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Bisexual love story. High school. Explicit sex.
Three high school seniors, two boys and a girl, come to realize that their relationship has progressed beyond "best friends." They risk loosing their friendship unless they are willing to discard some cultural beliefs and define common boundaries for their love.


I sat before my open window, the window across the way from that of my best friend Rudy, my best friend forever. The night sounds of the warm spring evening played their symphony: the crickets, the night birds, the wind through the big oak tree between our houses, the moans of passion from Rudy's open bedroom window. I died a little. Rudy's parents must be out of the house, because he was entertaining Gwen, again.

Rudy and Gwen. He had discovered her two years ago during our sophomore year. She was a pretty little thing with short brown hair and piercing green eyes that you couldn't ignore when she looked at you. She played in the high school band, like me. I played trumpet and she played clarinet. We both loved music. Besides that, playing in the band gave me another excuse to be near Rudy. He was the quarterback of the football team, and wherever the team played, the band did too.

Rudy and I had been close forever, seems like. We met in first grade. Even then he was a big kid: tall, strong, dark hair, big brown eyes and adorable face. That description hasn't changed. And, I was a runt: short, thin, blond hair, blue eyes. That hasn't changed either. Our first day of first grade, some schoolyard bully was tormenting me during recess. Rudy saw the tears streaming down my dirt-covered face and punched the guy out. He placed an arm around my shoulders and walked me over to a bench. I threw my arms around him and sobbed as he held me.

"Hey, what's your name kid?" he asked softly, wiping my face with his handkerchief.

"Mackey," I hiccuped between sobs.

"Well Mackey, you don't have to cry anymore, 'cause nobody's gonna ever hurt you again," he promised, squeezing my shoulder.

It was then that we discovered that he had moved next door to me the day before. We walked home from school that afternoon chattering like magpies and have been best friends ever since. We had some common interests, but not all. He liked sports and outdoor activities and I preferred reading and computer games. But, above all, we were best friends. We simply enjoyed each other's company, as confidants, sharing our thoughts and feelings. And, we were comfortable enough with each other to enjoy being close. On a lazy afternoon, we would lay together talking, me with my head in his lap or he with his head on my chest, exposing our innermost thoughts. We had no secrets.

True to his word, he pounded on a few kids until I was old enough to take martial arts lessons and stand up for myself. Oddly enough, after I learned martial arts and gained some self-confidence, I never had to use it; because, no one ever picked on me again.

Together, Rudy and I journeyed through our early maturity, as boys do. We dug holes in the back yard, smoked stolen cigarettes, chipped our front teeth learning to roller skate, learned to fish and swim in Miller's pond, and built a tree house in the big oak tree. We spent as many nights in the other's house as we did in our own. My mother learned to wash Rudy's dirty clothes and put them away with mine, for she knew if she returned them next door, they would wind up back in our house within a few days. The same was true of Rudy's mom.

Those nights spent together were very informative, learning as much about our bodies as we possibly could. We experimented together as young folk are bound to do and finally ventured across the threshold of puberty.

Even though we had other close friends, my emotional self was bound up with Rudy. And, in my naivetè, I expected that we would be together forever. But then, the directions of our maturity changed.

When we were fifteen, Rudy met Gwen.

Actually, Gwen and I were good friends before she met Rudy. We played in the band together. She was, and is, a delightful girl. I had invited her to a party at my house. Naturally, Rudy was there, and when they met, something clicked between them. I saw it immediately.

By and by, her sphere of friendship broadened; she became part of our "gang," eating lunch at our table in the cafeteria, studying together, going to movies. I liked the arrangement, and Rudy obviously did. And, the spark between them grew, as happens between teenagers experiencing puppy love. They held hands when we went to the movies. They shared a chaste kiss when we dropped her at her doorstep. When Rudy and I obtained our driver's licenses, we would invite her wherever we went.

But, I had inside knowledge of Rudy's growing affection for her, because he would confess his feelings to me as we lay together at night. It was at this time that my apprehension about our relationship began to grow. For, even during our mutual masturbation sessions, I knew as he stroked my hard penis that he was thinking of her.

Then, last summer, just before our senior year, he began to date her seriously. Naturally, he spoke to me of his intense feelings. He said he was falling in love. And, one day while we were shopping, he stopped at a drug store and bought a package of condoms, confessing that he planned  to consummate their relationship. Fortunately for me, it happened while I was out of town visiting relatives. But, I heard about it upon my return.

