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This story is about an 18/yo boy struggling with the gifts that he possesses, and trying to find out where he fits in a modern day society.


Joshua moved to Goose Creek, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston, due to some serious girl problems. Now he has met the twins, his next door neighbors, and is feeling confused about his feelings toward them. His first day of school was great until he got into a fight with the school bully. And romance is in the air as Joshua and Carrie plan their first date!



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Soul Mates

The Date!




The rest of the week was kind of a blur to me. I made it through my second day of school ok. It was great actually! First off I'm like a new celebrity in school, everybody knows me. Everyone I pass in the halls knows my name.

"Hey Josh..." "Josh my man..." "Yo Josh"

My teachers are starting to wonder why I'm still in school. I've aced all their tests this week, even with no study time. I love having a memory like a steal trap... hehe.

Carrie was doing her part to make sure everyone knew we were a couple. She was walking everywhere holding my hand, and kissing me every time we had to break up, in the most visible spots of the halls each time. I really loved the attention I was getting from her. Not to mention the attention I was getting from all the other girls in school. It is true what they say that all the ladies want you once you're spoken for. I've dated several girls before, but they were just dates. I knew they probably wouldn't more then a few dates, and none had... except for Jessica. However, this is the first time I have really felt like I had a steady girlfriend of any significance, so it was a bit of a new experience for me. I think I like it!

Tuesday, James came up to me after lunch. "Hey, Josh. Can I talk to you a minute?"

"Yea sure James, what's up?"

"Um, I'm not sure if you'd be interested but, the football team is holding tryouts next week for a new receiver. Two of ours got injured in the first couple of games and we need to find replacements. One of the guys we have filling in the position now is awful; he's a forward tackle, but the only thing we had. Coach is holding open auditions, to all classes, because he's not too happy with his JV guys this year either. We need at least one, maybe two people, so would you be interested?"

"Um, I don't know I've never really been a big sports guy. Why me?"

"Dude, you are the toughest `son of a bitch' I know, after cleaning Mark's clock! Besides, you seem well defined under that polo. I think you would be awesome!" he said smiling almost lustfully...

I smirked, "So you been checkin me out huh?" I could see the fear flash in his eyes, thinking that he might have said the wrong thing. I figured I should let him off the hook, "Just kidding man, when is the tryout?"

"Next Monday, after school."

"Cool I'll try." I said smiling. I don't know why I decided to do it, but something inside me said, why not!

When I told Casey that afternoon on the bus, he said, "Cool, I'm trying out too. I was on the team last year, but I didn't join this year, because we were on vacation through out the end of summer, during training. I understand that there are filling two spots. So maybe we can both get on." That made me feel even better, because I would have someone else there I knew at the tryouts.

When I got home I couldn't wait to tell dad. I know he is a big football fan. He was captain of his high school team, and was always a little disappointed that I had not been that interested in sports. I know how to play all the games from sitting with dad all these years, whenever a game was on. I'd played some touch football back home a few times. It was fun to play, but I just had never thought of playing it for real. This new prospect was kind of a new feeling for me. I was fairly exited about the tryouts.

I did my homework at the kitchen table so I'd know when he got home. I also wanted to spend some time with my sisters. Kim and Adria were happy that their big brother was gracing them with his presence. It also didn't hurt having me there to help them with their homework.

When Dad got home I ran in to the living room to give him my good news. "Dad, you'll never guess what I'm doing next Monday afternoon!"

"What is it Son?" dad said smiling

"I'm going to tryout for the football team! Two of the receivers were injured in the last few games so they are holding open tryouts next Monday!"

"Son, that's great! Are you sure, you've never been all that into sports?"

"Well James seems to think I'll do well, and he's the captain of the team, and he asked me personally today. Besides, you know I've been working out for over a year now dad. I think I'm ready!"

"OK son...I believe you! I can't wait to see my son on the football field!" he messed my hair.

