Bad Girl - Episode 9 "Snow Balling"

Written by: CJ Ames (



Definition of Snowballing or Sno Ballin: means to pass cum between the mouths of two or more people. As the cum is passed on, it mixes with saliva and the amount of fluid becomes larger - it snowballs.

"MMMMMMMM" Bill moaned as he got his cock stroked up and down by Linsey. "It sure is gonna be fun."

"MMMM HMMMMMMM" Jody said as she ran her fingers up Bill's arm and let him move his hand down to her hot little ass. Bill squeezing the little girls cheeks in his hand as his cock throbbed in Linsey's hand and he moaned.

"Does it stay hard after you get off the first time?" Linsey asked as she glanced down as she stroked his cock faster and faster in long smooth strokes.

"I'd say so, especially with girls as sexy as you two I'd never go soft" Bill said in a moan as he moved his other hand to Linsey's cute little ass and now squeezed both of the girls asses at once.

"You ever had a threesome before Bill?" Jody asked before Linsey could. Making Linsey think they had been spending a lot of time together and now she was beginning to rub off on this girl or the other way around cause they sure were thinking a like.

"MMMMMMMM yes I have Jody, several times but never with girls as hot as you two" Bill moaned as he squeezed their ass cheeks a bit more firmly now. "God you two are so hot."

"I heard that every guys dream is to have two girls and I kinda feel left out cause me and Jody have never gotten to do one" Linsey lied as she shot Jody a lust filled look.

"No time like the present" Bill moaned as Linsey pumped his cock harder and faster.

"What about butt fucking Bill you like that too or no?"

"MMMMMMMMM yes I do, I love that as a matter of fact, and I'm really good at it too" Bill moaned. "Both of you sexy babies wanna try that?"

"Uh huh we heard it feels so good to do and me and Linsey really like to feel good" Jody said in her most innocent voice. "Does it feel good?"

"MMMMMM I bet it does" Linsey moaned as she moved a bit closer and to Bill's shock and thrill, licked at his cock head.

"MMMMMMMMM yes it does feel good Jody, nothing feels better than that" Bill moaned as he slipped his hand into Linsey's hair and gently guided her lips down to his cock. She began to suck it softly with her incredibly soft lips. Suddenly Bill moaned loudly as his cock head got engulfed by this girls lips and he gently guided her head up and down for the time being. Even going so far as to let Jody pull his pants down and toss them side. He moaned intensely as Jody circled around to the front and got behind Linsey as her head bobbed furiously up and down now as she went faster and faster. "Yeh suck my fuckin cock...oh GOD YESSSS! MMMMMMMM feelin so good, Jody you wanna hear my idea sweetheart?"

"Uh huh, I bet it's gonna be so much fun huh?" Jody asked.

"MMMMMMMMMM yeh, you and Linsey 69 for me while I butt fuck you" Bill moaned as his hand clutched to a fist in Linsey's hair as he pulled her off a moment later. Linsey smiled for a second and looked over at her friend and to Bill's absolute delight they started to kiss softly on the lips. Bill cupping his hands behind both of their heads and moaned as Linsey stroked his cock and he watched them separate and Jody clear the hair out of her eyes and tuck it behind her ear as she started to suck his cock then. Bill couldn't believe his incredible luck at that moment as these two young girls took turns sucking his cock.

"MMMMMHMMMMMMMMM good girl" Linsey moaned as she looked up at Bill and asked in a moan of her own, "You think you could handle butt fucking both us while we 69?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM that's gonna be so hard but I'm gonna do it because you two are so sweet" Bill moaned as he felt his cum start to rise slowly. "Oh god yesss you wanna be butt fucked baby?"

"MMMMMM HMMMMMMMMMMM by a real cock" Linsey said with a smile as Jody's head bobbed furiously now and she sucked at an increasing pace. Bill clutched his hand to a fist in her hair and moaned louder as he began to stiffen up and Linsey had to stop Jody from sucking him off. Pressing her lips to Jody's for a long moment as Bill's fuck stick twitched in the air and throbbed like it never had before. He slid his cock gently back between their mouths as Jody smiled and let her friend take Bill deep in her mouth and she start to suck him hard. Bill laid his head back and clutched at Linsey's hair as his cum came rocketing out of his cock and squirted in big gooey blasts all across Linsey's loving mouth as she continued to suck and drain his cock of it's yummy cum. Jody lifted her shirt over her head and laid it aside on the carpet as she helped Bill out of his shirt while Linsey finished him off and finally dropped his cock. She turned to kiss a now topless Jody as they shared Bill's cum in a french kiss and as Bill watched in amazement they began to strip each other naked right there in the kitchen. Bill took of his underwear and dropped it on the pile of clothes to the side of the threesome as he put a hand in the small of each of their backs and guided them to the middle of the floor as he slipped to his knees. His cock rising again to become as hard as a rock.

"Whoa" Linsey said as she looked over her shoulder and saw Bill's cock had hardened again, "MMMMMMMM can't keep you down can we?"

