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"Getting Kevin"

My name is Eli. I'm seventeen and, basically, I'm horny all the time. I've also got a really big dick. It's kind of huge. I measured it not too long ago and it's almost nine inches. And thick. It's kind of bigger at the base and tapers a bit towards the head, like a torpedo. My parents decided not to circumcise me; my dad had some weird thing about mutilation or something. They're urban hippies. I've also got really big nuts. They're almost as big as eggs and they hang low. When I hit puberty and I started growin', kids at school would laugh and point in the showers, but you know what? Fuck `em. I know they either wish they were as big, or wish they could get their hands on it. Oh yeah, I knew some of those guys would give their left arm to have a go at my cock. It didn't bother me. Hell, I didn't care.

I guess you could say I was good looking. I stay in shape on the wrestling team. I'm a bit shorter; 5'9, shaggy dark hair. I take after my mom's Italian side, olive skin, green eyes.

So, like I said, I'm basically always horny. As soon as I figured out how to masturbate, I pretty much couldn't stop. I do it all the time. In the shower, in my room, at the mall, in the bathrooms at school, even in the library once during study hall. The first time I shot jizz, I tasted it to see what it was like and realized I love it. Good thing too, `cause I shoot buckets. Sometimes I lay on my back, kick my legs over my head and shoot straight in my mouth. Hot!

The first time I got laid was awesome. It was at a pool party. My friend Mike's older sister Shauna was there. She was nineteen, back from her first year at college, and I was fifteen. Even then, my dick had to be at least seven and almost as thick as it is now. There were a lot of people there and we were playing Marco Polo in the pool. Shauna kept rubbing up against my back and the feel of her big titties on my bare skin was drivin' me crazy. I boned up as soon as she touched me. Damn, anything those days would make me hard.

Everyone was takin' a break from the game when Shauna came up to me in the pool.

"Mike says you got a big one," she said.

I blushed. My dick had never gone soft and was tenting out my board shorts under the cool water.

"Well, I, uh..."

She interrupted my babbling by reaching down and giving my bone a squeeze. I nearly shot off right there.

"In the garage. 15 minutes." And with that, she got out of the pool and I watched her walk away in her skimpy bikini. Man, she had hot ass.

I couldn't believe my good luck, but wasn't about to question it. I had 14 minutes to try and figure out how to get my dick to go down long enough to get from the pool to the garage. I though of my grandma in her underwear until my stiffy finally went down and I hightailed it to the garage.

I went in the side door and the garage was dark. I tripped over some tools as I made my way in the dark. Suddenly, one of the cars doors opened and the interior light came on, illuminating Shauna in the backseat of her mom's Mercedes. I hustled over and got in the backseat, scooting in next to her.

"Close the door," she whispered.

I did and Shauna leaned back against the door and moved around so her legs were stretched out along the backseat on either side of me. She undid her bikini top, exposing her big, perky tits.

"Now you show me yours," she said.

I wasn't wearing anything other than my shorts, so I assumed she meant those. My dick had boned up again and I struggled to get out of them, kneeling on the seat between her outstretched legs. I got them down to my knees, my hard dick slapping up against my belly.

"Wow, Mike was right, it's pretty big," she said, leaning forward to wrap her hand around it.

I gasped as she started to stroke me, afraid I'd shoot off in her hand. I couldn't believe this was happening so fast. I used my hand to steady myself on her shoulder, briefly wondering when Mike had got the chance to make an assessment of my dick and how he had come to tell Shauna about it. Whatever.

When Shauna put her mouth around my leaky dick, I really thought I was gonna blow it. I steeled myself against the urge to pump her mouth full of cum and thought of mowing the lawn. Sensing I was close, Shauna pulled off my dick.

"I don't want to waste that yet," she said, pushing me back.

I watched, slack-jawed as she slid her bikini down her thighs exposing her pussy. It was beautiful. She shaved, but not everything, so there was a small patch of light brown hair covering her pussy-lips.

I had been waiting so long, imagining this moment. I couldn't believe it was happening.

"This your first time?"

"No," I lied.

"Yeah right," she laughed. "Get over here. And if you tell anyone, I'll fucking kill you. If you're a good boy and keep your mouth shut, we may just have a really fun summer."