For some reason that I could not fathom, I was devastated, and the bond between Rudy and I began to unravel, at least on my part. I could not  verbalize the thoughts; so, I kept my true feelings from him, the first and only secret I ever withheld. Actually, I was able to keep my feelings of dread and foreboding from both of them.

That summer, they became true lovers. Oddly, they never excluded me from their social activities, but it was clear that they were running the show. When we returned from an outing, they dropped me at my door and retired to Rudy's bedroom until just before his parents arrived home from work. I think I died a little every time that happened. Perversely, I would wonder how many boxes of condoms they had used to date.

Their lovemaking slacked off a bit when school started, for football and band went into high gear. Nevertheless, the three of us managed to go out to dinner and a movie at least once a week. Gwen and Rudy occasionally found some intimate time to be together on the weekends.

However, it was at the last football game of the season that the dynamics of our relationship changed. Rudy broke his ankle during a nasty tackle in the fourth quarter. We won the game, but Rudy was grounded with a cast on his leg for weeks. It was so bad that he had to be home schooled. However, during his recuperation, both Gwen and I catered to him. I should also say that I spent many nights with him and relieved his aching gonads, and I had the feeling that Gwen did too whenever the opportunity arose.

To my surprise, as we entered the Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years holidays, Rudy expected me to stand in for him with Gwen, at least as far as social events were concerned. I took her out to dinner and to movies--where she held my hand--and to parties. Actually, we had a wonderful time. When I took her home, she would give me a kiss on the lips, which I thought was cute.

However, the most mind-blowing thing happened when I took her to the winter school dance in January. As I said earlier, we both enjoyed music. So, we were on the floor the entire night, dancing, laughing, talking and enjoying ourselves. We were really into it. We invented new movements to the fast tunes and held each other tenderly during the slow songs. When I took her home, it was very late, and we were sweaty, foot-sore and butt-weary.

I walked her, hand in hand, to her door, where she turned and said, "Mackey, I haven't seen Rudy for a few days."

"I'm going to see him tonight," I responded with just a touch of eagerness in my voice.

"Good. Then I have a present that I would like for you to deliver to him." Whereupon, she took me into a long kiss, a galvanizing lip-lock that melted the fillings of my teeth and started a stirring in my pants. When she pulled away, she winked and cooed, "Be sure to deliver that to him."

I drove home in a daze. Sitting in the driveway, in my car, I made a decision. Quietly, I let myself into the house next door and made my way to Rudy's bedroom. My clothes dropped in a line across the floor, and I slid into bed beside him. I touched his chest lightly, waking him.

He smiled up at me. "Hey Mackey. Did you and Gwen enjoy the dance?"

"I'll say we did. We danced every song and wore our butts to a frazzle."

He took my hand and squeezed it. "Good. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves."

I screwed up my courage, and with a slight quiver in my voice, I said, "Gwen asked me to give you a present from her."

His smile widened in anticipation. I took him into my arms and delivered her kiss, faithfully, giving little thought to Rudy's possible reaction. But to my surprise, he wrapped his powerful arms around me and pulled me to him, holding the kiss, our tongues dueling. He reached under the covers and pressed our rampant dicks together with one meaty hand. While our mouths bruised each other, he slowly masturbated us to potent orgasms.

He did not release me from the kiss until our cocks were soft and our breaths returned to normal. I was utterly spent and couldn't think. I had a hundred thousand thoughts warring for supremacy in my mind. Rudy calmly cleaned us with a towel, then turned us on our sides and spooned behind me. As I drifted off to sleep, he held me tenderly, whispering his thanks to me for being his friend and for taking his place with Gwen.

The cast on his foot was removed the next week and he returned to school, and to his afterschool activities with Gwen. I couldn't stand it, so I joined the drama club and won a place in the cast of the spring play. Suddenly, my afternoons were filled, conveniently, with rehearsals, scenery building and costume making. In the evenings, I studied for my classes. As the days passed, I had less and less time for Rudy and Gwen. Ultimately, I didn't see them for about six weeks, strange as that may seem, since I lived next door to Rudy.

But, my self-imposed exile from them began to taste bitter. I began to suspect that not being with them was equally as bad as witnessing their love for each other. I was miserable either way.

The weeks passed swiftly and the time for the play performance arrived. Then, it was over.

