 'House of Electronics' down on the mall (their second visit) and his older but still sexy girlfriend. Even Jody marveled at the creative positions Mr. Green had gotten them into and fucked them into submission with his consistently rock hard cock. While at the same time his GF licked the others pussy and taught both of them a few things about that particular art form. At the end of the night, Mr. Green presented the girls with a spectacular looking new laptop, that featured a 160 gig HDD, DVD burner, 3 gig of memory and the latest of processors. Jody nearly fainted as she carried it out of Mr. Green's house in trembling fingers and made her way home with Linsey, both on wobbly legs.

"I'm gonna make sure this weekend you get a real taste of how good it feels to fuck as a cool breeze blows against your naked body" Linsey said as another train of thought suddenly struck her. She then noticed with Jody's new DVD player, VCR and the new laptop it was becoming obvious to anyone who bothered to pay attention that Jody was getting money (or at the very least some very nice stuff) from some outside source, cause it sure wasn't coming from her mother. Who for all her trying barely managed to keep the house payment made every month and groceries on the table with her meager monthly support that came from the state. Suddenly that very thought made her kinda nervous that Jody's mother might try and make trouble for them. "Speaking of...what are you gonna tell momma about your new toys when the nosey bitch discovers it?"

"Well..." Jody said as she glanced again out the window before standing and going on. Now speaking in her best southern voice and saying, "Well Momma see my friend Linsey is a real slut and she thought it would be just a fine idea to make me one too, so we been fucking everything, every man, woman and animal that had money or nice stuff to give us..."

"Fuck you" Linsey said through a fit of the giggles as she listened to Jody go on, "...see Momma I done learned all about pussy licking, cock sucking and butt fucking from her. She's just so smart and well traveled."

"Do you love picking on me?" Linsey asked with a smirk as she looked over at Jody, who slowly came over to the bed as Linsey quickly sent the reply to Kayla and watched Jody close her laptop and push it away to the other side of the bed. Linsey smiled as she laid back on the bed and Jody got over her and slowly their lips met. Jody lowering her body onto Linsey's as their lips fell in time with the others, tongues beginning to touch softly as they kissed for a few long moments. Parting both smiled. "That was nice."

"Yeh it was" Jody said softly, "You know I think I'm falling for you."

"You're what?" Linsey asked with a huge smile. "Really?"

"Yeh Jody Watkins is losing her mind" Jody said with a giggle. "I got feelings for you, at least I think I do."

"Go me!" Linsey said as Jody laughed, "You don't know how happy I am to hear that."

"Yeh?" Jody asked softly and refusing to let fear of the unknown embrace her now and make her pull away and put a stop to this. Linsey's gentle touch as she stroked her fingers through Jody's hair calmed her nerves considerably as did Linsey's adoring smile. Which Jody knew by now was only meant for her.

"I think I feel the same way as you do" Linsey said simply and before Jody could fully enjoy the level of excitement that comes with such an announcement she felt Linsey's soft lips on hers. Moving in a slow and steady rhythm, one that Jody loved so much she almost craved it. It felt so good to kiss Linsey, better than even Kayla. Both enjoyed a long soft slow kiss before a loud rumbling outside made them jump apart. Jody groaned in frustration as she slid off of Linsey's body. Getting to the window of the bedroom they could see the reason for the disturbance. Miss Hadaway's dog, 'Roughus' had just bulldozed about 5 of the metal garbage bins in the backyard. Jody sighing happily as Linsey hugged her from behind and kissed her cheek softly. Turning her head and looking at Linsey for a moment with a sweet smile, Jody felt her heart beat faster as she returned the kiss to the girls cheek quickly as she asked in a low voice, "Just can't keep your hands off me huh?"

"Jody Watkins, if you really knew how much I think about that you'd never wanna see me again" Linsey said as Jody blushed. "I just love the fact that we both used to be straight and now..."

"We can't get enough of each other?" Jody asked as Linsey raised her eyebrows and made Jody blush. "I sorta do the same thing."

"Well, my one and only, no time like the present" Linsey said as she had Jody turn in her arms and cupping her fingers under Jody's chin and drawing their lips together in a french kiss. Jody putting her hands on Linsey's cheeks as she worked her tongue against Linsey's slowly and couldn't believe how good it felt as Linsey wrapped her arms tighter and seemed to be content to stay here all day, Jody thought. A long moment passed as they enjoyed each other and smiled as they parted. Looking back out the window it suddenly gave both Linsey and Jody a really dirty idea. "Why don't we start enjoying the outdoors right now?"

"What do you mean?" Jody asked as she looked out the window and wondered if Linsey was serious and certainly didn't think she could go through with it, even if Linsey was. It'd be weird enough doing it outdoors with Kayla but that would after all be out in the country not in full view of a bunch of nosey neighbors or well in somewhat full view. "Picnic table, two horny girls who can't keep their hands off each other...MMMMMM so much fun to be had."

"But that picnic table is in the Hadaway's yard, not ours" Jody said as a thrill like none she had ever known ran through her. "Ohmigod that's insane Linsey."

"Why? Your Mom is gone with the old crank next door selling avon, they won't be back anytime soon and Troy is..."

