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This a sequel to Steam Train's story The Hunt for Mike's Cock which should be read first.  Younger sister Gail relishes her's brother's treatment until there are some unexpected events.

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Late Development Is a Trial


I was late and rushing home.  I had been talking with my three best friends about my big brother Mike who was being subjected to a behavioral management program that  Dr. Sutherland had prescribed.  I had to be somewhat secretive about it because I had gotten tangled up in it as well.  I was delighted at what was happening to my big brother.  Two of his ninth grade classmates came by three times a week to give him a bath.  Yes, a bath where they scrubbed him while he was in the tub and then dried him off.  The second part of his treatment was that he had to remain naked for several hours in the house.  I wasn't allowed – yet – to actually wash him but I watched Caitlin and Cassidy wash him like he was a five-year-old they were babysitting.

All this was because he was ashamed that his pee-pee was so teeny-weeny tiny and he did not have a single hair on his body below his neck.  His male classmates found a second meaning to his initials – Micro Cock – to torment him with.  His behavior got so bad that our parents were distressed and decided that he needed to be a lot less modest until he got over this.  As soon as he had one treatment, he totally stopped picking on me.  Our folks had to warn me not to tease him about his penis being small any longer.  From babysitting I knew his dick was the size of that of a normal five-year-old boy.  I was looking forward to being allowed to bathe him myself soon.  After all, as Caitlin explained, we girls mature faster and earlier and boys have no need to be modest.  If they did they wouldn't have their boy parts hanging out exposed to view and injury.  We girls sensibly keep our parts safe and private inside our bodies.

There was one catch to all this.  I was subject to being bathed by the two girls as a punishment for my own poor behavior.  There was one big difference however – the door was closed when I was being bathed while it was open when Mike was.  Also, since Caitlin and Cassidy were girls like myself they really were not interested in my body so they washed me a lot more professionally than they did Mike.

No sooner had I closed the front door when Caitlin yelled down.  "Get up here to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY, Gail Lucia Cesare."  It was a bad sign that she used my middle name.  Because I had resisted my punishment and showed signs of immaturity, Caitlin had told me that I had used up all my warnings the previous week.  Mike was already in the tub getting washed by Caitlin with Tanya watching when I got upstairs.  Tanya is Caitlin's kid sister, who is about two years younger than I.  I quickly apologized for being late and, hoping to avoid any problem, said I would be ready for my bath when you're finished with Mike.  There was a flurry of activity as Caitlin gave Tanya the washcloth and then ordered me to strip immediately.  Yes, strip right there with my big brother watching.

I was shocked!

I hesitated and Caitlin came down on me like a ton of bricks.  "Well, it looks like the naughty girl needs some help." she said sharply and practically ripped off my blouse and then unsnapped my 28AA training bra.  Mike was watching with saucer eyes and even Tanya had stopped washing him to watch.  Mike's mouth opened as the tissues I use in the bra went floating down.  Caitlin then opened my jeans and yanked them down and made me step out of them.  My shoes had slipped off leaving me in just my panties.  It was only seconds later that they joined the pile of my clothes on the floor as Caitlin completely stripped me.  Mike and Tanya just stared at me.  I blushed as they saw that my breasts were just starting and I was as hairless as Mike with nary a hair to cover my slit.

"Why, you're still a little girl!" said an amazed and amussed Tanya.

"No tits.  No hair." said Mike taken by surprise.  "These two young ladies have had pubes since they were ten years old."

My secret was out!  Even though I was almost two years younger than Mike, girls are expected to mature earlier and I had not.

Caitlin had sat down on the closed toilet and pulled me over her lap.  She was much stronger than I and would have completely controlled me even if I had tried to resist.

"I warned you that any failure would result in your being spanked the last time you misbehaved, Gail." she reminded me.

I was stark naked in front of my big brother when she spanked me.  It was my first spanking ever and each spank made a loud SPANK which reverberated inside my head as well as in the tiled room.  It hurt terribly and soon I was crying like a baby.

Caitlin marched me over to the tub and made me join my brother.  We had not been bathed together for more than eight years.

It was in a word HORRIBLE!  To Caitlin I was just a naughty girl, late for her bath and she was rough trying to catch up.  Meanwhile Tanya was finishing with Mike.  At the end, we had to stand up while the water drained and we were rinsed off by Tanya using the shower hose.  I started to cry again and suddenly I was being hugged.  It was a while before I realized that it was Mike who had wrapped his arms about me.  Oh, he was so strong that I felt like I had when I was a little girl and Mommy was protecting me.  I just sobbed and sobbed on his shoulder.

I don't know how we got dried but eventually we left the bathroom.  Normally, I get dressed after my bath while Mike is required to have his naked-in-the-house time.  Today we were both ordered to get downstairs while still naked.  I was ever so upset for this was an extremely traumatic experience.  I'm ever so grateful to Mike.  He carried me down and just sat there holding me until dinner time trying to comfort me. Mike was so wonderful and protective.  I was sorry that I was so nasty to him about his naked time.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a regular Wednesday and I made sure to get home on time.  Since the 'rents had gone overboard following Dr. Sutherland so called prescription for abuse and gotten those two girls – from my class no less – to give me baths and make fun of my small penis.  Just because I have not started puberty I am subjected to this outrageous treatment three afternoons a week.  I can't fight them for them for Father will take his strap to me and make things worse.  They even have the right to spank me.

