You know all the usual stuff, don't read if it's illegal or you don't like sex or sex between two males offends you. All characters are purely fictional, and any likeness is coincidence. Joshua Glynn reserves all rights to this story, the characters, and the world they live in. Please send any feedback to or visit my yahoo group at


This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua moved to Goose Creek, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, due to some serious girl problems. He met the twins next door, and was feeling confused about his feelings toward them. He just recently came to terms with the strange feelings he is having for the twins. They both know about it, and are trying to come to terms with what this means for the three of them.



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Soul Mates

Soul Mates!



Permanent! The barriers that Casey and Carrie had been holding crumbled. The shock across the bond was sudden, and matched my own. I thought I just had lost control and need some help releasing, but a permanent bond that we could never loose. How careless could I have been? It was entirely my fault! Me and my damn hormones! It was the ultimate invasion of privacy and I had forced it on them, hadn't given them the choice! I couldn't blame them if they never wanted to see me again, but I had made sure that would never happen. They were stuck with me, whether they wanted it or not.

"It's already too late, Grandpa. The link took hold yesterday." I said blushing a bit.

Casey! Carrie! You both should come on over here. We need to discus this, and you need to be part of the discussion. Grandpa thought through the link. "And I think this is something you'll need to let your father know about, Joshua."

"Yea, I think your right. You really think he will understand?"

"I'm sure he will. He understands that a soul mate is a natural thing, and part of who you are. God had to have a reason for making your soul mates the way he did!" Grandpa said with a twinkle in his eye. Dad came into the backyard at the same time as the twins. "Ah good, everyone take a seat, and let's talk..."

Talk we did. The next hour and half was full of blushing and embarrassment for me and the twins. Grandpa had neglected to inform me that physical, intimate contact was required to form the bond. We had just confessed to having sex with one another to my father and granddad. Just as Grandpa had predicted Dad was fully understanding with a guy being my soul mate, but he was not happy at all that we were already sexually active, or that we had already forged our bond. His main concern was that it was way too fast, that we should have waited a few more years, to enjoy our individualism. We were no longer three separate people, but now were one whole person, with three separate personalities.

There were some good things though. First, as far as Dad was concerned, we were like a married triple. Now that the cat was out of the bag, there was no reason for us not to be able to have sex. However, there were some ground rules, primarily, keeping it between the three of us. Dad didn't want to know about or feel us, just like he was sure we didn't want to know about his, or the twin's parent's sex lives. He also didn't want us doing anything without protection. The last thing any of us needed was a little josh running around.

Second, he didn't think that mom, nor the Toma's, need to know about it, until the time was right (hopefully in ten years or so). Finally, the twins would join me for training from my father and Grandpa when he was around.

After about two hours of discussion, things wrapped up. "Well I think you guys have a lot to talk about privately. I must say however, that I could not think of any better life partner then either one of you, for Josh. I have been watching you guys, and know you have good souls." Dad said, tapping his hart at that last part. He smiled and gestured to Grandpa to head in the house. They left us there to `talk'.

I knew dad and I would continue the discussion later, and I would get a better feel for how he really felt. I sensed that although he was ok with it, it still disturbed him.

"Wow, so what did you guys think of all that?" I started.

The twins were staring at each other. "I think I can speak for both of us..." Casey said as he turned to me, "I love you, and I think we can work this out!"

"Agreed, I know this feeling is the strongest thing I have ever felt. I truly, deeply love you Josh. My concern though is I also know I love my brother and I don't want to do anything that could come between us!"

We talked for a while mostly about how we felt for each other and eventually the subject of sex came up. "Well I know I sound like the greedy one here but I love you both, and from what little I understand of this bond we have is that we, the three of us, were meant for each other. Because of that sex needs to be something between the three of us."

"Well, no offence here Carrie, but I don't want to have sex with my sister. I love her, but not in that way."

"Oh, wow the fact that even came into your thoughts disturbs me." Carrie said, with a bit of an uncomfortable look on her face.

"Look guys, I'm not suggesting that, but you have to realize that with our link, If I'm having sex with one of you I'm have sex with both of you, as you guys have already felt! Sex is not the only part of a relationship, but it is the most physical part, and we need to find a way to handle it. Look, I think I have an idea, would you guys be willing to experiment with each other a bit? Just trust me!"