And here I was, back at my window, listening to Gwen and Rudy express their passion. In spite of the hot night, I closed the window, pulled the curtains and went to bed. Sleep was a long time coming, and it was fitful at best.

The next day was Friday. Normally, that would have been cause for joy, with the weekend coming. But, I didn't have anything planned. I couldn't think of a single thing I wanted to do, by myself that is. I tried to drum up some activity with my friends at lunch. No luck. Just before last period, I sat on a bench next to my locker and whipped out my cell phone. I began calling around to some of my other friends, but they already had plans. "Fuck!" I thought.

Disgusted, I picked up my backpack and turned to go to my next class, colliding with a mountain of muscle. I looked up at Rudy's smiling face and couldn't help smiling in return.

"Whoa Mackey!" He placed his big hands on my shoulders to keep me upright. "Shit, you're hard to get ahold of these days. Do you have any plans for this weekend?" Before I could stop myself, I shook my head. "Good! You do now." My eyebrows went up in surprise. "You, me and Gwen are going to spend the weekend at her folks' cabin up at Lake Malcomb." I looked at him with a slightly pained expression. "Oh come on Mackey. It's beautiful up there. The cabin's right on the lake. We can swim and go boating, fish, hike, anything we want to do."

He looked at me with those big brown eyes and I had no power to refuse. I very reluctantly agreed.

(By the way, this overnight trip would be taken with the blessing of both sets of their parents. The extent of Rudy and Gwen's relationship had recently been discovered. And, since both of them were eighteen, some agreement had been reached about it, including putting Gwen on the pill.)

We packed Rudy's car immediately after school and made the trip to the lake in a couple of hours. It was stiflingly hot there, so we donned our swimsuits and invaded the lake, swimming and playing around for an hour or two. We cooked dinner on the outdoor grill and ate it sitting on a high bank overlooking the lake. As we wolfed down the last bites of food, God blessed us with a blood red sunset of biblical proportions. We sat huddled together watching, first, the sun sink behind the lake, then the sky morph from red to purple to black. It was a stunningly beautiful sight.

When the stars appeared, we rose and looked at each other, acknowledging the tears in our eyes. Gwen hugged me to her, resting her head on my shoulder. Presently, I felt Rudy's chest snug against my back and his strong arms embrace both of us. He whispered, "Mackey, we haven't seen nearly enough of you lately. We love you and miss you."

All of my emotions seemed to bubble to the surface at once. The things we felt during the sunset, plus being so near to my two best friends, plus the nervous tension that had been building for weeks conspired to swamp me. I broke down. Between terrible racking sobs, I blubbered, "I know you miss me, but not half as much as I miss you. But, I just can't take it anymore, because I feel left out watching you express your love for each other." They continued to hold me until I had recovered somewhat; then, with a hint of sarcasm in my voice, I said, "Like tonight, I'll probably have to pretend that I'm sleeping while I lay there and  listen to you two making love." I was poised to tell them that's why I didn't want to come on this trip, but I held my tongue.

Neither one made any comment to my statement. Instead, they gently broke the embrace and Rudy gave me an understanding smile. I think he realized then that I had heard them through his open bedroom window. They each took one of my hands and led me back to the cabin. Earlier, we had decided to sleep on the porch, because the cabin was very hot. We stood there, me looking down with much apprehension at our sleeping bags spread side by side.

Still holding my hand, Rudy began to speak to me, very softly, very gently. "You may not believe this right now, but lately we've felt that something was missing from our relationship. We've talked about it for weeks, and we've finally figured out what it was. It's you!" My eyes went wide. He placed his hands on my shoulders and shook me gently to make his points. "We both love you very much, and we want you with us, to share our love, in all of its expressions." Rudy smiled down at my astonished face. He took it between his hands and said, "Now, I have a present that I would like for you to deliver to Gwen." Then, he kissed me, deeply and passionately.

Releasing me, he turned me toward her. I was dazed. My mind raced like a freight train, processing Rudy's words. These were the two people on the planet I loved above all others. I looked intently into Gwen's eyes, searching. Did she really feel the same as Rudy? She smiled up at me and opened her arms, answering my unasked question.

I knew that I had to respond to their request by making the first move. And, I did.

I placed my arms around her, drawing her into a deep kiss. Her mouth was soft, her scent sweet and her body vulnerable against mine. Her low moan spoke louder than words. My manhood, forgotten for days, began to harden just as Rudy's fingers began to strip the swimsuit from my body. Gwen broke our kiss, murmuring, "Thank you Mackey. Now, please join us. Make love with us,"  while her fingertips traced my face and ears.

