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This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.




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Soul Mates

Prologue: Moving



They say we only use 10% of our brain capacity, and that could we ever tap into the other 90% we could do wondrous things. My family, on my father's side, doesn't have that problem. Since before I was born, I have been able to feel my parents around me. I felt their love, the longing for me to arrive, but also a fear from my father that was distant, but there none the less. I didn't understand it, I didn't understand anything that early in life, but I do remember it.

You see among other things, I was gifted with an eidetic memory unlike any other, except for the other men in my family. My father was afraid of that, and had hoped it would skip me. My father's family has had a number of gifts for as long as we can remember, going all the way back to the dark ages, and then some. My father suspected it a couple of months before my birth that I would have it but he wasn't sure until after I was born.

Because of my awareness I didn't really cry a lot. About the only time I would cry was when I got hurt or something, but I didn't cry if I merely wanted something. When I was hungry I projected a thought of the food I wanted into my parents' minds, my Mom was freaked out the first time I did that to her, but Dad knew it was coming. I couldn't speak to them per se, but I could send images, and feelings. However I was fully talking in sentences by the time was fourteen months old. I would pick up on the meanings of the words they were using, and eventually figured out how the words fit into place. I really freaked Mom out when I said "Mommy" after only two months.

The real spearhead of my development was my father. He knew exactly where I was coming from, because he had gone though the same thing as he grew up. He was able to help me to shut it off when I wanted to be alone, which wasn't very often when I was young. He taught me how to block other people out, mainly him, and also how to keep my thoughts to myself.

I started school when I was four years old. School was both a blessing and a curse. On one hand I made straight A's. I could see the complex formulas and rules and why they worked and how they worked straight from the teacher's mind and the way the teacher understood them. It was a breeze!

On the other hand, I had to deal with hundreds of other students. Which isn't so bad, it was worse from 1st through to about 5th. Most of the time unless I pry, and Dad taught me to never do that because it was an invasion, I only got snippets of thought. You see, the only time someone broadcasts their thoughts is when the thought it is tied to emotion. A bully pissed off at someone, a happy couple talking in the courtyard, the whole class when they're taking a test! On those days I have to close off just to concentrate. I could have easily skipped several grades and been in college now, but my Dad wanted me to have an ordinary child (well as ordinary as I could).

My name is Josh. I'm now eighteen years old, a senior. I'm five-ten and one-eighty-five pounds, I don't carry any fat and my muscles are lean and tight. I just started working out last year, but I don't want to "bulk up", I like a nice tone body. I think I look pretty good, and so do most of the girls I walk past. I have ice blue eyes and shoulder length light brown hair. I have two younger sisters, Adria fifteen, Kim eight and a baby brother, Danny just thirteen months. The gifts only pass through the males in my family, but it has passed on Danny. Boy did it pass on Danny! He is the fussiest, loudest kid I think I've ever seen. Mom gets upset at the fact that Dad and I can calm him down in a few seconds, and we always know what he wants when he cries. It was like that with my sisters too. The rest of the family is OK with mine and our father's gifts. The girls have grown up with it and Mom, although a bit annoyed at us at times, accepted it before she married my father.

We just moved to a new town. I had a major girl problem back home, to the point Dad decided to move. Dad is a lawyer, a pretty good one too. As you can imagine he has a little bit of an unfair advantage. He knows how far to push as to not give away his secret. He has never lost a case in seventeenyears. His boss had a good friend who ran a law firm in Charleston, South Carolina. After a call and an interview Dad got the job with ease and here we are in Goose Creek, funny name right.

Anyway, the reason we had to move started at the beginning of the school year. We had only been going to school for just two weeks. It was a Monday morning. I had a good number of friends that I hung out with, but I usually kept to myself most of the time, it's easier to study without all the other random thoughts. Generally, everybody came to school an hour early and just hung out. It was like a pre-period to school in which to relax and be with friends. I was talking to John and Willy, two friends of mine, about how much of an idiot one of our teachers was, all of a sudden a terrible pain shot out from the other side of school.

It can't be!!! I don't understand!!! Why!! Over and over again, in between sobs. It was a girl's mind that was screaming. I could hear it from all the way across the school.

