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This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua moved to Goose Creek, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, due to some serious girl problems. Now he has met the twins, his next door neighbors, and is feeling confused about his feelings toward them.


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Soul Mates

First Day of School




Yesterday was a blast. I really like Josh, so does my sister, but I couldn't stop thinking about him last night, after he left. When I first met him, there was that weird shock thing and I knew there was something different about him. I can't place my finger on it, but I connected with him instantly. I had just gone over to introduce myself, maybe help out for an hour or so, but I ended up staying the whole day.

He is an amazing and fascinating person. There's something about him that just makes me want to hang out with him, and I just met him yesterday. He is cool though, and buff for his age. I mean I work out, but I'm nowhere near his strength. I was struggling with some of the furniture he was lifting with ease. It seemed like he didn't even break a sweat the whole day.

I woke up this morning and my briefs were all sticky. My first thought was "what the fuck?" but then I remembered the dream I had last night. Suddenly, the dream came back to me all at once and I began to feel really embarrassed and confused. I had snuck over to Josh's house, and climbed up the lattice on the outside wall of his garage, climbing through his bedroom window. He sat up to see who it was and I stalked my way across the room to his bed. He was saying something about why I was in his room, when I reached down and kissed him.

This was really strange because I had never had any thoughts about another guy before, especially not in a sexual way. I especially never thought of kissing another guy. This was a hard dream for me to remember, and not because I was repulsed by it, but because I was getting hard again just thinking about him. I was defiantly feeling a bit disturbed by it.

The rest of the dream hit me, me feeling him up, the big hard chest, his ripped abs, and then dropping his shorts, and the felling of his rock hard shaft in my hand. I had never felt another guy's prick before, but the thought of it was straining the fabric of my tightly whiteys. Not to mention the fact that he was so big. I had never seen one as large.

Next, I sucked his balls and then his cock. I had never done anything like this before, as a mater of fact I'm still a virgin, but it was all so vivid. I mean I've made out with a couple of girls before, just over the clothes stuff, but I couldn't believe I had dreamt this. I remember the look of shock on his face as I poked my finger up his ass... Why had I done that? Why was I doing any of this? Finally, I remembered the taste of his cum in my mouth.

"Oh god!" An orgasm washed over me again soiling my underwear even more. What the hell? I wasn't even touching myself! What's going on! Why am I having these feelings about another guy?

Suddenly, my sis barges into my room. I barely had enough time to throw the cover over myself. She jumped onto my bed with a big sigh. She was obviously in a very good mood, she was almost glowing.

"Cay, you like Josh, don't you?" she said smiling up at me. She had plopped down beside me, looking in my eyes.

"Yea, he's cool, why?"

"I think I'm going to ask him out." She just beamed.

I was having a really strange feeling about this, why did I suddenly feel jealous? "Um, sure, he seems like a nice guy."

"You think so too huh? I haven't been able to take my mind off of him since he left last night." She suddenly rolled over on top of me like she's done since we were kids. She's always liked lying on top of me and looking up at me with her chin on my chest. But today was not the time to do that, as I was still half hard from the memories of last night.

Her eyes bugged out as I'm sure she had just felt it and rolled off of me quickly. "I'm sorry I-I shouldn't have d-done..." She was looking a little distraught at just feeling me pressed into her stomach. Before I could say it was ok, I noticed her nose wrinkle a bit. "Oh, Oh I'm very sorry I... I should have knocked... Oh my God! That's why you looked so... oh my... I'm so sorry!" She was getting pink in the face. I was speechless. She ran out of my room.

In all the time I've been jacking off over the past several years, she has never caught me before. I've always been very careful. This morning, however wasn't exactly planned. I'm sure that had been a big shock to her. I could feel she was devastated, and she was thinking that she was interrupting. I needed to fix this, so I got out of bed and washed up quick. I fixed my hair, put on some cologne, and my best prep clothes in about 10 min flat.