"Playing Basketball at the courts on Lakeland street" Jody said as she could barely contain her excitement now. "He'll be gone for hours."

"And that poor neglected picnic table is just sitting there all alone, no one to use it" Linsey said with a lingering kiss to Jody's cheek. "I think we should put it to use."

"I have to admit I really do like that idea" Jody said as Linsey flashed her best 'evil' smile and pulled Jody along as they made their way out of Jody's room and soon found themselves standing on Jody's back porch. Jody made her plans as she spied the tall security fence surrounding the Hadaway's back yard and the picnic table that sat just to the north of the well used basketball goal. The table was a very expensive looking one with a padded top that would easily hold two, maybe three if needed, people of a small weight, Jody figured. Feeling impulsive she leaned in and kissed Linsey full on the lips and watched her smile as they parted. "So you really wanna do this when there's nothing in it for us?"

"Is that all you ever think about? Money for sex?" Jody snapped, "You never get anything from me and we fuck like rabbits in the forest."

"Cause you're special" Linsey as Jody felt her heart beat a little faster. "I never wanted anything from you and I still don't. You know that now right?"

"Yeh" Jody said as she smiled and kissed her softly. "Sooo how do we do this? Like just take off our shorts and leave every thing else on?"

"Nope" Linsey said with a devilish smile. "I want you naked and I mean naked."

"Holy shit" Jody said as that announcement brought another rush of excitement with it. "But if we get caught..."

"They're gonna kill us no matter what we're wearing" Linsey said as she took Jody's hand and pulled her along to the fence and soon to the other side as Jody wondered if this is what it felt like to know the girl you're into is a fruit loop. Jody giggled to herself and froze as she spotted Ms. Hadaway's car pulling into the driveway out front. "Fuck!"

"Yeh I know" Jody said as she took Linsey's hand and led her back to the Watkins side of the fence. Looking to make sure no one was watching as she pulled Linsey back into her arms and boldly kissed her again. "Is it OK if we just spend some time together?"

"Of course" Linsey said with a smile as she kissed Jody softly and both grinned as they soon got lost in the soothing sensations of the french kiss, their tongues slowly massaging against the others and their lips in a slow steady rhythm so perfect neither wanted it to end. A few crunching gravels and a loud horrified gasp later and both Jody and Linsey knew they'd been seen as they jumped apart and looked to see Barbara, in total shock, and gawking at what she had just seen. "Oh no, ummmmmmmm, hi Ms. Watkins."

"I knew it, you're no good little whore" Barbara snapped as she zeroed in on Linsey, "You act so nice but I knew you two were up to something."

"Mom, no, seriously, we just like each other, she's not up to anything" Jody said in a calm voice as she took Linsey's hand. "That's no so bad right?"

"Oh my god my daughter's a faggot now" Barbara said as she glared at both of the girls, then marching forward as she dropped her bag and to Jody's shock she grabbed Linsey by the hair with both hands. "You did this you little whore, you made my daughter this way with your stealing and lies, I'm gonna show you that I don't appreciate that."

"Stop you're gonna hurt her" Jody said as she tried to pull a now crying Linsey away from her enraged mother but being met by a stiff back hand to the side of her face. Landing hard on the concrete and feeling a pain shooting through her face and back as she watched Barbara drag Linsey inside the house by the hair of the head. "STOP! PLEASE!"

Jody scrambled to her feet, having to stop for a moment as pain brought her back to her knees and then moving to the back door as tears streamed down her face. She opened it just as Barbara smacked Linsey violently and sent the terrified girl to the floor in a heap. Jody stepped inside the door and watching her mother pull Linsey back to her feet and do it again, Linsey crying now as she covered up on the floor. Spotting Jody out of the corner of her eye and to Jody's shock, she begged for help. "PLEASE HELP ME I LOVE YOU SHE'S GONNA KILL ME."

"YOU DO NOT LOVE HER YOU FAGGOT" Barbara said with a violent smack across the arms that covered Linsey's face. Jody knew the only way she could stop it was to bring the attention to herself, so with rage over coming her pain she picked up the cookie jar on the counter and sent it flying into the wall on the other side of the kitchen. The crashing sound drawing Barbara's attention. Her cold hate filled eyes now locking on her daughter. "You, what did you do just break. My prized cookie jar, get upstairs you little fag. I'm gonna teach you a lesson when I'm done with this one."

"TEACH ME A LESSON NOW" Jody screamed as Linsey tried to crawl away when Barbara grabbed her hair and held her in place as she rose. "I LOVE HER TOO. LET HER GO OR YOU'RE GONNA DIE TRYING TO HURT HER."

"You really love me?" Linsey asked as she started to struggle against Barbara the best she could. Prompting Barbara to begin shaking Linsey by the head as Jody lost it and charged.

"STOP HURTING HER" Jody screamed as she sent her body airborne into Barbara, her head crashing into Barbara's chin. Jody crashing to the floor as did her mother and Linsey. Pain flooding her body as she watched Linsey cry as she crawled away and to Jody's surprise she came over to her and covered Jody's body with her own. Both looked to see Barbara barely moving from the shot she had taken to the chin. Jody pushed Linsey off and begged her as she said, "Get up let's go before she can get up, please?"