I excused myself from my friends, giving some lame excuse, and went to see what the problem was. I found her under the north staircase. It was Jessica Maynard, the most beautiful girl in the school. Long blond hair, beautiful green eyes, a fabulous figure, and a rack that was just big enough to strain fabric. I had passed by her many times in the hall on my way to my AP classes. She always smiled at me and I got the distinct impression that given the right situation she would love to get to know me. However, I was the kind of geeky, preppy, smart kid and she was the star cheerleader, athletic female jock that just would never move in the same circles as me. Not to mention that everybody knew that she was dating the captain of the swim team, James Mason.

Well, she was sitting on her knees on the floor, with her arms folded loosely around her stomach. Although she was trying her hardest to not seem upset, it was clear from her body language and her face, not to mention her thoughts that were getting louder as I got closer. I also realized that anger was mixed in with the pain. I walked up to her, pushing calming emotion towards her.

"Hey, Jessica, What's up? You OK?"

She looked up, shocked, as she recognizing me, "Y...You're Joshua, r...right?" Her mood immediately changed, almost to one of embarrassment. I'm not sure if it was from being caught on the verge of tears, or from my presence.

I smiled, "My mother calls me Joshua, my friends call me, Josh"

That really got her blushing. OMG, I can't believe I'm... I got with a rush of joy from her, and then she leapt up and grabbed me. Hugging me as if we had been best friends for years and she laid her head on my shoulder and began to weep openly. As she cried, the sadness came crashing back but not nearly as bad, thanks to my, still exuding, calming. I can't believe it, like a knight in shining armor. After about a minute of sobs her emotions finally came into check.

Still sobbing, although I know there is no more need for it, "James just broke up with me... I'm... I'm not sure why but right now, I feel completely safe in your arms." At first I wasn't sure what was going on, her emotions were just all over the place a few minutes ago and now she was calm but still sobbing. She was putting up an act for me and I wasn't sure why.

Then it all became very clear. I felt it Moments before she pressed her lips to mine. The wanton lust seeping into my head from her was intoxicating.

"I've wanted you since the first time I laid eyes on you!" She whispered in my ear. I don't know why but she had chosen her replacement boyfriend, in less than thirty minutes. I had been out with a couple of girls before but I had never had a girlfriend. I had never felt this kind of emotional strength from anyone before. The rest of that day is a complete blur to me now, but I know that I did not remain in school.

We ended up at her house. No one was home, and we ran to her room. I remember her throwing me up against the wall and practically ripping off my clothes. I had never been so hard in all my life. When she undid my belt and flung open the zipper on my jeans, I heard her moan as she saw the tent in my boxers. She thumbed my boxers and jeans to the floor, and `Ooooed,' as my ridged eight and a half inch prick practically slapped her in the face. I could do nothing but just stand there and let it happen. The feral lust exuding from her was unlike anything I had ever felt. I was mesmerized as I felt the first set of lips to ever engulf my engorged member. I was in heaven. I reached out and grabbed her hair massaging her head as she was taking me down the back of her throat. She was very good at this and must have practiced often on James.

Suddenly, she was off my cock and had come back up to my face, throwing her lips and then her tongue at my mouth. I noticed as she was coming up that her clothes had come off somewhere while sucking my dick. Her bare breasts were now firmly pressed against my chest. I couldn't believe this was happening. Only in my wildest fantasies had ever thought I would be doing this. A part of me was saying this was wrong, too fast and too sudden, but the animal in me, or maybe it was in her, was in charge now. The next thing I knew she had wrapped first one leg then the other around my waist, her feet crossed on top of my ass. I felt her hand on my cock as something moist and warm engulfed me. Oh my God, he's big. My hands reached around her and grabbed her ample ass.

As she began to bounce, I dug into her checks and started my own thrusting. Oh my, He feels so good, much better than... We were going so hard my nuts were slapping hard against her ass. Wow, He's going to make me come on the first try! She was moaning at a high pitch. He's so hot! Oh my God! I'm o fire! I was grunting, with every fiber of my being tingling to the sensation. I was in such bliss. And so was she. "Oh Josh!" I could feel every single thrust both from myself and from her. So Good! Her thoughts were spurring me on. I could feel the orgasm building in her. It was weird, I had beat off many times and knew how my orgasm felt. But I was feeling her orgasm building and it started mine building. Oh God! Oh God! Oh God! "Oh God! Oh God! Oh God!" A bit of curiosity hit me then and I opened up a link to her so she could feel my feelings too. ...FUCK! Her eyes shot open at the new sensation, staring at me with a look of total rapture.