She grabbed my hips and drew me to her. I collapsed on top of her, my shorts in a tangle around my knees. My hard cock pressed against her smooth belly. She pushed me up and grabbed my dick and pointed it towards her pussy. I felt my dick-head rub against her hairy pussy lips and my pulse raced. Then, before realizing what was really happening, I slipped in. I cried out as her tight pussy drew me in, warm and tight. I sank into her completely until my big nuts slapped up against her ass.

"Oh god, yeah," she cried.

I stayed there, afraid to move, trying to burn the memory of this feeling into my brain. She smelled like suntan lotion and chlorine. Shauna started moving beneath me, grinding into me. I drew out a bit and thrust back in. And then again. And again. Each time, pulling a little further out. God it felt good. I cursed and moaned, trying to hold back, I wanted to cum so bad right then, buried to the hilt in her tight pussy.

"God. So big," she moaned. She thrust her hips into me, meeting my frantic jabs.

"Oh, oh," I cried as I teetered perilously close to the edge. I felt it first under my balls and then in my toes, and I knew I was gonna blow.

"Oh, I'm gonna..."

"Don't you fucking cum in me ..."

Shauna pushed me forcefully back and I fell against the back of the door. My dick slapped up against my six pack and I lost it. My nuts drew up tight and I started shooting all over my self. I grabbed my dick and started jacking myself furiously as I came all over my face and chest. Some even flew into my open mouth and I licked my lips to get the rest. Finally I stopped shooting and realized that Shauna was staring at me, mouth agape.

"Damn, you come a lot! And you got some in your mouth too."

"Yeah, uh, I guess I did." I guess not everyone would be into that.

She quickly got back into her bikini and got out of the car. When she was out of the car, she leaned back in, "Remember, not a soul."

And that was how it started. We fucked for the rest of the summer. She taught me a lot about sex. A lot. By the end of the summer, she told me that I was a pretty good lay, which I took as a huge compliment. She was crazy. She was almost as horny as I was and she could never get enough of my fat dick. She loved to get on top and ride me while she played with her clit `till she came like crazy. She taught me to be in touch with my body and my sexuality. She also taught me that it was cool to admire my own cock. She certainly did.

Anyways, it was a bummer when she had to go back to school. I found myself without any release, other than my fist. I was trying to figure out how to get a steady piece, but found most other girls much more frigid than Shauna. As soon as I'd get one of them to put their hand on my hard dick, even through my pants, they'd freak. I thought I was gonna lose my mind if I didn't get laid soon.

One day, I was at my buddy Brandon's house. He was on my wrestling team. We were shooting the shit when he suggested we practice some wrestling moves down in his basement. He had a mat and some workout equipment that his dad and his older brother set up.

We wrestled for a while `till we were both pretty sweaty. We had both been watching the Olympics in Athens, particularly the wrestling matches. Those guys were good!

"Hey, you know those guys used to wrestle naked when they first started the Olympics?"

"Yeah, I'd heard that. Mr. Saunders taught us about that in Ancient History," I replied.

"Wanna try that?"

"You mean wrestle naked!?"

"Yeah, man, like they did in old times," Brandon replied.

Brandon was about my height, maybe a little shorter. We were a good match and were often paired by the coach. He was fairer than me, and he wore his hair in a crew cut, accenting his pug-ish face and short neck.

"C'mon, man, it'll be like a history lesson." Before I could respond, Brandon was stripping down. He pulled off his t-shirt exposing his tight abs and muscled chest. Then he dropped his shorts and jock in one move and kicked them aside. He clapped his hands together and said, "C'mon, man, what're you waiting for?"

He stood there nude, with his big piece swingin' out in the open. He was big, not as big as me, but still pretty big. His pubes were lighter than mine and more spare, but his big nuts hung low.

It felt weird lookin' at him naked like that, so I figured I might as well join him. I stripped down and I could feel his eyes on me. When I was naked, Brandon's eyes were glued to my cock. I was kinda used to it, guys were always starin' at it in the locker room.

"Wow," Brandon said.

"That's what all the girls say," I replied. "C'mon, let's go."

