Drill Team Training

Author notes: This story is adult in nature if you are not of legal age to read such materials in your country then please stop reading now. All featured characters are of my own creation, any similarity to any persons or characters is purely accidental.

Sitting back in a chair Lynn watches the rest of the drill team drill away. Kicking herself for falling out on a stupid slip-up on a facing right face.

Jordon taps cadets on the shoulders as they mess up. As the cadets fall out one at a time until it is just Aaron and one other cadet are left in the formation. Jordon standing between them starts calling out commands as fast as he can waiting for one of the last to slip up. Catching the second cadet slip up on a stupid mistake Jordon gladly taps him on the shoulder and congratulates Aaron on another knock-out drill in the bag. "Ok everyone practice is over pack up and go home."

"Hey Jordon, I am going to stay back. Lynn asked me to help her with her commands. I will lock up everything when we are done."

"Whatever man, just make sure everything is where it goes or it is your ass and mine." Moving everyone else along Jordon leaves the two of them in the drill room shutting the door behind him.

Getting back up and going to the back of the room Lynn grabs her gun and prepares to go though the drills. "Ready when you are Aaron."

"Right well let's get going then. I am going to start out slow and then speed up my commands so try to keep up." Starting off slowly Aaron gives Lynn commands, and watches her movements. Giving her advice where she needs it, he starts to speed up his commands.

As the Aaron calls commands faster Lynn starts to mess up more and more often and starts to get frustrated with it. Worked up over the fact that she keeps missing commands, she drops her gun during a flip and starts cussing loudly as she leans down to pick it up.

"Calm down, Lynn this is nothing to let yourself get worked up over. Here let me help." Moving behind Lynn he takes her hands in his and moves hers as he helps her twirl the gun. Leaning in close he smells the scent of her shampoo.

Knowing that she can handle the spins and trying to put some distance between herself and Aaron so she can concentrate, she squirms away from him.

"Lynn, I want to work on your baring. Think you can handle that."

"Uhh, I can try."

"Ten-Hut!" Watching her snap to attention he moves close to her getting as close as he can without touching her, trying to get her to react. "Good Lynn, now to really try to get to you." Getting an evil grin on his face, he backs away so that he is directly in her line of sight. Throwing a cd into the stereo he puts on a random song and moves back to her moving in time with the song. Slowly he unbuttons his shirt doing a little strip tease for her as he pulls it off.

'Oh god, why does he have to tease me?' Trying her hardest she controls herself and doesn't move but instead stands there at attention and watches the show in front of her.

Impressed that she hasn't moved Aaron continues his strip tease pulling his green under shirt over his head and showing off his bare chest. Looking at her again after he gets his shirt off, he moves close to her.

Using all her self control Lynn waits until Aaron has his shirt over his face before biting her lips to calm herself down.

'This will be fun.' Moving behind her Aaron grabs her ass surprise when she doesn't jump, he wraps an arm around her midsection and leans in and kisses her neck softly running his teeth over her skin. Hearing her let out a slight moan he catches her and bites into her neck gently as she leans back into him.

Feeling something funny in her stomach Lynn tries to keep it together as much as she can but let's out a low soft moan as he bites into her neck. Wanting to feel more of him against her, she leans back into his arms.

Aaron makes sure she is standing back upright and steps out from behind her. "That is strike one Lynn; don't let it get to three."

"Yes sir, I can go this Aaron, I swear." Quickly she returns to attention and tries to hold her bearing. 'I have to do this, I have to impress Aaron.'

Going though his routine to test her again, getting close to her he starts unbuttoning her top. Slowly he pulls her top off of her running his hands over her breasts as he does so. Groping her after her top is laid on a nearby desk. He walks behind her again running his hands under her t-shirt pulling it and over her breasts as he massages them though her bra. "Is this a regulation bra Lynn?"

'God, why is he doing this to me? This is so not fair, but I have to keep my baring.' Looking down at her exposed chest she looks back up and straight. "No Aaron, It's not." Feeling herself get wet from his touch so far she tries to control herself with everything that is yet to come.

"Well then we can't have you in non-regulation undergarments now can we? Raise your arms."

Nervous about what to do, she reluctantly raises her arms as he pulls her t-shirt over her head and throws it to the floor. `I want to run but I want him to keep going. God I hate hormones.'

