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Let it Snow is a story I wrote for a contest. It placed second, one point below a tie for first.

I had to choose at least 15 words or phases from 3 lists, totaling 40. These are the words and phrases I used:

Linoleum, Rapier, Bedlam, Candelabra, Groovy, Breastplate, Revolver, Stirrup, Ray Gun, Plaid Curtains, Transport Unit, Code of Honor, Chevy 454, Silk Stockings, Battle Spear, Switchblade Knife

I'm sorry, but the only room available only has a single bed.”

I'm just a (girl/boy/other), standing in front of a (girl/boy/other), asking to be loved.”

The Senator, while insisting (he/she) was not intoxicated, could not explain (his/her) nudity.”

You might be the (boy/girl/man/woman/other) that my (mother/father/other) warned me about.”

Did you leave me for (him/her), or were there others in between? Or are you not the kind that tells?”

Let it Snow

It was day-one of the three-day Anime NebrasKon 2017 convention, and Cindy Cooper was overwhelmed by the bedlam. She felt horribly out of place among, what seemed to be, thousands of teenagers dressed in their favorite cartoon characters. There were plenty of adults, but many of them were also dressed up. Her daughter, Sierra, was out there somewhere in the sea of freaks. She was wearing a short-red schoolgirl skirt, silk stockings, a white shirt with a red collar and a blue bow. Sierra said she was Sailor Scout, Mars, whatever that was, and to be the best one here, she insisted on dying her hair pink. Hopefully, it really does wash out.

Cindy couldn't believe she had traveled from San Francisco to Omaha for this. I did it for Sierra, Cindy thought. If her husband, Dick, and she weren't separated, he would be here with Sierra. NebrasKon was their thing, not Cindy's, but Sierra didn't do anything wrong—Dick had—so Cindy was going to do everything in her power to maintain a sense of normalcy for her little girl. It was hard enough being fifteen without your parents having problems.

Cindy looked through the mob of young boys in oversized breastplates, clutching ray guns and Rapiers, and squid-like creatures with tentacles resembling penises with battle spears, and who knows what else. She spotted her daughter. The girl's legs were too long for those heels and short skirt. She's not your little girl anymore, Cindy thought. Her daughter had been cursed with her gene for large breasts, and Cindy could tell the boy Sierra was flirting with wasn't making eye contact.

"Is that your Sailor Mars my daughter is talking to?"

Cindy turned towards the voice and knew that the woman who spoke couldn't have been looking in the same direction. Sierra was dressed up as Sailor Mars, but she was talking to a teenage boy, and this attractive, dark complected young lady couldn't possibly have given birth to him. He was at least Sierra's age. "No," Cindy said, "but I'm impressed by your knowledge of these characters. I'm clueless."

The Latino woman smiled. "I would be too if it weren't for Tori. You know how teenagers are."

Cindy's eyes moved from top to bottom and back, carefully evaluating the woman's face, clothes, and features. She favored Maritza on Orange Is the New Black, except this lady was thicker and didn't wear tons of makeup. "I can't imagine you're old enough to have a teenager."

The young woman's cheekbones rose, and her dimples sank in. "Only if I conceived her when I was seven.” She laughed. “I'm sorry, I shouldn't do that to people. She's my ex-husband's daughter from his first marriage. I'm twenty-three, but I feel much older because I've been raising Tori since I was seventeen. Longer really, but I didn't marry her father until seventeen."

Cindy nodded stupidly while she processed this woman's disclosure. Twenty-three was the age of the girl Dick had an affair with. "Sorry, I've been rude. I'm Cindy, Cindy Cooper. I'm here with my daughter, Sierra."

The young woman extended her hand. "I'm Mandy Santiago. It's very nice to meet you. I'm guessing you're not from Nebraska."

Cindy smiled, grateful it showed. "No, nor you," Cindy said. "We're here from San Francisco."

"Oh, cool," Mandy said, sounding her age. "We're here from LA, and honestly I can't wait to get back. The weather here, shit, it's too cold. My hoochie mama leather jacket doesn't cut it here."

Cindy was surprised by the expletive but not offended; it was refreshing to hear an adult's unfiltered thoughts. "It's our fault for coming to the Midwest in November."

"Yeah, true, and I hope they're wrong about the snow."

"Me too," Cindy said. "Although, I think Sierra is praying that it will. Kids."

By the looks of it, Tori made a friend, so I'm sure she won't mind spending a few extra days here."

"Mom, can I have some money? We wanna get something to eat," Sierra said as she approached.

"Yeah, Mom," the boy with Sierra said.

Cindy turned around. Her daughter was with the black haired boy with the extremely blue eyes, except—Cindy was glad she hadn't said anything to Mandy about Sierra being with a boy.

"So she is your Mars," Mandy said.

Sierra must have seen the expression on Cindy's face because she said, "Mom, this is Tori, she's, um, he's Ranma Saotome from Ranma 1/2. He changes; tomorrow he'll be a girl with red hair and no boots, so he'll be shorter than me.” She gave Tori one of her, that's right, smirks.

Maybe shorter,” Tori said, “but I'll have bigger boobs than you.”

Will not,” Sierra said.

Tori!” Mandy said.

Tori blushed, realizing she shouldn't stay in character around adults. Sierra said, “It's true, in the cartoon when he's a girl, she has big boobs. Mom, Tori had me going for a long time, I didn't know she was a she. Isn't that cool?"

Cindy looked at Mandy, then back at her daughter. "Yeah, that's nice." She reached into her purse. "Don't eat junk…all junk, anyway."

Mandy sucked in and squeezed her hand into the pocket of her jeans. Cindy noticed her hip bones and the signs of a V cut into her groin. Mandy was in excellent shape. "You too, Tori, eat at least one thing today that's not bad for you," Mandy said and pulled a crumpled wad of bills from her pocket.

Both girls agreed while rolling their eyes and took off.

"Ranma is perfect for Tori, she's such a tomboy," Mandy said. "I think that's why we get along so well; I was a tomboy, too."

Cindy gave the shapely woman a skeptical look. "That's hard to believe, you're very, ah, attractive."

Mandy snaked her curvy body seductively. "Thank you, I was a late bloomer—"She pressed her boobs together—"and didn't get a whole lot when I finally developed. Tori has more than me."

Cindy tilted her head to the side. “Um, Tori—”

Yeah, it's hard to believe the lengths these kids will go to,” Mandy said. “Please don't think I'm into these Japanese cartoons, I'm not, but my daughter is, so I know things.”

I understand,” Cindy said, but she wasn't sure she did.

Tori's character is a boy, but he turns into a girl if he gets wet with cold water. Tori does have breasts, um, crushed under there. Tomorrow, she'll have red hair, and ponytails, and boobs. Oh, and the reason she said what she did to Sierra is because in the series, Akane and Saotome, argue about whose are bigger.”

Cindy said, “Oh, that explains it.” Why didn't she know that much about Sierra's character?

Don't tell Tori, but I think Saotome will lose that argument. Sierra has been blessed with your body.”

Cindy hung her head and let her long auburn hair fall forward to hide her blush. "At Sierra's age, I think it's more of a curse."

"Hmm, she does have it going on," Mandy said. "I bet her father has to beat the boys off…some of the girls, too, probably."