Rudy removed his own swimsuit, then moved behind her to bare her body to me. Placing his hand on each of our shoulders, we sank to the floor.

They positioned me between them, laying close, kissing and stroking my body. I placed my arms around their necks, drawing them into kisses. Then, I pulled them into a three-way kiss, that sent my head spinning. Rudy gently turned me on my side facing Gwen, urging me to pleasure her. While my lips kissed her neck and shoulder, my fingers roamed her torso. I was suddenly eager to know her body as well as I knew Rudy's.

As I suckled one of her nipples, Gwen moaned in appreciation. She moaned again when my fingers caressed her pubic mound, where I stilled my hand and whispered, "I don't know what to do."

Kissing my ear, she whispered, "I'll show you." She placed her hand over mine and guided my fingers, showing me how to pleasure her. Murmuring words of approval, she encouraged me to discover her fully.

Meanwhile, Rudy's lips kissed and caressed my neck and shoulders. He was obviously delighted to rediscover my body, in this new context, for I could feel his hard penis pressed tightly against my buttocks. His fingers raked my nipples and stomach, down to my erection. I moaned loudly and grabbed his hand, "Oh please Rudy, I'm so close."

Leaving my penis, our hands met on Gwen's moist vagina, my fingers exploring inside her. He tarried there for a while with me until she reached orgasm. Then, he spread her legs and moved me into position between them. Inserting my penis into her, he gently pressed my buttocks until I was completely inside, causing both Gwen and me to cry out. God, the feeling was incredible! She wrapped her arms and legs around my body, drawing me into a fierce kiss. Then, she flexed her vaginal muscles and my cock exploded. Every nerve in my body seemed to go into overload. I collapsed onto her, completely undone and cried like a baby, unable to move.

They comforted me, stroking my body and crooning loving words until I recovered. I stirred to move. Then, Gwen surprised me by saying, "Don't move Sweetheart. Please stay where you are."

I was still inside her, but I couldn't tell whether I was still hard and said so. Rudy spread my legs slightly and felt my perineum. Chuckling softly, he said, "You're still hard as a rock. Let's make love together."

With those words, he commenced to play my body like a musical instrument, while Gwen clung to me tightly. Rudy spread my buttocks and began stroking my rectum. I bucked my hips at each touch of his finger, slamming into Gwen and crushing her clitoris. Her head began to thrash about, ending with a screaming orgasm.

After she quieted, Rudy whispered, "Raise up on your knees and pull her hips up with you." When I had done so, he continued. "Now, make several short thrusts into her." I did, feeling the head of my dick hit something that drove Gwen wild. "You're hitting her 'G' spot. You're going to give her a vaginal orgasm in a few minutes." As I thrust into her, Gwen's head began to move from side to side, mouth open, moaning loudly. As her next orgasm overtook her, her hands made shipwreck of the sleeping bag.

Rudy gently pushed me back on top of her, my dick sliding in deep. He kissed and stroked his way up my body until he lay beside us, gathering  us into a kiss that lasted several minutes. Gwen and I began to groan and thrust against each other. Rudy smiled at me and stroked my hair. "Good Mackey, Sweetheart. You're so wonderful. Now it's your turn. Take your pleasure and cum for us."

As Gwen and I slowly hunched, she flexed her vaginal muscles expertly, milking my cock for all it was worth. She was also building up to another climax herself. In a matter of minutes, we shared another shattering orgasm.

We lay together for a while, cuddling, stroking, crooning loving words to each other. I'll swear that we were so in tune that our thoughts were streaming between us too.

Gradually, Gwen and I moved Rudy in the middle. We three shared a loving kiss, then she and I began to minister to his body, finding every erogenous zone we could discover. Eventually, our lips met on his erection, and in short order, Rudy was ready to orgasm. I took his entire shaft into my mouth.

Rudy shouted, "Oh shit Mackey! Take me!" I gently sucked his slick column until he tensed and ejaculated ropes of semen into my mouth.

Gwen and I crawled forward and brought Rudy into another soul-satisfying kiss. When his breathing slowed a bit, he looked at me and said, "For years I've wanted to taste your semen and for you to taste mine."

I said, "I loved it. You tasted like your scent, and that's turned me on since you reached puberty."