I went to her room, and knocked... No answer. I knocked again, still nothing. So I opened the door slowly, and saw her on her bed face down. I went to her, lay down next to her and put my arms around her. "Car, I'm sorry, about that. There is nothing for you to be embarrassed about. I should have locked the door first. It is entirely my fault. Can we just forget about this? Ok?"

"I'm sorry, I just had such a wonderful day yesterday, and last night I couldn't think of anything but Josh. I just needed to tell someone how I feel." We always talk about our relationships with each other. "He feels like joy in a bottle. And..and, I can't explain it." I knew exactly how she felt, but why? I'm so confused. "I even dreamt about him last night! I've never dreamt about someone I've liked before." What! She's dreaming about him too. This might be a more difficult friendship after all. Why is this happening to me?




I woke up Monday morning to the alarm buzzing in my ear. Damn I'm a mess! I hadn't changed my boxers last night. I got up peeled them off and took a shower. I can't get that dream out of my head from last night. I've had wet dreams before, but I've never dreamt about anyone I have known. I finished up, dried my hair, put on some cologne, and got dressed in kakis, a black polo, and a nice pair of white K-Swiss sneakers.

I went down stairs for breakfast. Adria and Kim were already there and eating eggs and bacon with toast and OJ. Kim looked upset still. I opened up, Kim I'm sorry, I never setout to hurt anyone in this family. She looked at me, and tears started to flow down her cheeks and she jumped up and wrapped her arms around me.

Suddenly, it was all clear to me. I had always been Kim's favorite family member, which is part of the reason I didn't understand her resent bratty-ness. This had nothing to do with us moving. She was upset because she thought I wouldn't want to spend as much time with her now that I was practically a house away. I'll always have time for my little sister! And I'll always be your big brother.

I'm sorry Joshy. She was the only one I let call me that.

It's ok now... "It's Ok!" I said aloud. "Now let's eat, we got to catch the bus in an hour and half." She just smiled at me with tear stricken eyes.

We were back, a family once again. Breakfast was wonderful. Mom commented on how nice I looked.

Adria said, "Yea, I've always liked having a hot older brother!" to Mom's and Kim's giggling, and my face getting a bit red.

"Hey, Mom, where is the bus stop?", trying desperately to change the subject.

"I'm not sure. Why don't you go next-door and ask your new friends?"

So, I drank down the last of my juice. And said I'd be right back. "Say hi to your new girlfriend for me." yelled Adria in singsong. Man she's always liked pushing my buttons. I ran out the back door, hopped the fence, and knocked on their backdoor.

"Josh, what's up dude?" Casey said as he answered the door, a little red faced. Carrie must have been embarrassing him too. He was looking sharp today! Why was I noticing?

"I was just wondering where the bus stop is for school?"

"It's just down the street. If you want we're about to head over there ourselves."

"Cool. Is that the same spot for all the busses?"

"Yea it is. You want your sisters to tag along?"

"Yea, that would be cool. They like it when big brother is around to protect them." I chuckled.

"Yea what about Kim, she seemed kinda upset with you yesterday."

"No problem, she was afraid I wasn't going to spend any time with her anymore, with the new room and all."

"Ahh! That makes sense now. She's a big brother's girl"

"Yep, through and through!" we both laughed.

"Josh! Hey how's it going?" Carrie popped up, behind her brother.

Smiling, "Hi Carrie! Going wonderfully! Did you sleep well?" she suddenly started to get red in the cheeks.

"Yea, very well. You wanta walk with us to the bus stop?"

"Me and Casey were just discussing that." I said smiling.

"Cool! See ya in a few then!"

I went back, kissed mom, got the girls, and headed out the front door to wait in the front yard. We didn't wait at all. By the time we had closed the front door Casey was coming out of his house.

We walked the few blocks to where the bus stop was. The conversation was great. My sisters were being charming. I think Adria might have a crush on Casey, the way she's always looking at him. I wish I could open my mind around the twins so I could hear what she's thinking, because I bet she was broadcasting with the eyeball he was getting from her. I think she saw me catching her in the act a few times, because she stopped talking as much and was turning a slight shade of pink.

