So my name is Bennett. I have an older brother Jamie who is 17, and a little brother, Rudy, who is 10. I am 16. Jamie is about 5' 11" and has an athletic build from baseball and weightlifting in his gym class, while Rudy is about 4' 7" and is well not very strong. He's a little scrawny. Now I'm about 5' 8" and also have an athletic build from swimming and baseball.

Jamie and I are both in the band and on the swim team in high school. So he always has to give me rides to and from school. So we're always home at the same time. This is really frustrating for both of us because we both jack off frequently, we just don't know that about each other. Just not as frequently as we'd like to since were always together at home.

So one day when we got home from marching band Jamie told me he had a lot of homework to do, and not to bother him. So I didn't I went all night doing my own homework for my classes. But around nine or so I noticed he left his phone, his ipod, and his backpack in the living room. I thought that was weird. How was he going to do his homework without his backpack. I picked up his phone and ipod and decided to look through his messages. I noticed that they were all from one person, Joey, who is also on the drumline. While reading through them I noticed all they talked about was sex. Then I saw something that surprised me. Joey and Jamie had compared their dicks to each other. they sent pics to each others phones to see whose was bigger. No big deal but then I saw how big they were. Jamie's was about 8 1/2 inches long and as thick as a beer can while his balls are the size of golf balls while Joey's was a monster dick, it was around 12-1/2 inches long and about as thick as a soda bottle with balls the size of tennis balls.. I stared in awe an kept reading the messages.

Jamie: wow dude you must pick up all the chicks with that.

Joey: no man they're all scared of it. It's a curse.

Jamie: seriously that must blow. With balls that big you must always get a case of blue balls.

Joey: yeah man I do...

Jamie: how often you gotta jack off to keep that monster under control

Joey: Man like 5 or six times a day.

Jamie: Damn that must blow and not in the good way.

Joey: yeah man it does. Its pretty sad when girls wont even try to seduce you because they all gossip about how big you are. But with yours I don't think they'd care youre just the size they're all looking for.

Jamie: really? Could have fooled me. I'm still a virgin(ha now I got something Him I though)

Joey: seriously man. I could hook you up. We could do a threesome with this one she's a total slut...but she's the only one that can handle me.

Jamie: im not so sure about that.

Joey: come on man it'll be fun.

Jamie: alright when and where?

Joey: the old high school. 11:00 tonight in the old band room. Noe never took my captains key from me. His fold out couch is still in his old office.

Jamie: dude seriously sweet. Ok I'll see you then. Ttyl

I couldn't believe what I was reading. This was gonna be so hot. I decided that there had to be a way for me to go without Jamie knowing. So I decided I'd hide under his baseball stuff in the backseat. I also decided I'd take all my camera equipment to video tape the whole thing for later reference or blackmail should it ever be needed.

So that night at dinner I complained about my stomach hurting and asked to be excused to bed early. Jamie looked at me funny then shrugged as if to say whatever.

When I stood up I went to my room and grabbed all my stuff then yelled to my parents I was going to sleep and not to bother me. I then climbed out my window and jumped in the back of Jamie's. I sat there and waited for an hour or so then I found something underneath me that surprised me. It was a shoebox. But inside the shoebox was what surprised me even more. There was a dildo and a bunch of playboys. I was wondering what Jamie could possibly be doing with a dildo when I heard him unlock the doors with his remote. I quickly covered my self up. It was a very long ride but his baseball bats kept hitting me in the sides.

Finally I felt the car come to a stop. He turned off the car and got out and went into the school through the door that was propped open for him by Joey already.