He snapped out of it and we wrestled a few matches. It was strange wrestling nude, but I tried to imagine the Greek's doing it and then it didn't seem to be so weird. It got pretty sweaty and it was weird feelin' my stuff slappin' against Brandon's bare, slick skin. I couldn't help but notice that his meat was getting thicker as we strained against each other. I flipped him and basically had my face buried in his crotch. Weirdly, it smelled fucking hot! I tried to focus on getting him pinned, but feeling his hard dick against me and my own rapidly hardening meat made it hard to concentrate.

Soon we were both hard. There was no hiding it, but neither of us said anything. I was dripping sweat and the funky smell of boys hung heavy in the small closed room. We struggled and fought and pushed. I flipped Brandon and he ended up beneath me, my thick cock pressed between his hard, muscled cheeks. He moaned. Or did I imagine it? I was gonna have to stop this soon or I was gonna cream all over him. He slipped out from beneath me and we struggled again. He got on top of me with his face in my ass and I swear I heard him whimper. I struggled to flip him again and he spun so I was on top again with my dick buried between his cheeks. He bucked his ass back and my cock slid back so it was lined up with his hole. My heart was racing as Brandon shifted his hips and his tight hole opened to swallow my fat dick-head. Simple as that.

"Yeah," he cried

I guess it was no accident. My mind raced to process what was happening. I had never even considered the possibility of doing what we were doing now. But there I was, my cock-head buried in Brandon's greedy ass. He pushed back and more of my fat meat slid up his tight chute. I quickly stopped thinking about what was happening and concentrated on the tight, sweaty ass engulfing my dick. I watched intently as more of my thick, turgid cock slid up Brandon's ass. I was on my knees behind him as he fucked himself against me. He raised up on his elbows and his muscled back gleamed with sweat. I grabbed his hips and shoved all the way in `till I was buried to the hilt.

"Oh fuck," he cried, "fuck me, man."


I wasn't going to argue. I'd heard guys jokin' about cornholing and stuff but had never really thought that two guys could fuck like this. But there I was, watching Brandon's ass lips clinging tightly to my fat cock as I pulled back. As soon as I had all but the thick head pulled out, Brandon lurched back towards me, fucking himself on my long, fat dick. Man, he couldn't get enough!

It has tight and hot as hell. Tighter than Shauna's pussy. I couldn't believe how good it felt. And I guess it felt pretty good to Brandon too. He was moaning and groaning, grinding himself back on me. He was swearing a blue streak as he rode back on my thrusting cock. It was crazy. Instinctually I grabbed his hips harder and took over, thrusting all the way into him, feeling my big, heavy nuts slap hard against his sweaty ass.

"Yeah, do it, man," Brandon moaned.

I wondered where or who he had been doin' this with? Had he planned this? Aw, fuck it! Who cares? All I knew is I was fuckin' the hottest, tightest hole I'd ever felt and I was lovin' how dirty it felt, fuckin' my buddy on his knees. Little fuckin' slut.

I pulled my shiny, fat cock all the way out and rubbed the head around his tight little pucker. He wiggled his hot ass around tryin' to get me back inside.

"You want that?" I teased.

"Oh yeah, man, give it to me."

I loved hearin' him beg for it. Slowly I slid the fat head in and gasped at how his sweet ass lips grabbed my cock and pulled it in to his tight furnace. I pulled back out and slid back in again, teasin' him. He kept tryin' to buck back against me to get more of my dick in him. Finally I slid slowly all the way in and watched as he arched his back as I filled him completely. He loved it!

I pulled all the way out, flipped him over on his back, slung his thick muscled legs over my shoulders and plowed into him all the way to the hilt. His torso was covered with sweat and his brow was damp. His cute face was screwed up in an expression of ecstasy and when he opened his eyes and saw me watching him, he blushed like crazy. I just kept fuckin' that tight hole, tryin' to make that feeling last. I looked down and saw his thick 7 and a half, hard as hell and leaking pre-cum like crazy all over his tight belly.

Fucking another guy was so different than a girl, aside from the obvious reasons. It was more animal, both of us careening towards release, no pretense, no sweet talk, just sex.

I reached down and gave his leaky bone a few strokes.