Gwen and I snuggled to him, our heads nestled on his shoulders. He embraced us and we fell asleep.

I floated up to consciousness just as the sun peeked over the horizon. Always muddleheaded in the morning, I thought I was dreaming about last night; then, I realized that someone was waking me. Carefully, I opened my eyes to see Gwen's head bobbing slowly on my erection. My head was resting on Rudy's thigh--how had it gotten there?--so, I turned slightly and took his penis into my mouth. His eyelids lifted in a few minutes to take in the scene. Smiling, he scooted around to pleasure Gwen.

The happy start to our morning lasted until the sun was fully above the horizon. I don't know how we managed, but we climaxed together. Gwen rolled over to kiss me and announced, "You, My Love, taste just as sweet as you are." For some reason, I blushed, much to their delight.

We sniffed ourselves and decided that showers were in order. The cabin was equipped with a chemical toilet, but the bath was an outdoor affair that Gwen called a sun shower: a ten-foot high tower topped with a metal water tank that the sun was supposed to heat. Reasoning that the sun had been up about an hour, we stood under the shower head and I pulled the chain. As the water rained down on us, we screamed in unison. It was freezing. Gwen giggled uncontrollably pointing at our shriveling dicks. But, our manhoods swiftly returned to normal, and then some, while we washed each other.

We remained nude while Rudy and I built a fire in the grill and Gwen prepared breakfast to be cooked. We ate sitting on the steps and did odd-man-out to see who would wash dishes. I lost. Gwen put away the food fixings while Rudy checked the seaworthiness of the boat in the shed. Later, he surprised us by getting completely dressed, then announcing, "I'm going for a hike. I'll be back in time for lunch." He winked at us and strode off into the woods.

It was obvious to me why he had done this. I was a bit panic-stricken and turned back to the sink, unable to look at Gwen. She moved behind me, wrapping her arms around my waist. Resting her chin on my shoulder, she said, "Please don't be nervous."

Somehow, I found my voice. "Gwen, you're the first girl I've been with."

"And you were wonderful last night," she crooned, squeezing me tightly.

"Yeah, but Rudy was here then. He's been the subject of my fantasies all my life."

She sighed, letting her hands begin to roam my chest. "Think about last night. I melted when you first kissed me. And, you were so gentle when you made love, especially when you masturbated me. Then, oh God, I went to heaven when you entered me." She smiled to herself. "I had a whole series of orgasms when you stayed hard in me after you came." She paused for effect. "And, I want to make love to you again, right now."

Her words had their effect on me. My dick rose to full staff as I closed my eyes and relived the experience. It was the kiss that I gave her that started getting me hard in the first place. I turned around and kissed her again. My hands began to move over her soft body. It was so different from Rudy's, but I found it sexy. Her scent was sweet as opposed to Rudy's musk. Both appealed to me and made me slightly lightheaded. Gradually, our hands became busy masturbating each other.

When both of us were wet with anticipation, she placed a throw pillow in one of the kitchen chairs and said, "Let's try one of my favorite things." She had me sit on the chair with my butt close to the edge. Then, she straddled my legs and lowered herself onto me. God! I sank into her up to my balls! She placed her arms around my neck and wiggled around getting comfortable, sending shivers of delight through my groin.

Finally in place, she smiled and said, "Flex your hip muscles just a little bit and I'll do the same." We did and the feeling was incredible.

"Wow!" was all I could say.

She slipped me a little kiss and continued, "We could do this very fast and cum buckets in a few minutes, or we could go slow and build up to something that might take the roof off." We both giggled.

Getting thoroughly into the spirit of things, I replied, "Let's just go with the flow and see where it takes us. Right now, I'm feeling fantastic."

She laughed and flexed her hips, letting one hand stroke my chest. I did likewise, making her sigh. "You know," she said, closing her eyes, "I think I've loved you almost since the first time I saw you. Being your friend has been one of the joys of my life." She sighed again. Opening her eyes, she smiled. "Then, I fell in love with Rudy. But, you were never far from my field of vision." She chuckled softly. "Of course Rudy has loved you practically all his life." She got a far away look in her eyes. "When you joined the drama club and were so conspicuously absent from us, both Rudy and I realized what was missing." Smiling, she leaned in and kissed me on the nose. "You! We've talked and talked about it, and we don't know why, but you are necessary to our relationship and our happiness."

