Jana, Rich and I

Written By: Angyl


This story is 2004 and 2008 by Angyl, and is protected by copyright law. Please do not copy to distribute, or post to other sites without the author's permission. This is a fictional story. Any similarities to actual people or events are purely coincidental. This story contains sexual situations involving two males. If this subject offends you, or you should not be reading this type of story, you assume all responsibility for continuing. The premise of the story is...bisexual love. Please send all comments to: angylboi@shaw.ca or stephen_p@shaw.ca. My stories can also be found at: http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/angylboi/.

     This is absolute bull shit. I am stuck in my friend's fucking closet having to listen to her getting slammed by her boyfriend. How the hell did I get in this situation? Well I had come over to see Jana because I was having guy trouble. Yes she was totally aware that I was gay. She also knew I was hot for her boyfriend, but neglected to mention that he was coming over for some fun. So when he showed up, she pushed me into the closet, and told me to be quiet. What the fuck was I gonna do?

     Well it did not take long for the two of them to go at it. I could see from my vantage point, Jana's pussy. More importantly I could see Rich's cock, and as he turned his smooth ass. I was all boned up. I watched as he bent over, and spread Jana, and ate her pussy. I could see his ass moving as he delved into her wet mound. I heard Jana moaning as he sucked and lick her clit. I could see Rich's cock between his legs. I was transfixed oh it and hard as fuck. As quietly as I could I undressed, and began stroking my cock. I was thinking about what it would be to eat out his hot ass. I have no idea what came over me. In the next second, I was out of the closet on my knees. I was about to eat out Jana's boyfriend. I took his cheeks in hand and spread them. His pink tight pucker stared up at me.

"What the fuck?" I heard Rich say.

    Both he and Jana looked down to see me naked on my knees. I was so embarrassed, and got up to run. I had clothes in hand, but Rich grabbed my shoulder to stop me.

"Hey bud go for it." He said.

    Jana was looking down at the whole scene. She had a smile on her face. I was looking to her for permission.

"Go for it baby eat his man pussy." She said.

    Jana was running her hands over her pussy. Rich was laying on the bed with his ass open to me. I looked up as he looked back smiling at me.

"Come on big boy lick my man hole." He said.

"Yes Baby let me see you eat that hot ass." Jana put in as she played with her pussy.

    I knelt behind Rich and spread his hole wider. I slowly moved in running my tongue over his pucker. I could hear him moaning, every time I would lick directly in his sweet hole. I reached up and stoked his semi hardness back to full erection.

"Come on Baby let me see you suck that monster." I heard Jana saying.

    Rich had now moved up on the bed and I slowly crawled so I was above his hardness. Fuck this boy was a good nine by three. I had never had a cock this big. He made my eight inches pale in comparison. I licked the tip and could taste pre-cum. I ran my tongue around the tip and then slowly began working my mouth all the way down the shaft. I surprised even myself, as I was able to take him all in.

"Oh yeah that's what I am talking about." Rich said, as he let out a moan.

    I could feel movement on the bed, but I was so into working this monster cock, I was not prepared for the next thing to happen. Jana had moved and had taken my cock in her mouth. Holy shit a chick was working my cock. I was so horned up that, I did not care that it was not a boi on my cock. I looked to see what Rich was doing, and he had started eating Jana again.

    I wanted to get my cock into Rich badly. I looked down and the up.

"This is so hot; I want to stick my cock in your hot ass." I said to Rich.

    Jana stopped working my cock and smiled.

"Baby you wanna do my man that is so hot." She said.

"Umm Jana I did not agree to that." Rich said.

    I was disappointed, and felt my cock begin to go flaccid. Rich saw the disappointment in my face.

"Aww honey I know you will do anything for me, let baby stick his cock in you."

     I could tell Rich was pondering it, before he nodded his consent. I was instantly hard again. I had not thought I would ever get to fuck his tight man pussy.

    Rich turned and got on all four aiming his whole at me. Jana grabbed some lube and greased his hole. She fingered it to loosen it up. Then she greased me up and guided me to his hole. She gently stroked my as she guided me in. Fuck was Rich tight. I felt my cockhead pop in. Rich let out a yelp. I waited to give his ass time to relax, and then slowly pushed in until my balls slapped his ass.

"Give it to him baby...fuck his tight ass." Jana said.

    I looked over and she was playing with her wet mould. Her fingers working in and out. I slowly began pulling out and then back in. Rich was starting to moan. He was getting into this. I smiled.

"Oh fuck that's awesome fuck me harder."

    I started to pound his tight hole hard. Shit he was a great fuck. Jana had stood on the bed and offered her mound for me. Okay I did not really want to eat pussy, well man pussy yeah, but not a girl's pussy. I don't think Jana was going to take no for an answer. She spread her lips for me. What was I supposed to do? I began licking her soft fleshy mound. It was not too bad I guess. Here I was fucking a hot ass and eating pussy. This was so weird, but at the same time it was a fucking huge turn on. Rich was so into getting his ass pounded that he was bucking against me. I did little work except to eat Jana's pussy. I began to feel my cock getting tight. I knew I was gonna fill this hot stud soon.

"Holy fuck I am gonna shoot in you Rich."

    I blasted my seed deep into him. I had stopped eating Jana as I shot my load. I let myself go limp and then pulled out of him. I moved off the bed. I was shocked when Jana knelt down and ate my spunk right out of her boyfriend's ass. I swear she was ready to get fuck, but neither Rich nor I were in shape for more. She was all pouty but got over it soon, and was bubbly and back to her old self.

    This had been a weird thing for me. I would have never thought I would get off being with a girl. As I thought about it later, I decided I could not do it again. I told Jana that what happened was not going to happen again. She completely understood. I figured it was just the heat of the moment that made me do those things.

    On a side note. Rich dumped Jana after realizing he loved it up the ass more than he liked sticking it in a wet pussy. Jana was complete understanding with the whole thing. She was more pissed when Rich and I started dating. She never spoke to either of us again. Well that is her loss. I got the man of my dreams now.

The End

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