Bad Girl - Episode 8 "Kissing Girls"

Written by: CJ Ames (



"I'm Ms Loly Purdue and I'm with the Social Services" The Kindly older lady said. "You are going to be just fine."

"OK" Jody said as she laid her head on Linsey's shoulder as they sat on the bench outside of the Captain's office.

"Can I please ask a question?" Linsey asked.


"My Mom is a social worker too and do you think Jody could stay with us for a few nights until you guys can find some other place for her?"

"What's your mother's name?"

"Maria Panettiere" Linsey said softly as she looked up and saw her mom running down the long corridor towards them. "That's her."

"My baby are you OK?" Maria asked as she met Linsey with a hug.

"I'm fine" Linsey said as Jody looked to be about to cry in that moment. "No, Jody stop, don't cry please?"

"I don't have a mother anymore" Jody said as she fought back tears.

"She hated you, you are not gonna let her win by hurting yourself"

"Linsey honey let her grief" Maria said gently.

"That psycho bitch tried to kill me and her because she caught us kissing" Linsey said as she stood and suddenly saw Jody's body move in front of hers. Linsey hugging her from behind as Jody nervously eyed Maria, "It's OK Jody, Mom's OK with it, she's not gonna hurt me...right?"

"Of course not honey, no one is gonna hurt you sweetheart" Maria said as she touched Jody's cheek and to Jody's shocked kissed her forehead. Jody relaxed as Loly injected herself into the conversation by saying, "Ms. Panettiere, nice to see you again, I assume you can handle this situation?"

"Yeh I'll explain to the Captain that Jody will be staying with me for the night" Maria said as Linsey squeezed Jody tighter in her arms. "Lords knows how impossible it would be to find her another place this late."

"This is so very true, you may very well be in charge of this young lady for an extended period" Loly warned. "You do know how the system is severely backed up right now?"

"I'm sure I can manage, if my Linsey is so crazy about this girl then she can't be all bad" Maria said softly as Loly smiled and walked off to the ringing of her cell phone. Jody smiling as she impulsively hugged the woman she barely knew and felt for the first time in months, someone hug her back. "It's OK honey no one can get to you anymore."

3 hours later...

"That dinner was sooo good Ms. Panettiere" Jody said as she got up from the table. "You're a really good cook."

"Well since I'm a good cook, help me with the dishes?" Maria asked as Jody stood there for a moment and thought. Realizing this was probably the first time in her life when someone had actually asked her to do something instead of demanding it. "Hello? Jody?"


"You don't have to act like you didn't hear me" Maria said. "You've been through a lot today why don't you go and spend some time with Linsey before bed."

"Yeh I'll show you my XBOX" Linsey said.

"No I don't mind helping with the dishes" Jody said softly. For the first time Jody found herself enjoying the company of an adult, mostly because she felt she was being treated as an equal and not as a slave or worse. The dishes were finished in no time and after a few quick games of some mindless game on Xbox with Linsey, Jody was glad to crawl into bed for some rest, even it was on the Panettiere sofa. Rest didn't come easy as the quiet loomed in the room and when it finally did come, an all too real dream brought Jody out of her slumber with a scream and a cold sweat covering her body. She curled up into the corner of the couch and shook from the images of her dream and prayed that daylight would come soon. Softly beginning to cry as a loud creaking from the steps made her heart nearly jump out of her chest. Not hearing the foot steps and praying that the quiet would return.

"Jody?" A Voice asked from the darkness as Jody's head shot up. "You OK? I heard you scream?"

"Thank god" Jody said as she practically jumped off the couch and into Linsey's waiting arms. "I had a nightmare and it scared me half to death."

"Just a nightmare" Linsey said calmly. "SHHHHHH, calm down, want me to spend the night with you?"

"I dunno" Jody said as Linsey grinned and kissed her.

"Now you tell me Jody Watkins, you want me to or not?" Linsey asked as Jody smiled and hugged her. "So leave huh?"

"You do and I'll cry" Jody said as Linsey grinned and kissed her softly. "Your mom won't be mad if you stay?"

"If she knew you were scared, no" Linsey said as she took Jody's hand and pulled her along back to the couch and sitting down, and much like the first night they had met at Kayla's place, Linsey guided Jody down between her thighs. Jody grinning as she leaned back against the girls chest and felt Linsey wrap her arms around her. "Cuddle slut."

"From now on I'm just gonna be your slut, is that OK?" Jody asked with a devilish grin on her face. Giggling when Linsey kissed her cheek and squeezed her tighter in her arms. "I am in love with you."

"I know, so cool too" Linsey said. "I am so crazy about you Jody Watkins. I'd give my life for you."

"Me too, I'd have killed her myself to protect you" Jody said as Linsey nodded. "It's true. She hated me for as long as I could remember, always making me do shit and just...I dunno. I think she hated me."

"And now she can't hurt you anymore" Linsey said, "You're stuck with us crazy ass Panettiere's Jody, you're in worse shape than you were before."

"Shut up, no I'm not" Jody said as Linsey giggled. "Think Kayla will be mad about us?"