My eyes were moist and I wasn't exactly in complete control of my voice. "Gwen, all I know is that I love both you and Rudy." I shook my head in wonder that I hadn't realized it months before. "I don't know whether I'm in love or not. Maybe I'm too young and inexperienced to know that right now. But, I know I will never be completely happy in life without you two."

Without another word, she drew me into a kiss. We both began to flex our hips, each thrusting at the same time. Her lips moved from mine to explore the depths of my ear, then the soft skin of my neck. She thrust against me violently and shouted, "Oh God, the scent of your musk turns me on as much as Rudy's."

Still thrusting, I began to suckle first one, then the other of her nipples. Sweat dripped from my armpits. That telltale tingling began in my groin. My nut sack grew tight against my body. A sharp sensation moved from my nuts to my prostate. "Gwen!" I shouted. "Are you almost there?"

"Yes!" she screamed.

Six more thrusts and we bellowed as the moment of no return overtook us. We hunched until we could stand it no longer. Then, we sagged against each other, breaths coming in short gasps. We pulled apart and mouthed "Wow!" unable to speak.

We staggered to our feet, giggling when my limp dick plopped against my thigh. Another shower was in order, much warmer this time. We stayed nude, but busied ourselves with lunch preparations. Rudy arrived just as we finished. He shucked his clothes and we ate sitting on the bank overlooking the lake while he gave us the highlights of his hike.

After lunch, Rudy took a shower while Gwen and I cleaned up the lunch things. I was not much surprised when she appeared later, fully dressed, and announced that it was her turn to take a stroll in the woods, eschewing the word "hike" as being too un-lady-like. She gave each of us a peck on the lips and strode off.

Alone with Rudy for the first time, in this context, I took a deep breath and gazed at his beautiful male body with all the love in my heart. He smiled, knowing exactly what I was thinking. I smiled in return and led him out onto the porch. He put his hands on my shoulders and said, "I take it you and Gwen got along while I was gone."

I tugged him down on the sleeping bags with me. "Yes." I looked at my dick. "Everything worked." He chuckled. "I was nervous at first, but Gwen was gentle and helped me along."

He burst out laughing and I gave him a shocked look. Shaking his head, he explained the outburst. "I wasn't laughing at you. It's just that you reminded me of the first time Gwen and I made love. We were both virgins, babes in the woods. We looked like whales trying to mate on dry land the first time." We both laughed until we couldn't laugh any more.

I turned serious. "While you were gone, we also said some things that we both needed to hear."

Rudy took me in his arms and hugged me tight. "Oh Mackey, there's so much that you need to hear from me that I don't know where to begin. I made you a promise in first grade that I would keep you safe from hurt; then, I wound up hurting you myself." Tears trickled down his cheeks. He stammered, "I'm so sorry. I've always loved you. I should have been able to show it. It was so easy to show it with Gwen."

I laid him down, stroking his hair and stilled his mouth with a kiss. "It was easy with Gwen because it was socially acceptable. You and I are both guilty of not showing our love for each other simply because of cultural bullshit. It almost took a breakup for us to admit our love." I smiled down into those big brown eyes. "Now we have. And we're here."

"Yes, we are. Please make love to me Mackey."

My eyes grew wide. "You mean you want ..."



"It's okay. You won't hurt me. Did you know that guys have a 'G' spot too?" I shook my head. "Yeah. It's in the rectum. Stimulate it enough and you'll orgasm. Gwen and I bought this fake cock, and she's been practicing on me for you."

I grinned down at him. "You two were awfully sure that I would go along with this. Weren't you?"

Smiling mischievously, he reached up and tweaked my nose. "Yep. As the Bible--or someone--said, 'It was foreordained' that we three should be together."

"Do you hear me complaining?"

Grinning wickedly, he quipped, "Nope. So fuck me, Stud."

I fell on top of him, pinning his shoulders to the floor, my face inches from his. Forcefully, I said, "Rudy, I will never 'fuck' you. But I will 'make love' to you."

He was instantly serious. "I'm sorry Mackey. Bad joke. I understand. I just need you inside me. And I want to be inside you. I need for us to be one."

Releasing him, I replied, "You got a deal buddy." I kissed him, then began to worship his body. I touched him every way that I had ever dreamed about. In between kisses and caresses, I told him what he had meant to me through the years. By the time I reached his penis, he was in grave need. The second my lips touched it, he cried out and filled my mouth with his seed.