The twins took a moment to stare at each other, and then they nodded back at me in unison. I could tell they were a bit unsure of my proposal, but they were going to go along with it. I looked at my watch and we had been out there talking for over two hours after dad and grandpa left.

As if on cue, mom stuck her head out the door. "Dinner is about ready Josh, you guys are more then welcome to join us." mom smiled at the twins. I'm pretty sure mom had no clue the events of the day.

Carrie smiled, "Thanks Mom! That will save me from having to cook. Tonight is mom and dad's anniversary, and they are gone until tomorrow." Mom smiled back. I'm not sure if it was from knowing what the twin's parents would be up to tonight, or from Carrie call her "Mom".

Casey had a big shit-eating grin and said, "Yea, `Mom' thanks for saving me from that!" Carrie had a mock shocked look on her face at her brother's comment.

Dinner was fun, mom practically giggle every time one of the twins called her `Mom'. The even started call Dad, `Dad'. The whole table laughed at Casey's jokes, and Carrie piped in a few times with some embarrassing story of Casey as a kid. Like the time at five years old, that he ran butt naked out of the house to complain to his father about the spider in the bathtub, while his parents were entertaining some business friends in the back yard. He just laughed it off. He had obviously gone through this telling many times.

The only one a bit awkward at the table was Adria. I realized that I had forgotten about my sister's feelings about Casey. She didn't say a word the entire time and her face turned the deepest shade of red every time Carrie brought up some story of her brother's childhood antics.

After dinner Dad invited the twins to stick around and watch a movie with us. He had rented a few movies yesterday, and we still had one to watch. I sat on the floor with my back to a group of pillows against the wall, my favorite spot for movie watching. Casey took my cue and sat beside me. The carpet and pillow combo is quite comfortable and allows for a bit of lounging. Carrie came and sat in front of me, between my legs, using my chest as her own personal pillow. I did not mind a bit!

Adria went to her room, claiming to have some homework to do. I knew better. The movie was fun, mom and dad relaxing on the couch. Me and the twins relaxing on the floor, even my youngest sister had crawled up beside Casey and fell asleep half way through the movie. Casey seemed to like having a younger sister, as he smiled every time he looked at the sleeping little hellion. My brother in his pen went out pretty quick too.

After the movie I asked if I could walk the twins back over to there house. Dad smiled and told me to be in before ten o'clock. That meant we had about two hours before I had to be home, and we had an empty house! As soon as we were though the door, I became the cream filling of a Toma twin's sandwich. Casey in front, attacking my mouth, and Carrie was pushing her breasts into my back, about to put a hicky on the back of my neck.

Carrie's hands had slipped under my shirt, reached around, and were taking in my chest. Exploring every inch, every curve, and even gave both nipples a workout. She had moved her mouth up and around, and was exploring my right ear and neck with lips and tongue. Casey was giving my bubble butt a work out, slipping his hands in the back of my shorts. His tongue was relentless as he tried to check out each tooth. Each of my hands had an ass cheek of each twin in hand, one in front, the other in the back.

Then they switched without missing a beat. Carrie pulling my head around to hers as she forced her tongue down my throat. Casey was attacking my Adam's apple, moving his probing hands around to my crotch. Carrie grabbed my shirt, pulling it over my head, breaking contact just the briefest of moments. As she went back to her assault on my mouth, I could tell she was doing something else too, because she was moving a lot behind me. A few seconds later I realized what she had been up to, as I felt a naked pair of bare breasts against my bare back.

Casey was now running his tongue all over my chest, taking each of my nipples between his teeth. It was just painful enough to feel good! His hands were doing an excellent job on my cock and balls, I was getting so hard that the fabric of my boxers and shorts were straining. I now had my right hand over my head, behind Carrie's head messaging her hair, while my left hand was dong the same to the back of Casey's, as he was slowly making his way down to inspect my package.

Casey started running his mouth along the fabric of my shorts. He slipped his hand in the rim of my shorts and pulled them down to release my raging hardon, which quickly disappeared in his waiting mouth. He pulled the lip of my shorts under my nuts, pushing them out, straining them against my cock. It was almost painful, but that made what he was doing to my cock even more powerful.