Cindy was struck by how forward this young lady was, but it made her smile. Since the separation, she had been isolated for the most part because she didn't feel comfortable around shared friends, and now she wasn't sure she had ever liked most of them. Besides, Mandy was the first person she'd spoken to who was old enough to drink and wasn't dressed up like a cartoon character. "We're separated now." Why did I volunteer that information? “We're trying to work things out, so it's a trial thing while we figure it out.”

Mandy grabbed Cindy and pulled her out of the way of a spirited boy, waving a revolver. He was charging after a space creature. Cindy was close now, staring at Mandy's face. The woman's complexion was flawless except for a thin scar that ran from her cheekbone to her jawline. Her expressive dark brown eyes should have made her extremely pretty, but they didn't. Cindy stepped back and asked, "Are you hungry? We could get some lunch, too." When Mandy wasn't smiling, her face had a toughness to it that would have scared Cindy if they met on a dark street.

"That would be cool," Mandy said. "We can talk more without all this ruckus. There's a good Mexican place around the corner."

Cindy looked around at the mayhem. "The girls?"

"They'll be fine. Tori has street-smarts, and she's tough. Her daddy was tough, taught her to take care of herself."

"Okay," Cindy said. "I guess they'll be okay. It will be refreshing to get a break from all of this. We still have two more days of it."

We do,” Mandy said and held Cindy's upper arm, turning her. "This way, we can go out the door over here. It'll be shorter that way."

After more than an hour of conversation in the restaurant, Cindy knew Mandy wasn't Mexican. Her mother was from Puerto Rico and her father from the Bronx. Mandy had lived in Harlem until she was ten, then they moved to The Gardens, a Latino neighborhood in Los Angeles. It was more the hood, then a neighborhood, and where Mandy had met Alberto, her husband.

Cindy leaned forward and lowered her voice, "But you were only fifteen." That's how old Sierra is, she thought.

Mandy shrugged. "Things are different in the hood. Don't get me wrong, my mother warned me about men like him, but you know how it is with bad boys, they're hard to resist. He had the coolest car, a muscle car. All red with black stripes and Chevy 454 emblems on the hood scoop...Ah, so sweet. Man, the way that Chevelle rumbled, I think I creamed my pants one time while we were racing his cousin, Dario."

The truth was, Cindy didn't know how it was with bad boys or the hood. She met her husband, Dick, in church. They waited until their wedding night before having sex, or at least she had. Richard had been her only dick. She thought they would live happily ever after in their fancy Pacific Heights home. They went to church, he worked, and she stayed home and took care of the house and Sierra.

When Cindy found the sexting messages on Dick's phone, she could tell from his expression when she asked, "Was she the only one or were there others in between?" that there had been others. How the fuck could he have an affair with someone in church? He was the praise and worship leader, and he was screwing Betty, the lead vocalist, a woman more than ten years younger than Cindy.

"What happened with you and Alberto?" Cindy asked. "Why aren't you together anymore?"

"He's dead," Mandy said and sipped her margarita.

"Oh, I'm sorry," she said, wishing she hadn't asked. "What happened?"

"Switchblade," Mandy said. "He got stabbed with his own switchblade."

"God, that's horrible. It must have been so hard on you and Tori."

"On her more than me." Mandy downed two-thirds of her drink. "But I think she was starting to hate him, too, by then. He got mean. Selling and using drugs will do that to a man or maybe he was always that way. I don't know anymore."

Cindy wanted to know more, but Mandy stopped talking, so Cindy let it go, for now. She was impressed with this young lady and how she was raising Tori on her own. Cindy was still trying to get Dick back because she was afraid to be alone.

They finished their drinks and headed back to the convention center.

At the end of the day's festivities, the younger woman's animated and boisterous nature hadn't grown tiresome. Cindy invited Mandy and Tori to join Sierra and her for dinner. She also promised herself that she would stop being such a mother hen to Sierra, and enjoy their time together.

They went to a Chinese buffet, like a mother-daughter double date. After dinner, the girls suggested a switch of hotels, so they could all be together. Cindy knew with the convention in town it would be improbable that there would be a vacancy at any hotel, but, oddly, she wished it could happen. It was silly for a thirty-five-year-old woman to be thinking like a school girl, but she hadn't felt so alive in years.

Cindy told the girls there wouldn't be anything available, but Tori suggested they stay in the same room. Mandy's brows rose and her lips twitched, but she didn't speak. Could she be considering it, Cindy wondered. Why not?

Cindy reminded Sierra that their room only had two single beds. Of course, the teenagers offered to sleep on the floor and let the adults have the beds. That was ridiculous, sharing a hotel room with a young lady and her stepdaughter. “I'll go online when we get back to our hotel,” Cindy promised. “We'll see.”

The teenagers got excited, but Cindy knew it wasn't going to happen.

Two days later, Cindy was glad the convention was coming to a close. She wanted to get home and sleep in her bed, but at the same time, it was sad. It had been a long time since she had so much fun with Sierra, and it felt good to have the young, energetic, Mandy at her side through it all. It had been seventeen years since Cindy became Mrs. Cooper. Her whole life had been built and arranged around being a good wife and mother. There hadn't been any real girl time, not that the stuffy women she knew would ever let their hair down the way Mandy and she had. Cindy was going to miss this Puerto Rican woman with the big smile and even bigger laugh. Sierra and Tori had pledged their love and swore never to stop communicating, but Cindy couldn't bring herself to tell Mandy how she felt.

After getting their suitcases from the lockers, the quartet of females walked out of the convention center and looked up. A mix of sleet and snow was falling. “What happened to, 'The cold air isn't going to get here in time for any major accumulations,'?” Sierra asked.

Yikes,” Mandy said. “This might cause some problems for us at the airport.”

Mm, it might,” Cindy said.

See, Mom, I told you we should have just stayed another day,” Sierra said. “Now we might die in a plane crash if the wings ice over.”

Mandy and Cindy shook their heads and said, “Oh, the drama.”

It could happen,” Sierra said.

It could,” Tori added.

Sierra, I told you, our hotel is full. We couldn't keep our room,” Cindy said.

I hope our Lyft driver has good tires,” Mandy said.

Why don't we just go back inside and see if the Red Lion has a room?” Sierra asked.

Listen,” Cindy said, “I know you don't want all this fun to end, but they don't. They didn't have any rooms before we got here, and they don't have any now. I already checked.”

You did?” Sierra said.

Yes, I did.”

In the third row of the SUV, Sierra and Tori chatted nonstop. Cindy and Mandy were in the middle row, mostly silent. The road conditions were treacherous, and the icy mix that had been pelting the windows was now a sheet of white. The man driving suggested they start calling around for rooms because he thought their flights would be canceled. The airline's app said there were delays, but no cancellations, so they continued on.

When they reached the airport, as soon as Cindy saw the flight board, she regretted not listening to the Lyft driver. The storm that was supposed to be rain until late that night had been met by an Arctic front, and the rain that had been falling froze on everything and was now steady, wind-driven snow. Flights that hadn't been canceled were behind schedule because connection airports were closing like dominoes falling across the Midwest.

