Green Room II
Chapter 33

Bob stayed over an extra day, which was cool. He's a damn good cook, and taught me how to make macaroni cheese and chicken casserole. I'd stuff it big time if I tried to make it on my own, I reckon.

He and I get along well, no strings attached. With my folks and the staff away, we could walk around the house naked. Which reminds me, I could never figure how Kyle walked around his house naked when his folks were home. It was no biggie for him to step out of the shower and stroll nonchalantly into the kitchen to make a sandwich, then return to his room with his six inches swaying in the breeze. He embarrassed the crap out of his friends whenever he exited the pool to hug his mom after she arrived home from wherever. The rest of us squeezed our crotches against the pool wall to hide our jewels, hahahaha!

Nakedness to Kyle was never a big deal. Never. One time he laughed as he told the story of sending Graham home in the buff because he wouldn't allow the grommet to retrieve his clothes from the washing machine. Graham had to walk through the front garden in full view of any passer-by, then jump the wall. Kyle held his stomach as he related the story because he laughed so much at the recollection of Graham's two ass cheeks disappear like lightning over the fence. I laughed hysterically as well, and each time we made a comment about the grommet's butt flying over the fence, we collapsed into more guffaws. Oh, my God, those were such good times.

Meanwhile, Graham arrived back from his rugger tour, and visited my house yesterday, wearing jeans that hung half way down his ass, and revealed the waistband of his bright blue/green cartoon boxer shorts. He also wore a thick fleecy blue hoody. His skateboard was in his hand, and his face beamed as I opened the front door to greet him.

"So?" he asked. "You stick your thing into her yet?"


"No, Melanie. I saw her and she told me you guys might be an item."

"So you reckon I should stick my `thing' into her to do what? Take her temperature maybe? You gonna come inside or just stand there and be so fucked-up disgusting?"

"How come you're swearing so loud? Your folks home?"



The grommet placed his skateboard on the floor and rode it to the kitchen where he opened the fridge and grabbed a 2-liter bottle of fresh orange juice. Without hesitation, he put it to his mouth. I took the bottle and placed it on the table. "Get a glass, you grub."

"Okay," he grinned his winning grin, "just checked to see how you'd react."

"Have a good tour?"

"Awesome," he said as he filled a glass with juice.

"Win any games?"

"Two out of five. It was cool, though, I scored four tries and beat up a guy who wanted to tangle with me."

"A midget?"

"He was a troll, man--thought he could push me around because I'm little. Showed the fucker good."

"Wow! Did you learn to cuss like that on the tour?"

"Nope, learned that from you," he grinned again, "anyway, I don't cuss."

"Hey, mate, when's your birthday?"

"August 15, why?"

"Maybe I'll give you a blowjob for your 12th."

"Fifteen!" he insisted. "I'll be fifteen!"

"Crap, man. You still look like eleven."

"Screw you!" He lowered his boxers and raised his hood. "Check these out. They're pubes. P-U-B-E-S! You don't get those on an 11-year-old grom."

"Yuck! I suppose your balls are all hairy as well."

"Nope, my eggs are like yours and Kyle's--smooth."

"Guess I'll have to believe you."

Graham pulled up his boxers, and replaced his hoody on his head, then told me all about the tour. Sounded like they all had a ball. He and a few of his mates sneaked out of the hostel one night and got trashed at a pool bar. Talked some older guys into buying them Bacardi Breezes and alcoholic cider. Meanwhile, he was convinced his mate Joe lost his virginity on the tour, which pissed off the grommet big time. Apparently, Joe disappeared with a girl while the others were busy getting trashed. He returned later to announce he'd just had his first nooky. The guys teased him with "yeah, right". But Graham believed his mate's version, and was accordingly miffed.

"So tell Joe you lost your virginity on the previous tour."

"I did, but he didn't believe me, so I told him the truth."

Later, the grommet and I surfed--it was really bitching out there, so we made a plan to surf again next day.

Hey, G, I made breakfast this morning--how cool is that? Toasted cheese sandwiches, hahahaha! Yeah, I agree that this smoking cigarettes thing with Melanie is not good. Maybe she can quit. I dunno.

As to your mention of big bro Craig, I reckon I could have taken him down the other day. Seriously. By the same token, I really am a chickenshit, and I remember all too well how he hurt me previously. Maybe he's not deluded about his ability to hammer the crap out of me.

