Chase, Until Now

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Part 01

Charlie Farell struggled to keep his head above water. An errant summer storm had already set the Farell family back earlier this week, and on their return to the Alaskan main land, another storm was further delaying them. Gasping to take in oxygen in between waves, one of which had just knocked him off the fishing boat Taangag, Charlie realized this would likely be his last trip.

The analog clock in the small hospital room was a few minutes past 7:30 in the morning. The medical team had been working for several hours already and was almost as exhausted as their patient. Marie, Charlie's bride of only 10 months was drained. It had been a long night and she was ready for good news. The reward was soon delivered in the form of her beautiful baby boy, Desmond Chase Farell.

His blue eyes would never see his father.


"I know it's been rough up here, Marie, but we love you and Chase and hate the thought of you leaving us too," Desmond Farell pleaded. He'd taken it harder than almost anyone when Charlie, his only son, never came home from their trip. The grandfather had been elated when Marie decided to name her son after him, though the family usually referred to the younger Desmond by his middle name. "I want to be a part of your lives, and see the boy grow up."

Marie understood where he was coming from, but she needed a new start somewhere else. Away from Alaska. "I promise to visit you, with Chase, at least once a year. We aren't going to the other side of the world, just to Oregon. You and Beth can visit us anytime you'd like," she said, referring to Chase' grandmother.

It had been almost five years since Charlie was swallowed by the Gulf of Alaska. She loved Cordova, but Marie was intent on moving to Oregon. Marie had dreamt of living in Oregon since the summer trips to visit her Aunt when she was a child.

"You know, the family still owns your Aunts house near the coast. Nobody uses it, why don't you take it? It'd be a great place to get started, no rent or payments, and it's beautiful out there!" Maries mother Katherine was giving her a much needed lifeline.

"That would be super! We'd still be close enough to visit Charlie's family during the summer, and you all know how to get to us. Chase will love it!"

A month before Chase' fifth birthday, he was on his way to Astoria, OR with his mother.


Chase was lost in his thoughts, drawing a dinosaur eating the fighter jet attempting to attack it. Only three weeks until summer! He had completely missed the happenings in class until his pencil was pulled from his left hands grasp. "Would you like to help Ashley today, Chase?" His teacher, Mr. Kraska, was referring to the 8 year old Ashley Fox. "Did you hear any of your new classmate's introduction?"

The third grader looked at his teacher, then at the girl with the big green eyes. "Sure," he shrugged.

"Hello. I'm Ashley!" she said with an outgoing smile.

Chase helped her find a place to stick her lunch and backpack in the back of the room. Few words were exchanged between them, and he avoided eye contact as much as possible. She was a girl, after all.

On the playground after lunch that day, the third grader sat doodling at the picnic table alone. A kickball bounced off his back, interrupting what was sure to be his best space ship yet. "Ouch," Chase muttered to nobody in particular.

"Sorry!" came the yell from Ashley. Her extroverted personality allowed her to make friends quick, despite it being her very first day at a new school. "Do you want to play?"

"I'm okay."

"Oh," Ashley was used to other kids engaging her more; the boy with the blue eyes casually shrugging her off was different. She liked him.

"Hold on!" Chase screamed at his friend Jake, who was quickly pulling ahead of him on his bike. "My chain fell off again." The 12 year old took in his surroundings, they had been riding bikes through the neighborhood all day, and despite it being only one street over from his own, it was the first time the boys had been down this particular route.

"Hey look, someone's moving in there." Jake nodded toward the house behind his buddy.

"Yeah, guess so. Chains back on, I'm hungry."

"Me too, let's go see if my mom will make us pizza rolls," the taller boy said. Chase was usually the shortest boy in any of his classes, and at 4'1" he was almost 6 inches shorter than his friend.

On their way to conquering some pizza rolls, Chase noticed one of the most popular girls in his soon to be 7th grade class. As they pedaled by, Ashley noticed the boy she's casually known since she first moved to Oregon and quickly waved. Her blue eyed friend looked away quickly and tried to catch up to his friend.

A few days later, on his way to dropping some mail off for his mom at the big mail drop box a street over, Chase was ambushed.

"Why don't you ever say hi back to me?"

Embarrassed by Ashley's confrontation, he had no idea what to say. "I don't know."

"It's not like I'm going to beat you up," she kidded.

"Not like you could anyway!"

"Wanna bet?!" she tickled his side and smiled at the cute boy.

Chase laughed and pulled away. "I guess I just never know what to say, I'm sorry I didn't wave back the other day."

"It's okay. You live close, right?"

"Yeah, it's the green house on 69th street. Like a block that way," he pointed east. "I should get going though."

Ashley nodded and smiled, hiding her disappointment at the cute boy having to go. "I'll see you later!"

Later that night, Chase lay in bed thinking about the girl he's known since third grade. She has nice shoulder length hair, lighter than my own. The wind kept blowing it across her eyes. Her shirt was definitely poking out, too. I wonder what her boobs look like without her shirt on, he thought. His cock was stiffening up a little bit as he imagined her. Masturbation was a recent discovery of his.