Caitlin's spanking don't really hurt like Father's but it is terrible to be pulled over her lap like a little boy and get twenty whacks from a flip-flop.  She tried her hand once and quickly learnt that my butt was rock hard and that it hurt her rather than I.  Some day I hope to turn her over my lap and give her a real spanking.  I won't use anything but my hand but it will make her very sorry that she spanked me.  She won't be able to sit for a week.

My two torturers are due at four and rather than let them strip me, I get naked before they arrive.  Before they bathe me, they bathe Gail.  That is not a behavior modification program, like for me, but just a plain simple punishment.  Gail has some privacy for her bath with only the two other girls in the room.  I don't have any privacy and Gail always watches with a smirk.  I know that she is hoping for the day when she will actually wash me instead of just watching.  It is clear that she want to handle my stuff just like the other two do.  It shows how mature they really are.

The girls show up right on time and great me with the dreaded: "Hi, MC."  It is just plain mean for the guys have made it stand for "Micro Cock" in the gym shower and its use has spread throughout the entire school.  Today Caitlin brought her kid sister, Tanya, rather than Cassidy.  Tanya, a year younger than Gail, is too young for me (now) but already has a hot bod.  I'll bet that the boys in her class pant after her.  Tanya has hot little hands and just like the two older girls, loves to play with my dick.  I like it best when she does it for her little fingers make better contact and make me come hard.  Unfortunately, they are dry comes but, nevertheless, are caused by a girl's hands.  It the only good part of this horrid arrangement.

Since Gail is late, they start with me.  Maybe I'll be lucky and Gail won't get home until after I'm out of the tub.  Caitlin has just done my hair, when the front door slams.  Caitlin immediately yells down.  "Get up here to the bathroom IMMEDIATELY, Gail Lucia Cesare."  I noticed the use of her full name and knew that Gail was in big trouble.  She been in trouble with Caitlin before and has been told that she is not getting any more warnings.

As soon as Gail gets to the bathroom, Caitlin gives the washcloth to Tanya and orders Gail to strip.  Gail is surprised and Caitlin immediately starts the process.  In just seconds her blouse is off and then her bra is unhooked.  I'm staring at this show and so is Tanya.  It's my first look at my sister's tits in almost a decade.  She is still flat like a sissy boy without any developed pecs.  Then it registers that what I saw floating down were the tissues she had stuffed in the bra to pretend that she had tits.  Then her jeans came off which left her blushing in just her panties.  It was quite a surprise when they came down for Gail was as bald as I am.  Tanya made a nasty crack:  "Gail, you're still a little girl!".

Surprised, I said: "No tits.  No hair."  So my little sister was not in puberty any more than I was.  Since girls develop earlier than boys, she was just as late as I.  She had no right to taunt me as she has.  The guys in the shower that do it are at least in puberty although that is not any excuse for meanness.

Caitlin sat on the toilet and pulled Gail over her lap for a spanking.  It was her first for our folks never did that to her although I got spanked plenty.  Caitlin's hand was adequate for the job as Gail's little girl bottom was soft and tender.  It quickly turned red as she spanked and Gail was bawling.  While I was watching, Tanya was multitasking since she was also watching and jerking me off.  I came before the spanking was over.

Her spanking over, Gail was put into the tub with me.  That was something that had not happened in more than eight years.  We were just two little kids getting bathed.  When the washing was done, Gail and I stood up to get rinsed off as the water drained from the tub.  Gail lost it then and I took her into my arms.  As we were being dried, I actually was feeling like my old self – protecting my little sister.  Once dry we were sent downstairs.  Now it was normal for me to remain naked but Gail usually was dressed.  Caitlin exercised her authority to punish her with naked time.  I just sat on the couch with my little sister.  I was holding her tightly to comfort her as she cried and cried with her arms grasping me even more tightly. She was still crying when Father got home.  He was confused about everything as was Mother who had been preparing dinner in the kitchen.  The girls had left.  I tried to tell her it was over and things would be right but she did not stop crying.  Gail would not even allow Mom to hold her.  One good thing was the folks quickly decided that Caitlin may have gone to far and she was told to back off a bit.

It did have the result that Gail and I are much closer and she stopped watching me getting bathed after that.  The folks were proud of me for being so supportive fo my sister.  It was pointed out that I had been naked during that entire time and it had not mattered.  That really helped me come to grips with my delayed puberty since I should be a lot more than a sperm producer and delivery system.  That helped me ignore the assholes Travis and David in the gym shower room and even make cracks back at them for being so interested in my body.  It was obvious that there could only be one reason, right?

Strangely, I have benefitted from this naked experience.  I am actually less concerned about other seeing my little penis.  I have a great body and have also countered the silly comments about my diminutive penis with challenges such as boxing and wresting.  That has worked well and is less anger generating than what I said to Travis and his groupies.  One thing that Dr. Sutherland was right about was that my body would start puberty when it was ready.  I have noticed that the peach fuzz on my pubis is getting denser and darker.  I am starting puberty at long last.  That is even encouraging news for Gail since it given her hope that she will start soon.

The End

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