There are about ten other kids at the bus stop, but none of them are our age there all my sister's ages. Which I think was fine with Adria, because it gave her a chance to get her mind off of Casey. I thought with this amount of people I could chance `opening up'. They all seemed exited to have new kids in the neighborhood. I wasn't getting the `static' from yesterday around the twins so I was thinking it will be safe.

Kim's bus came before ours. After most of the kids left I started to get snippets from the twins. They seemed to be in their own separate little worlds.

Carrie was embarrassed and nervous, and I got boyfriend..., do I..., and hot... could she be thinking of someone she's dating?

Casey was distracted and confused ...I don't understand..., ...why am I..., and get this... he must be going through something right now, but I'm not sure what. As concerned as I may be I would never pry into someone's mind without permission. Besides I don't know what the static thing is I'm getting from these two when I get close to them.

"What's up guys, you got quiet all the sudden?"

"Oh, it's nothing. Just a lot on my mind that's all." Casey said.

"Yea, Nothing really." Carrie feebly answered.

"OK, but look. I know we just met and all, but if either of you need to talk to someone about anything. I'm well known as a good listener, and I usually have pretty good advice." I said in my best Dr. Phil.

"Thanks!" in stereo again. They laughed at my obvious joke. I don't think I'll ever get used to the twin simulcast thing. I had to chuckle though.

The bus ride was uneventful. Adria had already found a couple of girls to hang out with in the front of the bus. She had always been better at making friends then me. I did meet one of the twin's friends, Bryan Carson. He seemed cool he sat next to me, and the twins sat together. I kinda closed down, with all of the minds shouting in cramped space. Everyone seemed way too happy for so early in the morning.

The first day school started out ok, but dissolved after third period. I was in only two classes with the twins, third period AP Calculus and JROTC.

I noticed the grouping twins were telling me about. All over the school were little packs of students. I was hanging with Casey and Carrie in the morning and was introduced to the Joes. They were the JROTC brats. Seeing as how I was in "rot-see", as they called it, I was glad to meet them. ROTC was my only non-AP class I was taking.

The major difference between this school's and my old school's ROTC was the new one was Army and I had been Air Force in my old school. I met the XO of our company, a guy by the name of Myles, and met several of my classmates. They were cool.

First period was AP chemistry. Mr. Newton (yea I laughed the first time too) was the teacher. He was the kind of teacher I liked, very passionate about his subject. The more passionate a teacher is about their subject the more insight they give me. He was a bit worried about me though because they were having a big test that day and he didn't want me to get too far behind. I asked what the test would be on, and lucky me they were at the same place I was in at my old school. So I told him it was no problem. He was glad because he wanted to see where I was anyway. He said if I didn't do well he would let me retake it.

I was the first one finished, and he started grading it as soon as I turned it in. I had about twenty minutes left in class so I pulled out my new book and started memorizing it. Five minutes before the end of class he asked to see me and we stepped outside.

"Wow! You scored a perfect test! Is this your favorite subject or something?"

"No sir, that's my usual test performance though. If I hadn't gotten a perfect score I would have been worried." I smirked.

"This is how you perform in all your classes?"

"Yea, as long it is theory in nature. Practical application I normally get high B's and A's though."

"Well it will be a pleasure to have you in my class. But if I may ask why you aren't in collage already?"

"Dad thought it would be best if I had a normal childhood. Besides, I like the interaction with my peers. Everybody would be much older than me in college if I had left when I could have."

My next class was JROTC. It was fun. We had two First Sergeants and a full bird Colonel as instructors. I had a blast, I got my uniform and found out Wednesday is our dress day, and I'm going to have get my hair cut. I'm not happy about that, at my old school as long as it fit under your hat they weren't that strict and my hair is not that long, just to my chin, but these guys were all business. I would have to get it cut at lest another three in. up. Oh well, I like the class anyway.


Third period it self was ok, but crumbled just after class. Once again, I impressed my teacher and my new friends by acing a pop quiz. Ms. Gregor was a very good teacher as well. I can see why this school out shines the others in the state, the teaching staff seem to have a passion for teaching.