"Well dad, you know I might not make the team. It is only tryouts."

"Bah, you'll be on the team, I know it!" he winked at me and smiled real big, "I can't wait for this weekend now!"

"What's going on this weekend?"

He smiled, "You'll see!" And dad left for the kitchen starting his "how are my girls doing" routine.

There was a knock at the door. Since I was closest I opened it and there was Casey!

"Excuse me MR. Kingston, can Joshua come out to play?" he asked with a grin.

"Thought you would never get here." I just laughed.

So, we went out to the courts to play some hoops. Man was I on my game today. Two of the games, I came within a basket of the final score. I think I was so happy about the football tryouts I must have kicked it up a notch. "Man, were you feeling bad yesterday or what?" he was panting a little more than yesterday. "Yesterday I was just playing around, but you sure stepped up your game today, I thought you had that first game."

"Hehe...I don't know I just didn't feel "on" yesterday. Today, I don't know, it's like a light switch was turned on."

We sat on the court about five minutes catching our breath, and talking about the games we just played. After we felt fully rested, Casey asked, "Why don't we go for a run before it gets too dark? Say, to the Seven-eleven and back home?"

"That sounds good. It's been about a month since my last run. We can work out the kinks before next Monday."

So we went for our run. I figure it was about a two-mile run. Not too strenuous. The run was great. I think I'll do well Next Monday if I can catch the ball.

Wednesday, was fairly uneventful, more classes to ace, more kissing Carrie, and more people saying hi. The only real excitement of the day came after I got home and Casey came over for more fun and games. I was really enjoying these b-ball sessions with Casey. It was really bringing us closer every day.

When he came over Wednesday, I was waiting for him on the porch, but he surprised me, he had a football with him today. I just smiled. "So a little pigskin action today?"

"Well, with the tryouts next week I thought you might want some extra practice." Casey said smiling.


So we went out to the park near by to the open field. "Ok, run out and I'll throw you a pass!"

After I had ran out about twenty yards, I twisted around to look for the ball, it was coming down nice and straight. So I jumped up a little and caught it, but it slipped through my arms.


"Hey, don't sweat it, man. It was your first catch! We all miss a few."

So then he ran out and I threw the ball to him. It wasn't a perfect spiral, but I wasn't going out for Quarterback either. He caught it easily. I could tell he was a fine athlete. He had probably been playing sports all his life. I had a lot of catching up to do.

We had fun. We ran all over the field throwing the ball back and forth. We were both doing well. We didn't miss the ball much at all. I was getting much better. It was like the more I did it, the quicker I was catching on. When we were thoroughly worn out, we came back to my place. We were sitting on the back porch again, this time drinking orange Kool-Aid.

"Damn man, you were really good out there today. I think you're a shoe in." I said.

"Yea man, you really are good too. And you've got just as good a chance as I do."

"No way man, I was pushing just to keep up with you man, you're a natural."

"No I'm serious. The first couple of catches were a little off, but you really turned it on out there!"

I was blushing. I liked it when he paid me a complement. I realize that I was feeling aroused right at that moment. Just sitting next to him was... It was then that I became aware of the aroma coming off of Casey. I had smelled sweat before, but this was...intoxicating!

Luckily, before it got awkward, Carrie came over. "Hey bro! Hey Josh!"

"Hey, Sis!"

"Hello, Baby!" I said smiling, glad for the distraction. She came over and sat beside me, and leaned on my shoulder. "I was thinking about Friday night. I think we should go to the football game. We might have to start going anyway..." I said laughing.

"Yea, that sounds like a great idea." Casey said sounding excited.

"Yea, I think that would be cool. I've always enjoyed the football games anyway. It'll be fun." Carrie said. I could almost see the wheels turning now. I was pretty sure she was thinking of cheering on her new boyfriend, while he was playing in the games every week.