"You sure can't" Bill said as Linsey giggled and watched Jody slide down the floor backwards as they started to kiss and Linsey got on her knees and traded tongues with Jody for a long moment. Bill watched as he rubbed his cock on Linsey's ass cheeks and gripped his hands on her waist and waited for them to separate. Which they did moments later and Jody laid back lengthwise along the carpet just the way Bill had suggested earlier. Linsey looked back at Bill and said in a sexy tone, "You sure you wanna do this? We might get caught? You think it'll be worth butt fucking both of our tight little ass holes?"

"MMMMMMMM and then getting your cum sucked out after...twice..." Jody said as Bill's jaw dropped a little and they giggled as he started stroking his cock hard and offered no reply but a gentle push to Linsey as she had Jody scoot down a little more so she could get on top of her. Linsey got on top of her 'friend' in a 69 and settled in as Bill slipped in behind Linsey and watched Jody start to lick her friends pussy up and down as he stroked his fuck stick, only slower now. Linsey giggled as she watched Bill and moaned a little at the same time as she then turned and lowered her own head and begin to return the favor. Both moaning loudly after a couple of seconds as they softly licked up and down each others sweet pussy as Bill watched in amazement at what he was about to do. "MMMMMMMMMM give it to me Bill I can't take it in my little asshole."

"MMMMMMMM yeh I bet you can baby" Bill moaned as he lined his cock up carefully with Linsey's asshole. Holding it steady with one hand as he fed it through his fingers and slid inside her asshole. Both he and Linsey moaned out loud as Jody looked up with a smile and watched Bill's cock glide in and out slowly. Linsey clutched her fingers into the soft skin of Jody's bare thighs and moaned with a smile as she felt the throbbing hardening cock slide into her asshole and grinded her pussy on her friends face below her. She wanted to scream as the excitement of doing all this with a man they just met became reality. Bill reached his hand forward and gripped his fingers into Linsey's neck and encouraged her to lick Jody's pussy while he butt fucked her and she did. Beginning to lick away at Jody's pussy lips slowly as the sensations of the sandwich made her squirm and moan louder and louder. While Jody below her was now swirling her tongue around Linsey's engorged little clitty and soon began to suck firmly on the little nubbin as she also watched Bill's cock go non-stop in and out of her friends tight little asshole. "Oh god fuck that ass is tight."

"MMMMMMMMMMMM yeh I really like butt fucking with your cock, it's so big and feels so good up my asshole" Linsey moaned as Bill sunk all the way in now time and started pounding on the young girls asshole below him. Loving the sight of watching her lick another girls pussy while he butt fucked her. He pulled all the way out till his cock head was pulling at Linsey's asshole ring and then plunged back in and followed each thrust with a moan of pleasure. Watching the incredible sight below him as he built a good rhythm in Linsey's asshole but felt his cock beginning to really throb and knew his cum was rising. Linsey began squealing in pure delight as the sensations of having a real cock in her asshole while Jody below her circled her lips around Linsey's clit and started to suck even harder on it. Bill began pounding furiously on her asshole as Linsey grunted and found Jody's clit was now between her lips and she sucked it hard as all three moaned as one in the sandwich. "MMMMMMMMM pounding my butt fuck hole and making me feel so good."

"MMMMMMM I know baby it's making my cock feel so good too" Bill moaned as did Jody and Linsey. The girls both sucking on each others clits harder and harder as Bill clutched his fingers into Linsey's neck and fucked harder and harder. Jody moaned below her intensely as her pussy got near it's explosion point and she once again looked up to see Bill's cock pistoning in and out of Linsey's asshole. Seconds later Linsey began squealing as Bill finally succeeded in butt fucking her to a massive, mind numbing orgasm. Linsey smiled as she let go and felt her orgasm take over too and it felt so much harder than normal as the reality of what had just happened and where it had happened at set in. Jody, cumming also, suddenly felt a large squirt of cum hit her right in the mouth and soon followed by another as Linsey squirted her yummy girl cum as she grunted and moaned loudly and sucked out all of Jody's cum as the girls now moaned together. Both settling down as both heard Bill moan intensely and pull out of Linsey's asshole as Jody suddenly felt Linsey rise off of her and turn around to face Bill.

"Oh yeah just like you said Linsey suck it out" Bill moaned as Linsey had taken his cock back in her mouth and was sucking him right on the head. It only took a couple of seconds before his cum began squirting into Linsey's waiting mouth and as Jody watched in amazement, Bill moaned out loud in pleasure. "MMMMMMMMM fuck that's some yummy stuff huh little girl?"

"MMMMMMMMMMM yeh it is, I love that yummy stuff" Linsey said with a smile and showing Bill his cum in her mouth as she pulled off his cock and stroked it fast up and down.

"You like sucking my cum out after I butt fucked you?" Bill asked as Jody sat up and Linsey grinned.