"Oh, don't! I'll..." Brandon cried. And before he could finish, his big balls drew up tight and his cock jerked and the first jet of cum flew outta his dick and hit him smack in the chin with a loud splat. As he came his tight ass clamped even harder around my thrusting cock and I thought I'd pass out from the feeling. He kept shooting jet after jet of hot cum all over his face and belly, jerking wildly as I kept fisting his cock.

Seeing him shoot his hot stuff all over himself and the feeling of his tight ass squeezing on my thrusting cock pushed me over the edge. My toes cracked and before I had time to think about it my nuts drew up tight and I started shooting up his ass.

"Aw, fuck," I cried as I slammed into him. My back arched and I almost lost my balance as I shot my huge load up his ass. I could feel the hot jets of cum as they filled his tight, hot ass. I realized, in the middle of my orgasm, that since Shauna and I didn't used condoms, I had never cum while I was still fucking her. The feeling of cumming while I was still buried deep up his ass was unbelievable. He must have liked it too, yellin' to cum up his ass and all kinds of dirty shit.

Finally, I started to slow my thrusts as I neared the end of my orgasm. I looked down at Brandon, face flushed, covered in cum and was overwhelmed at how sexy he looked. My dick started to deflate as the last of my jizz oozed outta my dick. I pulled out gently and lowered Brandon's legs.

"Holy shit," was all I could think to say.

Jumping up suddenly, Brandon clapped his hands together and said, "Whew, I needed that. Now let's get cleaned up." He punched me in the shoulder and I watched as he started walking towards the little bathroom. His ass looked incredibly sexy, and I realized that a guy's ass could be as hot as a woman's. His was firm, tight and high. I followed him into the little bathroom as he was turning on the water in the small shower stall.

"Hop in," he said. I followed him in and we squeezed ourselves into the tight space. He started soapin' up grinning at me like a cheschire cat.

"Shit, Brandon, where'd you learn to do that?"

He looked serious for a moment.

"Promise you won't tell anybody?" he asked.

"Yeah, sure."

"Well, it was my brother."

My jaw dropped and I saw him looking at me, trying to figure how I would react.

"Whoa!" I said. "You serious?"

"Yeah, I know it sounds weird, but it just kinda happened once. We were on vacation in Florida and we were stayin' at my aunt's place. It was real small and we had to share a bed. One night it was so hot, we both ditched our clothes and slept nude. He was asleep and must've been havin' a pretty hot dream `cause he was hard and his dick was pushin' against my ass. I was totally freaked. He started rubbin' against me and I couldn't tell if he was awake or not. Before I knew what had happened, his dick was pressin' up against my hole. I didn't know what to do so I just lay there. He was kind of jabbin' at my hole and then, it just popped in. It hurt at first and I tried to pull away, but he grabbed me and held me tight. Guess he was awake after all. I knew I couldn't get away, so I tried to relax and hoped he'd be done soon. But then it started to feel good. Really good. My dick had gone full hard and I started jackin' it while my brother was fuckin' me. He tensed up and I could feel his dick get bigger inside me and I knew he was shootin' up inside me, and that made me shoot. The best cum I ever had. We never really talked about it, but every once in a while, he'll come into my room and ask me if I want to `do some stuff'. That's what he calls it. I don't know if I'm gay or what, I just know that I never cum as hard as when I'm getting fucked."

I was totally blown away. I was surprised at how honest he was being with me, and weirdly, didn't make me feel like he was a fag. The other thing was, I'd gotten totally turned on by the story of his older brother doin' him up the ass. In fact I'd gotten another raging hard-on.

He looked down at my bone and that smirk crept back across his face. I turned him around in the small shower and pushed him against the wall, the warm water still cascading down our bodies. I jacked my dick a few times and then aimed it between his cheeks. I watched as the head of my fat dick buried itself between his fleshy ass-cheeks. I felt my cock-head bump against his little hole. I gave a slight nudge and felt his tight ass-ring give way to my cock. I pushed harder and felt the whole head pop in. Damn he was tight! He moaned and arched his back and I thrust further up his tight chute. He threw his head back and thrust his ass back on my dick. I grabbed his hips and fucked him hard now. I knew the little slut loved it and it felt fucking amazing. He was already jackin' his hard dick and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. I started really pounding him and I felt my balls pull up tight.