Slowly, I kissed my way back to his lips. Taking him in my arms, I smiled at his dazed look. I sucked gently on his lower lip, then rained butterfly kisses over his face. Finally, he recovered sufficiently to tell me how to make love to him.

Armed with a bottle of lube, I knelt between his legs and worked my slick finger into him. When he was sufficiently opened, he lovingly applied the oil to my erection, then raised his knees to his chest. The sight of this big, strong man of my dreams baring himself to me was overwhelming. He must have been reading my thoughts, for he said quietly, "I'm not 'submitting' to you Mackey. I love you and I'm inviting you to join with me."

At the sound of his words, a single tear trickled down my cheek. I moved forward, entering him for the first time. "Oh God! Rudy, we're finally together!"

"Yes!" he hissed. Pulling me down to him, he embraced me tightly. We held the position for several minutes. Then, he began to nibble at my lips, ears and neck. His fingers stroked my back. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pressed his heels into my buttocks, urging me on.

For many minutes, we crooned softly to each other as I slowly pumped, with long strokes. Our bodies moved in slow motion, savoring every second of the experience.

After a long kiss, I smiled down at him and asked, "Have I hit your 'G' spot yet?" He had me rise to my knees, pulling his hips with me and thrust with short strokes.

He howled with pleasure. Breathlessly, he said, "Every time you stroke, the head of your dick hits my prostate." Seeing his reaction, I thought that this was something I definitely wanted to experience.

Like I said before, Rudy is a big guy, and heavy. My arms were giving out, so I laid back down and returned to my long strokes. After resting a while, I raised to my knees again and delivered a few short strokes. He seemed to like this, so I began to alternate positions every few minutes.

This arrangement had its effect on both of us, drawing us closer to orgasm. I stroked faster. His hips thrust up to meet me. Our eyes closed; our breaths grew short; our mouths went slack; sweat dripped; our nut sacks drew tight; blood rushed to our dicks; our lips met for a deep kiss; and, we both exploded at the same time. I jetted shot after shot deep into him while he covered our chests.

I lay on him for a few minutes trying to think. When my head cleared a bit, I said, "Now, I want you in me." He didn't move; but, pulled me forward until I straddled his chest. He played with my butt until he had my hormones humming; then, oiled his fingers and began to loosen me up. Finally, he pushed me back and I sank onto his shaft. I can't begin to tell you how good it felt to have the man I love inside me. I leaned back, bracing myself on my hands and began to pump my butt. When I leaned back far enough, his dick raked across my prostate. Oh man, that felt wonderful! As I moved faster, Rudy grabbed my cock and held it while I pumped up and down. Oh jeez, it felt like nothing I'd ever felt before.

In a few minutes, we both said, "Ahh ... ahh ... ahh," at the same time and went over the top, nerves humming.

I was totally whipped. As hot and loving and emotionally charged as the sex sessions had been so far, that was the fourth time I had cum for the day. I was out of gas, period. Rudy lay me down and cleaned my chest with his tongue. Smiling down at me he said, "You taste just as sweet as Gwen said you did."

After a long kiss, he picked me up and carried me to the shower, where he washed me with loving care. Later, we lay spooned on the porch and drifted in and out of sleep. I vaguely remember hearing the shower running.

The scent of broiling steaks woke me. I propped myself on my elbow and watched a very nude Gwen working at the grill. It was a pleasant sight. She was pretty, smooth-skinned, graceful, curvy in all the right places and breathtakingly feminine; but, most of all, she was Gwen, my good friend and my new lover. Quite a package to behold in one small slip of a girl!

I must have made a noise, for Gwen turned and smiled. She strode over and knelt by me. "You look so cute all puffy-eyed and sleepy. I hope you wake up every morning looking like this."

I was a bit more awake now, but I couldn't make sense of that last statement, so I merely said, "You're cooking dinner all by yourself. That's not fair."

She grinned and tweaked my nose. "When I got back, you two looked so cute laying there I didn't have the heart to disturb you." She looked around conspiratorially and whispered, "Did you have a good time while I was gone?"

I grinned back at her. "Oh yeah!" I stroked Rudy's leg. "You're practice sessions with him paid off."

She blushed prettily and giggled. "Looks like you wore him out. Well, wake him up and let's eat. I'm starved."