After AP Cal, we went to our lockers to change books for the next classes. Me and Casey had lockers near each other. Carrie's was down another hall. It was cool. I got a little while longer to hang out with Casey anyway. Casey got the last of his books into his bag, closed his locker, and said goodbye.

As he turned to go off, someone was walking past Casey. His leg got caught up in the other guys. It took everything Casey had not to fall flat on his face. The guy he bumped into however was not so graceful. He landed face first on the hard floor.

I suddenly got two very contrasting emotions. Casey was scared out of his wits. Omygod! Omygod! Shit! Shit! Shit!

And the other was one of sheer venomous anger. WHAT THE FUCK! WHO THE FUCK JUST TRIPED ME?

Everywhere else I got humor and laughter.

"Aw Shit Mark, I...I'm so sorry, I sh...should have been watching were I was go...going."

The big guy on the ground was surprisingly fast. He was on his feet and had Casey up against the lockers so fast. I thought he might have knocked him out, his head hit so hard on the locker behind him.

"Yea!! Well Not as sorry as your gonna be!!"

Casey was groaning from the slam. Mark was holding him up with one hand around his neck. I saw his arm reach back, as he was winding up his blow, I reacted. I move beside him and throw my hand up to deflect the blow away from Casey, but instead I caught his fist, stopping his arm in mid-swing.

What the Fuck! Is he serious! I'll beat him to a pulp! His anger was peaking. He couldn't believe someone was standing up to him. I tried to send calming emotions to him.

"OK, stop this! It was an accident and he apologized. Calm down and let's talk about it." I tried to ease the situation.

That wasn't working. This guy, Mark, was still way too pissed. "What the fuck is your problem limp dick! This has nothing to do with you!" as he released Casey he just crumpled to the ground. I really wanted to bend over and see if he was alright, but the Neanderthal was now looking at me with fire in his eyes, So the new kid thinks he's tough! He had backed up a step and was now squaring up with me.

"Look, I don't want to fight you, but I will not let you hurt my friend. So, just calm down!"

"Aww he doesn't `want' to fight me...'sob' hoo," in his best baby imitation, "you should have thought of that before you stuck your nose where it doesn't belong!"

He threw a punch at me, I easily parried it. Then another one, and another, and another, I blocked each one with ease. After the fifth attempt he was starting to piss me off. I needed to defuse the situation.

He threw his sixth punch with his right hand. I stepped left and parried with my right, so his right shoulder was exposed to me. Then, I rotated my hand so that my palm was facing his arm, and grabbed him by the wrist. I started to pull him forward, using his own momentum against him, pulling his upper body forward, and bending him in half. With my left hand I began applying pressure to his right arm just below the shoulder. Pulling with my right hand and pushing down with my left, bent his arm up into the air while his body and shoulder were going downward at a forty-five degree angle in the wrong direction. He cried out from the pain this was causing.

"Alright now, calm down and I'll release..."I didn't get to finish...

He started moving quickly. He began to drop straight down to the ground, pulling his arm from my grip. He then spun in mid fall so that his back was facing the ground instead of his chest. He used the momentum of the twist to throw a punch at my unprotected family jewels. Luckily he couldn't aim well while falling to the ground, but the desired effect of him breaking the lock worked. As well his blow hit me right between the legs, but thankfully just behind the sack. Either way I was thrown back by the force of the blow, and stunned for a second.

He took the time to get to his feet quickly and was throwing a punch at my gut before I could react. The blow connected and, although it winded me I second, it didn't really hurt at all. He continued his assault by throwing a punch at my head. (Why was he only using his left arm now? Did I hurt him that much?) I felt him hit me in the nose and it knock by head back, but once again it didn't hurt that much. I must be lucky he didn't break it. He did however daze me briefly from my head snapping back. And then I saw his head coming straight at me. He head butted me just above my left eye. Once again, he just about knocked me off my feet, but the blow didn't hurt like I knew it should be.