I was glad for all the football talk it had allowed Mr. Happy to go down. "Carrie, Casey! It's getting late." Their mom called out their back door. Casey got up and waved bye. Carrie stood up, and I stood up with her. We kissed for about a good minute, and then she left too.

I though a lot about Casey and Carrie that night, I just couldn't get them out of my mind. I had another intense dream about the twins again that night, but this time it started out with Casey. I couldn't believe some of the things I was instigating. In this dream I was completely in to it. I mean it was like I was the aggressor. I had thrown Casey, face first on to the bed, jumped behind him and rammed all of me in to his ass in one thrust. I started really smacking his ass with every thrust.

 Suddenly, Casey turned his head and it wasn't Casey anymore, I was slamming into Carrie's willing cunt. It was as though I was expecting it, in the middle of my dream. I didn't skip a beat! I immediately ran my hands around and began fondling her breasts. It was a very erotic dream! I woke up the next morning very messy.

Thursday, after school, Casey and I threw the football around some more, and I was getting better and better. I think I was doing the same thing I do in school. When I'm in class and the teacher is explaining things, I see the full scope of the explanation through the teacher's own experience. Most teachers I've meet have been very passionate about their subject and when they teach I get the benefit of that passion, through them.

I was doing the same thing with Casey. Every time he went out for the ball I could feel his excitement, his passion for the game. I hadn't realized how much Casey loved football. I find myself loving football the more we play it. Now as we passed the ball back and forth I was catching it almost every time, even when he would try and trick me by throwing too high or too low.

That night sitting on my back porch, Casey told me something that floored me.

"So Casey, the other night you were telling me about this girl you like at school!"

Casey flinched and just about blew Kool-Aid out his nose. "um...yea. About that. Um...I was just going through something...I was really confused about things that night. I realize now that I should move on and find someone else. So we can about it."

I was getting a feeling that that was not the case. Even with my mind mostly closed around him I could tell by the look on his face. "Casey, you shouldn't just forget it. If you really like her then you should tell her! If you don't at least try, then you always feel like `what if'! And you will never let yourself live it down."

"But Josh, that's part of the problem! It's not... a... girl!"

"Oh... OH!"

"Yea, but the worst part is I like girls, I shouldn't be attracted to him! I don't understand it, I...I..."

Oh my God! Casey is going through the same thing I am! Just, for another guy at school! "Wow, so do I know this guy?"

Casey looked panic stricken, "uh...yea you've meet him...but I'd prefer not to tell you who. Josh, you can't tell anyone about this! You're the only one I've told, not even my sister knows this!"

"Knows what?" Carrie said coming around the fence. Casey went white.

"Nothing baby, just guy talk!" I piped up quick.

"Guy talk huh! Fine you two can keep your secrets, as long as they don't involve me!"  She said winking and smiling. "Mom sent me over to find you, Casey. Dinners ready."

"O...OK, later Josh!" Casey practically ran to his house.

"Night Babe!" Carrie said as she stuck her tongue down my throat. After a minute she broke away and skipped home. Damn she is sexy.

That night I had another dream, but this time it was only Carrie. Actually it was almost a repeat of the dream I had the first night I met them. A noise came from by the window. Looking I saw Carrie climbing through the window.

"Hi baby, what are you doing up here toni..." I didn't get to finish as she placed her lips to mine.

As she broke, "Josh, I've wanted you since I first laid eyes on you" she replaced her lips to my eager mouth. I felt her hand messaging me through my shirt. She was feeling every inch of my chest. I was so hard I thought my shorts were going to rip. I felt one of her hands caress my erection through the cloth. 

The next thing I know, my shorts are around my ankles and her head is moving down to my aching member. I leaned my head back, arching my back, as she began to devour my manhood. Oh God, that feels good! I thought. I reached down to grab her short black hair. She was doing a very good job, and as I was massaging her hair, she was taking both of my nuts and sucking them into her mouth.