He pulls her t-shirt off and throws it to the floor, unhooking her bra and throwing that on the growing pile of clothes. Moving close to her both of them now completely topless he leans in and nibbles on her neck and ear. Hearing her moan he pulls her into a deep kiss. Not wanting to break the kiss they stay there in a close embrace for several minutes. Finally Aaron breaks the kiss looking into Lynn's eyes. "That is number two, should we go for three or just skip to the fun part?"

Deciding to take some initiative Lynn pushes Aaron into a chair and sits on his lap her breast in his face. Moaning as he takes them into his mouth one at a time, she reaches down and starts grabbing his crouch. Unbuttoning his pants she reaches in nervously and grabs his cock.

Moaning as Lynn grinds into his lap and Aaron takes her breast into his mouth sucking on her nipples. Teasing them with his tongue and his fingers, he listens to her moan as she plays with his cock.

Getting up her nerve she wraps her hand around his cock and starts jacking him off as they moan together. Lifting herself off of him, she kneels on the floor in front of him and pulls down Aaron's pants pulling them off and throwing them into the pile of clothes. Staring at Aarons cock standing erect out of his boxers Lynn looks at it with a nervous dazed look on her face. Slowly she reaches out and takes it into her hand. Gulping her slowly starts jacking of his cock.

Amazed that Lynn as gone this far Aaron watches her slowly jack off his cock. Lifting his ass he pulls her hand away from his cock. Reaching down he removes his boxers and sits back down in front of her, naked except for his socks.

Staring at Aaron's naked body for a minute she takes his cock back into her hand and starts jacking him off listening to the noises he is making. `This is so disgusting but I want to make him feel good, so I hope I can handle it.' Leaning down she takes the tip of his cock into her mouth, looking up at his as he lets out a sharp moan, she closes her eyes and works the length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat. Feeling his hairs tickle her nose she stays still for a second and then starts bobbing up and down on his cock.

Moaning loudly as Lynn sucks his cock, Aaron runs his fingers though her hair. "My go Lynn if I knew you could suck cock like this I would have seduced you a lot sooner." His hormones taking control of his actions he grabs the back of her head and pulls her down onto his cock thrusting back up into her mouth, fucking it. Throwing his head back he calls out her name. Releasing his grip on her head he cries out that he is cumming and starts shooting his load deep into her throat.

Getting over the shock of Aaron fucking her mouth she starts to get into it as Aaron starts filling her throat. Choking on the first part of his load Lynn pulls off his cock only to take the last part of his load in her open mouth and on her face. "Eww, Aaron why didn't you warn me?'

Coming back into the ROTC building, Jordon sees a light on but no movement. "Damn it Aaron, I told you to lock up." Reaching the door casually tries to open it finding it locked. Confused he looks into the room for the first time being up-close, to see Lynn topless one her knees sucking Aaron. `What the fuck is this?' Unlocking the door he walks in to see Lynn pull of Aaron's cock to catch his load on her face. Locking the door back up, he starts walking over to the two of them quickly removing his top. "What the fuck is this I thought I made it clear no relationships on the Drill Team?"

Hearing Jordon both Aaron and Lynn stop dead completely and look over at him. Speechless for a second they both start rambling out explanations.

"Stop, I don't want to hear it."

Snapping out her daze Lynn tried to scramble for her clothes in an attempt to cover herself forgetting that her face is still coated in cum. Feeling someone grab her hand as she reaches out for her shirt, she looks up to see Jordon topless with his big cock sticking out of his pants right at her face.

"Don't stop on my part you two." Watching Lynn open her mouth to say something he takes his chance and grabs her head like he had seen Aaron do and pushes his cock into her mouth.

Standing there naked staring at his best friend pull out his cock and start fucking Lynn's mouth, drivers Aaron over the edge. Moving behind Lynn he smacks her ass gently and quickly pulls off her pants. Smiling at Jordon he rubs her pussy and clit though her lavender thong. "What have we told you about wearing unauthorized underwear in uniform cadet?"

Lynn tries to look back at Aaron but Jordon grabs the back of her head and holds her onto his cock. Moaning around Jordon's cock from Aaron's touch she mumbles and answer.

Holding her head in place Jordon thrusts into her mouth as he reaches down and rips off her thong. "Make sure you teach her a good lesson Aaron."

Aaron slides a finger to her pussy, slowly working a second finger into her as moans onto Jordon's cock. Pulling his finger from her pussy her offers them to Jordon, as he leans down below her and starts licking up her juices.