"Oh Fuck!" I heard us say in unison. But that wasn't all, we breathed in unison panted in unison, and moaned in unison. Somehow I had linked us in a way that we were just one person feeling as one, speaking as one, and coming as one!

We came so hard, at the same time, that my knees buckled and we slid down the wall to the floor. I remained firmly in her, neither of us moving, as the mutual sensations flushed through us. We had our heads on each other's shoulders, with tears streaming down our faces as the most powerful orgasm of either of our lives washed over us from head to toe.

The next thing I remember I opened my eyes to see her still lying against me, her head on my shoulders. I'm still in her and surprisingly half hard. She was snoring lightly, her breathing shallow.

"Jessica!" I whispered as I ran my fingers on her delicate back.

She began to stir, "Mmm...Hi, stud." As she pulled back her head and smiled

"You were pretty damn hot you're self"

"Ha...that was the most awesome fuck I've ever had. Where did you learn that technique you used that at the end?"

Oh my God! I had forgotten what I had done. I can't believe that in my wanton state, I had invaded her mind. Luckily she thinks it was some positional thing I did. Thank god! I almost broke the #1 rule, and for what? A little roll in the hay?

"Uhh...It's a family trade secret, passed from father to son," I said with a smile in my best oriental accent.

She smiled a devilish smile and bounced once more on my now softening dick, however that changed things. Once again, I was growing in earnest, filling her up once more. She feigned a surprised look on her face, and bounced a second time. This time I meet her with a thrust of my own.

We fucked for the next three hours straight! She was a little disappointed that I didn't give her the Super-O. I said I could only do it the first time. She came every time though, without fail, and I know from her reactions and thoughts that that had never happened to her before. Four out of four and a Super-O, I was damn proud of myself. I was a stud and I knew it, even though I had an advantage.

It was getting late about four o'clock and her mother would be home in an hour. She said she wanted to talk about us but our time was running out, so she asked if we could meet early the next morning to talk. I was in a state euphoria from losing my virginity in the most spectacular way imaginable, so I said sure. I took a quick shower to clean all the sex off of me and left.

The walk home was aggravating to say the least. The events of the day slowly started to settle and the absurdity of what had happened to me was starting to piss me off. How could I have allowed a girl that I barely knew in passing, as beautiful as she may be, to seduce me like that? Had she manipulated me? I didn't want a relationship to start like that. I had blown off school, I'm sure Mom and Dad would get a call about that. What was I going to tell them? `Yea, this hot girl dragged me to her house and fucked my brains out!!'

On one hand the day was any eighteen-year-old's dream come true. On the other hand, I not only had sex with a girl I hardly knew, multiple times, but I did it with no protection. I'm smarter than this!

I decided that I would play it cool. If my parents did get a call, how could they begrudge their son one missed day of school in twelve years? They will probably be glad I'm doing something normal for a change. I was defiantly breaking it off with Jessica tomorrow. I felt cheap and used. I know what you're thinking... Damn man, you just had some awesome sex, with a hot girl that wants to continue having sex with you! Well to me it felt as though I had just been raped! Somehow her emotions had overpowered me, and I couldn't stop myself. I felt dirty!

Well, to cut a long story short, (too late right) she didn't like the fact that I didn't want to continue the relationship, and began stalking me. I finally told Dad of my exploits, without all the detail, with Jessica and how her emotions overpowered me. He also helped me learn how to shut out strong emotions so that won't happen again. He also admonished me for the unprotected sex, but that he understood that I didn't exactly have any control over the ordeal. We agreed that Mom shouldn't know about this, just one of many things that I and Dad kept as personal secrets.

Her stalking got so bad she started coming over to the house to "talk" to me. The last straw was when she threatened my youngest sister one day when she dropped by. Dad started looking for work elsewhere, and we moved to South Carolina. None of us kids liked the idea of moving, especially with school already started, but everyone wanted to get away from psycho-bitch. My sisters, although they didn't know the sex part of it, still knew that the move had something to do with me and my screw up.

They were not happy with me at all right now.


The beginning.......

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