"MMMMMMMMMM I sure do, does that make me a bad girl?" Linsey asked as she sucked on Bill's cock a little bit more. Drawing her jaws in and sucking hard right on the head as her answer. Bill moaned to her, "MMMMMMMM god yesss, but you're so good at it."

Bill pulled his cock away from Linsey a moment later and looked to Jody as she opened her mouth invitingly and let him slide the head inside as she started to suck. Moaning out loud as he watched Jody and felt Linsey rub his balls softly. "Oh god, Jody you ready now?"

"MMMMMMMMMM HMMMMMMMM" Jody said as she dropped Bill's hardened cock and moved over and let Linsey lay down and get over her in a 69. Linsey smiled as she looked up at her friend's pussy and started to lick it softly as Bill watched. Wanting to watch that beautiful scene longer, but dying to get his cock inside Jody's inviting little asshole as he slid closer and she looked back and smiled. Lining his cock up and sliding it into her asshole with a loud moan as Jody opened her mouth in surprise at the feeling of being stuffed full and having Linsey work her clit. "MMMMMMMMMM god that's soo good."

"Does my big cock feel good Jody?" Bill moaned as Linsey licked Jody's little clitty lightly as she looked up and saw her friends asshole being filled by the same cock she'd just had hers fucked by.

"Oh yeah, MMMMMMMMMMMM soooo goood" Jody moaned as Bill filled her asshole full of his cock now and leaned forward over her back and started stroking it deeply in and out as he moaned and pounded her ass now faster and faster as she squealed in pleasure. Linsey had now wrapped her soft warm lips around Jody's exposed clit and started to suck hard as Jody moaned intensely and looked up at Bill as her body shook in pleasure.

"What you think you're not gonna lick pussy while I'm butt fucking your sweet ass?" Bill moaned as Jody smiled and lowered her head and made her best attempt to lick Linsey's pussy. Sweeping her hair out of her eyes so Bill could watch as she closed her lips around Linsey's clit and felt the girl jerk under her as both sucked each other now hard. "MMMMMMMMMM yeah that's so hot. Lick it good Jody."

"MMMMMMMMMM god she's sucking me so good" Linsey moaned from below Jody as she now shook from the pleasure Jody was giving her as she went back to sucking hard on Jody's clit as she felt her body shake as well. Jody's moans were stifled as she sucked on Linsey's clit and her body couldn't take much more of the intense pleasure she was receiving, the throbbing of Bill's cock in her asshole was a sensation she'd never felt before and she loved it. She squealed time and again and squirmed on Linsey's lips as she sucked harder. Bill moaned with the other two now as his cum began to rise as his cock plunged in and out of Jody's tight little asshole faster and faster. Moaning out loud now as he pounded into Jody's asshole and watched her shake with each shot, and loving the site of watching Jody making Linsey jerk in delight as she sucked on her clit harder now. Plunging a few more times and moaning in pure pleasure as Jody succeeded in sucking Linsey to an orgasm. Linsey squealed as her body shook in the most wonderful pleasure of her life, her lips never leaving Jody's as both started to cum as one. Bill stroked a few more times as he felt his orgasm only a second away, as Jody settled down and sucked out Linsey's cum and making the girl shake a few more times as Bill pulled out of her ass and said, "OK here we go, come here little girl."

"Oh god yesss, it's so yummy out of his cock, suck it all out Jody" Linsey moaned as she stroked Jody's body as her friend rose from the 69 and turned to face Bill. Who held his cock steady as Jody crossed her legs back over Linsey's face and started to moan as Linsey licked her clit roughly again and again. Leaning forward Jody took his rock hard throbbin cock in her mouth and sucked hard as she put a hand Bill's balls and one on Linsey's head as she sucked on Bill's cock head.

"Oh, ohh god, suck my cum out little girl" Bill moaned as Jody's lips squeezed around his cock head and he felt cum rising quickly as she drew it up his cock slowly but surely. Jody moaned hard on Bill's throbbin fuck stick as she listened to his words in her ears and squeezed her thighs as Linsey licked her clitty roughly again and again in an endlessly wonderful rhythm. Bill groaned out loud as he got ready to have his cum sucked out for the third time. Moaning loudly he watched as she looked up at him just as his cum started to blast into her mouth. "OHHHHHHHH SO GOOD LITTLE GIRL, SUCK IT ALL OUT."

"MMMMMMMMMM" Jody moaned as she sucked him harder for more of the yummy stuff as he encouraged her. Another blast or two of yummy cum as she sucked and Bill moaned intensely and finally settled down. Jody's moaning softening as Linsey lightened up on her clit and licked softly and lovingly now as Jody's bobbing head slowed too and she pulled off and moved back to across Linsey's thighs. Bill watched in amazement as Linsey rose to her elbows and was met by Jody as the two shared a cum swapping 'snoball' with Bill's butt fuck cum now going back and forth between each others mouth. A soft tongue massaging french kiss lingered for another long moment.