I had had enough! I was getting pissed at this. So I decided to try and end this quick. He stumbled back a bit from his head hitting mine and I took the opportunity. To land a blow in his gut, just on the right side. The sound of air escaping his mouth told me the fight was over. He crumpled to the ground, huddled over, one hand grasping my shirt, the other clutching his chest as he tried to find air.


Suddenly, a teacher rushed through the huddled crowd. "What's going on here?!" As he rushed up to us, "Oh my god! What did you do to this poor boy? The teacher asked me, a concerned look on his face. The sound of mark gasping for air was very loud.

Before I could answer, several other men came on to the scene. "What happened here?" I later found out Coach Barry said.

"A fight, and a little one sided I'd say. Take this boy to the office." The first teacher said pointing at me.

"What? Hey, wait a minute. I was just..."

Save it for Principal Darwell, young man. Your first day and we can already see your going to be a troublemaker." I try to protest but he just dragged me away. I noticed Casey is out like a light as I passed him.

"Oh my God! Casey!" was all I heard as Carrie was running to her brother on the ground.

So there I am in this little room. It reminded me of the interrogation rooms you see on television cop shows. After about 20 minutes an older man walked in and sat down. And although I have never met him personally, I knew this was principal Darwell.

"Well Mr. Kingston, it would seem trouble likes you. So would you like to tell me why you would pick a fight with Mark?"

"Pick a fight with him? He started this, not me! My friend, Casey Toma, accidentally tripped him as he was walking by Casey's locker. Casey apologized and the guy threw him against the locker and started to swing on him. I stopped him and asked him to calm down. He proceeded to throw punch after punch at me, and I defended myself."

"So let me get this straight.  His shoulder is popped out of joint, he has several cracked or broken ribs, and he is going to need stitches for that cut on his head. You, on the other hand, don't have a mark on you, and you were defending your self. Sounds like you were playing with him."

"I...I broke his ribs??"

"Yes, that's what happens when you kick and punch someone several times in the ribs. They break! Not to mention that you dislocated his right shoulder!"

"I only put him in the arm bar to stop him from throwing punches, and stop the fight. And I only hit him once"

"Your telling me you only hit him once! That's your story? Then how come he is bleeding from the head and has broken ribs?"

"That must have been from when he head butted me! Besides, ask anyone who was there! I gave him ample time to stop the fight and calm down."


This kid is messing with the wrong person. If he thinks this innocent act will work on me. "The only ones who would talk, said that you and your friend started this. That you were laughing at him when he fell and provoked him in to fighting you."

"WHAT?" The lights flickered a moment. I was getting angrier by the second. Dad! I think I need your help at school.

What's wrong son?

I got in a fight today, trying to save Casey from the beating of a lifetime. I tried several times to stop the kid, and get him to calm down, but this guy was over the top. The principal doesn't believe me. I'm actually surprised he hasn't called you yet.

Ok I'm on my way.

After staring at this guy for the time it took to send a message to dad, "Well what do you have to say for your self?"

"I want my father here before I say something I might regret!"

"Ok son, that's fine, but I don't think your daddy is going to like what you've done."

A knock came at the door, and it opened. The school nurse came in. "After looking at that boy I thought I should see how bad the other one is."

"Good idea! Make sure me does not have any bruises." He said smirking.

"Yea, because he hit me twice in the head and I would hate for the swelling to get too bad." I said.

They both looked at me like I was crazy. Darwell left shaking his head. I can't believe that kid can lie to my face like that. That hurt. These guys thought I was full of shit.

"You say he hit you twice in the face?" said the nurse, looking closely at my face.

"Well yea. He punched me in the nose, and then head butted me. They weren't very hard, but there should be some bruising."

"Yes there should, but there isn't much more than a few abrasions on your nose. It's a lot less than you're punching bag got." He said with a smirk.

"But, I only hit him once!" I was getting very frustrated!

"Impossible, there is no way a single punch could bruise an area a foot in diameter, unless, your fist is the size of a hubcap!"



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