After a few minutes of this, I pulled her off, pulling her up in to a kiss. Then, I rolled her over so I'm on top. I ran my hand underneath her shirt until I find her ample breasts. After giving them a quick squeeze, I pull off and lift her up and relieved her of her t-shirt and bra. Then, I started to work on her tits while I was opening her pants. I reached in through the top, worked my way through her bush, dipping my finger in her sweet spot.

She seemed to like it. She was moaning softly. She whispered, "I need you now!" I got the hint. I pulled her jeans the rest of the way off. I went to my dresser and got out a condom from my underwear drawer. Slapped my hat on and got back in bed. I moved in between her legs, and lifted them up. She wrapped them around my waist. I slowly entered her, and let her get used to me. I know I'm kinda big, and I didn't want to hurt her. She just moaned even louder. After I hit bottom, I started to pull out, and preceded to long-dick her for about five minutes. I had to keep kissing her to keep her quiet. Her moaning was getting louder and louder.

She then whispered, "Harder!" so I picked up the pace, "Harder!" I started slamming into her, "HARDER!" for the next several minutes I worked her like a jackrabbit, quick, short, and as hard as I could thrust. Then she began to cry, and shake. At first, I thought I was hurting her, but just before I said something, I realized her pussy muscle was clamping down hard. She was cumming! Hard!

That drove me over the edge. "Oh...Fuck!!! Uh!" as my eyes shot open. I literally doubled over in bed, from the sensation going through my groin. I shot at least ten times after that initial orgasmic jerk. I was completely out of breath when it was all over. I lay in bed for close to a half hour. I couldn't move. I was like my power jack-off sessions. Very intense! This was also the most vivid of the sex dreams I've ever had. It was almost like it was real.

Friday, after school, we had made plans. We were going to the football game, then to the Burger King beside the school. It was an after game hangout spot. If there was no party, everyone went to BK. We got to the game thirty minutes before it was to start. My whole family was going and so was the twin's family, but we didn't have to sit with them. Although, dad had to leave in the middle of the game, not sure why?

The game was a blast. It was so cool just hanging out with Casey and Carrie. Carrie surprised me, because she knew more about football then me. Their whole family must be into sports. It's also really cool just hanging out with Casey. This was the first real time I had had to spend with either of them outside of school, except for Casey's and my after school games. I really like both of them.

The party at BK was cool, I've never been to a fast food restaurant that had no problem hosting like half a school worth of people. They had the music turned up, playing some pop and some rap that was very popular music right now. The whole team was there, people congratulating them on a good game.

We had taken the twin's parent's car, as I had not gotten mine yet. Dad had told me that he wanted to get me a new car in few months. We had not brought my car from home... it would never have made the trip I think. It was a crap car, but one I could work on and tinker with. I had learned a lot about cars with that old car. I couldn't wait to be driving again though. I was wondering what kind of `new' car dad had in mind.

We headed home around eleven thirty. Dad wanted me home by midnight, and the twins had a similar curfew. We had had a great time though!

I woke up Saturday morning to a surprise. Grandpa had arrived last night. That must have been why dad had to leave the game last night.

"Grandpa, when did you make it in?"

"Last night while you were at your game. I hear you might be playing soon."  He said with a big smile.

"Yea, the tryouts are on Monday."

"Well then, I think I got here just at the right time! Eat some breakfast, and come out back when you're done." Then he got up from the table and scruffed up my hair as he walked outside. Do they all like messing up already combed hair!!

I got some cereal and ate it quickly. Then I headed out back. Grandpa sat out in the middle of the yard with his legs crossed. He must have been meditating or something. When I walked out he opened his eyes and smiled at me. "Come, Joshua. Sit across from me." I did as he told me and sat just like him. "Now open your mind and let me see what's been going on with you."

I got a little scared at that. Grandpa often did this when he came to see me. But unlike dad who is around me all the time, Grandpa uses this to find out what he has missed in the last year since he has seen me. I've never had a problem with this before, but lately I've done some things and experienced some things I'd rather he didn't know about. Especially, my feelings for Casey! I'm not so worried about Carrie.