Instead of the porch steps, we ate at the dining table in the cabin. Cutting the steaks while balancing the plates on our laps would have been awkward. After the meal, we huddled on the bank of the lake to watch the sunset again. God must have been smiling on us, for it was as beautiful as the night before. And, we were watching under very different circumstances. Tonight, I was sitting between my two acknowledged lovers.

Staring at the sunset, I allowed my sense of love for them to rise to the surface of my consciousness. It filled me to overflowing, overwhelming me, and I began to cry. Rudy and Gwen exchanged a worried look and encircled me with their arms. "Mackey, what's the matter?" Rudy asked.

I smiled up at him through my tears. "Absolutely nothing. I'm just so happy."

Relief spread across their faces. Rudy lay us back on the bank. They entwined their bodies with mine, holding me close. Rudy propped himself on one elbow. Staring intently at me, he asked tentatively, "Then you're comfortable with us, here? You completely accept both of us as lovers?"

Smiling, I lifted my head and kissed him. "Completely! I wouldn't have it any other way."

Grins split their faces. Rudy looked from one to the other of us and seemed to make a decision. Clearing his throat, he said, "Well, we need to talk about where we go from here, and I guess there's no time like the present."

Just as quickly as his resolve came, it evaporated, and he was still. Gwen took up the line of thought. "Mackey, she said, stroking my face, "we want the three of us to be together, always, for the rest of our lives." I stared at her intently. "We want you to marry us." My eyes widened.

Rudy found his tongue and took up the discourse. "To stop any gossip from family and neighbors, Gwen and I would like to get married this summer. All three of us have been accepted at State University for the fall semester. Gwen and I could rent an apartment near the campus and you could move in with us." He grinned wickedly. "I would be a two bedroom place, for appearances, but we would only use one." Then, his face grew serious. He leaned down and kissed me sweetly. "We would live from then on as if the three of us were married." He paused for a second and asked quietly, "What do you think about our idea?" Both of them held their breaths.

My mind became crystal clear. I knew my true desire. Taking their hands, I looked at them and said, "I once read something that I'll always remember: 'A house is not a home. It is a thing. A home is in the heart.' You two are permanently implanted in my heart. I'll make a home with you for as long as we live." I drew them into a kiss to seal the bargain.

Later, on the porch, we consummated our union. After much foreplay that made us very excited, I entered Gwen and Rudy entered me. We made love in that position until we were tired. We rested and repeated the act again and again until we were exhausted. The next morning, we packed and drove home, as what you might call "happy campers."

For the rest of the school year, I no longer had to sit at my window and listen to the sounds of passion, for I was in Rudy's bedroom helping to create them.

Our graduation from high school took place a month later. Following the hubbub surrounding that event, we began the hubbub of planning Rudy and Gwen's wedding. That task as well as completing our matriculation to the university--including the lease of just the right apartment--seemed to take up the whole summer. The fall semester would begin the last week of August, so we scheduled the wedding for the second week, leaving a week in between for the honeymoon.

Oh, what a beautiful wedding we had! Rudy and Gwen looked as if they belonged on the pages of a fashion magazine. I was best man of course. They left immediately afterward to travel south to a resort on the seacoast. I had publicly announced that I too wanted to get away after such a busy summer. I told everyone that I was taking a 'hobo' vacation to the mountains in the North. I loaded my car with camping gear and headed in that direction. As soon as I left the city limits, I turned south on the Interstate. I only missed a day of the honeymoon, but no one complained.

The following week, we moved into our apartment and took up our classes at the university. The first year went swiftly and confirmed the fact of our harmonious family arrangement. We obtained jobs in the city the following summer and made some good money. Just before classes began for our second year, Gwen's maternal instincts floated to the surface, and she managed to convince us that she wanted a baby. She flipped a coin to see who would father the first child with Rudy lucking out. Gwen went off the pill and I bought a gross of condoms.

Ten months later, our son, Sean, was born and Gwen dropped out of school to become a full time mother. Then it was my turn. The following spring, our second son, Michael, was born.

When Rudy and I graduated from the university, we obtained good jobs in the city and bought a house that quickly became our home. Our families had long since stopped wondering about our living arrangement. We thought they must have figured it out by now, especially since Sean looks like Rudy and Michael looks like me. Neither of us was using condoms, and Gwen had forgotten to go back on the pill, when our new daughter was conceived. We don't know who she's going to look like. It would be nice if she grew up to look like Gwen; but, it doesn't really matter. We are one family, at home in our hearts.

The End

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