The counter agent did his best to seem composed, but it was apparent that he was frazzled after a day of being yelled at by irate would-be travelers. Mandy said, “They're so rude. Like you made it snow. I feel bad for you.”

Thank you,” Mr. Hosener said. “I appreciate your patience more than you know. Your plane hasn't arrived yet. It hasn't been canceled yet, but to be honest with you, I expect it will be. I heard the runway crew over the radio, and they are having a hard time keeping up.”

What should we do?” Cindy asked.

Let me make a call,” he said. “I'll see if we can find you a room for the night.”

Two rooms,” Cindy said and pointed at Sierra and Tori.

Okay, go have a seat. I'll see what I can do.”

While they waited, the girls scouted around for food. Cindy and Mandy scanned the boarding area for seats, but it was standing room only. “Mandy, I'm happy we met,” Cindy said. “I've been isolated since the separation, probably a bit overwhelmed and maybe depressed too. You helped me so much. I had fun...really. Thank you.”

Shoot, it was a blast,” Mandy said. “I, um, we, had a great time, too. Tori and Sierra hit it off, and I enjoyed your company very much. It was great. Let's not wait until next year to talk. We should keep in touch.”

We will,” Cindy said, but she knew distance and life could foil even the best of intentions.

An hour later, a nearby hotel's transport van dropped them off. “It's not the Embassy Suites, but it's better than sleeping on the floor at the airport,” Cindy said. “I don't think Mr. Hosener would have tried to find us a place if you hadn't been so sweet to him. Your smile is priceless.”

Mandy poked her fingers in her dimples and grinned. “Thank you.”

Tori and Sierra opened the first set of double doors for their mothers. They went through, and Cindy slipped on the wet linoleum in the foyer. Mandy grabbed her and kept her from falling. The Latino woman was much stronger than she looked. “Thank you. I almost busted my ass,” Cindy said.

Way to go, Mom,” Sierra said.

Watch it,” Cindy said with a smirk.

A gaudy faux candelabra brightened the lobby with a dozen candle shaped lights. The manager looked up from his computer screen and said, “I'm sorry, but the only two rooms available only have a single bed. But they are adjoining rooms.”

That's fine,” Mandy said.

All four of them entered the room and immediately Tori turned the heater up to high. Sierra joined her and they rubbed their hands together in front of the warm air. Neither of them gave any thought about the size of the room or the bed, but Cindy and Mandy stared at each other. Cindy hadn't spent the night with anybody other than her husband. “Um, I thought he said single beds, not one bed per room.”

Mm, me too,” Mandy said. “At least he was wrong about the size. That's probably a full size.”

We want this room,” Sierra said.

Yeah, you guys can have the other one,” Tori said.

Mandy and Cindy's expressions matched; both asking, since when did I start taking orders from you? The girls were too busy scoping out the room and the HBO guide to notice, so Mandy shrugged, and they exchanged a smile.

Cindy opened the door to the adjoining room. It was a replica of the one they were in, except everything was reversed. Mandy said, “Probably be better this way. Those two will want to stay up talking and watching movies all night.”

Cindy nodded and told Mandy she would get their bags; then she turned to the girls. “Keep it down over here and don't disappear without telling us where you're going.”

We will,” Sierra and Tori promised.

Cindy went through the door, pulled it closed and tossed the suitcases on the bed. Mandy finished setting the heat and said, “I think the bar was open. Do you wanna get a nightcap? It's been a helluva day.”

That sounds like a great idea.”

Sierra dropped on the edge of the bed and sprang back to her feet. "This is kinda cool, having our own room, like being adults."

"We are," Tori said. "We can't vote yet, but everything else, practically."

"Maybe for you," Sierra said. "You can drive and get to do a bunch of stuff. My mother, jeez, you see how she is."

You'd be surprised how protective Mandy can be,” Tori said, “fiercely protective.”

"She's tough, isn't she?" Sierra asked. "Like you."

Tori took two long, deep breaths. "Yeah, tougher."

"Thanks for handling that jerk for me," Sierra said. "Imagine how humiliated he would've been, well, how much more humiliated if he knew you were a girl?"

Mm, he's lucky I didn't stuff his ass in that transport unit and lock the door,” Tori said with a proud grin. “Time to throw some cold water on Saotome and show you I got more than you.”

Sierra watched the black-haired male version of her favorite character remove his boots. He had exercised some code of honor when he punched that boy. Her real-life boyfriend probably wouldn't have done that. It made her heart thump, and some other things happened too. It was stupid having a crush on a cartoon character, especially when he turned into the red-haired, blue-eyed beautiful female half. Although, they were both strong and would make a great BFF. I wish Tori could always be both, so I didn't have to choose. "Which half of Saotome do you like best?"

Ah,” Tori sighed as she released the ace bandage wrapped around her chest. “Right now I love this version. God, that's better.” She turned around and faced Sierra. “Whose idea was it to stay in costume?”

Ahhh, it was, um, yours.” The girl was unabashedly topless and more endowed than Sierra had expected.

It was a stupid idea,” Tori said. “What are you waiting for? Come on, let's see 'em.” She pushed her tits to the center of her chest. “I got this, I'm sure.” Her swollen nipples were dark chocolate atop milk chocolate hills.

Not a chance,” Sierra said and slowly unbuttoning her shirt from the bottom up. She was embarrassed. “Okay, here goes.” She unhooked last years bra, and it sprang open. Her tits fell and jiggled into position on her chest. Tori gave Sierra the look she expected, so she hung her head.

Whoa, when did you get those?” Tori asked and moved toward Sierra.

She fought the urge to cross her arms over her chest. “I've had this version since summer vacation. They were big before that, but when I went back to school this year, everybody noticed. My best friend said they made me look like a freak.”

Sierra, there's nothing wrong with them,” Tori said. “You're the prettiest Scout Mars I've ever seen and an even better looking Sierra.”

She looked up and saw an expression on Tori's face that suggested they would hug, but their tits would have to touch. Say something, stupid, Sierra thought, but it was too late; her new friend hugged her. How could she not have known how soft a girl's breasts were when she had her own? “Thank you,” she said and put her arms around Tori. The girl was lean and hard and squeezed her tight, yet Tori was soft and silky, as well. It felt amazing in her arms, but how long should the embrace last before it became awkward?

Tori released Sierra and took one step back. The crowns of their tits were still touching. Sierra's looked incredibly pale compared to Tori's. “Don't ever let anybody make you feel bad for who you are,” Tori said. “Be yourself and love who you are. I do.”

A thousand butterflies churned in Sierra's guts, and her heart fluttered. Saotome was going to kiss her. Wasn't that what she had wanted since they met? She licked her dry lips and was about to pucker them, but Tori said, “You better wash that stuff out of your hair, or it'll be pink forever. I can't wait to see your real hair.”

It looks a lot like my mother's,” Sierra said and started toward the bathroom. She was relieved she hadn't done something to give Tori the wrong idea about her? “Mine is longer, though.”

I'll be waiting,” Tori said with a pretty smile.