Carrie's fingernails were bit forceful on my abs, as my fingers were now working in her pussy, rubbing my thumb on her magic button. Casey pulled my shorts the rest of the way off. Releasing my cock, he stood up in nothing but his tented boxers. Soon we were all naked as the twins moved around switching sides. Casey was now behind me, took my head back with him, exploring my tongue with his and his cock sliding between my legs and ass cheeks. Carrie was in front, with my right nipple in her mouth and giving my nuts a gentle message. I was giving both of her breasts a work out.

Carrie came up for air, "I think we should move this to a bedroom."

"How about mine, it's closer." Casey added, releasing my mouth.

That sounds like a great idea. I thought, finally taking a deep breath. They both laughed.

They must have taken to my suggestion of "experimenting" quickly as Carrie leaned in and kissed her brother. There was no tongue, but it was a bit more then the typical siblings kiss. It was just a second and Carrie ran off into the house naked. We followed giggling as Casey slapped my ass.

His room was clean with a large queen size bed against the far wall, with a window on either side. It was the typical teenage guy's room. The walls had posters of sports players, and half naked women in skimpy bathing suits. Carrie was already on the bed when we came running in. She hadn't bothered to remove the comforter and was rubbing its surface fabric invitingly. We made our way to the bed slowly.

"Wow Sis, you really have a nice body!" Carrie turned a bit red.

"Yea, your not the boney-ass skinny kid anymore either, and your doodle has gotten much bigger then I remember!" she was just trying to embarrass him... it was working. It must have been the first time they had really seen each other naked since they were kids.

"I think your both hot as hell, so lets get this party started!" I said as I stalked on to the bed, and headed between her legs. I started off by rubbing my fingers along the outside of her. She was already wet, so I was helping to spread her juices around. I leaned in and sampled some of her nectar.

Casey had moved up behind me, and was playing with my cock in one hand, and was working some spit around my hole with the other. After a few seconds of this I inserted a finger into Carrie, and began probing her clit with my tongue. Casey was slowly pushing his finger into my ass while sucking my nuts into his mouth and slowly messaging my now very hard member. Carrie had started playing with her own nipples with one hand while the other was playing with my hair.

It was at this point that I opened our link to full, so that all of our senses started to blend together. We were all fully connected, and our moaning said it all. We could all feel where the best stimulation was for Carrie and I focused on that to heighten it. We could all feel that spot in my ass that Casey was now rubbing, and he focused on that, driving all of us nuts. We could even feel the stirring in Casey's cock, as it was somehow linked with the handjob he was giving my aching member.

The really strange thing was the sensation of Carrie's now sensitive breasts with the attention Carrie was giving them. It was different then when playing with my own. All of the stimulation was blending together and feeding off of each other, reflecting off of one another.

We were all building to a massive orgasm. It was like we were one giant organ. It was a good thing that the twin's parents were gone for the night, because we were all getting very loud. Casey took my aching cock in his mouth and began giving it a real workout. This just added to the already growing climax and pushed us over the edge.

The whole room erupted in, "Holy Shit!!" "FUCK" "Oh my God, Oh my God" as we all came in one huge earth shaking orgasm. The spasms lasted at least thirty seconds if not more. Casey greedily drank as quickly as he could, as I was lapping up all I could. It was interesting... in our link we all tasted both Carrie's and my own cum. It was quite strange... and very hot! Casey's seed unfortunately was spilled all over his floor, what a waist. We were all breathing heavy, but I was still rock hard, and so was Casey. This was going to be a long night!

I moved up and laid down on Carrie's right side, with my arm draped just under her breasts. Casey moved up behind me, spooning up against me, his prick pressed against my butt and his arm crossing down so his hand was resting on my pubs. We rested for just a few moments to catch our collective breath.

So everyone ready for round two?

Hell yes! they both thought in unison.

We all had evil grins on our faces as I got up and moved over Carrie, coming up between her legs, pulling them up to provide easy access. I positioned myself and entered her slowly, until I was all the way in. She gave a small whimper. Casey came up behind me, added a bit of lube to my already wet hole, and slowly pushed himself into me until his pubes began to tickle my ass.

Then the fun began, with our link in full bloom we got into a rhythm, me and Casey pulling out slowly at the same time and then slamming back in. Casey's timing was perfect, crashing down a split second after me, so there was a double smack on the down thrust. The sweat was dripping from all of us. I leaned down and took Carrie's mouth into mine.