"Aw, fuck," he cried and I felt his ass spasm around my shaft as he shot his load hard against the shower wall.

"Here it comes," I panted as I shot my second load up his slick ass. I fucked him hard as my dick shot hot cum straight up his ass. I panted and swore as my whole body shook with my orgasm.

Finally I came down and slowed my thrusts. I pulled out gently and Brandon spun around and we fell against each other in a wet, messy hug. We cleaned up quickly in the shower and got out and dried ourselves and got dressed.

"Hey listen, Eli, you promise you won't tell anybody about what we did or about what I told you?"

"Yeah, of course, man. As long as you let me fuck you every once in a while," I said with a smirk.

"Deal," he said, punching me in the shoulder.

So, that's how it started with Brandon. We got together a lot after that for extra "practices." He was always up for it and seemed to not be able to get enough of my dick. Fucking loved it. We never kissed or anything, it was always straight up fucking. But, I started to feel weird about it. I mean, I was just doin' it to get off. Doesn't make me a fag or anything, right? I started to pursue girls more seriously, dated some, never got any, though. Brandon had a girl too, real religious, so I knew he wasn't even getting close to fucking her. We talked about it one time and he said he didn't even know if he wanted to do it with a girl. That kind of freaked me out. I mean, if he was a fag, then it would be different. But if we're both straight guys, then that'd be cool. I started tryin' to think of a way to get Brandon laid with a girl.

The opportunity presented itself when I got an unexpected call from Shauna. She was planning a weekend home and wanted to know if I was gonna be around.

She got in on Friday night and she came straight to my house to pick me up. We drove out to the point and fucked in the car. After, we smoked a joint and I asked her if she'd be into doin' it with me and Brandon.

"C'mon, Shauna, I gotta get him laid"

"What'd you think? I'm the town whore?"

"Naw, Shauan. It's just, well, I know you like sex and I think it'd be hot to watch you with another guy."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah, it'll be wild. C'mon."

"Alright. One condition. You gotta suck him off before he fucks me."


"Yeah, you're not gonna get this one for free. If I'm gonna give it up to some stranger high school kid, you gotta give it up too."

"No way!"

"You're choice, stud. I won't tell anyone. I always wanted to see two guys get it on."

I thought for a moment. What she didn't know is that we'd already been getting it on for a while now. True, I'd never sucked his dick or let him fuck me, it wasn't too much of a stretch, And besides, she asked me, right? And I'd be doing it so that he could finally get some pussy.

"What makes you think he'd go along with that anyways?" I tried.

Shannon gave me a look. "I've just got a feeling."

I hated it when she was so smug.

"Well, alright. I guess it'd be worth it to get him laid."

"Deal," and we shook on it.

So now I had to make the plan. Shauna was gonna be back again in two weeks. I had to prep Brandon without freaking him out. I decided not to tell him too much, just that we were gonna party with Shannon her parents and her brother Mike would be out of town, so we'd have the place to ourselves.

I steered clear of Brandon until the Thursday before Shannon was back. He caught up with me in the hallway.


"Oh, hey Brandon. What's up?"

"What's up? What do you mean? Where you been?" he asked with that puppy dog look in his eyes. "I really need to practice with you. Bad."

"Cool it Brandon," I said as nicely as possible. "I got plans for us Saturday night."

"I already got plans with Jeane."

"Cancel `em. Trust me." I punched him in the shoulder and took off before he could ask too many more questions.

On Friday I texted him to tell him I'd pick him up at 7:30 on Saturday night. I didn't reply when he asked what we'd be doing.

I was psyched when Saturday night finally rolled around. I pulled up in front of Brandon's house right on time and honked the horn. Brandon came running out.


He hopped in the car and said, "So, where we goin'. Gonna practice out in the woods?" he asked with a smirk.

"Nope. Goin' to party over at Shauna's place."

"Oh," the look of disappointment was painful.

"Don't look so glum, pal. It'll be fun!"

"I just thought..."

I cut him off.

"Don't worry about it. I got plans for you."

We pulled up to Shauna's parent's place and went inside. The front door was open and we found Shauna in the living room watching MTV.

"Hey boys!"

"Hey," I said. I did the introductions as she handed each of us a beer. We talked for a while, trying to keep it light, while Brandon sat on the couch with his arms folded, staring at the ground.