In the shower, Sierra leaned into the stream. Pink water pooled around her feet and swirled down the drain. She reminded herself, I'm not attracted to girls. It was just the two days with the taller, manly half of Tori that had her confused. She wasn't differentiating between Saotome and Tori, and she was desperately horny. It had been two weeks since she'd been with her boyfriend, Jeff. She was still mad at him for expecting her to fuck without protection. It wasn't her fault he didn't bring any. “Oh, just this one time, I'll pull out.” The nerve of him, getting her horny enough to beg, then telling her he didn't have a condom. He wouldn't even consider doing something else to satisfy her. Jerk! Maybe she needed to handle the burning itch between her legs so she could think clearly? Tori wasn't the boy half of Saotome, even if she threw hot water on Tori.

Sierra decided it would be weird playing with herself, and she hadn't locked the door anyway, so she squeezed hotel shampoo into her hand, and admonished herself, start acting right, or this is going to be a very long night. They had to share the bed.

After peeking through the plaid curtains to watched a pickup truck plow through the snow, Tori let the hot air from the heat pump warm her while she took off her pants. Her breasts still tingled from the hug. Sierra had trembled in her arms. The girl had wanted to be kissed, didn't she?

Tori looked down at her thick, black triangle. She spent less time trimming down there during the winter. Some of the girls at her school shaved all of it. What if Sierra keeps hers nice and neat? She started pacing, remembering how warm and soft Sierra's chest felt. The girl's nipples had erected, and her breaths became short and sharp. Didn't that mean she was receptive? Why hadn't she just gone ahead and kissed Sierra? For three days she had wanted to and had come close several times.

Stop, she shouted in her mind. If she did something to give Sierra the wrong idea, it would be a very uncomfortable night spent in the same bed. Or Sierra might freak out and want to switch rooms; then Mandy would ask what happened, and Tori could never tell her the truth.

Sierra called out from the bathroom, “Can you bring me my conditioner? It's in my suitcase.”

Tori's heart started pounding. Should she wrap up to hide her out of control bush? Don't blow this, she only asked for conditioner.

While Sierra waited for the conditioner, she washed her crotch, hoping Tori wouldn't see how wild her mat of pubes was. Her swollen labia throbbed under her fingers, begging to be open so her pleasure spot could be touched. It would only take a few seconds before the building pressure burst and spilled out. What would Tori think if she caught her in the middle of an orgasm?

This smells delicious,” Tori said when she entered the bathroom. “Can I use some?”

Ah, oh, yes, you can, of course, you can.”

The shower curtain pulled away from the tile at the back of the tub. Tori leaned in. “Here.”

Sierra twisted the top half of her body around and reached for the bottle with a shaky hand, her eyes unknowingly seeking out the other girl's breasts. The dark circles she'd seen earlier were bloated cones now.

Need help,” Tori asked.

Confused by the question, Sierra repeated it, “Need help?”

Yeah, help,” Tori said, “washing your back.”

Sierra had never needed assistance in the shower before, and she didn't think she needed any now. “Yes.”

Tori surprised her when she got right in, already naked. Even with the abundance of black hair, Sierra could tell how well defined Tori's groin was. Not that she paid attention to such things, but when her friends modeled panties, it was hard not to notice who had a toned, trim, and sexy groin and crotch. Sierra forced her eyes away and turned her back to Tori. “I've never had anybody wash my back before.”

You'll enjoy it,” Tori said. “I think.”

The sensations Sierra had when she looked at the other girl's muscled body terrified her now that Tori was about to touch her. If she closed her eyes they could easily be Saotome's hands in her mind, and Sierra would let him touch her anywhere. I should face Tori and see her as herself.

Girl, as beautiful as the front is, you got it goin' on back here, too," Tori said.

Sierra thought her butt had gotten chunky lately. “Really?”

Don't you have a mirror at your house?” Tori asked.

Of course, but I don't stand around checking out my ass.”

Tori laughed. “Of course you do, and I don't blame you. If I had an ass like you got, I'd look at it all the time. Give me some.”

Ah, what, what do you mean?”

Conditioner,” Tori said. “You have a lot of hair. How long are you gonna let it get?”

"Not more than here," Sierra said and pointed to her lower back.

Tori touched the indention where Sierra's ass crack started. "Why not here? You could tilt your head back and tickle your butt cheeks. That'd be groovy."

Sierra said, "Or torture," and forced a giggle.

Tori poured conditioner from the crown of Sierra's head down to her shoulders. "You get the top, and I'll do this part."

Sierra raised her hands and started spreading the creamy liquid over her head. Her breath caught the first three times Tori's hands touched her shoulder blades. It was weird having someone help with her hair, but it was nice, also.

Tori combed her fingers down through the length of Sierra's hair, coating the strands with the slippery conditioner. She wasn't careful about it either, so her hands kept crashing into the protruding globes of Sierra's butt. A gob dropped and funneled into the valley between Sierra's ass cheeks. She gasped. The pudgy swells between her legs demanded she grope herself, but Sierra couldn't do that in front of Tori.

"I think I got all of it," Tori said and rested her palms on the nobs of Sierra's hipbones. “Rinse it.”

Phew...ah, thank you.” Why was she feeling these things?

Sierra moved under the hot jets of water, closed her eyes, and tipped her head back. When her hands stroked back over the top of her head they hit Tori's, so Sierra dropped her arms and let the other girl squeegee the conditioner out of her hair. It felt like the most compassionate, sensual thing anybody had ever done for her. Tori was rough enough to fight a boy, yet she was tender, sensitive and delicate. Sierra had never been so confounded by her emotions.

A few minutes later, Tori collected the shiny mane behind Sierra's neck and lifted it, passing it over Sierra's shoulder. The waterlogged tail flopped between Sierra's breasts and poured water over her glistening auburn bush. It streamed down her inner thighs and made her body jerk.

"You don't mind if I wash your back, do you?" Tori asked.

Before Sierra could answer, soapy hands were moving up and down between her shoulder blades. Sierra grabbed a small, flat rectangle of soap from the dish. Tori was massaging more than washing, so Sierra stared at the name of the hotel stamped into the soap instead of doing the front of her body. Or was she holding out, hoping Tori would do it?

Tori's hands were kneading the strands of muscle from the base of her skull downward. Suds were racing down the center of her back, up the slop to her butt, and into the crack of her ass. Sierra tried to disguise her heavy breathing. She had been wrong a few minutes ago. This was by far the most compassionate, sensual, and seductive thing anybody had ever done for her or to her. It was also the most terrifying. If Tori's tender hands went any lower, they would be touching her ass. Sierra's painfully stiff nipples and inflamed pussy lips said it was fine; let the girl wash all of you, and don't hold back that orgasm. It would be a climax that all others would be compared to. She would crumble in the tub and ball up, crying with pleasure and in shame.

Do me,” Tori said.

Sierra's heart jerked in her chest, snapping her out of the trance. She looped Tori's words in her mind, do me, do me, do me. Was it a question or a command? Either way, Sierra didn't know what to do. “Huh?”

Wash my back, now,” Tori said. “Unless you expected me to do your butt and legs, too.”

Ah, no, no, of course not,” Sierra said and switched places with Tori.

Once the girl's coffee-brown skin was wet, Sierra raised the bar of soap to Tori's shoulder, but her eyes were on the smooth globes, beaded with glistening droplets. This half of Saotome was all woman. Sierra wished her butt was that firm, with such a deep, elicit groove cut between her cheeks. “Here goes,” Sierra said and quickly rubbed the soap on Tori's back.