The ecstasy was pure bliss. Casey was hitting the right spot. In fact, with the link, he could hit it every time. The same for me and Carrie, I could shift just right to hit her spot every time. This wasn't going to last long.

Carrie broke our kiss, "I have an idea!"

An idea she had! We stopped for a few seconds, and shifted positions. She had Casey get on the bed on his back, propped up on pillows so he was sitting up a bit. Then, I knelt down impaling myself on his rock hard prick. Carrie then sat on my tool, leaning back a bit on her brother. Once again we got in to a rhythm. I didn't think it would work, but wow it was hot.

I was pulling on Carrie's ass to get the right position each time. Casey had his hands pulled around behind me gripping my ass for leverage. Carrie's arms were around my neck, and she was along for the ride. There was so much love passing between us, and the feeling of us as a single joined organ, we truly were one!

Our love making was reaching a massive crest. The tidal wave was about crash over us again. The room had been one giant moan fest since this whole thing started, and the expletives and grunts were getting louder by the second. I saw tears dripping down Carrie's cheek, and noticed that I had them too. This was the most emotional thing I have ever done in my life!

The orgasm crashed into us for the second time of the evening. I leaned forward wrapping Carrie in my arms as the waves spilled over us. We lay back against Casey, as he wrapped his arms around us. We just laid there for awhile holding each other, letting our breathing slow down. We were one bit sweaty mess, and so was the bed. I'm sure the cum was leaking from me and Carrie, especially from Carrie. I'm not sure why, but most of my cum was leaking out. None of it was going further into her... I'm not sure how that... wait a minute... Holy shit!!!

What's wrong Josh? Casey asked, with a worried look on his face.

Condom... in the moment, we never got one for me to use with Carrie.

Carrie's eyes got wide Oh my God!! what are we going to...

Don't worry, I'm not sure how but it is all leaking out... I don't know how I'm doing it, but none is going any further then it is now.

Casey piped in with Your right! This is weird, I can't believe how heightened our senses are at least towards us anyway.

The panic was gone form Carrie Yea, that is... interesting. In my minds eye I can see It. she shook from a bit of revulsion.

Well guys it looks like we have a long road of discovery between us. I'm glad to see that we found a way for all of us to be together.

Well my sister is hot!

Ewe! Even if it is true, I am your sister! she was smirking at him.

Well let's go take a shower. I can't go home like this.

"That's a great idea." Casey and Carrie said in unison.

"Mom and Dad have a big walk-in shower." Casey proffered.

We untangled ourselves and made our way to the Toma master bedroom, and to their bathroom. It was quite large with two walk in closets, and big whirlpool tub, and the largest shower I have seen outside of the locker room. We filed into the shower, but before we got started, I realized something. All around Casey's crotch was a mixture of mine, his and Carrie's juice. I couldn't let that get washed away first. I reached down took a couple fingers full of the spunk and stuck it right in my mouth. Ambrosia! We all tasted it and agreed it was very tasty.

The shower was full of what you might expect. We took turns lathering each other up. Even the twins helped each other more then you might think. I about died when Carrie was helping to lather up her brother, She took the back, I got the front. Casey also had no problem making sure Carrie's backside had ample lather. There was much giggling and grab assing, but we didn't go beyond that.

After the shower and helping each other dry off (again much fun), we headed off to Carrie's room. We lay down on her bed, me in the middle, Carrie in front of me, and Casey behind. We were on our sides, spooning, with all of our top arms across, hands finger linked, draped under Carrie's breasts.

We talked for a bit about the night's events and how much we all enjoyed it. My two hours where up, and I need to get home before I got into more trouble. I got up from between them and climbed over Carrie. Stole a quick kiss from each of them and got out off of the bed. When I turned around, I'm not sure who move to whom, but the twins were spooned right next to each other. I just smiled and said good night.

I don't think they have ever done anything with each other, sexually. If they have I have never felt it, and they have never told me they have. However, they do sleep with each other a lot now, in the nude, just like I always leave them, spooned together in cuddled hug. They have really become comfortable with each other, and we have done some pretty daring things that push the envelope.

We have been together ever since then, and I imagine nothing will ever separate us. However, we still get together individually too, but the one left out always has a fun time too. Grandpa continued to train me, and the twins joined in on the training. They have really grown in power too. Grandpa has been working with us to help him out one day, in his job, but that's another story...