Jordon licks Lynn's cum from Aaron's fingers, moving behind her he continues to suck on Aaron's fingers. Straddling Aaron as he lays on his back licking Lynn, Jordon lines up with her pussy and enters her slowly.

Feeling something change above him Aaron opens his eyes and looks up to see Jordon pounding into Lynn. Moving down a little he sucks on Jordon's balls and licks down the length of his cock to Lynn's clit.

Panting loudly Lynn screams out as the two hottest men she knows, fuck and tease her. Pulling the pile of clothes in front of her Lynn, buries her face into it moaning loudly begging for Jordon to fuck her harder. Muffling herself with Aaron's top, she screams out, Aaron and Jordon's simultaneous pleasuring sending her over the edge. Lynn's legs give out from underneath her, as she feels Aaron push up on her hips to keep her from collapsing onto him.

Jordon pounds into Lynn as hard as he can, moaning loudly as her fucks her. "Oh god, work my cock both of you." Grabbing Lynn by the inside of her hips he pulls her into him as Aaron pushes her up. Closing his eyes he concentrates on Lynn's pussy milking his cock as Aaron licks the underside of it. Twitching slightly he slams into Lynn, groaning loudly he shoots his first two squirts deep inside of Lynn. Pulling out of Lynn he coats her pussy and Aaron's face before shoving his cock into Aaron's mouth choking Aaron with his cum.

Coughing Aaron swallows down Jordon's cum. He pushes Jordon playfully trying to act pissed off. "Fucker, why did you do that? Next time warn me." Grinning he grabs Jordon's cock and sucks it clean smiling up at him. Satisfied that there was nothing left on Jordon's cock, he moves over to Lynn who lays collapsed on the floor panting. Rolling her onto her back he moves between her legs and starts licking Jordon's cum from her pussy.

Moaning loudly she squirms onto his tongue. Lynn pulls him off of her pussy and up to her lips, kissing him deeply tasting herself and Jordon on his lips. "Don't tease me Aaron; I want you to take me. Please?"

Aaron lines his cock up with her pussy; too worked up to be gentle he gets the tip inside of her and then slams the rest in. Wrapping his arms around Lynn he slams into her pussy. His bare toned ass moves up and down as he thrusts into Lynn, teasing Jordon.

Jordon sits back and watches the action while he recovers. `God that is some hot shit makes me want to join in again.' Deciding to have a little fun with Aaron, he sucks on his fingers and slides them into Aaron's ass. Surprised when Aaron pushes back onto his fingers, Jordon moves to the next step and pushes his cock against Aaron's rosebud. Pushing sharply into Aaron Jordon holds his position as Aaron starts fucking himself onto Jordon's cock.

Looking back, Aaron smiles up at Jordon, reaching back with one hand he grabs Jordon's ass and pulls Jordon deeper into his ass. "About time you took my hints, big boy." Moaning as Jordon pushes into his ass he gets into a motion where he slams between Lynn and Jordon, making sure he gets full thrusts between the two of them.

Opening her eyes Lynn looks past Aaron to see Jordon fucking his ass. "Oh my god, I wish I could watch you two..." Lynn starts moaning mid-sentence when Aaron changes his pace. "...Never mind." Wrapping her arms around Aaron's neck, she moans into his ear, begging for them to fuck her.

Wrapping his arms around Aaron, Jordon slams into him. Pounding into Aaron, Jordon drives him down into Lynn, fucking her though Aaron. Jordon listens to them both moan, as his pounding into Aaron's prostate, makes Aaron scream out for more.

Moaning loudly, Aaron moans and begs for more as Jordon fucks his ass, forcing him into Lynn. Overloaded Aaron pulls Lynn close to him as he slams into her one last time and fills her with his cum, collapsing on top of her.

Feeling Aaron's ass start milking his cock as he cums, Jordon follows suite and releases a second load into Aaron's ass. Climbing off of them after a few minutes he gathers his clothes and dresses enough to not get asked questions.

Recovering enough to get dressed Lynn pulls on her pants and t-shirt putting her bra and the remains of her panties in her cargo pocket. Looking back at Aaron still getting dressed she walks over to Jordon and kisses him deeply.

Dressing quickly Aaron joins them and kisses them both deeply, before they pack everything up and start out to their cars. Ensuring that the room is locked up and all signs of their activities are cleaned up Aaron kisses Jordon deeply, their tongues intertwining. Grabbing Lynn's ass, they part ways with Jordon getting into his car to continue where they left off alone.

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