The difference between giving a friend a back rub and massaging a naked girl with your soapy hands was huge. Sierra grabbed on and sank her fingertips into Tori's warm flesh, and her mind recoiled. She wanted to do it as well as Tori had, but it wasn't happening. There had been so much pleasure, and even sexual thoughts while she was being massaged, but Sierra couldn't see who was touching her. Now that her hands were on a naked girl, and she was trying to reciprocate, Sierra felt ill. She had been on the brink of an orgasm, wishing Tori would keep going. Why would she want to try and get Tori that aroused?

When Sierra said, “Okay, done,” and stepped back, Tori sighed, but Sierra couldn't tell if it was from disappointment or satisfaction.

After returning from the lounge, while Mandy was taking a shower, Cindy stood in front of the dresser, with the TV on it, and stared at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were flushed from the alcohol and laughter. They had a great time. Mandy was from a different world and had done things that Cindy hadn't even dreamed of. The younger woman had also charmed her, embarrassed her with compliments, and danced with her. They had taken a giggling walk in the snow, and Mandy made it seem like great fun to throw snowballs and make snow angels. They both agreed after getting off the ground that it was too cold and cracked up like teenagers all the way back to the building.

Cindy spoke to her reflection, "What is going on with you?" Maybe she had known about the affair without knowing. It wasn't that unusual for couples to cut back on sex after years of marriage. That's what Cindy had been telling herself for longer than she realized. It had been over a year, and she hadn't even masturbated. When Cindy brought up sex, Richard made her feel like she expected too much from him after he worked all day. She had started to think there was something wrong with her. Of course, he wasn't horny; he was getting laid. Cindy hated herself for being so naive. No wonder she was feeling this way; nobody had told her how pretty or sexy she was for years, and she had been sexually deprived. Why wouldn't she have a girl crush? Okay, the party is over, Cindy thought, your daughter is next door, and you're not into women, anyway.

In the bathroom, Cindy undressed. Her nipples stiffened, and the warmth between her legs increased. Horny, too, she thought. Masturbation and a good night sleep would take care of everything. Tomorrow they would be on their way home, back to her regular life, and all the confusing feelings would be gone. Cindy got in the shower, angry that she would have to satisfy herself.

After Cindy showered, she brushed her teeth and put on a nightshirt. When she stepped out of the bathroom, Cindy saw Mandy in front of the TV, brushing her hair. It was wet and laid flat, glistening. The short Puerto Rican lady was wearing a T-shirt that clung to her curves so tightly that Cindy could tell she wasn't wearing anything under it. It ended just below the humps of Mandy's butt. Cindy was staring.

A talking head on the TV said, "The Senator, while insisting he was not intoxicated, could not explain his nudity. Details after the break.”

Mandy shook her head, and without turning from the mirror, said, "Men, pigs, they're pigs.”

"You're right," Cindy said disgustedly and walked behind Mandy. They made eye contact in the mirror. A scared little girl in pain had replaced the joyful expression Cindy had seen earlier. "What's wrong?" She squeezed Mandy's shoulders.

"I know her so well," Mandy said. "I've been through so much with her. I was there for her first BFF, first kiss, first dance and all the shit a girl like Tori goes through in school. I've been through so much with her. I knew she was lying. I saw the fear in her eyes. It was like looking in the mirror."

"It's okay." Cindy eased her arms around Mandy's waist. “Tell me what's wrong.”

I was stupid or didn't care enough about myself, but not my girl...he wasn't going to hit my baby. Tori was at a friend's house, and I told Alberto I was leaving and taking her with me."

The tears that had been pooling on the rims of Mandy's eyes spilled over. Wet streaks marked the brown skin. Mandy raised her hand and traced the scar with the tip of her finger. "He moved so fast; I didn't expect it. I heard the snap of the blade; then it was against my face. It was cold for a second, then warm with my blood. He said he would cut my Spic face up so bad that nobody, not even Tori, would be able to look at me."

Cindy trembled, and tears hot with a murderous rage rolled down her face. "I'm so sorry."

"I stabbed him." Mandy's body heaved with three convulsive sobs. "I promised him I'd never leave, waited for him to relax, and I stabbed him. I had to. I couldn't let him make my baby scared like I was. Could never let that happen to her. I love her so much. You, ah, you think I'm—”

"No, you were protecting your daughter," Cindy said and turned Mandy around. "I hope I can be that brave and strong if somebody ever tried to hurt my baby." She pulled Mandy's head against her shoulder. Tears seeped through her shirt. "It's okay; it's okay. Let it out, let it all out. I'm here for you. I love you." Cindy didn't expect to say it, but she did love Mandy, and she wanted to make the woman's pain go away.

Marv Grunther will be up with sports, next,” the TV announced, and Cindy realized she had missed the details about the senator and the weather forecast. Her legs were tired, so she took little steps backward. Mandy came with her.

When she sat on the bed and looked up at Mandy, the woman forced a smile and said, “Thank you, thank you for not rejecting me. I love you, too.”

Cindy placed her head on Mandy's body. She could hear and feel Mandy's heart thumping. She wrapped her arms around Mandy's waist and hugged her, pulling her off balance. Because Mandy's knees were against the bed she couldn't stop herself from falling. Cindy didn't realize what was happening.

Mandy flopped forward, knocking Cindy on her back. Her chest smashed into Cindy's face. The fall lightened the mood, and the two women started giggling. Mandy rolled over on her back, laughing. Cindy turned on her side and scooted up until they were face-to-face. Mandy reached out, wiped Cindy's cheeks and pushed her hair back. Cindy felt the mood change again. She cleared Mandy's forehead and held her face compassionately. The young woman's lips were moist and shiny. Without thinking, Cindy moved her lips to Mandy's, then wondered why she hadn't kissed her cheek.

Mandy responded as if she'd been waiting all day for the kiss. Her tongue traced Cindy's lips, moistening them, then poked them. Cindy's mouth opened and took the other woman's tongue in. She was making out with a girl, and all of Cindy's earlier concerns went up in flames.

Mandy sucked, nibbled, and pulled on Cindy's lower lip while they stared into each other's eyes. There was love, and, the thing that had been missing in Cindy's life for too long, passion. Cindy's hand dropped from Mandy's neck to her shoulder, to her upper arm and inward. The mound of Mandy's breast alarmed her but didn't stop Cindy from fondling it. The tip stiffened, and she pinched it. Mandy moaned into her mouth, her eyes saying she approved. Cindy reached down, found the end of Mandy's shirt and stuffed her hand under it. She needed to know how it felt.

Even though Cindy had held her own, the young lady's breasts fascinated her. A nipple poked into her palm and tickled it in the most sexual way Cindy could imagine. She gasped, pulling Mandy's hot breath into her mouth. The tip of her finger and her thumb came together, surrounding the growing nipple. She rolled it and gently pinched it. Mandy purred and grabbed Cindy's hand and squeezed her fingers, showing the inexperienced older woman how much pain she needed. What next, Cindy wondered. She didn't know how to make love to a woman. Dick would have already mounted her and been halfway to popping his cork. Then he'd go to sleep and Cindy would think it was her fault that she hadn't gotten off.