As soon as he was inside and out of site I jumped out of the car and followed him inside. I headed towards the band room and saw the light was off. Then I saw Jamie lurking behind a the closed door looking in through the window watching something going on inside. I turned on the tv screen I had that was wirelessly connected to the little spy camera, just small enough to hide inside the brim of his hat, which he was wearing right now as he watched. I was amazed at what I saw. Joey was pounding in and out of the girl I had a crush on. I was pissed now and I intended to take every advantage of the video I was currently recording. Suddenly Joey looked at the door and smiled when he saw Jamie. I suddenly realized that that was a face I recognized. It was a look of lust and it was directed at Jamie. That was the face I saw many a times on the porn videos that I stole from Jamie's computer. Joey pulled out of Julia (the girl I like) and walked over to the door and opened it. He didn't shut it when Jamie was inside though. As Jamie walked in I saw three other guys sitting in three chairs naked. There was Alex(senior) the lead Trumpet in our band, Hollis(junior) a bass drummer, then another bass drummer named Brodie (freshman). Huh Brodie's here I wonder why. Then I saw his dick it was the same size as Joey's dick. I heard Jamie say holy shit Boride how are you so big. Brodie exclaimed that Joey had been providing him with Enzyte for 4-1/2 years since he moved here and told him about his problem with his dick being so small. Holy Fuck Brodie that thing is huge. And your balls are even bigger than Joey's. Jamie started to look Alex and Hollis up and down. Both of them had a little over averaged sized cocks. About the same as Jamie did. Jamie started to feel a little awkward being the only one still fully clothed. So he started to undress. He took the hat off and put it down facing the wrong direction. Looks like I'm gonna have to use the snake cam. I slowely walked to the opposite door that led to the instrument closet where they wouldn't see me and was relieved to find it unlocked. I went to the end of the room where there was a hole in the wall perfect for what I was doing. I grabbed the snake cam and guided it through the hole. I switched the channels on the tv screen. Suddenly I saw Jamie just about to enter Julia when joey stopped him and said you take her ass and ill take her pussy. They were both standing up with Julia in between them. They both started to lift her up and down at the same time impaling her on their cocks. Joey was the first to moan. Her pussy was so tight on his cock. Jamie was next he started moaning and groining from the pain of her ass clenching onto his cock with incredible force. Then he started to meet her falls and thrust upwards. He started to moan with pleasure instead. I pointed the camera to Alex, Brodie, and Hollis who were jacking themselves off. Then suddenly all three stood up walked over the the threesome going on before them. Alex and Hollis got down on their knees behind Jamie and Joey. I was amazed at what they did next. Alex started to suck on Joey's balls and Hollis sucking on Jamie's. Brodie then came up behind Hollis and started to push his cock against Hollis's hole. Hollis grunted his manly grunt and then he screamed from the pain of having Brodie's cock head push its way past his sphincter. Jamie immediately stopped moving and looked down to see Hollis sucking on his balls while being fucked by Brodie. "What the fuck" Jamie said and he was suddenly cut short when he felt Hollis's tongue leave his balls and go to his hole. Jamie moaned from this pleasure that he had never experienced before. He resumed fucking Julia with Joey. Hollis started to scream into Jamie's ass as his own asshole was being torn apart by Brodie monster cock. Brodie had managed to get half of it in when he stopped to allow Hollis to adjust to the huge invader. Jamie had reached around to Julie's breast and started to fondle them. His hands ventured downward to her clit and started to massage it. Joey felt something on his cock and looked down. Realizing what Jamie was doing he smiled and continued fucking. Julia's pussy and ass had started to spasm around Joey's & Jamie's cocks. They both felt it and started to cum at the same time. Jamie had never experienced pleasure such as this and he shot the biggest load of his life into her ass . he felt it spray out of her ass and around his cock and balls. Now Jamie has known he was N\Bi for some time and decided to have some fun. As Joey was still cuming into Julia he got down on his knees presenting his ass to Hollis. Who accepted it greedily. Hollis started to move and Boride followed him. Hollis stood on his knees and poked his cock and Jamie's ass. He started to push and I could see the face of pain on Jamie's face. Then from the pre cum coming from Hollis's big cock his cock dick finally slipped all the way into Jamie's ass. Jamie screamed so loud I jumped. Alex and Joey looked at Jamie and realized why he screamed and smiled knowing this episode would repeat itself very soon again. Brodie started to push into Hollis while Hollis was staying still inside of Jamie to allow him to adjust. Brodie managed to get his entrie cock into Hollis before he started to move back and forth, in and out of Hollis. Hollis followed suite pushing and puling in and out of Jamie. They soon got a steady rhythm and then Joey finally stopped cuming in Julia. She fell to the ground exhausted. Alex stood up and immediately pushed his cock into Joey's obviously not virgin ass. Joey moaned immediately as Alex hit his prostate immediately. Causing his cock to stiffen. Alex pulled out and they walked behind Brodie. Joey placed his cock at Brodie's hole and pushed all of his cock in in one thrust. Brodie was obviously no virgin to Joey's cock. Alex then resumed fucking Joey. They all soon had a steady rhythm going and Brodie's long thrusts repetetivly hit Hollis's prostate causing him to moan. Not to much longer they were all hitting each other's prostate's. then Jamie started to cum again causing a chain reaction throughout the chain fuck. Ass soon as Hollis felt Jamie's ass clamping down on his cock he started to shoot. However for some reason Brodie was still going. He sure had some good stamina. I was amazed. But then Alex started cuming along with Joey. Brodie started to moan uncontrollably as joey's jet fast streams of cum hit his prostate over and over again coating his ass with cum. Brodie started to come inside of Hollis. Hollis moaned with each jet of cum. Finally after almost 2 minutes of cuming Brodie pulled out of Hollis. Everyone else pulled out of each other as well. Julia suddenly walked up and grabbed Joey by the balls and said "you little fuck you said you were gonna be the only one fucking me and everyone else was just going to be watching." As she squeezed his balls harder and harder.