"Hey Brandon, you wanna smoke some pot?" Shauna asked.

"Yeah, sure. I guess."

Shauna went to another room to get the weed.

"Dude, lighten up! It's like you're at a fucking funeral."

"Sorry, man. I just though...I mean, I really wanted to..."

"Just chill," I said, punching him on the shoulder.

Shauna came back and we lit up. We passed the joint around a few times and then Shauna got the ball rolling.

"How `bout we make this party a little interesting? Truth or dare anyone?"

"Yeah!" I said.

"Aw man, that games for kids," Brandon moaned.

"Well, you've never played with me, have you?"

Brandon shrugged.

Shauna cleared off the coffee table and set the bottle spinning. It landed on Brandon first. He chose truth and Shauna threw him an easy one. Brandon spun next and got me. I chose truth and he asked me some lame question. I spun next and got Shana. She chose dare. I dared her to show us her tits. She didn't waste anytime lifting her t-shirt to give us a good, long look at her tits. I boned up right away. I looked over at Brandon who was staring slack-jawed. I nudged him with my elbow and whistled.

"Alright, boys, my turn!" Shauna spun. She got me, took a deep breath and said, "I dare you, Eli, to give Brandon here a blowjob."

"What!?!," we both cried.

"You heard me. Give him a blowjob. Come on, I've always wanted to see two guys do that! It'd be so fucking hot!" She said reaching down and rubbing her mound.

Brandon had turned beet red and was fixated on Shannon's hand as she rubbed herself lewdly.

"And what do I get if I do?" I asked.

Brandon's head snapped to look at me, his mouth open as if to speak.

"You get to fuck me. Both of you," Shannon replied.

Brandon started to get up to leave, but I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down to the couch next to me. I looked him square in the eye. "Don't go," I said.

"What are you waiting for?" Shauna taunted.

I figured now was my chance. I'd better do something before Brandon freaked. I reached over and unzipped the fly of his jeans. He looked at me nervously and then to Shauna. I reached in and felt the soft cotton of his boxers. His cock was soft but as I reached in further and felt his smooth nuts, I could feel his cock growing.


"Take these off," I whispered.

Brandon gave Shauna another nervous glance and then reluctantly shoved his boxers and jeans down to his ankles.

"Nice," Shannon whispered, smiling.

Brandon spread his thick, muscled thighs further and I looked down at his lengthening cock resting lazily on his big, smooth nuts.

I looked up at him again and he gave me a look that said, "Go for it."

I leaned down and grabbed his thickening cock in my hand. I had jerked him many times while I was banging him, but this was different. I gave his cock a few quick tugs and watched in amazement as his cock filled out. It wasn't as big as mine, but still impressive. Already there was a drop of pre-cum forming on his slit. I jerked a couple of more times and then slowly leaned down and licked the head of his cock. Brandon gasped and drew in a breath. His cock-head was rubbery and hot and hard all at the same time. It tasted good. Weird. I opened my mouth more and let the whole head of his dick slip into my mouth.

"Hot," I heard Shauna say.

I tried to imagine that it was my dick getting sucked, and tried to do what I knew felt good. I worked my way further down his stiff shaft. I felt Brandon's hands on the back of neck gently urging me to take more. I felt up his big nuts with my free hand and squeezed them gently as I went up and down on his thick cock. I could taste the pre-cum oozing into my mouth and found it tasted the same as mine did. It was a bit weird sucking his dick right in front of Shauna. I hope she didn't think it made me faggy. I looked up to see that she had taken off her clothes and was watching us from the armchair across from the couch. She had one of her legs up on the coffee table and was fingering her snatch. Brandon was watching dumbfounded and looked back at me when he realized I had stopped.


"Don't stop, please," Brandon pleaded.

"Take of the rest of your clothes, both of you," Shauna ordered.

Brandon quickly complied and kicked off his shoes, shoved his pants off and ripped his t-shirt off. I made quick work of getting all my clothes off. In no time I was naked my hard-on sticking up at 45 degrees. Brandon looked at it longingly.

Catching on, Shauna suggested, "Why don't you suck his while he's sucking yours?"