Impatient about the progress, Mandy got off the bed. “I gotta get out of this.” Her back was to Cindy. She stared at the sexy little ass. It seemed to change shape with every move Mandy made. In the gap between her legs, Cindy saw the silhouette of youthful pussy lips. A current buzzed through her own labia.

Mandy tossed her shirt aside and turned around, but didn't get on the bed. Cindy smiled nervously. Nobody had seen her naked other than her husband, and he was banging a woman Mandy's age. She stared at Mandy while leaning side-to-side, inching her nightshirt out from under her butt.

Cindy knew Mandy was twenty-three and had a great body, but she hadn't expected that. The medium height, Puerto Rican was the sexiest thing Cindy had ever seen. Her peach sized breasts were high and firm. The large, plump circles were a delicious shade of cocoa. Their centers were stiff, poking out like pencil erasers. Inadvertently, Cindy's lips puckered. What would another woman's nipple feel like in her mouth?

Mandy's stomach was flat with the evidence of ripped abs, waiting below her smooth, creamy skin. Cindy looked from the wide, shallow bellybutton to the well-defined grooves that acted as a guide, pointing at the cushion of flesh piled above the elicit knob of her pubic bone. A strip of curly, charcoal colored hair lined up with the slit that divided the girl's pussy lips. Cindy couldn't pull her eyes away. Her pussy meat had once been that compact and tightly sealed, hidden between her legs.

"There is no reason to be nervous or embarrassed." Mandy reached for Cindy's hand. "Let me help you with that." She tugged, and Cindy complied, rising to her feet. Mandy's dark eyes were focused on Cindy's. In a thick voice, Mandy said, "Let's get rid of this." She lifted the nightshirt and Cindy's arms rose.

Cindy's large globes settled outward, creating a broad valley between them. She saw her already swollen nipples expand. They looked huge. She crossed her arms as she always did when her nipples became aroused in public.

Stop that, you're gorgeous,” Mandy said and pulled her arms away. “Let me make you feel good." Cindy wasn't able to respond before Mandy had a solid grasp on her ass, pulling her into another mind-twisting kiss.

Mandy stepped back. Cindy watched Mandy lift her breasts while dipping down to meet them. The young lady's eyes turned up, staring back at Cindy while her plump lips made contact with the crown of her tit. Mandy's hot tongue circled the brown ring and flicked the tip. An unexpected noise escaped from deep in Cindy's throat, “Aaahmmmm.”

"Relax, just relax," Mandy said.

Nobody had ever done what Mandy was doing. The girl rolled, batted, and sucked Cindy's bloated nipples until they throbbed. She grabbed one with her teeth and pulled, Cindy cried out in a voice she didn't recognize, "Mmmmmah...Mandy, oh, Mandy." She combed her fingers into the silky black hair and forced Mandy's face into her tit.

Cindy couldn't believe what was happening. She wondered if it had been so long since she had an orgasm that this young woman was going to get her off simply by sucking her nipple. Was that even possible? “Ah, ahhh, mmmm, fuck, fuck me.” A shiver started in Cindy's feet and raced up her body until a spastic jerk made her shudder. It had happened, she climaxed without touching her pussy.

Mandy straightened up, and Cindy knew her pink cheeks were going to tell of the embarrassment she felt. "You, um, I—"

"Shh." Mandy pressed the tip of her finger to Cindy's lips. "You're even more beautiful now." She turned Cindy and backed her up until she was forced to sit on the bed. Cindy found herself facing the unwavering firmness of Mandy's breasts. Her mouth opened and closed several times, but Cindy didn't dare lean forward. Mandy must have heard her thoughts because she put a knee on the bed, arched her body and thrust her tit toward Cindy's face. All Cindy had to do was open her mouth, and she would be sucking another woman's nipple.

In her wildest dreams, Cindy had never been that aroused. She was sucking on a woman's tit; her own nipples erect. The more effort she put into making Mandy feel good, the higher her arousal became. A new flame arose from the embers of the previous orgasm, and Cindy thought she might get off while trying to make Mandy cum. That seemed impossible, but hadn't she already experienced the impossible? How many more things could this young woman teach her?

Mandy pulled her tit away. Cindy's lips smacked loudly. She frowned, still wanting more. “Ahh, no.”

"Relax, baby, relax," Mandy said. "First, I make you feel good."

Cindy felt like a child being told what to do, but after fifteen years of directing Sierra, she welcomed the opportunity to take orders. "Whatever you say."

Mandy grinned, never breaking eye contact as she purposely sank to her knees. Cindy watched the girl kiss each of her kneecaps. The warm, moist lips sent waves of sensation up Cindy's inner thighs. Mandy placed her hands on Cindy's hips and dragged her fingernails down the tops of Cindy's legs. Where was this going?

Cindy resisted the prying hands. "Don't fight me," Mandy said. "I promise I'll take good care of you, the best."

She nodded, closed her eyes and tipped her head back while Mandy pushed her knees apart. Her pussy would be pungent with sticky cream from her orgasm. "Oh, oh, oh, God." Cindy's eyes popped open, and her head snapped forward. Mandy's nails were skidding down the outside of her legs while the woman blew a gentle stream of air up Cindy's inner thighs. The warm breath swirled around her wet lips like a breeze at the base of a campfire. "Ahhh, fuuuuck, oh fuck, I can't believe what you're doing to me."

Mandy smirked. "You just wait."

The gleam in those dark eyes foretold of the bliss Cindy could expect. She leaned back on her elbows. Mandy lifted her feet and placed her calves on her shoulders. The girl stared at the older woman's crotch as if it presented a challenge that she looked forward to conquering. "Don't hold anything back," Mandy said. "I'm not going to."

Cindy thought she knew what to expect, but considering Dick was the only person who had ever gone down on her, and that was years ago, she was ill prepared for what another woman could do.

Mandy's cheek brushed her right calf then the left. An electric current flowed up Cindy's legs. Mandy used her teeth and grabbed a lump of flesh just above Cindy's knee. The brief spark of pain caused a burst of warm fluid to flow down through Cindy's pussy tube. "Harder, bite harder."

Mandy opened her mouth further, sucked in more of Cindy's inner thigh and bit down until she felt Cindy's tightening muscles tried to reclaim the skin in her mouth, then she sucked and licked, soothing the sting. The tension slackened, and Mandy tightened her jaw. "Ahhh, ah, yes, oh, yes."

It should have hurt, but the pain signal passed through Cindy's crotch on its way to her brain, so she experienced an incredible pleasure instead. Mandy hadn't even gotten to her pussy yet, and she was about to have an orgasm that would put the last one to shame. Cindy reached out, ready to ram a finger into her body, but Mandy's hard glare said, don't do it.

Cindy's legs were forced higher by Mandy's shoulders as she moved in toward Cindy's crotch. It's a sloppy mess, Cindy thought and flushed with embarrassment. Mandy pushed her legs open. Other than when she was in her gynecologist's stirrups, Cindy couldn't think of a time when her pussy had been more exposed or vulnerable. Mandy's mouth was two inches away from her inflamed labia. Honey overflowed and drooled down, coating her puckered brown bud.