"Yeh, yeh I think I'm OK are you?" Linsey asked as she scrambled to her feet and helped Jody up. Linsey smiling as she saw Jody was OK, kissing her softly as Barbara recovered some of her senses and looked up to see the display of affection. "I love you Jody Watkins."

"I love you too" Jody said as she spotted her mother setting up. Pulling Linsey behind her to protect the girl almost, she moved back to her mother's side and waited for Barbara to look up. "YOU GONNA HURT ME NOW? HUH? YOU'RE NOT FUCKIN GONNA HURT ANYONE AGAIN."

"I WILL KILL YOUR LITTLE FAGGOT ASS BEFORE YOU EVER DO THAT AGAIN" Barbara said as Jody flipped her off and then delivered a kick, the bottom of her foot slamming into her mother's shoulder. Barbara crashing back to the floor as Jody stomped her now on the stomach once and again as screams for mercy filled the room. A loud siren sounding in the background as Jody froze after she had delivered another shot to her mother's stomach. Linsey pulling Jody away as the siren came closer. "Oh god you broke my ribs you faggot. Thank god the police are coming."

"I HATE YOU" Jody screamed as she stomped her mother in the face as hard as she could and suddenly watched her go limp on the floor. Jody's mind reeling at the thought of her potentially having killed her own mother. But just then Barbara coughed and shook in pain and Jody knew she was dazed or maybe knocked out. Thinking how this was gonna look if the cops saw the current predicament, she pushed past Linsey and picked up a butcher knife from the counter. She prayed her plan would work as she put the razor sharp blade to her arm and pressed down and screaming as blood started to pour down her arm. Linsey watching in horror as Jody turned to her. "Give me your hand."

"Stop why are you hurting yourself?" Linsey asked as Jody grabbed her hand and did the same to Linsey's hand as blood began to pour and Linsey screamed and gave her a horrified look. "OWWWWWWWWWWW WHAT WAS THAT FOR?"

"Because I love you and you are not going to jail and neither am I" Jody said as she moved back to her mother's side as a police car stopped with skidding tires outside of the house. Jody clutched her mother's nearly lifeless hand into the knife and crawled away as she crashed to the floor and screaming in agony. Linsey's mind came online as she finally figured out what was going on and she ran to Jody's side and covered Jody's body with her own as if both were scared for their life. Just then an officer came charging into the house and looked on horrified at the carnage. Jody playing her part perfectly as she looked up and to her surprise saw Officer Muldoon, "Please stop her she's trying to kill us."

"Oh my lord in heaven" Officer Muldoon said as he slowly approached a now lifeless Barbara's body. A second officer, an Officer Strickland coming in too through the back door as Officer Muldoon checked Barbara's pulse. Officer Strickland checking on Jody and Linsey and not believing his own eyes when Barbara suddenly sprung from the floor and no doubt thinking she was attacking one of the girls drove the knife into Officer Muldoon's arm viciously. An earth shattering cry filled the room as Officer Muldoon fell to the floor with the blade still in his arm. Officer Strickland rushed to the defense of his partner as Jody and Linsey scrambled to their feet and ran for the door as a psychotically enraged Barbara pulled the knife out of Officer Muldoon's arm and turned on the other officer before he could stop her. Linsey grabbing a few of the dish towels laying on the counter as she pulled Jody out of the door and towards the fence and their exit to safety. Jody stopping along the way to wrap her arm in the towel and Linsey doing the same to her hand as a blood curdling scream filled the air. Sirens again sounding off in the distance as more cops were apparently on their way.

"She's gonna kill both of them and come after us" Jody said in a panic as she started back towards the house. "Let me go."

"NOOOOOOO" Linsey screamed as she clutched onto Jody from behind and hugged her to stop her as another blood curdling scream could be heard. A male voice it sounded like to Jody. Barbara appeared at the back door and starred down the two panic stricken teenagers only a few feet away, the knife in her hand now dripping with blood. A loud tire screech going undetected by anyone at that moment. "Come on let's go she's fuckin lost it...please Jody come on."

"No, maybe I can talk to her, she might listen..." Jody said as she struggled against Linsey's pull and watched Barbara come out of the door staggering. Coming towards them now as she spat, "I'll fuckin kill you before you grow up to be a faggot."

"FREEZE!" Another voice screamed as he arrived and froze Barbara in place and boldly stepped in front of the girls. Pushing them to safety behind him for the moment. "OK, Ma'am it's not worth hurting someone over, my names Officer Calhoun and I'm here to help."

"You either move or I'll do you the same way I did those two other fat pigs" She spat as she came forward and Officer Calhoun blocked her attempt to stab him as Jody and Linsey watched from in back of the police car now. Barbara finding herself over powered decided to go for the officers gun as a struggle ensued, Barbara screaming manically as she struggled against the officers grip. A horrible, bone chilling sound ringing out, a single gun shot sounded as Barbara's eyes went wide with shock and she slowly slumped to the ground, now lifeless.

"Oh my god..." Jody said as she hugged Linsey and both began to cry in sobs.