Chase, Until Now

Hello - We've written this story based on real life experience, mixed with some fiction. The names have been changed. We're the same age, and same couple, that the central characters in this story will end up being by the end of the series (24 y/o). It follows the life of a couple young teens (mostly Chase) through relationships and friendships up through college. You can reach us at (at), we're more than happy to talk to anybody, especially if you'd like to offer constructive feedback, or just swap sex stories.

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Part 02

"Want to go swimming in the pond?" Jake asked.

Chase shrugged; he didn't really care what they did. Still thinking about this morning, his mind was clearly elsewhere.

"Something wrong, dude?"

"Nah, just tired I think."

"Sorry I woke you up so early, my mom started cleaning the house today. She's off the next three days and I didn't want to have to help her!" Jake joked with his buddy. He really hated cleaning, so any chance he had to be away from the house he took, especially if he could hang out with his shorter pal.

They'd known each other since they started playing youth baseball together the summer after fifth grade. Chase was the shortstop to his second base. They became quick friends once the realization they lived three houses apart on the same street hit them. Countless weekends were spent at each other's homes, filled with wrestling and Mario Kart 64.

They were a few miles from home, biking there was easy enough. Astoria is surrounded by forests, and they had found a great spot. Over the last two summers they had built up their favorite camping spot. Only about 100 yards away from a pond, it was their favorite escape.

"Well let's get going, it's supposed to rain today, better swim now!" Chase took off on the path back towards their tent.
Both boys rummaged through their bags and searched for their swim trunks. "Shoot, I forgot mine."

"You could just wear your boxers I guess. Or we can do something else, it's no big deal." Chase could tell his friend was disappointed over forgetting something they always bring.

"I guess," Jake pulled his shirt over his head.

"Hey you have arm pit hair?"

Jake grinned, "yeah, they're new!" He locked his fingers on top of his head so his friend could take a look. "Do you have any hair yet?"

Chase was too busy looking at his friends smooth chest and newly discovered pit hair to hear his friend. To himself he noted his friends nipples were smaller than his own, perfect dime sized circles. The shorter boys own nipples were more oval shaped, and about twice the size. Darker brown, too.

"Well, do you?" Jake asked again.

"Not there," as he pulled off his own shirt, "just a bit on my legs and some on my..." his voice trailed off as he blushed a little.

"On your what? I have some above my prick!" Jake pushed off his jeans and boxers and stood before his buddy naked as the day he was born. "Check it out!" He wiggled his hips a little to wag his cock around.

Chase couldn't believe his friend just stripped in front of him. They'd never seen each other naked before. He looked down the lean torso in front of him. Anyone could tell these boys were always riding their bikes and active by their lean looks. Jakes slim body had the start of good muscle definition and build in his chest and stomach, when he exhaled you could see the 12 year olds four pack. The abdominal muscles tapered off into a neatly defined v shape heading to his groin. His lower legs had a small dusting covering them, darker than Chase's own. His thighs were hairless, but that's not where the blue eyes were focused.

Those eyes were locked onto the penis hanging above balls drawn tight to the taller friend's body. The breeze made it a bit cool outside their tent. His penis looked to be about half an inch or inch longer than his own. He had started puberty a little earlier. Looks thicker than mine too, Chase thought. He felt his own cock start to harden a bit, though he wasn't sure why.

"Well you've seen plenty of mine," referring to his own slowly hardening penis, "do you have hair there too?" Jake asked.

Chase shyly pushed the front of his shorts down enough to show the small patch of hair growing in above the base of his penis, though not an inch further. "Let's go swimming," he quickly changed the topic and took off towards the pond, leaving his naked friend standing at the tent.

Their play wrestling in the pond was more grabby than usual that day. Jake seemed more interested than ever in his smaller friends body, and while Chase was much more introverted in his return advances, he didn't seem to mind at all the hands brushing against his nipples, bum and junk.

After about an hour, the wet rough housing was called on account of rain. The boys ran back to the tent to escape the sudden down pour and once again Jake was bare in front of the slightly younger Chase.

"You're dripping all over, let's get dried off," the older boy handed a towel to his friend.

Usually Chase turned away or hid while he changed. He was feeling brazen though; the hormones taking effect after a long day which saw him caught by a girl jerking off in his room, and where he saw his first real life penis. "Thanks," he said, taking the towel from the out reached hand. He slide his shorts off in front of his friend and immediately started drying his legs off.

Jake took in the sight of the smaller boy while he was drying off. Chase was built slightly bigger than himself, with more muscular legs. He played tennis and biked more. His slim stomach also tapered into the v leading to his penis, but something stood out to Jake, aside from his own hardening cock. The smaller friend had foreskin, and bigger balls. Without thinking, Jake reached out and grabbed hold of his friend's shaft while he was occupied by the towel on his head.

Chase gasped, "what are you doing?" he whispered loudly, though nobody was nearby to hear them.

"You have extra skin on yours, it's different than mine, see?" He asked as he stood up close to his friend, holding their cocks side by side. It was enough to make both of them go completely hard in seconds. "Your dick feels really smooth."