Through pursed lips, Mandy blew on the glistening flesh. Tendons bulged, stretching from Cindy's crotch to her inner thighs. She screeched. Mandy kissed at the nexus of leg and groin before pressing her nose into the thick bush of auburn hair. She inhaled deeply. "Mmm, it's so sexy, and I bet it's tasty, too."

Tempted to grab the young woman's hair and smash her face into the fire burning between her legs, Cindy begged, "Mmmmm, please, oh please do meeee, do me."

"Ooh, you want me to kiss it like this?" Mandy firmly pressed her lips against Cindy's pubic bone.

"Plesssase, ahhh."

Mandy pressed her thumbs against Cindy's lips and stroked upward, spreading Cindy's thick folds. Air rushed across the inner pinkness all the way up to her pulsing clit. The position of Mandy's mouth filled Cindy with anticipation. "Mmmmah."

The pretty Latino woman dragged her tongue through the channel of smoldering flesh. Nothing to that point in Cindy's life had prepared her for this. She bit her lower lip, yet still moaned too loud. She bucked, ramming her cunt into Mandy's tongue. "Ah, ah, ah, fuuuuck meee."

Two fingers plunged into her pussy as Mandy slurped on her clit. She clawed the bedspread, balled up clumps in her fists and yanked, while sounds that she wouldn't be able to describe came out of her mouth. Faster and faster the fingers sawed into her, searching for her G spot. At the same time, Mandy's lips and tongue conspired to send Cindy into a convulsive orgasm.

Suddenly, Mandy stopped and stood up. Cindy didn't know if she should scream or cry. "On the bed," Mandy ordered. "Get all the way on the bed, up there with your head on the pillows. I want to do you right."

"Aah, fuck, if you do me any more right somebody will call the police to report a murder."

"Put a pillow over your face if you have to because I want you to have the best orgasm of your life."

Cindy had no doubt that it would be the best orgasm of her life, so she moved quickly, laid back against the pillows and watched Mandy seductively crawl between her legs. It was going to be a long night. Mandy shoved her hands under Cindy's butt and lifted. She pushed her feet against the mattress and arched her back, lifting her pussy to Mandy's mouth. The young woman wasted no time thrusting her tongue deep into her while spreading the overflowing juices in circles around the sensitive brown ring. Cindy's asshole tingled wildly and screamed for more. Nobody had ever touched her there before.

Only a woman could multitask like that Cindy thought when Mandy was teasing her asshole, rapidly fingering her pussy, and sucking and licking her engorged clit. It was going to be impossible not to make too much noise when she came.

In the next room, Sierra pushed the volume button on the remote, turning the TV down as the credits for Girl Interrupted scrolled. The junk food they brought from the airport and the movie had distracted her from the after shower uneasiness, but now Sierra was acutely aware of Tori's leg touching hers under the covers. “Um, good movie.”

"Angelina played a great crazy person," Tori said.

Sierra pressed her head into the pillow, craning her neck and lifting her shoulders off the bed. "Mm, she sure did. It would be weird living back then. Everything was different."

"Definitely," Tori said and slipped her hand behind Sierra's neck and squeezed it. "TV-bed-neck?"

Sierra uncoiled and let her stiff neck rest on Tori's kneading hand. "Yeah, I love watching movies in bed, but my body doesn't, especially on this cardboard mattress and these crappy pillows." Sierra thought Tori might offer her a back massage, so she asked, “What kind of car do you have?" Then she realized it sounded like a question she would ask a boy she was interested in.

Tori turned on her side, facing Sierra and propped her head up on a folded pillow. "An old Chevy, but it doesn't look old. It's awesome, fast too."

"Cool. What color is it?" Probably blue, she thought, like your eyes.

Tori placed the tip of her finger on Sierra's lower lip. "It's red, like your lips."

"Mmm," she purred as Tori's delicate fingertip traced her mouth.

Tori took her hand away and said, "They're sexy."

Sierra licked her lips, her tongue following the path Tori's finger had taken. "Um, thank you." Is it because her complexion is dark or are her eyes that blue, Sierra wondered.

"I'm going to kiss you now,” Tori said. “Is that okay?"

"My mother says kissing always leads to other things." Sierra had already found that to be true, but she had never been kissed by a girl.

Tori moved so close that a thread wouldn't have passed between their lips. "Wanna see if she's right?"

Puffs of warm, moist air tickled Sierra's lips when Tori spoke, but it didn't make her want to laugh. Her cheeks flushed. She could feel the other girl's lips even though they weren't touching hers. She turned her head side-to-side in a micro no gesture, grazing Tori's upper lip with her bottom lip. The tip of their noses rubbed.

Tori nodded yes then circled Sierra's mouth with hers, their lips never touching.

"Ahh." Sierra had never not been kissed in such an erotic way. She inhaled the air that flowed from Tori's mouth. She turned her head and brushed her nose across Tori's. Her parted lips passed above and below Tori's bottom lip. Tori's silky-smooth inner thigh slid across the front of her legs. She closed her mouth, trapping Tori's lip between hers, and wet it with the tip of her tongue.

Tori moved back a few inches and her gaze intensified. She stroked Sierra's eyebrow with her thumb and kissed it. Sierra had been aroused many times before, but whatever was happening now was more powerful than any passion or lust she had experienced. Tori hadn't even kissed her yet, and she was unraveling.

Tori placed her hand on Sierra's stomach and said, "You look terrified." She gently rubbed Sierra's belly.

"No I don't," Sierra said and put her hand on top of Tori's. Their fingers intertwined.

You never answered me,” Tori said. “You want me to kiss you?”

Sierra nodded her head lethargically and stared into Tori's eyes. They were intoxicating. “Please.”

"You sure?"

She squeezed Tori's hand. Tori licked her lips and moved her mouth to Sierra's. Her lips formed a smile under Tori's. She said, “I'm sure,” and closed her eyes. Tori's lips felt as good as she'd imagined, but she kissed like nothing Sierra could have dreamed of. There wasn't any fumbling, awkwardness or miscues. Tori's lips and tongue moved with Sierra's as if she were inside her mind.

Tori sucked Sierra's tongue into her mouth and flicked it with the tip of hers. Sierra's nipples erected and her crotch became uncomfortably warm. The weight of Tori's inner thigh on Sierra's groin made her think it wasn't smart when she decided to preserve her last clean pair of panties for the morning. One wrong move and her kinky auburn hairs would be bristling Tori's tender skin. Tori must have heard Sierra's thought because her legs straightened, falling between Sierra's. She crossed her ankle over Tori's, and they twisted their legs together.

The make-out session became more passionate. Both girls were panting and gasping. Sierra hadn't known she was desperate for it until Tori bent her knee, shoving her thigh against Sierra's her inflamed pussy. She clamped her legs on Tori's and humped it with her crotch.

Sierra thought she was shaking the bed and moaning too loudly, so she bit her lip and held her breath, but she still heard the groaning mattress and muffled sounds of pleasure. "What is that?” she asked.

They steadied their breathing and listened. “What are they doing over there?" Sierra asked.

"Sounds like my mom might be getting your mother off."

"What? Your mother's a lesbian? Not that that's bad."

"No, I don't think she is."

"What then?" Sierra asked.

"I guess whatever we are," Tori said. "Lonely, horny, a girl in front of a girl asking to be loved. Anything wrong with that?"