"Fuck her if she is" Linsey said flatly. "I told her on the phone a few days ago that I liked you, a lot, and she didn't respond. She didn't much like it I don't guess."

"I don't wanna hurt her, she's really my only other friend" Jody said.

"And she's my friend too, but this is new and I'm not gonna let her hurt me and you" Linsey said. "Deal with it or I'll beat you up."

"Oh yeah like you could" Jody said as she smiled and felt alive for the first time, maybe in her whole life.  

*  *  *

The next three or four weeks featured an endless array of interviews and court hearings that made Jody wish it would all end but she always fell back on the one person in her life that she was coming to depend on, Linsey. After much discussion and a private interview with Jody, Judge Callahan determined that Jody would remain with the Panettiere family for the time being. A decision that sent Jody and Linsey into a fit of giddiness that wouldn't end anytime soon.

"Welcome home Jody" Maria said as she pulled up in front of the house that Jody had come to adore. Jody simply smiled as she got out of the car from the passengers side door and was met by an equally happy Linsey with a long soft kiss that made her knees weak. The slamming of a screen door making them jump apart and look around nervously. Seeing then that the slamming screen door was Maria taking in the groceries, well most of them. Jody breathing a sigh of relief as she saw a Uhaul truck coming down the street towards them and pulling up the driveway of the house next door. The last bag of groceries still sitting in the backseat catching Jody's attention next.

"Hey, your Mom left the ice cream in the car" Jody said as she opened the door and dragged the bag out.

"So she'll come get it, I wonder who the new neighbor is?" Linsey asked as she eyeballed an older man who just got out of the front of the Uhaul and circling around the back to open it up. "Let's go say hi."

"I'll take this inside right fast then we will OK?" Jody asked as she picked the bag up and walked towards the back door of the house. Linsey asking,

"Because it might melt and I like ice cream OK?" Jody said without a glance backwards as she marched into the house. "Ms. Panettiere, you forgot the ice cream."

"Well good lord, aren't you a life saver" Maria said as she smiled at Jody. "Put it away for me, the deep freeze is in the pantry?"

"Sure" Jody said with numbness washing over her. Thinking to herself how she'd never once in her life been called a life saver by her Mother or virtually anyone else. The smile on her face was truly one of a genuine variety. "UMMMMMM anything else I can do?"

"Nope, but dinner will be ready in an hour or so" Maria said. "You and Linsey don't go far OK?

"Oh no" Maria said as she looked over Jody's shoulder and out the window above the sink and sighed. Seeing Linsey across the yard at the neighbors house talking to what Maria thought must be the new neighbor. "That nosey daughter of mine is already pestering the new neighbors."

"Want me to go drag her home?" Jody asked with a shit eating grin.

"No I don't little miss suck-up" Maria said with a smirk of her own.

"I wasn't sucking up, just trying to help..."

"Jody Watkins you are trying to hard, you need to be a kid first" Maria said as she moved closer and touched the girls face. "Don't try so hard to be the perfect daughter cause you're not, just be the girl that Lins is so crazy about. I like that girl too."

"But what if I do something stupid?" Jody asked. "I like it here and I don't wanna make you hate me..."

"I'm not gonna hate you" Maria said as she hugged Jody. "But when you do something stupid you'll be grounded, but I won't hit you or be mean to you."

"Cool" Jody said with a smile as she hugged Maria back.

"Now due me a favor and go drag my daughter home before she gets pregnant"

"Funny" Jody said as Maria laughed. "Maybe we'll both get preggo, would that be stupid enough for you?"

"Go!" Maria said as she stomped her foot and sent a giggling Jody running out of the kitchen and down the steps. Circling around the end of the fence and walking down the road a few feet and meeting Linsey at the back as she watched the man Linsey was eyeballing load a bunch of stuff on a dolly inside the Uhaul. Linsey looking back and smiling as she saw Jody.

"What's got you so happy, did Mom give you money?" Linsey asked.

"Noooo" Jody said as she laughed. "Your Mom's just really cool is all. Who's your friend?"

"Bill Armstrong from Scranton, Pennsylvania" Linsey informed Jody and leaning into her and whispering in her ear. "He's got a big one too."

"Is that all you ever think about?" Jody asked as Linsey simply nodded her head.

"Me too pretty much" Jody said as both girls giggled. Bill rolling the loaded down Dolly from the back of the Uhaul down the ramp as he smiled at the two girls. "Hi."

"Hi yourself" Bill said as he stopped the dolly in front of the two girls.

"This is my best friend Jody" Linsey said. "Jody this is Bill."

"Is this the girlfriend you referred to earlier?" Bill asked with obvious interest. Jody being taken aback by Linsey's revealing of their 'secret' to such a stranger.

"Yep, she's pretty huh?" Linsey asked as she moved in front of Jody and purposely wrapped herself in Jody's arms and gave Bill a knowing look. One that was not lost on the older man. He began to wonder if all her earlier questions were just idle teeny bopper flirting or if it was suggestive of some other activities she might be interested in. Which wouldn't be something that Bill would turn down considering the way the two girls before him looked, perky titties, cute little asses and great legs. On top of that was the fact that they appeared to be very much interested in each other.

