Chase, Until Now

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Part 03

Chase pulled the blanket over his head to drown out the sound of his mom banging out the door. "Time to wake up, babe, you need to pack," she yelled.

They were leaving tomorrow to visit his grandparents in Alaska. It was a yearly trip during the summer, something they both looked forward to. Marie loved getting her son away from home, and visiting with Charlie's family. Chase especially loved visiting with his namesake, Desmond, listening to stories about his dad.

It'd been a month since the beginning of summer camping trip he took with his best friend Jake. They'd only hung out once since then, a combination of Chase's embarrassment, and his buddy going to Florida for two weeks to visit his own extended family.

Chase had also carefully avoided his unintentional voyeur, Ash, for the last month. Only seeing her twice -- each time at his mom's restaurant. He'd blushed a deep shade of red each time and disappeared out the back door, making a quick escape on his bike.

"Up, now!" his mom yelled again.

"I'm awake, I'm up," the blue eyed boy rolled on to his back. He groaned when he saw it wasn't even 9:30 yet. He heard the vacuum start up downstairs, his mom always cleaned before they went on a trip. Both were very tidy, so it didn't take long to clean up the house.

Slipping his right hand under the waist band of his boxers, Chase played with his two smooth balls. He felt his nipples harden against the blankets on top of him; normally sleeping in just boxers today was no exception. Recently he'd noticed how sensitive his stomach was when jerking off, his left thumb was running around his hairless belly button.

Knowing he didn't have much time to jerk off before his mom would be back, his left hand pushed the edge of his boxers down, hooking them under his balls in preferred fashion. He grabbed hold of his foreskin with his thumb and forefinger, stretching the skin was sensation and sight he loved.

Letting go of his balls, his right hand moved up his cock. His thumb worked its way under the hood covering the head of his rigid four inches. Rubbing it around the head, he shuddered at the sensation.

Chase was thinking about the muddy wrestling match he had with Jake that rainy day. As much as being jerked off by his best friend turned him on, what stuck with him most was laying on his stomach, feeling the semi-hard penis of his bigger buddy nestled between his cheeks.

At this point in his life, Chase didn't know if he was gay, straight, bi, or something else entirely. It wasn't even something he really thought about. All he paid attention to was whom he loved, and what turned him on. The list was pretty extensive; the limited amount of porn he'd found on his parental control restricted internet access, hot girls he'd seen on TV, the bulge at the front of the shorts boys wore during PE.

His best friend Jake stroking his cock until he came all over his hand was definitely a thought that turned the almost 13 year old on. That he loved his buddy in a way all best friends do just made it hotter.

Grabbing his uncut cock with his whole fist, he began slowly jerking off. He'd been using this technique since Jake's whole fist had enveloped his cock in the tent a month ago. All of a sudden he realized how warm it was getting with the sun shining on him,

Throwing the blanket down his body to cool off a bit, Chase resumed jerking off. The sun lit up his body from just below his collar bone to a little above his knees. The ultra-fine hairs on his thighs caught just the right amount of light to be visible.

"Unh," he groaned quietly to himself, enjoying the manipulations of his moving left hand. The other hand pulled tightly on his boxers, pulling his balls up against his shaft so he could tap up against them on the down stroke. His lower legs tensed as he approached climax

The stroking stopped briefly as the first bit of cum oozed out of his cock. Slowly jerking again he milked the next three shots of cum out of his foreskin covered head, his chest was going up and down faster than his hand at this point.

Chase smiled and let out a long sigh as he squeezed his cock. His hand was covered in the thin milky liquid he was now squeezing out of his foreskin. Now that his head was clear, he realized the vacuuming had stopped and the door down stairs had just slammed shut. His mom was probably shaking out the throw rugs she had in the hall way now.

Getting out of bed, he used his boxers to wipe the cum off his hand and cock, and pulled them back up over his now deflated penis.

"Come on," he muttered under his breath when he heard the door knock. "I'm packing, mom."

"He's just packing!" a familiar voice yelled down the stairs.

The boy didn't have much time to think about the voice, or what was said, before the door was open and Ashley was standing in his door way, eyes wide open, looking him up and down.

"Hi, Chase!" She shut the door behind her. Looking at the almost nude boy, a shy grin crossed her face. "Aren't you supposed to be packing?"
"I am."

"Looks like you're just standing there in your underwear." The sun was behind him now, creating a glow around him. She was smitten, and the halo effect around him was fitting and ironic all the same.

"Well I just woke up, what are you doing here anyway?" He tried grabbing a pillow from behind him but was struggling to reach one.

"I came over to see if you wanted to go swimming, but I guess you are leaving tomorrow?"

"Yeah, going to Alaska to see my grandparents."

"That sounds fun." She looked down his body, glancing at the bulge in his boxers.

"Can you wait outside or something, I need to get dressed."