"It's ok Joshua. You're in your teenage years... I fully expect that you will want to keep things you feel embarrassed about private. I knew you would want to hide things one day, but it has come too soon." He was smiling. "Just block the things you don't want me to see when you open, but there is another reason for asking you to open up this morning."

So, I found the things in my mind I didn't want him to know about and put barriers around them. Then I opened my mind to him.

Yes, Joshua. It would seem you have been through a lot since I last saw you. He was filling me with his presence. I always used to like when Grandpa did this linking of minds, but with all that had happened lately, I felt very ashamed. He didn't accuse me, or get mad. I didn't even feel like he was disappointed in me, just the opposite. He seemed prouder and prouder the more he experienced through me.

I didn't bother to hide the experience with Jessica from him or my feelings for Carrie. Although, I did hide all of the erotic dreams I'd been having. After about a half hour of reliving experiences, Grandpa came to the recent fight at school.

Ah, I see now why your father asked for me to come. Joshua, have you noticed your strength lately? Before the fight you had?

Well, yea I have been working out for over a year now. The move in to the new house was easy for me. I was able to help with the really heavy stuff, and it was all fairly easy. Why do you ask?

Well son, how about the last couple of days since the fight?

I had to think about it. Now that you mention it my books have been a lot heavier. I hadn't really thought about it until you said something.

Well son, that is because you have a very rare gift, even for our family line. It usually only shows up once in every three to five generations. It is very uncommon from our history to have two within such a close relation to have this gift. It means you will do great things.

Why? And what gift is this I have?

Well as to why, let us just say that it took me into my later years to master it, because I had no one to teach me. I had to learn everything on my own. Just think how you would have been had your dad not been training you on your gifts up till now.

I thought about that for a minute and realized I had had a lifetime of training on my abilities since birth. It would have taken years to figure out what to do by my self. As for what, let me just say you have a lot more strength then the average person, and go from there.

Ok, so what do I need to do?

He smiled at me. Well, first let me go in and remove the block your father put up.

Dad blocked my ability! How come?

Your father realized that without the restraint that I'm going to teach you, you could kill someone, by accident. It was a good thing you didn't want to fight that bully. If you had hit him, and meant it, I suspect his family would be morning his passing right now.

 You mean to tell me I'm that dangerous? I'm not sure I want it. I mean we...we could just leave it blocked.

No Joshua, to do that would be like trying to learn how to live without breathing. You could do it briefly, but eventually it would burst the block holding it and you would use it when you don't want it. You could do a lot of damage and not mean it. Ok let's get started.

I could feel him in the back of my subconscious, then like a switch, I felt... whole again. I felt like something had been missing and I didn't know it. Grandpa said "Ok let's go sit at the table over there." We got up and walked to the table. I felt great! I can't explain the difference; it was like I was bound to a wheelchair and now I can walk again.

"Alright we are going to arm wrestle" and he sat down with his arm in the `held out' ready position, waiting for me to grasp it. "Ok first I want you to try and move my arm." Try as I might I could not budge his arm. He was not pushing back. I just could not move his arm. "Go on give me everything you have!" I still couldn't move him. It was like trying to move a brick wall with one arm.

"Good! Good! Your going to be strong I think. Now, I want you to keep me from moving your arm, just like I did to you." He let me get my arm in place, and then he began pushing against my arm. I was wobbling a bit, but I was keeping him from moving me more then a few inches. It was taking everything that I had to hold him off. I never realized Grandpa was so strong. He didn't even look as though he was putting any effort in to it.

"OK, that was good for a first try. But let's change gears for a minute." Grandpa got up and walked out into the yard again. I followed. "Ok, we are going to spar."

"What! Grandpa I don't want to..."