"She's very pretty" Bill said with a charming smile that was not lost on Jody. "So you two are dating?"

"Yeh, I just moved in with her family" Jody said.

"Cozy set-up" Bill said in a very suggestive voice. "Plenty of time for being alone I bet."

"You know it Billy" Linsey said. "You're OK with us kissing and stuff in front of you right?"

"Well of course" Bill said with a huge hard-on forming in his pants at the very thought of that happening. "I have no problem with that, loving displays of attention are always good."

"Need some help?" Linsey asked as she pointed to the boxes in the back of the Uhaul. "We don't mind, right lover?"

"Course not" Jody said as she squeezed Linsey tighter and both smiled at Bill knowingly. Noticing his now fully formed hard-on. Bill finally got his brain to come back online and wheeled the loaded down Dolly up the driveway and into the house as Jody and Linsey pulled boxes from the back of the truck and took them in as well. Bill watching their cute little asses closely as they did this time after time. Linsey realizing after a couple of trips that he was indeed watching them closely. Passing Bill once more on her way to the kitchen and with him on his way back down the driveway, she stopped to adjust her shoe and watched him in the glass in the screen door and smiled as she saw him adjust his cock. Reaching the kitchen and seeing Jody organizing Bill's fridge she joined her. "Hey."

"MMMMMMM" Linsey cooed as she kissed Jody on the lips and smiled at her as they touched foreheads. "You having fun?"

"I am now" Jody said as she kissed Linsey again. "MMMMMMMM."

"You feel like doing something? No pressure" Linsey whispered as she kissed Jody a little bit longer as their lips moved against one anothers softly for a long moment.

"Been almost a month" Jody said. "I could be talked into it."

"What about Bill, you like?" Linsey asked. "He's hung."

"I know, but I like you more" Jody said.

"Duh" Linsey said as she kissed her. "Just thinking maybe we could do something with him."

"Why?" Jody asked.

"He's hung" Linsey said. "Oh come on, you telling me you so in love with pussy you don't want cock now?"

"No, but I'm in love with you" Jody said softly.

"MMMMMMM god you make me hot" Linsey said as she kissed Jody. "I love you too. But I'm still horny. About to lose to my mind horny. You?"

"OK, fine I'll do it if you want too" Jody said as Linsey groaned. "What?"

"You're a bigger slut that I am and this innocent girl act is stupid" Linsey said pointedly. "So let's get us some while the getting is good, here he comes."

"Slut" Jody giggled as Linsey pulled her to her feet and kissed her softly on the lips and willed Jody to kiss her back. Which Jody did just as Bill came back into the house and was shocked at what he saw. The two of them kissing softly by the fridge.

"Holy shit" Bill said as he set the dolly aside. "AHEM."

"Oh hey Bill" Linsey said as if she wasn't expecting him to walk in on her and Jody. "This is ok?"

"Yeh it's fine" Bill said. "Just didn't know you meant like that. Looked pretty intense."

"What you saying we're too young to kiss like that?" Linsey asked. "Cause I'll have you know Mister that we've done lots of stuff other than kissing."

"You have?" Bill asked and praying that she would elbaborate on that last claim as he took a seat at the table. "Are we know?"

"Lesbian sex" Linsey said as Jody giggled.

"God you have a big mouth" Jody said. "I'm surprised you waited this long to tell him."

"Huh?" Linsey asked in confusion as she turned around and looked at Jody.

"Why not just invite him to join us?" Jody asked as Bill's cock stiffened to the point of throbbing at the mention of that. Linsey catching on a moment later as she glanced to Bill and asked innocently, "Are we out of line for talking like this?"

" all" Bill stammered.

"Cause we like guys too but no one will do it with us cause they think it's disgusting cause we like each other" Linsey said. "But we both wanna know what it's like to be with a man, a real man."

"Well I'm a man" Bill said as Jody and Linsey slowly came over to where he was sitting. One moving to either side of him as he smiled up at them and his cock stiffened even more. "So you guys like licking each others pussy?"

"MMMMMMMMMMMM we do" Linsey said as her and Jody dropped to their knees on either side of Bill in the chair. "And Jody's pussy taste good...ummmm is it ok if I talk like that?"

"Why sure baby" Bill said encouragingly as he smiled at Linsey. "You love her pussy?"

"MMMMMMMM she's so sweet" Linsey said as she moved her hand to Bill's cock, "Can I see it? I never seen a real one before."

"Yeh can we?" Jody asked in the same 'innocent' voice that Linsey was perfecting. Bill smiled at one and then the other as he lifted up a bit and slid his pants down and let his cock pop free. Linsey and Jody's mouth dropping open as they saw his huge cock now standing at attention, both of them thinking it must be 8 inches at least. Bill gently taking Linsey's hand and guiding it to his cock as he smiled at her. One she gladly returned. Jody moving her hand to Bill's balls as Linsey began to stroke it slowly. "MMMMMMMMM this is gonna be so much fun..."