Saying nothing, we quickly rearranged ourselves on the couch in a 69 position. Brandon grabbed my thick cock and started licking the head like a lollipop. He had it in his mouth and was halfway down the shaft in no time. Damn, he could suck good. I tried to imitate his movements and soon we were both frantically choking on each other's cocks. I was totally absorbed by what I was doing when I felt Shauna get on the couch. She was straddling the both of us, positioning herself over my head, watching me smoke Brandon's pole.

"If I didn't know any better, I'd think you two had been practicing."

I stopped what I was doing and looked up at her with half of Brandon's thick cock in my mouth. She had positioned herself right above my head and her pussy was inches from my face. I spit Brandon's cock out and buried my face in her pussy. Shauna groaned out loud as I licked her moist snatch. She ground herself against my face as she watched Brandon continue his work on my thick bone. God he had a hot mouth! He sucked like a vacuum cleaner and I tried to resist the urge to unload in his mouth. I kept eating Shauna out as Brandon worked on my dick. He was sucking me hard, using his hand to jack me as his mouth went up and down on my long, fat shaft. Shauna was groaning as I licked her hot pussy.

"I gotta have one of you inside me," Shauna moaned. She got off of me and moved around so she was sitting beside me on the couch. Brandon took his mouth off my cock and looked up at me and nodded towards me.

"Nah, man, you go for it," I said.

He looked at Shauna nervously.

"C'mon Brandon. I want you to fuck me," she said.

I got up next to the couch and stuck my dick in Shauna's face. She went at it greedily, sucking and slobbering all over it while she spread her legs for Brandon. I noted that she didn't suck cock nearly as well as Brandon.

Brandon got up hesitantly and stood between her legs. The couch was at the perfect height so hat their hips were lined up for fucking. He looked at me and then at Shauna suckin' on my big cock. I nodded for him to do it. He pointed his rock-hard cock towards her snatch and made a few frantic jabs, missing entirely. Shauna took her mouth off my cock and said to me, "Show him."

I walked around behind Brandon and reached around him and grabbed his cock. "Here let me," I said. I pointed it down toward her pussy and rubbed his dripping cock-head against her pussy lips. Shauna drew in a breath.

"Right there, feel that? " I whispered in Brandon's ear.

"Oh yeah," he moaned.

"Just rub it there and get her ready for it," I said.

I kept rubbing his dick against her pussy, jacking him some while I was doing it. Meanwhile, my own thick cock was pressed up against his hard ass cheeks. I kept up my work on his cock and then leaned against him a little more, pushing his cock-head into her pussy a little more. It was so hot watching his thick cock disappearing into her tight little cunt. I could only imagine how hot it felt having his cock slide in to her warm channel for the first time. Shauna moaned as more of his cock slid into her pussy. I kept pushing Brandon from behind, forcing more of his cock in her.

"Feel good, Brandon?" I asked.

"Aw, yeah, so fuckin' hot," he replied.

"Mmmm, keep goin' Brandon. All the way," Shauna moaned.

I pushed him further, looking over his shoulder as he buried himself to the hilt in her pussy. He kind of collapsed in top of her and I leaned on him so we were like a sandwich. I pulled Brandon back up and pulled his hips back so his cock pulled about half way out and then I pushed forward, forcing it back in. I kept up like this, controlling his fuck.

Shauna looked up at us with lust in her eyes. "So hot," she said.

Brandon's eyes were shut tight as we moved together.

"Feel her tits, man," I whispered.

Brandon leaned forward and awkwardly grabbed her big tits.


"Naw man, gently."

He tried again and Shauna bucked against him, spurring him on. "Yeah, that's good," she said.