"What! You think I'm an invalid? That you are going to hurt me? Joshua, I don't think you have to worry about Me." he then did a standing back flip. "This old man keeps in shape! Ok first, I want you to hit me, as hard as you can!"


"Joshua, HIT ME!" I suddenly took a swing at my Grandpa. I hit him square in the face. He didn't seem to be injured at all. Somehow he commanded me and I reacted. He's never done that to me before. "Good! Good! Sorry about that, but I needed to gauge your punch and you didn't seem to want to put your heart in to it. Ok, now I want you to just come at me like we are really fighting, and don't worry about me."

"But...I don't want..."

"Fine, if I need to..." suddenly I felt waves of anger build up in me, all of it focused on Grandpa. I couldn't believe he was doing this to me. I lashed out. Throwing punch after punch, I realized I was hitting him harder and harder with each punch. After about a minute of this, the anger left me. Grandpa just smiled. "That was good. You will be very strong indeed. I hope I don't need to do that again to get you to fight me, because I need you to focus when we spar. The very thing I'm trying to get you to learn is control. But you needed to see that you can't hurt me!"

He was right. He didn't have a scratch on him. "Yes Grandfather!"

"Ok, we are going to try some thing. I need you to hit my hand." I did it. "Good, a medium strength punch. Ok now remember that. Now open your mind to me...ok now hit my hand again." I did, and I realized two things. First, it was like hitting a brick and second I had nowhere near hit him with the same force. He had shut off my strength and let me feel the difference, through him. "So, now you see the difference. This is why you broke that boy's ribs when you hit him. Hmm... What I really need to teach you is how to judge your strength. I want you to make your punch just as hard as that last one."

So, I threw another punch, but I threw it slower. "No! No! You are trying to stop your muscle from throwing as hard. It is your gift that is causing the impact! Not your muscles! You need to recognize the power and pull it back... Ok I'm going to turn it off mid-swing this time. I want you to feel for it!" So I threw and I felt the power leave as I threw the punch. It was the first time I had actually felt it! It was like it was a real tangible thing.

What I did next surprised both Grandpa and me. I reached for the strength and it returned. I could feel it now. I wonder why I hadn't before. It was like skin, wrapped around me almost radiating. I could feel it course through me. I realized that I could effect how strong it was. I see now why this is so dangerous. I looked back to the fight I had on Monday. If I had had any more power going through my gift I would have done far worse then breaking a few ribs.

"Now you feel it right?"

"Yes sir. I can't believe I never noticed it before. I realize now, it must have kicked in when I started working out last year. I wondered why I was lifting as much as I was without bulking up. I figured I was just toning."

"Actually I think that is exactly what you were doing. You see you probably didn't want to bulk up, I think you wanted to be tone. So you didn't let yourself lift more then necessary. Your gifted strength took over the rest and compensated for the difference!"

For the next hour we worked on control. I got to the point where I could take it all the way down to just a few pounds higher than my normal strength. I also realized how high I could take it, when I knocked over a small tree in the back yard. Mom was furious, but Grandpa promised to get her a replacement. He said it would be good practice for me to replace it. In fact he suggested I do a lot more physical work around the house. Great... just want I always wanted... more chores.

 My dad came out for a while and watched. He was very happy for me, and the progress. Suddenly the full meaning of my dad's statement of me being a sports star hit me. Dad knew this would give me an advantage.

After Noon, Grandpa said we would quit for the day but he would be here for a while. He wanted to continue our lessons. "You still have a lot to learn, but for now you have the control you need to not hurt anyone."

"Thanks Grandpa! I'm looking forward to it." The rest of the day he spent with my sisters and baby brother.

I went up to my room and jumped in the shower. I couldn't stop thinking about the revelations of the day. I had an inner strength. No wonder I gave Mark such a beating. Even now I could see how much strength I had used. Grandpa was right, any more and I could have killed him. As it was I hit him with the force of a small car crash. I realized I had been in the shower for an hour, when the water started getting cold. I was really zoned out.