Melanie and I will take in a movie tonight, then pig out on pizza. She's phoned every evening. So has Julie. Julie can't believe I dumped her spunky ass. I told her to go blow Craig and she said she'd pass on the message. Hahahaha!

Following winter break, I'm back at school for the third quarter, and need to knuckle down harder. This year is a repeat of my final, so it's graduate or bust.

Melanie and I took in a movie and pizza. She was relaxed because it was a no-pressure evening. Hey, we didn't even need to hitch a ride there and back because she organized a friend to drive us. To me, it was like a first date. She slept over at a friend's house, while I hitched a ride from there to my place. Seems to me that both Melanie and I have changed dramatically since Kyle's death. He is the glue that continues to bind us.
Saturday morning I surfed with Graham. He'd attended a house party the night before at Sean's. I detest that pumped-up little asshole, Sean. He's arrogant, and jealous of the friendship between Graham and me.

Graham still suffered the effects of the party big time, and was shitfaced in the water, as well as miserable. When Graham was hung over, it was pointless to talk to him. His moods had gotten worse since Kyle's accident. My invitation to have him sleep over that night was met with, "You'll have to wank instead because I'm busy." He and his mates organized a computer games evening using linked PCs to play games on line within a small network in a single house. Meanwhile Graham's comment about my needing to wank instead pissed me off totally.

That night, I played pool with some friends at a local pub, and got myself slaughtered. Ended up snorting a few lines with one of the guys. Hey, G, I could've told you we had Pepsi or whatever. I can't help myself in those kinda situations. And I was in no mood to stay home alone again. I'm sick of it.

Sunday I played the good son because my folks arrived home from Europe. They were surprised to see the house hadn't been trashed. They had a blast, and my dad bought me a couple of CDs in between business meetings.

Later, I managed to get hold of Graham. "I've been grounded because my folks want me to get my school shit together." I asked him again to think about sleeping over one night on the weekend.

I'm depressed again, G, about fuckall. I'd like to think Graham is my best mate, but I'm never certain about his moods. Meanwhile, Bob hooked up with a girl. I'm pretty sure he's never had a steady girl in his life. Lately, I notice certain differences in his appearance. He dresses differently, and gells his hair. Hahahaha! Kyle did that whenever he went on the town all smart. Bob also looks pretty ripped. His thighs were always muscular but they look even better now. And his gut is more cut. He's one of those lucky blokes who doesn't need to work on his pecs because he has a naturally good looking chest. That was also an advantage Kyle possessed.

Bob wore a pair of my favorite jeans, which fitted snug but not overly so. They showed off all his goodies; narrow waist, cool legs, cute butt and ample package. And he was madly in love! Hahahaha! Poor dude. Not sure if he's still a pussy virgin or what. If he is, I'll invite him to watch while I screw his chick. That's what mates are for, right? Oh, the sacrifices I make for my mates!

XCUSE me but I shared a joint with a mate and I'm winging now. It's bad you know. I pull back my foreskin and have conversations with my cockhead. I squeeze it to make the hole move like a mouth as it talks to me. Hello, hello, hello? Do you have any idea how bad that is when your cock talks back to you? At least I have you to talk to, G, huh?

Bob wants a tattoo. I'm toying with accompanying him. Maybe I'll get a navel ring or something. Bob reckons I should get a nipple ring.

Oh yeah, almost forgot to tell you. Your hero Rick left a message on Kyle's web site, `Cya on the lip' (surf talk for the lip of a wave). No mail to me, though, to say the site looks cool or whatever. Anyway, it shouldn't upset me. Hahahahaha!

Thought about visiting Kyle's special place on the mountain yesterday. But I was too trashed and lethargic.

Meanwhile, my folks think I'm cool. Hey, I play this little game. I arrive home from school and get stuck into my homework like a good little Stewie. Then I go surfing and get all redeye at the beach. That's what salt water does to your eyes anyway, doesn't it? Then I return home and eat my whole meal because I get the munchies so bad. Hey, don't hassle, G. Smoked a couple of Js, that's all.

Phoned Graham; he's glad to be back at school and kicking a rugger ball around. He's back into boxing training at the local gym, and hitting the gym pool as well. He and his mates organized a deal with the gym for reduced membership fees if they belong to a school team.

Melanie's chuffed about our date the other night. She really enjoyed herself, and wants a repeat this Friday but I promised to connect with some mates.

Dammit, I'm suffering the downers again. Better get some shuteye before I tackle my homework.