Finally she let go and he fell to the ground. She kicked him hard in the balls, grabbed her clothes and walked out of the room.

Jamie said "dude Joey you told her nobody else gona fuck her?"

"Yeah man you said you wanted a fuck so I gave it to you."

"But now I feel bad you almost passed out from the grip she just had on you." Said Jamie

"I know but it was so worth it." Exclaimed Joey.

Okay come one lets go everyone ill get Joey home.

I quickly grabbed all my shit and ran to the car and hid under the baseball stuff again.

Jamie put Joey in the backseat laying face down on all the equipment.

He got in the car and quickly started to drive. He told joey he was gonna take him to our house so he would't have to talk to Joey's parents. So Jamie started driving home. All of a sudden there was a cock in my face. It was Joey's I was amazed that he was still hard and a little confused as to how his cock wasn't in his pants. Then I looked and saw how terribly my bro had dressed him. He must have passed out from the pain he recied from Julia. I licked his cock a little and decided I liked the taste. I started to suck it even more and soon started to deep throat him. I was also bi which is why I could deepthot him. I'd been practicing on vegetable for years. Joey moaned and started to wake up. I did the only thing I knew that would make him pass out again. I grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as I could. He instantly stopped moaning again while I continued deepthroating him. I reached behind his ass and started to finger fuck him. I felt his balls start to squeeze up and then I felt jet after jet of cum streaming into my mouth. His ass felt like it was going to break my finger with every contraction. I pushed his cock down my throat to allow the cum to flow into me then as I felt the contaction slow down I pulled his cock out and tasted his cum. It was sweet and I liked it. I cleaned off his cock and them put it back in his jeans just as we were arriving home.

Once Jamie got Joey inside the house, into his room, and on the bed without my parents hearing he gabbed Joey's Phone and sent Joey's parents a message saying he was to tired to drive and was staying the night at Jamie's. Which was technically true. I then got out of the car and sneaked into my room unnoticed by Jamie. I went to my computer and got to uploading the video to my computer and started editing. By the morning I was finished. I took the cd I made to Jamie's room and put it into the Dvd player so that he would see it when he woke up. I also put up a few hidden cameras around Jamies room.

When Jamie finally woke up he remembered Joey laying next to him naked. He felt something poking his leg. He reached down and grabbed it. He started jerking it. Then stopped flipped Joey onto his stomach and entered his ass in one thrust Joey moaned and Jamie stuffed a sock in his mouth to muffle the moans. Joey's ass was so loose Jamie could start thrusting almost immediately hitting Joey's prostate. Joey started to moan more and more and then he started to come all over Jamie's bed sheets. Jamie noticed this but didn't have time to react because while joey was cuming his ass was like a vice on Jamie's cock causing Jamie to cum too.

Then Jamie noticed the video playing on his tv as he pulled out of joey and he groaned immediately recognizing the video. Joey had woken up while cumming and pulled the sock out of his mouth and said "Fucking A, who caught us on tape?" Jamie didn't know and just shook his head. Oh well joey said and flipped joey over so he was under him. Joey pushed his twelve nich monster at jamie's hole and pushed with all his might. He pushed half of it in when Jamie begged him to stop.

I thought this would be a good time to intervene so I walked to Jamie's room and heard moans. I started to open the door and immediately Joey looked at me. Jamie's eyes were shut tight in pain. I put my finger to lips to shush Joey. Then I pointed to the tv and then to myself and he understood it was me that had caught them. I came up behind Joey and whispered in his ear " all of you are now my bitches and will do as I please. He nodded his head in agreement." Then I reached down and grabbed Jamie's balls and squeezed them while I pushed Joey all the way in. Jamie screamed at the top of his lungs in pain. It was a good thing they were home alone. I stopped squeezing his balls once Joey was all the way and explained that when one is distacted from ones own ass it tends to loosen a lot.

Jamie was surprised at the new voice. I leaned down and said "you see that video? I have 5 more copies in 5 different places. You and all the others are now my personnel bitches. To make sure he got the picture I grabbed his balls and squeezed once more. Joey then started to thrust once I told him causing Jamie a great deal of pain. I went and got and electrode dildo and put it in Joey's ass and turned it on high.


Well that's it for part one. Comments or constructive criticism is appreciated.