I was glad for the date tonight. It would take my mind off of the morning's events, and I couldn't wait to spend a whole evening with Carrie, just us! We were going to the mall, because it was a one-stop place that had both movies and dinner options. It was a bonus to have the other shops.

By the time I had finished shaving my peach fuzz. (I don't have any real hair to speak of on my face yet, it is still very spotty.) I put on some `Curves: For Men' cologne and some light after-shave. I pulled my hair back and tied it into a ponytail, then slicked it back so no hair was sticking up. As for clothes, I went for a light blue polo top, with a pair of polo kakis, and my white K-Swiss's. Finally toped it all of with a simple gold chain. I was looking quite hot if I do say so myself. Hey, I'd fuck me!

We were leaving at three-thirty. I had about an hour to kill. So I sat down and read a couple of chapters of this book I had to read for school. It was a good book actually. At three-twenty I went downstairs to tell mom and dad good night. He was sound asleep in the chair in the living room. A collage football game was on. I'm not sure who was playing.

"Hey, Dad! Get up! I'm going over to meet up with Carrie."

He yawned, "Ok, Son. Have fun, don't stay out too late." He threw me a wink.

I went over to their front door and knocked. A few seconds later and Casey opened the door. He seemed to just stand there, staring at me for a few seconds. "Um...hey Josh. Uhh...come I'll go see if Carrie is ready." He came back a minute later. "Hey man, yea, she is almost ready. She'll be down in a few minutes. You...ah...look different!"

"Oh yea it's the hair. I pull it back on special occasions. I'm going to miss it, actually. I have got to cut it on Monday, after school."

"Oh yea! That's going to suck man. I like your hair like that!"

"Yea, I like long hair too. I can do more with it."

Then Carrie came in the room. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing tight blue jeans and this pink sweater that made her look very hot. It stopped just a few inches below her breasts, so that it showed off her well-trimmed waist. And it was fairly low cut so that you could just see the top of her cleavage. She also had on this little white short-sleeve jacket, which came down, just past the pockets on her jeans. If she wanted to be discrete, all she had to do was the close the jacket.

She ran up and kissed me. Then, "Ok dad, we're gone."

"Night sweetheart! Be good, and call us on your cell if you run into any problems."

"Thanks Dad! Night!" she leaned over and pecked Casey on the cheek as she left.

We were off. We took Carrie's mom's car, Carrie was driving. It was a bit weird not being the one driving us. Carrie didn't seem to mind, she was all smiles.

I don't remember much of the movie. I wasn't paying attention. We found a nice spot in the front all the way to one side. A lot of the dreams I've been having lately, really flooded my emotions with passion for her. She was equally diving right in. It didn't take long for us to start feeling each other up.

The taste of her lips, the shape and size of her breasts, and the delicate touch of her roaming hand, it was exactly the way I had dreamed them. Part of me found this odd, but the stronger part of me, my dick at the moment, was too caught up in the exploration. I was really surprised how far we took things.

For a first date we both mutually took it as far as you can with out taking your clothes off. I was bold enough to slip my hand up her sweater, as she wasn't wearing a bra, and got a very good feel of her breasts. It was really surprising how familiar they seemed. Carrie, after tracing every inch of my chest and abs, moved down and felt up my nuts and repositioned my hardon for me. However, we both calmed it down, so as not to draw attention to ourselves. The last thing I wanted was for the theater manager to kick us out, for disturbing the other moviegoers.

For dinner, we went to O'Charlie's.  We couldn't stop looking at each other. That puppy dog love was exuding from both of us. The server, Don, was practically laughing at us every time he came to the table. It was very obvious, the feelings we had for each other.

"Carrie, being with you tonight, feels strange. I'm both exited, because of the discovery we are both having with each other, and confident around you, as though we had been dating for years, almost familiar! It has made me realize how much I'm really falling for you."