Chase let a small sigh escape his lips and watched his friend's stomach stop moving. He was breathless too. "Nobody's ever touched me there before, not like this."

"Do you ever jack off?" Jake was playing with his friend's foreskin now, gently pulling on it, "it's so soft, and stretchy."

Watching the taller boy play with his foreskin, Chase's face turned a deep red. He didn't answer, just closed his eyes and enjoyed the intimate experience.

"I do it at least two times a day, sometimes I sneak on to my dad's computer and look at porn when he's not home!"

By now both boys' erections has expanded about as far as possible. "Yeah, I jack off every day too, usually when I wake up in the morning."

"Feel mine," Jake grabbed his partners hand and put it on his cock.

"Wow it's really hot," Chase was referring to the four and a half inches of 12 year old cock in his hand. "Yours is bigger than mine."

"A little bit, but you have this!" He pulled the foreskin back exposing his friends head. "It's weird how hard you feel, but how soft it is too."

"Yeah, yours too."

Jake sat on his sleeping bag, leaning back against the wall of the tent. They had set their tent up underneath a group of four tall evergreens for extra shelter. Jakes side of the tent was right up against the large trunks of the trees and gave him some support when he leaned against the wall. He pulled on his friends hand, and soon Chase was sitting just to his right.

"Do you want to do it together?" Jake asked.

"Um, I don't really care, if you want to." Chase's shyness was coming back, he was very sheepish and looked at the ground as he replied.

Jake spit on his hand and wrapped it around his cock. "I like to rub the top with my thumb, the hole gets really sensitive though. How do you do it?" He was staring directly at his younger friends rock hard four inch penis.

Watching his baseball buddy jerk off had Chase turned on in ways he's never really experienced before. His blue eyes were focused on the slow up and down motion his friend made on his shaft, while his thumb ran over the head. His friends cock had a head slightly bigger than the rest of the cock. It stayed the same thickness from the scar circling around it, to the base of the shaft. The part he liked most, though, was seeing his friends balls bounce a little as he picked up speed.

"You like watching me?" Jake grinned.

Improbably, that statement managed to turn Chase a deeper shade of red than he was earlier. "Sorry, just never been so close to someone like this before." He grabbed his cock between thumb and first two fingers and started jerking with his friend.

It was Jakes turn to stare at his friend; the foreskin was pulled tight down his shaft, and then just as quickly bunched up above the head. The smooth balls hung loose in the suddenly warm tent, pulled up with each up stroke, and falling back on the left hands return trip down the shaft. His friends belly was moving quickly with each inhale and exhale.

Jake was getting close to the point of no return, when he suddenly stopped. "Do you shoot cum yet?"

Chase just nodded his head, lost in the pleasurable moment.

Reaching over, he stopped his buddy's jerking motion. "I want to make you shoot. You can do mine? It's perfect that you're left handed because we can take care of each other," Jake was whispering now too, enveloped in the intimate scene.

They grabbed each other's' cocks and slowly stroked each other. No words were spoken as they jerked each other off. The only sound was their breathing and the rain drops bouncing off the tent. Each boy was getting closer to their first mutual cum, their sweaty hair pressed against their foreheads in the hormone filled room.

Jake pulled his friends hand off his cock and quickly dropped a glob of spit on his own head. They both grinned at each other before returning to their tasks. The older boy loved playing with Chase's foreskin, and wanted to see how much his friend could shoot.

The four balls attached to the 12 year olds were pulled tight against their bodies as their breathing quickened. "I think I'm going to, soon," Chase interrupted the silence.

"Me too."

Almost as quick as they said it, each boy felt the others cock expand in their hands. The friends had their eyes shut as they came at the same time.

Opening his eyes first, Jake looked at his friends cock as it was spurting out the last glob of white stuff over his hand. It felt so much hotter than his own; like it could burn his hand.

Chase pulled his wet left hand off his friends deflating cock and held it up in front of his face. "You make a lot," he laughed to his friend.

Jake quickly pushed his friends cum soaked hand into his face, getting his fluid all over the younger boys lips and cheeks. They were back to being boys again.

"Gross!" Chase jumped on his buddy and started wrestling him. "I'm going to put mine on your face too!" He grabbed his friends hand and was trying to push it towards the un-desecrated face.

Jake quickly fought back as the boys tumbled over each other and managed to roll into the mud outside. Soon, he had his smaller friend on his stomach squirming beneath him. "I'm going to put your cum on your face too!" He rubbed his hands over the face below him.

Chase was laughing beneath him and trying to fight off the assault. He gave up soon though, it was cold and wet and he just wanted to dry off and get back inside. "Okay, okay, you win!" Looking over his shoulder, he saw his best friend smiling down at him in the rain.

Jake lay down on his buddy's back, his belly resting just above the smooth bubble butt of his friend. He wrapped his arms around him in a bear hug, "I guess we should get out of the rain and start making our fire, I'm hungry!"

The boy on bottom shook his head, but didn't make a move. He enjoyed feeling his bigger friend breathing on top of him, and the arms wrapped around him. The cock resting in the crack of his ass didn't feel too bad either. "Yeah, I guess so."


To be continued...

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