A less muffled cry of pleasure came through the wall along with a thump from the headboard. "No, I just can't believe my mom is making all that noise. I've never even heard my parents. Didn't think they even did it anymore."

"It's different with another woman," Tori said. “Isn't it?”

Hmm.” Sierra knew it was different with another woman, but she said, “I'm not sure...yet,” and pulled Tori's mouth back to hers. They were instantly back in a frenzied make-out session, except now Sierra wasn't trying to be quiet. It was weird knowing her mother was on the other side of the wall moaning because of the pleasure Tori's mother was giving her, but it was also liberating and fuckin' erotic in a very perverse way, and that was why she eagerly spread her legs for Tori's hand.

When Tori felt the thick, curly bush between Sierra's legs, she smiled. “Did you forget to put your panties on?”

Sierra held Tori's lip with her teeth and tugged gently, shaking her head no. Tori traced the slippery slit up and down, applying a tiny bit more pressure each time until Sierra's lips were open. She felt the already stiff clit at the top of the groove and the tight ring at the bottom where it was deep and hot. Sierra's pelvis pushed upward as she whimpered into Tori's mouth. Tori sucked the other girl's tongue hard and eased her middle finger inside Sierra's pussy hole.

Mm, Mm, Mmmmm, oh that's nice.”

Tori pumped her hand, rubbing the pulsing bud and fingering the girl's pussy at the same time. Sierra's mouth opened wide, but nothing came out. “Are you a virgin,” Tori asked.

Sierra shook her head. “Ah, noooh, but you're my first, mm, my first girl.”

Good,” Tori said and slipped another finger into Sierra's body, pushing them deeper. “It's different with another girl, isn't it?”

Haaah, ah, oh god, I...I'll let you know.”

Tori grinned and threw the covers off them. “Fuck, girl, you have an amazing body.” She rolled between Sierra's legs and kissed her. Their thick mounds of pubic hair met. Tori reached under Sierra and got two handfuls of ass. Sierra opened her legs further and wrapped them around Tori's back. Tori hunched, grinding her groin on Sierra's crotch. The bed squeaked and hit the wall.

Ah, it is, oh it is different...better with another girl.” Sierra sank her fingernails into Tori's muscled ass cheeks. “Ahhh, Torrri, oh yes, yes, fuck, oh fuck I'm, ahhhmmm.”

After the orgasm finished rolling through her body, Sierra continued to hug Tori with her arms and legs. It was an exhausting climax, but she wasn't ready to let Tori go, ever. The other girl was a soothing flesh blanket that made her comfortable and at ease even in those awkward post orgasm moments. “I think I love you.”

Tori rested her lips against Sierra's and said, “I know I love you. Don't let me go, not yet.”

She nodded, rubbing her nose on Tori's. “I hope it keeps snowing for a long time.”

Mmm, me too.”

Mandy lifted the pillow off Cindy's face and tugged the spent woman down the bed until she was lying flat, then she laid on top of her and kissed Cindy's cheeks, nose, eyebrows, and eyelids. “You have a beautiful face, Cindy,” Mandy said. “Thank you.”

Cindy used both hands to collect the black hair hanging around Mandy's face. She lifted it and held it behind Mandy's head. “Thank you for telling me what happened, for trusting me with your pain. I'm honored and immensely grateful,” Cindy said. “You helped me; you really helped me.” She wrapped her legs around Mandy and squeezed her. Had she ever felt this good with Dick between her legs?

How have I helped you?”

Well, besides showing me that I've never actually had a complete orgasm, you showed me how scared I was for no reason. I need to be brave for Sierra.”

You will be,” Mandy said. “I'm sure of that. You're a lot tougher than you know.”

Thank you, thank you for saying that,” Cindy said.

Their next few minutes of kissing was tempered with tenderness and love, and a hint of passion. Cindy asked, “Have you been with many women?”

No, just two before you...three if you count the first one, but we weren't women. She was sixteen, and I was fifteen. That was right before Alberto. I'm so stupid. I knew the first time we were together that what Valerie had done was special, she made love me, and he fucked me. I didn't know anything back then. I went with the cool, older guy because I was afraid, scared of so many things.”

As bad as it turned out, Tori is lucky to have you.”

God, I hope so,” Mandy said. “I hope I can be a better mother than my parents were. I'm afraid she doesn't trust me completely. Can you blame her?”

Cindy hugged Mandy with all four of her limbs. “She loves you so much, and she looks up to you, too. I can see that, it's obvious.”

Mmm, I hope so,” Mandy said. “We better get some sleep, don't you think?”

I feel bad about not, um, you know, not that I'd know what to do, but you made me feel—”

Don't worry about that,” Mandy said. “There's always tomorrow.”

Yeah, let it snow, let it snow, and we'll have nowhere to go.”

The next morning, after the shower she should have taken last night before passing out, Cindy wrapped a towel around her wet hair and one around her chest. On her way to the window, she paused to watch the gorgeous Latino woman sleep. It was surreal. They came to Omaha for a convention but ended up in Oz. She continued across the room and parted the curtains. A blanket of white covered everything she could see, and snow was still falling. The parking lot was filled with indistinguishable cars doubling as mounds of snow. It was beautiful. Too bad life's problems couldn't be so easily beautified.

Cindy needed to check the weather report or call the airline, but she stayed there watching it snow instead.

Morning,” Mandy said as her arms came around Cindy's middle.

Ooh, you snuck up on me,” Cindy said. “Good morning.”

No, you snuck up on me,” Mandy said and tugged on Cindy's towel. “I came here so Tori could enjoy her thing, and I ended up meeting a wonderful lady.” Cindy's towel piled up at her feet and Mandy filled her hands with the woman's giant breasts. “Mmm, I always wanted to have big tits, but I wouldn't have appreciated them like this. When I hold yours, ah, it's wonderful... they feel wonderful.”

Cindy took a deep breath and savored the warm, soft chest pressed against her back. “Not as good as it feels to have you touching them,” she said and pinched the fingers that were already pinching her nipples. “I'm supposed to call about the flights.”

I guess that will be difficult if I don't let you go.” Mandy started kissing Cindy's shoulders and neck.

Please, don't let me go,” Cindy said and turned to face the naked woman. “I'm filing for divorce when I get back to San Francisco. I hope you and Tori will visit...often. We have a large house with extra rooms.”

We will,” Mandy said and kissed each of Cindy's swollen nipples. “We should get back in bed now.”

Cindy nodded. “What about the girls?”

Oh, yeah, um, well later we may need to have a talk with them,” Mandy said in a strained voice. “Come here.” She held Cindy's hand and walked her to the nightstand next to the door. “Listen.”

Cindy's jaw dropped, and her eyes widened. “What, ah, who, what is happening?”

Mandy raised her thin, black eyebrows. “That's Tori making all those sounds, so I guess Sierra is teaching her something.”

Cindy tightened her slack jaw and squeezed Mandy's hands. “Thank God we met. I don't think—I wouldn't have handled this, been able to be there for her the way she'll need me, not if I hadn't met you.”

Their heads jerked toward the loud cry coming through the wall, then they smirked and climbed back into the bed. “Let it snow, let it snow,” they echoed and started kissing.