I started moving Brandon's hips faster and thrusting deeper. My rock-hard cock was slipping around his crack, my pre-cum and his spit lubing up his tight cheeks. Brandon started thrusting into her more on his own, finding his pace. Every time he pulled back he would squeeze his ass cheeks on my cock. Watching him fuck her tight little hole and the feel of his ass on my cock was driving my crazy. I wanted to tear him off her and sink my fat nine inches straight up her cunt. But I also wanted Brandon to get his first real fuck. I thought maybe I'd just jerk off while I watched them or fuck Shauna when Brandon was done. But Brandon's hot ass felt amazing on my cock, and moving with him like this, I felt like I was fucking her too, watching his thick, sturdy cock slide in and out of her hot pussy-lips. Brandon leaned his furry head back against my shoulder as he fucked into her. He thrust his ass back hard on my cock. I couldn't resist. I readjusted my cock a bit, and like that, I was inside his tight, hot ass-ring. Fuck, it felt good! I held his hips tight and shoved more of my slippery fat cock up his ass and he stopped thrusting. I kept going in one long slow stoke until my pubes were up against his ass and my big nuts slapped his smooth ass. "Keep going," I hissed and I felt him plunge back into Shauna. As he fucked her he was fucking himself on my big dick.

"Holy shit! Are you fucking him?" Shauna asked, eyes wide.

Brandon blushed and looked down.

"Feels fucking hot," I said.

"Whoa," Shauna said. "Yeah, Eli, fuck him while he's fucking me"

I thrust deeper into him, feeling his hot ass working my cock. Man, he was tight. He was fucking her harder now thrusting back every time on my cock. This was the hottest thing ever. Brandon was panting and moaning while he fucked and got fucked, Shauna was fingering her clit as Brandon slammed onto her. I could hear his big nuts slapping against her ass as we moved together as one fucking machine.

"Harder," Shauna moaned.

Brandon fucked harder and I struggled to stay planted deep inside him as his hot tight ass worked my fat cock.

"Feel good, Brandon?" Shauna panted. "You like him fucking you while, you fuck me."

"Aw, yeah, feels so good."

"Yeah, now you know what it feels like to get fucked. Fucking incredible," she said.

Little did she now that he was no stranger to getting fucked. I was getting close. Watching Brandon fuck Shuna as she played with herself was getting me so hot. And the feeling of Brandon's tight chute squeezing me like crazy was so hot, I could barely stand it.

"Oh, god," Brandon moaned. "Getting close."

"Oh yeah," Shauna cried, "Gonna cum soon."

One hand was frantically massaging her clit while the other tweaked her nipples.

She was bucking hard against Brandon's thrusts and Brandon started fucking furiously. I almost slipped out, but grabbed on tightly to him.

"Oh yeah, here it comes. Can't hold back," Brandon cried.

"Yeah," Shuna screamed, "Fucking coming." She was panting and tossinig her head as she came. I could feel Brandon's ass squeeze harder on my cock and I knew he was starting to come.

"Oh man, I'm cumming ,I'm cumming," Brandon said.

"Aw fuck, shoot it in me Brandon."

I felt my balls pull up tight and knew I couldn't hold out either. I started pounding his ass harder, sweat dripping down my chest and back. God it felt amazing!

"Arrgghh," Brandon cried and his ass kept squeezing and throbbing on my cock and I knew he was dumping his load deep up her snatch. That triggered me off and soon I was falling over the cliff.

"Here it comes, Brandon. Take it you little slut," 'I cried as I started pumpimg my load up his hot ass. He cried out as the first shot of my hot cum flew outta my dick and deep up his ass. He squeezed hard on my cock coaxing more of my thick jizz outta my cock.

"Oh god, so tight,' I cried.

"Shoot it in him," Shuna said.

I kept pumping as jet after jet of hot jizz pumped up his ass. Brandon was still fucking Shauna as the last drops of cum oozed outta his cock and up her tight snatch. He reached back to try and slow my thrusts as he slowed down. Finally the waves of orgasm passed and I came down too.

When I finally stopped, Brandon pulled himself out of Shauna and I gently pulled out of Brandon. We all collapsed exhausted. We looked from one to the other and then started laughing. I was glad that it didn't get too heavy or that Shauna didn't freak out that I fucked Brandon and that he so clearly liked it. Eventually we all got in the shower together and cleaned up. I was glad that Brandon had finally fucked a girl and I hoped it would make him start getting more action from the girls.

We hung out for a bit longer an then Brandon and I took off,

"So what'd you think. She's pretty hot huh?," I asked?

"Yeah man, she's pretty wild."

But that was about all I got from him. The next day I got a text from him sayin' "wanna practice at my house"

I had more work to do...


Wow! This one took a lot longer thanks I thought, and I haven't eve gotten to Kevin yet.

More to come...