"Can't I stay? I mean, I have already seen you."

Chase looked down at the ground and blushed again.

She walked over to the edge of his bed and sat down next to where he was standing. "Come on, I won't tell..."

"Whatever," he muttered. Making sure he was facing away from her, he pulled off his boxers real quick and tried to find a clean pair to replace them with.

She looked down his back, liking the little dimples that appeared on his lower back. "You have a nice butt!"

He turned around quick to stop her from looking at it, briefly forgetting what she'd see if not looking at his backside. "Don't stare!"

Too late, though. She was already hooked on the sight of his soft penis hanging over his balls. Reaching out, she grabbed his hand and pulled him closer to her on the bed. She'd never seen a boy older than her little brother naked before, and at only five, he was hardly a comparison.

Chase just stood there sheepishly, allowing the girl to look him over. Standing in front of her, he was a little bit taller than she was on his high bed. If she were on her feet, she'd have about five inches of height on him.

She ran her hands across his shoulders, feeling his smooth skin. Tracing them down his arms, she jumped from his finger tips to his hips.
The boy had almost stopped breathing at this point, enjoying the green eyed girl's fingers moving up from his hips to his arm pits. His nipples hardened, a reaction that didn't escape the friend sitting in front of him.

She moved her hand down his chest and touched his nipples, eliciting a gasp from the boy. She smiled and asked "do you like this?"

He could only nod.

Her hands made their way down his stomach, running around his belly button, then to the tuft of hair above his now very hard cock. Her fingers went through a sticky spot on the way to his thighs. "What's th.." she stopped herself mid word as she realized what he'd done just before she got there. "Were you playing with yourself again? Will you show me?"

"Ash my mom is down stairs," he said.

"When I came over, she said she was going to run up to the store to pick up a few things for your trip, that'd she'd be back in an hour. She asked me to make sure you were packing." Ashley was grinning at the boy, her eyes looking up at his.

"Oh." It was a mix of relief, and anxiety at what she would make him do. This was embarrassing enough, but he felt like he couldn't escape her, not that he really wanted to. She moved her eyes back towards his cock, showing him the top of her head again. The light brown hair was pushed back behind her ears; he could see her big eye lashes and cute little nose.

"Play with it, like you did before. I want to see," she asked again.

Reluctantly, he reached his left hand down and grabbed hold of his cock again and started stroking. His balls were bouncing below his cock as he jerked quickly, hoping to make this fast.

Ash loved the show in front of her, being this close to another boy in such an intimate moment was very exciting. She reached up and touched the balls moving below his hand. Hearing the gasp from the boy in front of her, she looked up at his face. His eyes were closed, but he didn't seem to mind her touching, so she rubbed her thumb over the smooth sack.

That was enough for Chase, who had been a moment away from cumming anyway, he groaned and his legs locked below him as the watery cum dribbled out the end of his cock.

The cute girl below him pulled her hand back when the sticky fluid leaked over her fingers. She watched closely as he pushed more of the thin white stuff from under his foreskin. Her blue eyed friend sat on the bed next to her, looking at her face for any regret or absolute horror she must be feeling. Instead, he saw a bemused look on her face as she looked back in his eyes.

"Nice!" she exclaimed, relaxing the boy.

Falling backwards on the bed, he nervously laughed at what just happened. He felt something cold rub against his stomach and looked up; she had wiped the cum off her hand on to his stomach.

The sound of the garage door opening below them jolted them into action. "Quick, we need to pack a bag, get dressed!" she ordered the boy.

"My mom's going to kill me."

"Just put on your swimming shorts, and a tee, it's fine."

By the time his mom was knocking on his door five minutes later, his suit case had all of his clothes packed, and he was sitting cross legged on the bed with his friend looking at his collection of Batman comics.

"Well don't you two make a cute coupling? I'm glad you were able to get him motivated, Ashley. I brought home a bite to eat if you get hungry." Marie said, turning to leave the room.

The two young teens just grinned at each other, Chase' hair still matted down a bit by the sweat he'd worked up putting on a show for his friend.

"We do kind of make a cute couple, I think," she smiled at the boy.

He just blushed and looked back at his comic.

"Want to go for a swim at my house?" she had that mischievous look on her face again.

"Okay, just make sure you're back by 8 tonight, we have to drive to Portland in the morning to catch our flight out." Chase's mom said on their way out the door.

"Alright mom, love you!" he replied, pushing the girl away from him; she'd been tickling at his sides since they got out the door.

"So, do you think maybe you would want to be my boyfriend?"

Chase was surprised, and embarrassed by the suggestion. "Isn't the boy supposed to ask the girl that?" he asked.

"Yeah, but you're too shy and sweet to do it," she smiled at him, his face was looking at the rock he was kicking on the way to her house.

"I guess so, I've never had a girlfriend before."
"Now you do!" Her hand found his on the way to her house.


To be continued...

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