"Wow, I was just thinking the same thing. It like ever since you came into my life, I feel more alive, more complete. Almost like a part of me was missing. You're all I've thought about for a week."

"Yea, I know how you feel. My only real concern is I don't know if I want to rush into things. I mean, we were moving pretty fast in there tonight."

She laughed a bit, "Yea, I've never moved that fast with anyone before. Frankly, I was surprised at how bold I was in there. I mean I've fooled around before on dates, but I've never taken it that far on the first one. But, I felt so familiar with you in there. You are the most beautiful guy at school, and I feel so fortunate to have you as my boyfriend."

"Well I don't know about the most beautiful guy at school, but I appreciate the compliment, especially, coming from the most gorgeous girl in school. Hey what about your brother! I'm sure the girls at school would agree he's good looking too! I mean after all you are twins. If you look good, he has to look good too right!"

"Yea, I guess, but he can't compare to you." Then she leaned over and kissed me.

About mid-kiss, Don came to the table with our dinners. He was smirking really big. We small talked the rest of the meal. (Mostly we just ate.)

After dinner we just walked the mall, going into stores, just window-shopping mostly. I almost died, however, when we passed Victoria's Secret. Of course, she gave me this wicked smile and said we had to go in.

I'm not sure weather I was excited, embarrassed, or aroused by it. Maybe all three! She took me back to the lingerie. She kept looking at all the really sexy stuff. You know the ones that are barely there. Then, she really floored me, she asked the clerk if she could try some on. The girl at the counter said sure and pointed to the back of the store.

We went back to a room in the back of the store. It had a small lounge area to the end, and six big walk in changing rooms. The attendant came back smiling at me, and unlocked one of the changing rooms. I think I heard her giggling as she left. I sat in one of the comfy chairs at the back. She had the room closest to the sitting area. Only a few people were back there, and only one other guy. He was an older guy, probably here with his wife.

After a few minutes, Carrie called me and asked me to come to the door. She opened the door slightly and pulled me in with her. I popped wood instantly.

"What do you think?"

"What do I think? I think if we were alone, right now, I'm afraid I'd have to rape you!" I said laughing.

"You like it that much huh! Yea I can tell." She said gently caressing my tenting cock. "Well, go out and let me try on another one."

Oh God. I don't know if I can handle this. Seeing her in that much of nothing was already giving me one of the strongest hardons ever, I practically ran back to my seat and sat down quick. I didn't want anyone seeing my very obvious problem. However, the smile I was getting from the guy across from me, told me he knew.

She tried on three other pieces. We decided on the first one. It showed off her assets the best. Luckily there was a sports magazine in the waiting room. It helped to calm down mister happy. I paid for her new lingerie. And we went on. We stopped at few other places but we had been in the Victoria's so long it was almost time to go. The mall would be closing in a half hour.

We left the mall but we didn't want to go home yet, we still had like two hours before we had to be home. Carrie said she knew where to take us. About twenty minutes later and we had arrived at the Atlantic Ocean.

"This is Folly Beach, we come here all the time." She said smiling

"It is beautiful."

The beach was mostly empty this time of night. The only ones there where like us, not wanting to be disturbed. We walked down the beach a ways and found a set dunes to lie in. The moon was reflecting off the rolling ocean, it was gorgeous! We didn't do much. We kissed, cuddled, and just watched the view. It was nice to just be there with her.

After an hour we decided we needed to leave if we were going to get home before midnight. The drive home was cool. We listened to the local rock station. The DJ was hilarious. We pulled into her driveway with fifteen minutes to spare.

"I had a really good time tonight, Josh."

"Me too. It was real eye opener. I realized tonight how much I really care about you, and how much I really want to see you in that lingerie again." I said laughing.

She was laughing too, "Well hopefully it won't take too long. Now we just need to get you something naughty!" and she leaned in and we kissed for several minutes. "I got to go. Dad is expecting me in about five minutes."

We kissed again and she left.


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