He reached his hand into his boxers as he thought back a couple months ago to his first experience. Taking an after school shower, home alone, he lingered on his cock a bit longer than he normally did. This was the first time he noticed the pleasure that came from playing with the foreskin that covered his head. The harder he got, the less of his head it covered. It didn't take long for him to realize the best approach was to grab his four inches with two fingers and his thumb, and move back and forth.

As he approached his first orgasm ever, his legs and arm felt week. Not wanting the feeling to stop, he took on a different position. Now, laying on his back while the water pours over him, he tenses his legs as he strokes faster, working his way to orgasm.

Back in the moment, Chase grins to himself as he mentally counts how many times he must have repeated the same motions since then. At least twice a day every day. He doesn't have much hair down there yet, but he runs his fingers through it as he grabs the base of his boyhood. Not wasting any time, the waistband of his boxers are hooked under his balls; something he has found gets him to the end quicker. His foreskin is loose and elastic, bunching up over the head, then pulled down his shaft just as quickly as he blurry hand works its magic. His right hand pulls the waist band tighter against the base of his balls and shaft as his clear cum dribbles over the thumb on his left.

At three after midnight, Chase falls asleep knowing he'll sleep in until almost noon tomorrow.

It was only 9:40 in the morning when his mom knocked on his door and handed him the phone. "Jake wants to know if you'll go camping with him. I'm headed to work in just a few minutes, so leave a note if you're going and have fun."

"Okay, mom. Have a good day at work." He took the phone as he wiped some of the sleep from his eyes. "What's up, dude?"

Marie made her way back downstairs and grabbed her coffee and keys before jumping in the Bronco she'd picked up used a couple years ago. "Hi Ms. Farell, is Chase around?" Ashley startled the mom.

"Oh, hi sweetie. Yeah, your lucky day, he's actually awake this early. He should be up and dressed by now, just hop inside, he's getting ready to go camping. His rooms upstairs, sweetheart." She said to the girl. Marie had met Ashley two summers ago. Since moving to Oregon, she had started a restaurant, something she'd wanted to do since she was a child. Ashley's mother was the assistant manager in the restaurant and frequently brought her daughter to work with her.

"Thanks, say hi to my mom!" Ashley made her way inside. She'd never been in Chase's house before. The pictures of mom and son on the shelves in the living room were pretty adorable, she thought. They look really close.

Chase just finished talking to his friend and heard the garage door slam shut, letting him know his mom was officially gone for work. He quickly stripped and pulled out a clean pair of boxers. I need a shower, but I have some time before Jake heads over, his cock started moving upward at his self-thoughts.

He sat on the edge of the bed, grabbing his cock with his left hand and pulling on his balls with his right. Scooting back a little, he laid his back on the bed, and propped his feet up on the edge, knees up in the air while he jerked off.

Ashley didn't hear anything as she made her way up the stairs. She saw portraits of Chase lining the stair case on her way up. My mom makes me take these too, she thought. Guess it's something all parents do. As she rounded the corner at the top of the stairs, she heard a small grunt. What she saw through the door made her heart skip a beat.

A small gasp escaped her lips as she saw the cute young boy she'd liked for four years laying on the bed. The sun coming through the window lit up the short, fine, hairs on his lower legs. His thighs were hairless though. She could see his smooth stomach breathing in and out, but what made her stop breathing was seeing his hands at work. Based on his noises, and his breathing, she knew it must feel good, whatever it was he was doing. She watched his right hand pull on the skin holding his balls. She'd seen her little brother's penis before, but he was only 5. It was nothing like this.

Chase jerked faster as he felt himself getting closer. He looked down as his cock and stopped breathing as he came. For the first time, he wasn't breathless because of his orgasm, it was who he saw staring back at him between his legs.

"What are you doing!" he yelled.

"I just came to say hi I didn't know you were naked I'm sorry!" Ashley nervously replied. She didn't stop looking at his body while he scrambled to cover himself with a pillow.

At that moment, he felt like he could die. The pretty girl from the street over, the one with green eyes he'd liked since he first saw them in third grade, the girl everybody liked and other boys talked about, Ashley Fox was standing in his doorway and had just seen him jerk off and cum over his hand.

She walked over to the bed, "what was that? What came out of your penis?"

"Semen. I call it cum though. Can you let me get dressed?"
"Can I see your penis? I've only seen my little brothers in the bath one time. I've never seen one like yours." She pulled at the pillow.

"No, you have to go." He was much too embarrassed to think straight, and didn't think she should see him naked.

"I'm sorry I walked in on you, I just wanted to invite you over to swim sometime."

Thankfully, the doorbell rang letting Chase know Jake was there to go biking and camping. He was never more excited to go camping than at that moment.

"You have to go, my friends here. Just go out the garage door so he doesn't see you. I can come over later or something," he promised her.

"Okay." She had a lot on her mind, and wanted to see more of Chase's body, but that could wait.


To be continued...

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